Entertainment during the intermission…………
So tell us a story…………….


For several days the fool did everything he could in order to learn how to fly, or float, or at least walk on air……..while he was jumping up and down, he thought about it……..
It’s all the same thing….it’s just perception…consciousness…it’s all manifestation of light in perception of consciousness in consciousness…..there’s no reason why one shouldn’t be able to use such energy that is always available for whatever use one can put their will and intent into it for……… Finally, he found that he could stay up in the air longer and longer and had reached a comfortable duration of 33 seconds without any exhaustion or duress.
That should do it. So tired. I’ll get some sleep. I’ve been awake this whole time. I’ll get some rest and when I’m refreshed and full of new energy, I’ll take a nice jog over to the other side and continue my journey. Won’t God be proud that I learned how to do this and was able to cross without troubling Him! I’m sure that He has enough to do and more important things to do that helping out a fool like me. Won’t He be pleased that I was able to save Him the time and trouble of having to help me out.
He quickly fell asleep with the little dog resting upon him and dreamed a dream of God smiling at him, patting him on the head and telling him that he was a good boy. In his dream he was so happy! God was pleased with him! What else was there in life to have but that? He had helped God by helping himself!

When he awoke he found himself already on the other side with the little dog licking his face and barking at him to wake up. He opened his eyes to find the old man and the young boy standing over him with curious smiles on their faces.
What happened? How did I get here?
We will tell you that story in a moment. Answered the old man.
How do you feel? Ask the young boy.
Fine…he replied…but confused…
It is to be expected. Said the elder.
I like your new outfit. Said the boy, as he played with the dog. It seemed to had taken quite a liking to him and they were fast becoming the best of friends.
The fool sat himself up and noticed that he was wearing a long white shirt underneath a longer, red robe. His fancy shoes were gone, replaced by simple sandals.
Why? What? Did you..? When? How? Why didn’t I…
Now, now…..said the old man. We can talk on the way.
On the way to what? Where?
On the way to your workshop, your new office…up the path.
Office? What office?
The one you were hired to fill.
Hired? By whom?
Well, by God, of course! Laughed the young boy, as the dog licked his face.
The lad stood up. The dog sat beside him, wagging its tail. Listen, he said to the old man. Obviously, you two have something to talk about and I’m not really needed here. He truned to the fool in his new clothes…Is it okay if I take the dog with me?
He can do what he wants. He’s my friend, not my property. I will miss him, though. He is such a good friend.
The dog barked in agreement, as if to say: You too!…and jumped up on the fool and licked his face profusely. He then returned to the boy, looking up and wagging his tail.
Well, I guess that’s it, then. He said. I’ll see you both later….he walked up and around the curving path ahead with the little dog jumping excitedly around him and soon disappeared around the bend.

The fool stood up and brushed himself off, more out of habit than anything else. He turned to the old man and asked him to explain.
Well…he began slowly, while he thought about it……it seems that while you were sleep God decided to bring you across on His own.
But I tried everything I could to do it myself so that He wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of helping me across! I wanted Him to be happy with me! He has better things to do that to help out fools like me just to jump across and chasm. He should save His time and strength for more important things. Now He’ll be upset with me because He had to waste energy on my behalf.

Now, now….said the old man. Didn’t it occur to you that He likes helping and that it gives Him pleasure to help anyone that has made the effort to show up so that they may receive of His help?
I never thought of that. I always thought that I wasn’t worth it and just want to be of help to Him in some way. I wanted to be worthy of it all, since He made all of it and here I am, just being a fool with it.
But you are worthy. You are already worthy. You were always worthy. Everything that exists is worthy simply because it exists. He made it to exist. Do you think He would make something that isn’t worthy?
Hmmmm. You do make a good point. But I could have made it across on my own.
Of course you could have! He made you that way! In fact, He is so happy that you went through all that time and trouble to prove yourself to Him that He’s offering you a job.
A job? What kind of a job?
Does it matter?
Of course it does! What if it’s something that I don’t know how to do!?
Then He’ll teach you and show you how to do it.
What if I can’t do it?
Do you think He would give you a job He didn’t think you could do?
Yeah…well…….you got me there. He would know…….right? I mean…..If I couldn’t do it….He’d know…right? He’d either train me or give me something to do that would help me work my way to it….right?
Exactly! So! You ready? Do you accept?
Es! Of course! When do I start? Where do I start? Where is He? Can I meet Him? I really want to meet Him!
He’s been with you the whole time. Look around.
You mean you!? Really!?
NO!…Well…I mean…yes…but no…..really…look around…..all and everything everywhere all the time….This is IT. HE’S all of this….and more. I’m a part of IT and this is my job…like a representative. You’re a part of IT and now…you’re getting another job…something….higher…better….at least in perception of it…….everyone has a job….everyone and everything has a place and a purpose that is important to IT. IT created everything to do and be what IT is and get to the point where they can do and be that in their own way and now here you are on a different level of perception and so….you’ll need a new office workshop. Come with me.
They walked together up the path and talked of many things and asked questions of each other and gave answers to each other and pondered things together and wondered out loud and conjectured and figured and imagined about this or that and this and that…….

Here we are…said the old man, turning to a gate on the right…..your job is to guard this gate. Let no one through unless they possess the key that will allow them to open it themselves. If anyone comes and asks where they may obtain the key, tell them that the key is found within themselves and that they are the ones that must pull it out. There are other gates that are made for other keys and other keys that are made for other gates. At times, someone with a key for another gate will try to open the one that you are guarding. Please look at their key and direct them to the appropriate gate.
How will I know?
The key will tell you.
Oh. Where is my key?
You do not need a key.
Why not?
It is your gate.
Got it?
Got it!
Then I shall return at the intended time to see how you’ve progressed. At that time, there may be another job that you can do.
Okay. Thanks.
You’re welcome.
With that, the old man walked up the path and disappeared around the curve.
The Fool looked at the gate. It was simple enough, a wooden, brown picket fence that seemed to stretch from one side to the other as far as the eye could see. He stood there, day after day, hour after hour, moment by moment…no one came…not one soul bothered to try his gate. From time to time someone would pass by, smile and wave or give greeting, but no one ever tried to enter his gate. Still, he guarded it as if it were the most precious thing in creation.
God gave me this gate, there must be a reason why He wants it guarded. So even if no one comes, I must do my job….he would tell himself as if he were reminding himself of why he was stading there through bright, hot days and cold dark nights…through wind and rain and snow and pleasant, sunny days and warm evenings and cool, crisp mornings………….
One day, the old man returned.
How’s it going?
No one has come. Am I doing a good job?
You’re doing fine….he said as he walked away……
After what seemed like quite a while, he returned again.
How’s it going?
I am guarding the gate as best I can but all I’ve encountered are a few, friendly passersby who smile and wave and give greetings and continue on their way.
How do you feel about that?
It’s fine. Breaks up the monotony.
Very good. Why haven’t you ever asked them if they are looking for your gate?
I figure that, if they were looking for my gate, they would say so…. Who am I to try to distract another from their path? They have to go where they’re going. I don’t want to hinder them. I am here doing this. They must be where they must be to do what they must do. Am I wrong?
No…no….That’s all very nice of you.
I try to be nice. I think nice helps, don’t you?
Yes. Yes I do. Would you like a better job?
I dunno. Better is such a relative term. Is there something that is more helpful that I could do?
You don’t feel helpful?
God wants me to do this so it must be for a reason. I’m sure that it’s helpful, otherwise, why would He have me do it? So if it is helpful, that’s all I need and I’m thankful to have this to do.
Very good….come with me.
The old man walked up to the gate and opened it with his own key…it seems that he had an incredibly large ring of keys that, even more incredibly, fit into the pocket of his robe.
Come. He told the fool.
They walked together up the path that started on the other side of the fence. The fool marveled at the beauty of it. The glistening forest and the shining field of flowers that seemed to sing as they sway in the breeze. Soon they came upon a small cabin that sat on top of a hill.
You will guard this house just as you guarded the gate. This time when people come and ask to eneter, tell them: thank you very much for coming. The door will open when the intended time arrives. Until then, please make yourselves comfortable in any way that you can on the surrounding grounds and be ready to enter when that time comes when the door will be opened and all may enter freely.
That’s it?
Well, if anyone has any questions…answer them.
What if I don’t know the answer?
Then say so. It’s alright not to know a thing. But pretending that you do can only lead to all sorts of trouble for you, as well as for them.
Got it.
Good. I shall return at the intended time.
To open the door?
No, to see you.
Oh. Okay. I shall look forward to that day.
As shall I.
The fool watched, smiling, as the old man disappeared back upon the path from the way that they came.
Well! This is good! I have a whole house to guard! He looked around and noticed chairs on the front porch.
Well…He said to himself…I’ll just take one of the simpler chairs and sit right in front of the door….and he did. From time to time, he would get up and walk around the cabin, making sure that no one had tried to sneak in through one of the windows. Sometimes he would climb up on the roof, not just to inspect, but to enjoy the view and see if anyone was coming from afar.
One day he found a cellar that was next to the house…How did I not notice this before? He checked it out. He found books, paper and pencils, and a harmonica and a guitar.
Well, this is nice! Something to do while I guard the cabin! But what if I get distracted and somebody sneaks in?
So he left them there on the front porch while he did all and everything he could to remain diligent in his vigilance. He was thankful for the new job and even more thankful for the porch, with sheltered him from cold winds and rain and snow. But still, not a soul ever came…….
One day the old man returned.
How’s it going?
I am here, but no one ever comes. But the house is in good shape. I did some repairs on the roof and swept out the cellar and fixed up some of the chair that have deteriorated from nobody using them and I found stuff to do and occupy my time with, but I don’t think it’s fair or right that I should be distracted from my job, so I left them there just in case someone shows up that can make good use of them.
Aren’t you thoughtful? Smiled the old man. But anyone that comes this way did so because they had a key to the gate, so I doubt that anyone will come that would try to sneak in.
You never know.
True. But I think that you could afford to entertain yourself. You should enjoy your job.
I do, I do! I just don’t want to mess it up.
You won’t. Go ahead, sit in the fancy rocking chair and sing! Dance around! Read the books! Create art! Write some stories!
You’re sure it’s okay!
Of course! I’ll come by again to see how you’re doing! Feel free! I promise that you won’t get in trouble and look at it this way….at least you won’t fall asleep on the job.
Who? Me? Oh no! I’d never do that! No matter what. Anything could happen if I fell asleep! No, NO…can’t have that! Oh please God no, not me!
The old man laughed. Well, just the same. A little entertainment never hurt. Feel free to use the fire pit, too, while you’re at it. It will help keep you warm and people looking for the cabin will see the smoke in the day and the glow at night. It will help them find their way.
That’s a good idea. Thanks! I’ll do that.
Okay then….see you at the intended time.
To open the door?
No. to see how you’re doing.
Oh. Okay. See you then….and thanks!
You’re welcome.
The old man walked away, smiling and humming to himself.

So the fool sat in the rocker from time to time. Sometimes he sat in the glider swing and played the harmonica and tried to teach himself how to play the guitar. He wrote poetry to himself and made up stories which he would write down and read out loud to the fire in the pit. Sometimes he would dance around the cabin, singing loudly to himself and really whooped it up with a growing choreography of dance moves that he decided to write a song for…and then he got the idea of a play to go with it…so he kept himself very busy, all the time watching over and guarding the little wooden cabin on the hill.
He didn’t really notice at first when small animals started to come around just to watch him perform.
They must think I’m quite a silly sight prancing around like this. Oh well, guess I am.
He performed even harder…just because he had an audience and he felt they should get a good show…since they showed up and all.
Soon the larger animals started coming……lions and tigers and bears…oh my…….elk and deer and elephants……..They all sat together in front of the house…squirrels and ravens and lambs and wolves and a host of other creatures like dragons and gryphons and such….and everyone always seemed happy about it so he just kept on going.
Then the unicorn showed up….and just stayed……..and they became great friends and the fool was glad to have the company and the unicorn was happy to have the entertainment and they both enjoyed each other’s friendship immensely.
And so it went…….and the old man returned….
How’s it going?
Great! No people yet, but the local animals like to come around to keep me company so I perform for them a lot. Moonbow here…bowing towards the unicorn….has become a great friend and I’m grateful for the company and more grateful for God giving me this job so that I could be so happy….I have lots of songs and drawings and stories and plays and some really great dance moves……….and the house is in good shape and…well…it’s all fine except that no people ever come. Not that I’m complaining…whoever shows up, shows up and when the door opens, whoever’s here is here…and it looks like Moonbow is the only one that stays with me so….unless something happens, it may just be us……..
The old man turned to the unicorn and smiled.
Well? He asked the unicorn.
He’ll do just fine. Said the Unicorn. I choose him.
Huh? Said the fool with a confused look on his face.
Very good. Said the old man. He looked at the fool and smiled…..Come with me.
The old man walked up to the front door of the cabin, pulled out that big, huge key ring of his, and opened up the door.
Come in, come in. He said smiling and gesturing for the fool to follow. The fool stuck his head inside the doorway and gasped in amazement. Inside the cabin was what seemed like another world. Mind you, there was really nothing there….just a seemingly endless horizon in any and every direction one could look. The unicorn sauntered in behind them, gently nudging the awestruck fool inside.
Now…..started the old man….Moonbow here is the Prime Unicorn. Kind of like a king of the unicorns and stuff like that. He’s been looking for a human being to work with so he has chosen to be your guardian spirit.
Thank you. Said the fool to the unicorn, bowing.
You’re welcome…and thank you….bowed Moonbow in return.
You’re welcome. Replied the fool.
The old man just smiled……..You finished?
Yes…They both replied in unison.
Good…said the old man, laughing….Now…YOUR job, is to fulfill God’s Will for you.
And what would that be? Asked the fool.
That’s a tall order…..I’m very imperfect.
Yes…well….that’s the fun of it. If you were already perfect, you wouldn’t be here. Everything you need is right here.
A table appeared before the fool. On the table was a set of working tools.
I’m supposed to make what, with this?
You are going to create. You are going to create something as perfect as you can make it. These tools are meant to help you use the greatest and only tool you really need to get the job done.
And what might that be.
YOU……said the old man and the unicorn in unison.
YOU…..replied the old man.
Well…began the unicorn….rather…your consciousness…your thoughts/feelings….your imagination and intellect…your heart and mind and soul….all used by your personality which made them all what they are. As God has created you and put Himself into the job…so to speak….HE has made you out of Himself…quite literally…so you already have all of the inherent qualities of being a creator, you can do the job and I am here to help you do it. I…..know things and can do things and can show you things and help you to create your perfection and that way, I can be a part of it, as well…….So I can shared in the glory of the process and cherish the fact that I am and will be and have always been…part of your perfection.
I thought so.
Thank you
You’re welcome…Thank you…
Oh let’s not start that up again…chuckled the old man………Here…He said, reaching into an inside pocket of his robe…..
The old man pulled out a glistening green/gold snake and wrapped it around the fools waist.
This is for wisdom…you’ll need it…
The snake grabbed it’s own tail around the fool and turned into a belt of green tinted gold.
Then he reached into another pocket and pulled a white headband….you’ll be working hard…especially mentally…this will help soak up most of the sweat…if not all of it…..There will be blood, sweat and tears…but I know that you will be happy in your work and you’ve made me so very happy…so…on behalf of God……
The old man reached out and patted the fool on the head and said: Good boy.
The fool smiled.
The old man cleared his throat and read from a scroll that suddenly appeared in his hands:
From this moment forth, you are no longer a fool. You are now a creator under the tile and office of Magician. The vestments you wear are the sign of your office and the tools and your table, in this house, which holds the infinite possibilities of your consciousness as found in the consciousness of your Creator, is the office in which you do your job and create the perfection that you have been ordered to do. Do you accept this position with a good mind, heart and soul?
I do…..said the magician.
As do I, said the unicorn……..
The old man patted the unicorn on the back and said: Good boy.
Wings sprouted from the unicorns back.
The old man read from another scroll: You are now the guardian spirit of an ascending being on the path to perfection and thus, you are on that same path. Your tribe will guard this house for the sake of those that will come when the work is completed to the point where the creation is ready to receive them. You will take in any and all that come at any time during, before and after, qualifications depending wholly upon the fact that they arrived and volunteered or were created wholly for the tasks that they were designed for. You have now been given clearance to travel the length and breadth, depths and heights of creation in order to explore and discover the concepts and ideas that you can have faith in that will make your creation what you intend it to be. You will do this together as one. Neither of you will ever be along. God and the entire hosts of the heavens will always be with you, as well.
The old man rolled the scroll back up into the seeming nothingness from whence it came.There was much applause from the animals outside and even a rainbow appeared over the house, even though there had been no rain.
So the fool became the magician and made a new BFF and right now, they’re out exploring and brainstorming and creating and it’s all seems to be slowly coming together quite nicely.
Should be a nice place to visit…if not to live in……or work in……it’s all good…you’ll see……..
The End

That’s a wonderful story!

Glad you like it.  Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh let’s not start that………..



So…now what?

Come over here and sit next to Me.  We all need to talk.

Okay Grandma……………


This is the end of the intermission section of our conversation. I will post the conversation with the ladies as soon as possible. Hopefully not too long……I’m behind on emails and everything…apologies to all who have been so kind and caring… you are appreciated…it’s just that things have been……like this…..and now I’m back to work so there’s even less time……and this is a holiday weekend so I get to do this…..and was told that this had to come before that…so here this is and I will get that out as soon as I can grok it in full……..sigh……..i love you all…bless you always in all good things……….kibo


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9 Responses to THE MAGICIAN

  1. Gil Silva says:

    I wish all magicians in this world read this story so that they know they are not fools!
    Thank you Master magician!


  2. theo says:

    My dearly beloved Michael ben Elohim!

    In strong confidence, that most AH members and readers HUMANS of GOOD WILL
    agree with me,
    I would lovingly ask you to take this MISSIVE to the Paradise Isle
    and all the Beautiful & Brilliant LIGHT LADIES you are going to meet and talk to.

    currently serving on GAIA,



    Since the Arabs will PAY TRILLIONS to USRAEL exactly for a WW3

    You are seeing the bigger picture better than us, so please JOIN US,
    and give us ideas
    — Media? — Obama Office? — Putin Office? — G 20 Summit?
    for the highest outcome and the greatest good of all.



  3. Sandra Vazquez says:

    At this time, a wonderful story to remind us always and forever that He is always with us. In much Love and Light dear Kino.


  4. Thankyou Kibo, I love the story…

    May you and your family always be blessed.



  5. Brian says:

    so i heard that song by Blood, Sweat, and Tears this morn right before I walked into work…you’ve made me so very happy….into….myyy….liiiffee

    was actually singing it whilst reading about your adventures…hmm…

    quite lovely! thank you….dear Magician!


  6. Crystali says:

    Kibodabi, that was just beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed visualising every bit of that story. It is a wonderful lifting, energetic story that I will be more than happy to read and re-read when feeling less than best.
    Would absolutely make a wonderful children’s book, from age 1 to infinity.

    Thank you.


  7. Mariza says:

    Obrigada Kibo! Um carinhoso e fraterno abraço,



  8. Guenther says:

    Thank you brother,i love your “stories” there is so much wisdom and passion inside..really great Kibo, God bless you always.


  9. theo says:

    …embracing you in LOVE…and LOVE…and LOVE…and infinite Blessings…


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