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3/11/96 #1   HATONN


When you take up a subject for such as a newspaper or journal, it has to be realized that the resulting volume may well deviate as the activities of a day deviate.  But then, again, journals are entries of activities as revealed while books are often novels or revelations unknown.  We have “journals” so, if it appears to you readers that we deviate to miserable extent which produces non-continuity, we apologize.  However, we repeat: We write journals.  We will, however, attempt to stick to the topic of ETERNAL LIGHT flowing out of the ILLUSIONS OF MAN to the extent that we do not exasperate your patience.  I never name the journals until AFTER the writings, and my “forwards” will rarely be directly regarding the contents of the book but usually, just another writing, which is usually also written after the fact.

When speaking on the truth of what “appears” to be really in physical density we actually are opening a can of butterflies which scatter in every direction.  You pinch yourself and, surely enough, you hurt, you bruise, and you come to the recognition that you are!  But YOU are not a body of some lumped muscle, fat and bone.  YOU are the image of GOD; YOU are the SPIRIT within the housing you call body and readily available information is contained in your computer brain for the operation of the body and living processes.

Since the “temporary” state of anything is but a passing realization, we have to then consider as the REAL THING that which has no demise, THE SOUL INVISIBLE which has infinite and eternal existence.  Human physical is a passing experience on a play stage equally as manifested in that physical format for your quality of experience.  Therefore the play and the setting are the Illusion WHILE THE SOUL is the permanent resident of infinity.

This is no big deal except that what you do, and your intent to perform, is that portion of self that directs the interim journeys of soul.  You produce through “intent” the actuality of your eternal sojourn through experiences unlimited.

I will define at this point, “Illusion” and “Aberration” so that we can refer explicitly to a mutually understood definition of the terms. Your languages and those “changes” which come about through trickery are what moves you off into a wrong impression.  I will first compare what you believe to be the term “holocaust” as an example.  You will, in every time in this day and age, refer mentally to a something which took place against the Jews in Germany in WW-II.  The interesting point, however, is that few of the younger generations even know it was in World War II, or where is Germany of WHY anything took place other than Shindler with his list of some kind.

The fact of the definition is a different thing:

“HOLOCAUST: 1. Wholesale destruction and loss of life, especially by fire.  2. A sacrificial offering that is wholly consumed by fire.” (Dictionary)

This is certainly a true representation of what YOUR GOVERNMENT DID IN WACO, TEXAS to the Davidians, but does it fit the description of what happened as the “Allies” (you) bombed Germany’s Dresden homes and bedrooms, but NOT what happened in any concentration camps.  Death came, surely–but not through “holocaust”.  Therefore, you must begin to get the illusion separated from fact.

You have the Illusion that you “see” “light”.  No, you can only visualize the presence of light as it reflects from (bounces off) objects.  Therefore, you SEE objects, not light.

So, how about another couple of definitions.


ILLUSION: 1. Something that deceives by producing a false impression.  2. State or condition of being deceived; misapprehension.  3. An instance of being what is perceived in a reality.  4. Psychol. A perception that represents what is perceived in a reality.  5. A very thin, delicate tulle of silk or nylon having a cobwebbed appearance, for trimmings, veilings, and the like.  6. Obs. Act of deceiving: deception; delusion; mockery.

Now, please pay attention.

Syn. 1. aberration, fantasy, chimera., etc.

An “illusion” is a false mental image or conception which may be misinterpretation of a real appearance or may be something imagined.  It may be pleasing, harmless, or even useful.

Now I want to define “aberration” as we will find it used in alchemy and other supposed circumstances:



ABERRATION (of image):  Distortion of shape, color, focus, and density of images caused by imperfect optical elements (i.e., lens, prism, mirror, screen, etc.).  Types such as coma, astigmatism, field curvature, distortion, and chromatic and spherical aberrations.

In “astronomy”, the apparent body in the direction of motion of the observer, caused by the combination of the velocity of the observer and the velocity of light.  You can go look up for selves the “constant of aberration, planetary aberration”.  You can also check and compare “parallax”.  In optics there is a specific deviation from perfect imagery, as, for example: spherical aberration, coma, astigmatism, curvature of field, and distortion.

You will have to work with all of these forms of aberrations as you move along and certainly you have to know when you have a distortion or a reality of, say, orbiting electrons, etc., around the nucleus of an ATOM or perceptions as presented for your mental viewing of false circumstances.

Now we can move on with an understanding of my meaning and your reception.



The reality of “Light” is fathomable to man only by first solving his two supreme illusions in misperception.  The greater of these illusions is regarding the universe itself.  Man has never known his universe for that which it is in reality.  He can only recognize it for what his senses have made him believe it to be.  Therefore, his senses deceive him and deceive him almost totally.

Looking now at it the other illusion we find that to be of Man himself.  With only a few exceptions, Man has never as yet known Man.  Nor has he known his relationship to the universe, nor to his still more unfathomable GOD CREATOR.  The little bit that Man does know of himself and his universe is what the eyes and ears of his body have told him that they have seen and heard about his universe.  But Man has eyes and ears of the SPIRIT which see and hear what Man’s sensing eyes and ears could and can never see or hear, for man is still too new in his unfolding.  He is still but in the incursion of his beginnings–which, by the way, is very near the “ending” as you pass into the greater universal expression.  [Emphasis added]


Man senses. Man senses motion, change, sequence, multiplicity, time, activity, life, death, good and evil.  Of these things he is most certain for he “feels” them, “tastes” them, “touches” them, etc.  His senses have made him most certain of their substantial reality.  In the face of the fact that he has lived with his familiar universe all his life, short or long, it is not easy for him to accept the statement that it has no existence, that it is all illusion, all of it.  Nothing is left upon which to even base the very illusion itself. He can accept the illusion of the railroad tracks meeting upon the horizon as the eyes offer depth perception to the brain, but the railroad tracks are real, even though their seeming “meeting” is not.  They, at least, still remain as a basis for their own illusion.

A MIRAGE of a city or an Oasis is comprehensible to man as some kind of illusion.  He knows it does not exist in “reality” but he also knows of the reality of the city which thus repeats itself, ghostlike, in the mirrors and lenses of light waves of the heavens above the city.  To tell him that the city, as well as its own mirage, has no existence is to lay too heavy a burden of realization upon his credulity and patience (mostly patience).  Yet that is what the very secret mystery of Light would reveal, and that is what you must tell, simply and convincingly, to others, churchman and scientist alike, and in a language standard and method which each requires for his conviction.

Whereat and in comes our work, readers, in the manner laid out that each might come into understanding and do so within his given realm of perception.  And, what does this mean? Well, you must come, therefore, to know God, His universe, and Man–with other eyes than your sensing ones.

The eyes of the Spirit are not “sensing” notions of perception but KNOWING visualization.  GOD has the reality of knowing and can focus on HIS “one” idea as is ultimately expressed quite explicitly.  Therefore, without realization and thought processing, that “one idea” could not become many “one ideas” which include YOU in the stage setting.

Next comes the perception of “motion” which is absolutely mandatory for experiencing.  Without motion His cosmic play could not be plays, nor could its actors be anything.  Without change His undivided One Idea could not unfold.  Without what you call “time” expression there could be represented no “sequence” of events.  Therefore, God has an idea and it is presented with you included, and it is expressed in manifested form.  YOU ARE THE THOUGHT PROJECTION OF GOD.  Without motion, time, change and sequences, the unfolding of God’s Mind imaginings could not have measured space for the stage settings.  In other expression, there could be no screen upon which to project His Light.

Learn to realize that perceptions in your experience are God’s imaginings.  But know that they are but unfolding patterns of His knowing projected directly through His thinking.  In this knowing can then come the perception of the necessary sensing to allow human physical to “think” in his environment.  In this realization you can begin to recognize that time is naught, nor are there moving things, which change; nor is there life, nor death, nor cold, nor heat, nor good, nor bad in that wondrous universe of Him within Himself.



You can’t actually “see” God because HE IS NOT THE REFLECTION OF YOUR LIGHT–YOU ARE THE REFLECTION OF HIS LIGHT!  Inthe beginning, God, the Father we lovingly call Him, is LIGHT of SPIRIT whom no Man can “see”.  The dwelling place of the Father is the Kingdom of Heaven, and it is without form and is actually what you might call, a void; an empty stage if you will. But in the LIGHT lays the seed and, further, in the Light IS Being.  The Father knows His own “Idea”.  He knows it as a unit of “one” idea which then goes forth to be expressed as ONE IDEA but with multiples of facets and, at the least, in a duality of energy expression.

But where does “man” fit into this idea?  The whole purpose of life is to learn how to manifest God in Truth and the Law.  The particular lesson is a hard one, for Man, himself, makes it hard by his unknowing of the Law itself.  As man gradually knows his purpose and the Law by knowing God in himself, life becomes more and more beautiful, and man more powerful in his own manifestation of power.  Man’s real power lies in “giving”.  He must learn to “give” as does Nature.  In every cycle, readers, is a giving portion and a receiving portion–half and half.  This is called giving and regiving.  Nature forever unfolds into many for the purpose of refolding into the one again.  Each individual must come to manifest this law for it is a universal law and will not just go away.  People are forever wanting to run another’s life FOR them.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE.  You, no matter how hard you TRY to live FOR another, you cannot.  You are still expressing your life as trying to live for that other and the other is experiencing less but it is still “his” experience, which in this instance is to be deprived of doing something for himself.

These are the same principles which must be considered in warring games.  Man will forever war with man until he learns to give his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and never taking that which is not “given” as an earned reward for this giving.  There is now not only giving and regiving but the act of power which TAKES and TAKES some more.  This unbalance will destroy any civilization.  [Emphasis added]

How do your achieve the success of KNOWING? You first have to realize that there is a “Power Source” and the definition of the substance produced we will call “LIGHT”.  Light can be brought forth onto the stage of actors to visualize the setting and Light can be poured forth on the secret actions and dialog as stashed in the unknowing portion of the play.  The LIGHT, however, that saves the SOUL is that which is allowed to shine forth on the reality of that which resides eternally within self.  This is then, in turn, called KNOWING.  Therefore, “knowledge” in TRUTH becomes the goal of experience. [Emphasis added]  Without knowing, you can have no “direction” of proper flow into the higher understanding of either self or universe.  You can escape disaster by not knowing how your TV works in receiving pictures which, by the way YOU have to decipher in the brain, but you cannot get by and into the higher dimension of expression without coming to revere and recognize and KNOW GOD.

I, Hatonn, come within that wondrous LIGHT of KNOWING, that Light which is shared upon us all, through us all and within us all as we are allowed expression in the Idea of God.  Ah, would it not be wondrous if we could simply express HIS “ideal”?

So, who might I be and what is in a name?  Nothing.  What is within a “being”, however, is ALL.  So, I express in LIGHT in service and in giving.  I will share what I AM, what I can and what you will receive.  Neither I, nor any, can do more.

Remember the old truth: “God is Light”? GOD IS LIGHT!  The opposing term is DARKNESS.  Note I did NOT say “white and black”–I said “light” and “darkness” (truth and lie, seeing and blind, knowing and ignorance, etc.)  You perceive “light” as being “white” simply because you have no other meaning available other than perhaps “transparent, containing all colors”.  Darkness is the same problem to describe, only it comes out “black” for lack of the description “absence of any color”, OR, radiation vs. lack of radiation.



Every descriptive term in ANY and ALL languages will reference GOD as Light.  God is recognized, as is LIGHT, with all-knowing, all-seeing, all-present, all-being.  These definitions serve our purposes well if we didn’t ever have further or higher realization.

Without light, all things perish.  Even in the greatest depths of the oceans wherein life seems to be, at the least, resting, there IS life and thus, there MUST be light.  To the human eye it may well be indiscernible at such depth but, nonetheless, light is there for God is there and with God goes and comes that which is projected as LIGHT.  There are many forms of illumination, readers, from the radiance of self-projected luminescence, to the glare of laser beams and, in further FACT, to that which moves BEYOND sound waves.  MOST of what is reality and presence, is unseen and unheard with the limited senses of Man.

We speak of that which is evident to our senses and therefore we speak of things great and small as descriptions, yet, ALL is most tiny compared to the vastness of infinite universe, that greater “All”.  Man comes forth and overlooks his most wondrous attribute: that he, too, is nothing except Light and he, being “Light” also, is as God in reflected image for God is Light.  Man searches, seeks and fails to recognize, calculates and figures while looking for that which is NOT in his hope to find God and Source for he longs to be with the ONENESS again from that of which he is created.  You are simply the great swirling infinity of spiraling light coalesced into wondrous manifestation that has taken FORM that you might experience, with your senses, the magnificence, for God, too, desires to share and experience all.  You can’t “shake” God.  HE is with you no matter where you might go and what you might do.

Consider what you do in your secret places!  If you put self into the gutter in despair or disgrace–you take God.  If you exalt God from the highest mountain top, you take God with you.  YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM GOD ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY HIDE FROM SELF!

Ah, but readers, there IS full explanation of meaning when you proclaim that “God is Light”.  There is physical (physics) proof of that statement in scientific FACT.  You are so steeped in mystical and mythical teachings by those who were ignorant or deliberate in their lies that you don’t longer know that there is PROOF if you would but look and hear.

The day, however, has now arrived when all Mankind must KNOW what is meant when the great teachers have said, “God is Light”.  Why?  Because you march to the drum-beat of disaster as you pass INTO the darkness rather than running into the lighted truth of LIFE.  The cycle grows short in sequence and your further dalliance shall undo you.

I realize we toss myriads of swirling words in our efforts to allow for understanding and you become lost in portions which yet elude your comprehension.  There is, however, no need for despair for Knowing simply IS, readers, just as God “simply” IS.  The “KNOWING” must also come.  It is the time, now, for bringing together, AGAIN, the fragments of explanations wherein those who are ready for knowledge can grasp the sensing and allow it to become “knowing”.  For those who are not ready in their journey, it will come if you do not turn away.  Continue on with us and we will show the way for that is our purpose in coming.

How can I offer examples of realization?  I can’t do a very good job of it for each person has his own perception.  I will suggest as example on a small scale the position of an author and writer who considers the impression of words on a printed page to represent his vision of a “play” unfolding or unfolded. It is his dream, his life work, his pain and his joy.  He considers himself a writer.

Dharma writes!  My, does Dharma write. She would win all records in Guinness’ Book of Records and yet she neither considers herself to be an author of a “writer”.  She will tell you that she is a secretary until her “purpose” is disclosed.  She will tell you that she writes her visions only occasionally and paints MY PICTURES on this daily type-and-pick every day.  Is there a difference? Indeed, but to all others the perception is very different from her own.  My perception will be different from the “others” AND HERS.  We cannot know for sure until the LIGHT IS SHED ON MYSELF and lessened on her stage!  Does this make sense to you?  I could even word that last question differently: “Does this shed light on the subject?”



All knowledge is held within the wondrous realization of LIGHT with its even more wondrous mysteries.  It is not hidden in mystical secret worlds of hidden intent.  In LIGHT all is projected.  Although it is all around Man, he cannot seem to see it for it reflects too many myriads of infinite other creations back into his senses.  That which Man cannot “see” is therefore, somehow, incomprehensible to him.  In this same circumstance God then becomes unseen as is the wind, but do not err in that assumption of absence for the wind is unseen but is definitely “there” and, yes indeed, the wind itself is comprised of LIGHT.

The next realization must be that Man still knows not what “matter” actually “is”.  He has advanced far in realizing how to deal with portions of matter but still there is not understanding of the true source nor the “why” of matter.  Our efforts are focused on showing you the “what” of matter.  I have, among others, made this effort prior to, most surely, this writing and yet only a tiny, tiny few have been able to transfer the realization of “knowing” into reality.  I do not bring forth puzzles simply to annoy you and frustrate myself.  I do have to face the fact that what you really want to know is THIS truth but your focus is more toward the possibility of money decline and earthquake predictions.  Most people don’t want to KNOW truth because with KNOWING comes RESPONSIBILITY and fear of erring.  And what is wrong with erring?  You can only learn by experiencing, error or otherwise.  Once you know truth, you will have less tendency to those prior errors of choice and yes, indeed, it does then become a DELIBERATE ACT, WHILE KNOWING, IF YOU ACT IN EVIL WAYS.  Therefore, it becomes the “fear of responsibility” which slows your journey to a full stop position.  [Emphasis added]


Unseen wonders abound about you and some you recognize, acknowledge and acclaim while not actually “seeing” them.  Usually, however, at upstart of offering, they are laughed at, denied and stoned along with the presenters.  You as physical Man have not begun to scratch the surface of the patterns known to you as energy, electricity, magnetism, gravitation and radiation. You have learned to play with them, change them into serviceable or destructive toys and partially locate a few of their actions, but you certainly have NOT the slightest TRUE KNOWLEDGE of them.  You can develop bombs of them and yet have no way to control that which you developed.

As we move on into the subject of octaves, elements and components of the “unseen” and “visible” world, you, for instance, don’t even know the purpose of the so-called “inert gases: of WHAT THEY ARE.  Even the most highly trained scientists do not have full comprehension, or at least “correct” comprehension, of those very “inert gases”.  I use this as an example only, for inert gases are the most MISUNDERSTOOD of all “things” on your charts and tables in the scientific fields of study.

I have to back up even further now and state that you don’t have the CORRECT structuring of atoms nor the gyroscopic principle which determines that very structure–nor the workings and movement which extrudes through deformed atoms the expulsion of electrons in monatomic atoms.  Is this too technical for you?  Why do you assume this to be?  Is it not that you simply have not had interest nor been exposed to the answer to the questions regarding these things?  Only a finite few on your place have even heard of the most important of all physics principles which is recognized by us as the VOIDANCE principle.  It can be called by other labels but “voidance” is the most suitable English word to describe the phenomenon.  We find that almost none of you know anything about the lenses and mirrors of space which are the very CAUSE of ILLUSION in all moving things.  You have no teachings to cause you to so much as consider the entire material electric universe to be the illusion which it is, there being no reality to it whatsoever; so you continue to play with your perceived bits of matter and miss the whole point.

You then have someone like Einstein comes along and toss off on you some theory regarding relativity and you go off on tangents of foolishness.  You haven’t the slightest iota of truthful knowledge of the cause of that perceived curvature of space, nor the space, nor the voidance of that curvature in planes of zero curvature at wave field boundaries.  Not a person knows for physical sureness how it is that crystals get their various shapes.  Your “old” world would be amazed to know that those shapes of crystals are determined in space by the shapes of the wave fields which bound the various elemental structures.  I do misspeak in one instance here for there are a minute few who have realized the truth and, therefore, recognize errors.  However, even these few continue to go forth and tinker and speculate on things which have no basis in reality nor TRUTH.

Man, in general, has not the slightest conception of what constitutes the very life principle, nor the principle of growth, nor the simultaneous unfoldment principle which repeats all patterns in Nature sequentially and records and voids them as they are repeated.  You can present and manufacture replicas; you cannot even begin to simulate true LIFE.  Neither are you aware of that recording principle by means of which Creator carries forth the sum totals of every sequential cycle in His unfolding and refolding universe unto the very end of its manifestations upon one planet and its beginning on a new one.  You just continue to pronounce and shout “big bang” or “creation of little fishes” or, or, or–all of which bear not the slightest connection with how it is.

“LIGHT” holds the answer to ALL of these heretofore answered questions, and all the rest, which the sages have not yet solved nor known enough to ask.  This revelation of the nature of Light is the inheritance of MAN in this time in which he finds himself experiencing, a time of great revealing and comprehension.  You want to “prove” God?  Herein is proof of God, through methods and standards acceptable to science AND religion alike.  It lays a spiritual foundation under the present material one is science, which you don’t understand any better than the invisible one, and allows for truth in religion instead of the mythological tales of inaccurate repetition built to control you.

Will Man understand?  Eventually. It matters not for it is OUR mission to commit the fragments of truth to you and it is yours to do with those truths that which you will.  If Man will but come to attention, the two greatest elements in civilization, religion and science, can thus find unity in marriage as you might define the coalition.  Will Man do it?  On your planet of earth matter, probably not, but at some time on some earth orb, MAN WILL.  Why do I know this?  Because it is the projection of God that it be so and, therefore, it will be so.  My intention is to make it so that you can understand if at all possible.  You who make the choice to NOT see nor hear shall be allowed the consequences of those errors in choice.  There are places abundant to allow for their onward growth, for ultimately EACH will know truth and come to act in truth.

All things progress in cycles.  This includes civilizations.  New comprehension periodically transforms mankind into higher beings.  A new cycle, of which shall take around three thousand of your years in counting, is now in its birthing. [Emphasis added]  God’s omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are centered in the consciousness of every Man; but few there are who know of the Oneness of their Self-Soul with the Universal Self-Soul.  Even the most learned of Man will forget the absolute pattern of CYCLES.  Ah, but each cycle fulfilled brings Man nearer to his awareness of his Oneness with the LIGHT of his Self-Source.

Mankind will come to realize that truth itself is indeed simple.  He will also find that there is ultimate “simplicity” in balance. Rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposing expressions is natural and, in human relationships, is the consummate art of God’s universe of Light.  By the way, it is also the “law”.  It is this one fundamental Universal Law wherein lays the balanced continuity of all creative expression in God’s “electric” “wave” universe of what are two conditioned lights in what seems to be motion and which record God’s one whole idea of Creation into countless seemingly separate parts of the WHOLE idea.


Why the misperceptions?  Oh, Man drifts through without much thought or care to other than what he is told and what experiences are presented to express.  Then it comes that ages pass and more misinformation is absorbed and acted on, and thus this cycle of deepening ignorance buries, eventually, the mind consciousness of the individual as well as that of society. Many are the ages of preparation for worthiness to hear truth for Man’s consciousness is insulated from his Source by the sensations of his electrically conditioned body, that sensing body, which he wrongly thinks of as being his “mind” and his personal Self.  What he refers to as objective human mind is but the seat of electric sensations of his body.  What he mistakes for “thinking” is but an electric awareness of things sensed and recorded within the cells of his brain for repetitive usage through what is termed “memories”.  Memories have no more relation to knowledge of Universal Mind which is in Man than Capital Records Company is related to the source of the recordings they sell.

What Man refers to as his “subjective” mind is his consciousness, his spiritual storehouse of all-knowledge, all power, and all presence.  That consciousness is his Self, his eternal Self through which his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence is expressed as he slowly becomes aware of their presence within him.  Remember that this can also be called “subconscious” mind and that portion of your being can be lied to as well as can your mind.  You are subconsciously being programmed by OTHERS, constantly.  When YOU actually take control of these programming responsibilities and open those robot minds–you can achieve anything you desire and it can be achieved in TRUTH.

As always, however, the choice of this opening opportunity is through ONLY your own choosing.

My parting words as we begin these lessons on “light”?  LET THERE BE LIGHT! Good morning, students.  May I be a good “cohan” (professor) and may you desire to learn so that you may be the adept “chela” (student) in this magnificent journey to truth and understanding.


[To Be Continued…]


Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 19, 1996, Volume 12, Number 9.

Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this document into html




3/12/96 #1    HATONN


We wrote a series of journals in which we greatly honored the visionists who came before us, but in your courts of injustice the POINTS were lost in the maze of foolishness of lawyers, court jesters, and everything that makes a clown-show.  The first named defendant didn’t even make an appearance nor was he (and she) ever required to do so.  Our own attorney served that party in opposition to us WHILE OUR PEOPLE PAID THE ATTORNEY FOR THIS ACT OF MALPRACTICE.  This shall not happen again if we can help it.

Those were works of great importance and, now, because of such lack of any proper focus in the case, we can’t use that material as presented prior to now.  Therefore, we move on to the input of others who have specifically offered their own separate findings in the realms of LIGHT.

How bad did it get?  Well, in one paper I tried to stress the importance of the material involved, this being while there were books available.  I said something to the effect of these volumes (I didn’t write them) being so important that if there was possibility of “beg, borrow or steal” a copy to read, it would be enlightening.  I don’t argue that the words may well have been ill-chosen, but then, that is a cute phrase that you have used throughout your history to emphasize importance used of a focus.  The statement was placed in quotes for the full intent of emphasis and quotation but Dharma was again accused of contempt of court and “advertising” books banned by the particular court in hearing.  Actually there NEVER WAS A “HEARING”–EVER!  The misery, however, is great enough to cause us to certainly take a different approach and leave the adversaries out of the loop in total.

Since there will come a place in our writings that will require “Periodic Tables” we will give full honor and present now respected and confirmed information.  We have that information in a much more easily seen CYCLE of presentation from Tom Astley of South Africa so we will present the tables as a variety with, hopefully, the periodic tables as used in scientific authority.  However, please know that on the accepted tables of consideration, many, many things are missing and numbers were not even assigned to allow for recognition of those things which have later been discovered.


What focus got the most entertainment value in the courtroom?  Our labeling of the series of journals “Pleiades Connection”.  The thought that there could be any kind of higher assistance seemed to boggle the minds of all concerned.  Even the Plaintiff could say that “his” client had “higher information from God” but we were categorized as “those E.T.s”.  So, I ask you a very important question: If it looks like God, walks (or floats) like God, is not cemented to Earth terra firma, has LIGHT AS SOURCE AND PROJECTION, what is it?  GOD IS LIGHT AND THAT MEANS ENLIGHTENMENT and no cute E.T. can compare to THAT E.T. E.T.?  Well, what would you call God who is THE LIGHT OF CREATION and certainly, other than being affixed in soul to mankind, is not glued to your silly planet?  By ANY label you can “beg, borrow, or steal”, this IS the meaning of EXTRATERRESTRIAL. GOD is as dense as the tree and as invisible as the wind–man is in-between somewhere with, supposedly, intelligence capabilities which are so well hidden as to be the REAL mystery of the Universe.

Let me assure you of something, readers: if ONE can receive from GOD, more than one can receive from GOD.  In fact, everyone can receive from God and you need to know it NOW.

The parties who came to control the works and gifts of this great man [Walter Russell] shall never be given place of record in the Books of Life.  Oh indeed, he fell to the gentle call of the sirens and, in the fall, his work is all but lost to mankind for those that followed are not serving God but, rather, SELVES.  This is quite fine, readers, for the rewards of this are cycling back upon them in like KIND.  EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS ONLY UP OR DOWN–IN SPIRAL FORM.  YOU CAN CYCLE IN THE SPIRAL UPWARD UNTO THE HIGHER “LIGHT” OF GOD–OR DOWNWARD, IN CONCEPT, INTO THE LOWER DENSITY OF THE OPPOSITE OF GOD.  From this very FACT of experience comes the concept of “heaven” and/or “hell”. “Heaven” is total “freedom” in the LIGHT of right-ness.  “Hell” is the absence of God “LIGHT” while bound totally by the PHYSICAL perception of “things” mortal. Human experience on a level of third dimensional “choices” makes the call for which direction you travel when you leave the old body for a new one.


Is it important from whence comes an “alien” from the Cosmos?  Yes.  Let us look even closer to your home for the response. Does it make a difference to the Government of the U.S. if a “cosmo-naught” coming to Washington D.C. is from Libya, South Africa, the SOVIET UNION, Russia, or Israel?  Oh yes, IT DOES.

But what of the simple things such as ABDUCTIONS by aliens and all that “stuff”?  Those “abductions” are usually NOTHING even resembling the stories offered, BUT, there is sinister meaning in the presentations.  Do such things happen?  Indeed, but not from a brotherhood of higher universal man in space out-there!


As soon as the man involved in authoring an upcoming book can get information to us, we will begin to share the facts as found and investigated on the existence of your inner-Earth PEOPLE.

There are massive efforts being made to, as we write here today, map and establish the locations of the “ancient” tunnel systems and inner Earth dwelling locations.

The “people” of the races represented originally, of course, came from the Cosmos.  However, as changes came and cataclysms happened, there was need for attending the needs of survival for some of the races of people on the surface of the Earth.  You will find that the Hopi Indians know all about these underground Earth dwellers and brothers.  They refer to the serpent races as “ant” people. I hate to tell you squeamish people that the visitors are benevolent and wondrous as to goodness–BUT they have now been crossed by every dastardly thing your own rulers could garner and crossbreed.  Mostly the residual TRUE people are GOOD PEOPLE but living in the absence of GOD LIGHT has made them quite robotic in presentation.

Remember the “green ants” spoken of yesterday?  Well–wherefrom do myths begin?

I have told you over and over again that the PROBLEM VISITORS are NOT IN OUTER SPACE!  Your own nightmares are birthed and locked to your own land-based entities.  You have NOTHING to fear from true outer space.  You certainly have lots to concern about in the orbiting spaces allowed in your atmosphere and close outer shells within your own solar system.  However, that too, is only from the ones from your place who play in those places.

Did these “people” come from Pleiades?  Some of them, but mostly NO.  However, those of the groups called the Plains Indians, as did the actual Hopis, come from Pleiades constellation.  The Hopis were simply brought underground to be secured and cared for. It is from this very action that they came to believe they were birthed from the Earth and have Sipapus which allow for the SPIRITUAL coming and going to and from those underground living spaces.

What is the difference, then, in belief?  Well, when the great cataclysms came before, some were brought into “space” for safety and some were taken underground for safety, and that realization remains in the hand-me-down truth of the oral traditions.  The SOURCE of human is the same; the saving of the races is all that is different.  The brothers from the LIGHT, as is recognized, are by far more ADVANCED than those bound by the tunnels of existence in separation from the SUN.

Many of the TRUE underground races hope to be able to “surface”.  They also must know how to handle you people who will be taken below ground for your “saving” in mortal form.  They too are working through their learning processes for upward mobility instead of being locked to the “Hell” of Earth darkness.  Do I speak figuratively?  NO!  I speak “literally”. Guess where the evil multitudes of controllers PLAN TO GO FOR SAFETY?  GOD’S PEOPLE WILL BE REMOVED TO THE OUTER-SPACE SECURITY.


Let us move back in our lessons quite a way, to when we spoke of the Khazarian Serpent People.  This is the label the Khazarians gave themselves:  “Serpent People”.  All you need do is LOOK at the former Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, and SEE that he was DIRECTLY FROM this race of aliens.

The Khazarian tribes were warring “little” people, quite gray in coloring and, until they interbred (read the Protocols), were a tiny people of shrewd commercial abilities and always at war.  They lived by the adversarial rules opposite those of Creator God.  THEY STILL DO!

They must now, by the LAWS of Universal Law, leave God’s people of Light–alone, once established.  But, they are allowed to CONVINCE you through MIND to join them if you choose to do so.  I toss this in as a warning.  You go join the dark actions of the perpetrators of injustice and crime, while advocating the “acceptance of all actions”, and YOU will either be blown away as the wars flame up or you will end up in the craters of underground lockdown.  Heaven or Hell is of your own choosing.

Now, I can offer you volume after volume on LIGHT and, unless you choose to use the LIGHT, you are not going to get off your prison planet–period!  You can play your silly games of this receiver or that receiver and prattle till the cows come home with or without milk, BUT, the FACTS are that you will not get off your planet alive in body or, in probability, sound mind–unless you choose TRUTH IN LIGHT!  I CARE NOT WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE.

Narrow?  YES INDEED!  All you are doing with your silly quibbling about silly things is separating and sorting “ours” from “theirs”! The underground brothers are prepared to place you if it works out that way but I can promise you that you WILL NOT LIKE IT! CARETAKERS DON’T LIKE IT BUT THEY SURELY ARE LEARNING THEIR HARD LESSONS IN HOPES OR BREAKING FREE AND GOING HOME TO THEIR INDIVIDUAL “SPACE” HOMES ONE DAY.

You will find the cross-breeds of these races very robotic and unemotional.  The higher state of being of the REAL and TRUE beings are spiritual and wondrously GOOD.  The Etherians who dwell as teachers with them are guides of the highest form and are basically structured of light in an almost invisible form.


I suppose if you consider that you perhaps don’t know this truth as being presented, it is considered a “secret” and a “mystical” unknown.  However, it is NEITHER SECRET nor MYSTICAL.  If you don’t know about this then I guess you can consider it “mysterious” until you come to KNOW the facts.

Are the brothers from outer-space higher beings than the little ones under the Earth?  Yes–in enlightenment and soul advancement.  When you go back to the “cave”, brethren, you become quite stinted, stunted and dense.  You can move in your “spiral” upward or downward.  Which direction will your soul move from YOUR GRAVE?  After that choice, which direction will you move?  Oh yes, it becomes very important.

Friends, I am humble to be in your service as teacher for together we CAN come to KNOWING within the ALL which is the Light of Creation.  I shall not join you, however, if you choose the lower spiraling cycles downward.  I will offer, to each and ALL, Truth. Beyond that, I go one way and you shall go the other if it be your choice.  I do not drag, push or abduct. YOU CHOOSE!  It can’t hurt you to live in goodness and it might just save your bacon!  You who think you are making brownie points for knocking and hacking at my team are making your own grave which empties downward but that, too, is YOUR choice.

Henceforth, you shall have had opportunity to learn truth and, therefore, you shall be confronted openly, publicly, and in the law.  I don’t play silly games past the opening scene where you “don’t know” real truth and are taught that everything is acceptable and OK.  Everything is NOT OK, NOR ACCEPTABLE.  You denounce me and I shall denounce YOU.  This attitude doesn’t sound Godly?  I ask you: “What do YOU really know about GOD?”  If you think you know it all, leave me alone–go away from me.  Go find someone, such as Lemura suggests, who speaks softly of NOTHING.  You will find as many Kryons, Protons, Zenons, Mafus, Ramthas, Krytons, Krotons, Croutons, Duggahs… as you WANT TO FIND to sooth and comfort you in your foolishness.  GOD IS DEMANDING IN HIS CONDITIONS.  However, HE ALLOWS all the FOOLISHNESS you can conjure.  The CONSEQUENCES are the things to consider, readers–THE CONSEQUENCES!

Do you want to spend your “eternity” in dark tunnels with little gray things poking in your belly button?  Or, do you want to soar with eagles and Angels?  The choice is strictly yours.

No, the choice is not TOTALLY one or the other–HOWEVER, those who are taken to that “underground” life will be barred from coming forth into the Sun until they GROW INTO UNDERSTANDING IN EXPERIENCE.  This keeps the surface of the planet open for the play to continue in its own cycle of growth as the “University” of Universal learning and physical choices.  Anything shut off from the presence and LIGHT of God Creator is not going to be very happy, readers, nor are they going to be sound of body or soul. Those who are GOOD and have been bound to the Earth shall be risen and taken to their higher places of expression while those of density and foolish intent in the LIE will be left to dwell with the underground tribes.

Does this mean the Hopis, as a for instance example, are primitive underground dwellers of the dark forces?  Certainly NOT. STOP YOUR SILLINESS, GROW UP AND GET A LIFE.  I am here to tell you: THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS WE ARE ABOUT AND IT IS YOUR BUSINESS!  Where will YOUR SOUL be when the BIG plagues hit, the collapse comes, the SHIFT happens?  It behooves you to look at that carefully for time is speeding up in perception and you may not have opportunity to put off your choosing much longer as the sequences pour in one upon the last.  I call it, at the least, climax time, even if we do not consider Armageddon or Cataclysmic Catastrophe OR Apocalypse!

Do you actually think WE CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT US if it be denial or negative?  Come now, readers, we come from the Cosmos so your little mortal imaginings and self-centered ego-trippings do not interest us very much.  I am not here to CONVINCE you of ANYTHING–I am here to GET GOD’S PEOPLE!  You will WANT to join us or you will NOT JOIN US!  Is this understood?  If not, then make an effort to come into ability to UNDERSTAND.  Or, take your opinions and get out of our space.  There is a major task before us in preparation for whatever comes, and whether of not YOU like it makes not one iota of difference.  If you know how to change things so all-fired “YOUR WAY”, then WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE SO?  I am reminded of the visitors who giggled at our fun little circle here and said loudly in a silly presentation of “By God I am going to do God’s work, but I am going to do it MY WAY.”  So be it, I note that “your way” has NOT WORKED anything but poverty and failure!  Why don’t we USE God’s way for a change?

You can get along with us in just one way:  Admit to self and us that you don’t know everything!  From that base we can accomplish miracles.  Set aside the ego and we can work wonders but, I, for one, am weary of trying to not injure all your little “feelings” and being expected to sweetly accept your batterings and actual stupidity.  Ignorance is one thing; stupid actions are quite another.  Deliberate damage in the name of something “good” is altogether unacceptable in each case.  If YOU think that your behind-the-back gossip and dirty tricks, your phone calls with nasty name calling to aligned persons, is helping your cause in some way–I have bad news:  Your total ignorance and deceit is showing and certainly is TELLING ON YOU.  All the pink and purple ink you can use cannot cover the dirt spots on the paper of your soul.

To continue and to broaden the accusations while trying to cover your dirty deeds and, now, your actual “criminal” activities will merit you nothing save a major spiraling back upon you, with worse affliction than you “thought” you had at the beginning of the WRONG CHOICES OF ACTIONS.  Allow your children to experience YOUR WRONGS and this is where, “the SINS OF THE FATHER/MOTHER SHALL BE RESTED FOREVER UPON THE CHILDREN.”  Those children will grow to DESPISE you for your attitudes and actions for you will have caused them to go through hate to hurt that which was actually “good”.  You cannot hide the truth from the child–for the child KNOWS even if he sputtereth otherwise.

Will the ones who turn (or remain) against our Creator Source be left to experience that which is moving in sequence of heinous prophecy upon them?  YES, for “force” is not of God and Creation will work her changes and reclamation with or without permission of Man.  God will “allow” and “Space Command” has nothing to say about the matter.

Whether or not you like it, you ARE headed for a major transition.  I further suggest that you understand something about that transition:  You are come to a point of realization as a species and a planet wherein you experience the negative unbalance of chaos with no massive effort to come into Truth.  Those who press and are flowing back into making all efforts to understand and change their pathway are flocking ever increasingly into places where evil has taken the pulpits and silenced the voice of Truth. Though God can never be silenced, Truth can be buried.

The planet Earth Shan shall be cleansed, purified, and healed.  That simply is the way it shall be and prophecy has nothing to do with the circumstances.  Prophecy at best is only a WARNING!


You have a couple of things to consider in physics as a realization.  The great and simple basic fact is that all”death” is caused by expansion, and all life is caused basically by compression. Is this a “far-out” possibility?  No. All material bodies, organic and inorganic, live and grow by what appears to be increasingly fast motion.  They also die and decay by increasingly fast motion. Is this actually what is happening?  No, because all “things” simply ARE and motion is a PERCEPTION.  The intention of the ones who would control your world is a plan to speed up the sequence of experience through several methods of bombardment.  The major controlling factor will come through forms of what you call “radiation”.  These will present as pulsed waves which EXPAND massively.  These will be very damaging to mortal forms.

It may well seem quite in opposition to all you have thought or been taught to think about living and dying but I will boggle you a bit further here for your concepts are almost exactly in opposition to the actuality of LIFE.

Life deeply desires to live, but has to work hard to keep sufficiently “charged” to maintain life, while death can fulfill its desire to die without any effort whatsoever.  That, in itself, should tell you what lies before YOU if you “just continue” to “be” in the acceptance of anything and everything as you wash about on the winds of whatever comes.  To “charge” a body with life takes time and much effort, but a discharge can be timeless and without effort.  The flash of a short circuit is not only a good example of this fact but is a full demonstration of its PROOF.  You are but “electric”-based beings.

Death, therefore, means rest, or cessation of motion.  Sound is motion created with an effort, but it ceases without effort.  It is an effort for you to arise and work, but it requires no effort for you to cease working and become at rest.  It requires abundant energy to heat an iron rod but requires nothing for the rod to cool, or to remain cold.  Therefore, the first realization is that all things [physical] will “die” without effort and this is normal and natural as sequence of expression.  If you multiply this process through helping death, say through murder, you have multiplied “cause”.  You have “helped” in the expansion process which culminates in death.  The concept is alien to you only until you reconsider the death-dealing RAYS of radioactivity radiation.  In this construct I have jumped ahead in the information but you stand at the brink of this very kind of sound, light and pulsed demise and you need to realize that, beyond understanding simply “life and death”, you have to have a reasonable concept of the processes.

Consider this fact: LIFE is “compression”; DEATH is “expansion”; and ALL is electric–ALL IS LIGHT–and GOD IS THE ONE LIGHT FROM WHENCE YOU AND CREATIONS ARE BIRTHED OR “BORNED”.

God had to first have LIGHT for from that Light and God THOUGHT comes everything.  You cannot even have a holographic picture without light from EVERY direction for dimensional form.  GOD THEN EXTENDS HIS LIGHTED “THOUGHTS” AND ALL “BECOMES”.  You may well not understand it yet, but I think the concept is quite simple even without full comprehension.


Man’s concepts of almost everything are so distorted as to seemingly be outrageous.  I note your “news” very carefully for I am in full shock and astoundment at what is tossed off onto you viewers and listeners without so much as a hic-up.

There is supposedly a Chinese-originated SPY satellite out of control, losing orbit (however such a thing could happen) and headed for a hard landing to Earth–or perhaps it already hit the sod, so to speak.  That is not what is interesting–it is the tale accompanying the event.  First, no one seems to know where it should land.  Well, if technology is good enough to pinpoint your credit card number from the moon, can’t the learned men of wisdom calculate fall and speed and select a likely hitting sector? Next they say it, the satellite, would bear “warheads”, first thought to be radioactive as “nuclear”, then it was “biological VIRUSES” to devastate the U.S. and then the final funny: “…it carries, among other things, mold presses for $100 bills.”  Say what? Are you nuts?  Why in the world would a self-respecting CHINESE anything put onto a satellite a $100 bill press for counterfeit currency? The robot reporters never even blinked or twitched the eyelashes (which would fall off the face if activated).  Worse however, neither does the brain twitch or blink at the stupid assumptions.

I am considered to be a very pragmatic and difficult old boy in my circles.  I don’t twist you and turn you upside-down nor do I play to your nonsense.  Nonsense will land you in that “hell” of description and TRUTH and KNOWING TRUTH shall land you in that nice place called “heaven”.  That CHOICE is yours and, furthermore, I can quite logically and literally LOVE you while I have no intention or requirement TO LIKE YOU.  If I “yell” at you is it not just possible that I care enough to make an effort to be heard?  If you think GOD does not shout at you–YOU ARE MISTAKEN.  How many of you have been unprepared in the middle of a tornado or flood?  GOD IS SHOUTING AT YOU, BLIND AND DEAF CHILDREN.  HE sends US to be wayshowers and messengers.  YOU DO WHAT YOU WILL AND THAT WHICH YOU WANT AND CHOOSE.  JUST REMEMBER THAT NO ONE, NOT YOUR WIFE, YOUR HUSBAND, YOUR NEIGHBOR, YOUR SO-CALLED FRIEND, YOUR CHILDREN–NOT ME, NOR DUGGAH NOR DRAGOO–NO ONE–CAN NOR SHALL DO IT FOR YOU.


Good morning and may the LIGHT strike you soundly!


[To Be Continued…]


Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 19, 1996, Volume 12, Number 8.

Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this document into html




3/13/96 #1   HATONN


I come to write each time there is opportunity.  Sometimes that opportunity brings forth things which mankind does not wish for or want to hear.

As we reproduce volumes of dated journals there sometimes needs to be a repeat of topics, especially if they come from books which bear injunctioned material.  This does not mean that our material is banned from our use but, rather, the information relative to a specific topic or entity.

As we have moved through more than 5 years since the first “Pleiades Connection” volume was presented and those books in that series have been banned from publication or public presentation, many of you will not have had opportunity to gain input from the various unrelated topics we addressed at that time in December of 1990.

There is going to be a presentation of the FACTS OF LIGHT as we are able to put them to paper from resources other than the first presentations from us on the subject.  That be as it may, there is no need for that prior presentation for we handle the facts and truth in every presentation and another’s foregoing information is unnecessary at best, confusing at the least.



There certainly ARE space craft and there ARE space bases AND THERE ARE SOME UNDESIRABLE VISITORS.  But, readers, you have visitors to your home and, therefore, consider whether or not you have to ENDURE THEIR PRESENCE or their opinions simply because THEY choose to burden YOU with THEMSELVES.



I repeat here, again, that your enemies of truth and God of Light, are not from outer space and the brotherhood of higher universal Man. The enemy is among you, Earth-Bound, and those of higher intelligence are trying to escape just as would you if you could do so technologically.  There has been a lot of tampering going on, readers, and a whole plethora of WRONG Information.

There is no quarrel from me about there being “aliens” among you.  There is not even a quarrel from me that some of them are little, gray, bug-eyed, and/or “different”.  My argument is that I KNOW THAT THE ENEMY YOU TEND TO CONSIDER AS VALID IS NOT FROM HIGHER SPACE.  The ones you must anticipate and fear, if you will, are those who inhabit and have now become part of your society and dwell in the underground environment of which you seem to have no REAL concept of existence.  While everyone points to the stars for your Savior AND your Enemy, you err on both accounts.  YOU are YOUR Savior, if there be one, and your enemy is within your environment.



I am not yet ready to cover this subject in total for I have some things you need to know first and one of them is that which is Light and how you must come to realize that GOD IS LIGHT and, therefore, YOU ARE LIGHT.  You have to function “as if” you are the reality of your experience for any and everything must be faced on the impact it places on your being.  All the information offered cannot make a difference until you can relate your own expression to that information.

What do I mean by this relationship?  I mean that if you look into the sky and perceive its “color” you, if you speak English, will refer to the color as blue.  However, on other places and even in other nations, that TERM may well be called differently.  In other words, the very perception “blue” can be referred to as identical.  If you don’t know the truth and difference in perceptions and TERMS, you might well go to war over such silliness.

One of the most valuable letters I have ever received came in December of 1990 from Al Monette from Southern California, U.S.A. It was a long and most thoughtfully written letter and required considerable thought in responding.  I think, since it was responded to in the Volume I of the series, I would like to offer excerpts of that letter and my response at the time.

From: PLEIADES CONNECTION, Return of the Phoenix, Vol. I.


[H: Excerpts from the “Introduction”. Since I wrote it in the first place I may well take the liberty of inserting words or comments which make it easier to understand my meaning.]

This will be a bit tedious as an “Introduction” because I wish to share insight of a much higher understanding rather then simply dumping you into your relationship with your brothers from Pleiades.  [H:  Or anywhere.] To understand your connections with more advanced brothers you must understand that you are simply struggling with the learning processes of growth into the wholeness of realization of God/Creation Love and Balance.

It may appear that we enjoy scattering the tatters of pain upon you as a sleeping society–no, but you must awaken into that which IS.  Then, and only then, can you move into the effecting of change and within the truth of actions and intent.  Unfortunately, thus far, the journals of necessity have had to contain shocking uncloaking of the evil and pain upon your place.  Now, we may also move more quickly into the spiritual aspects of balance through the individual attachment into that which is truth in spiritual development.

[H:  Therefore, readers of then and today, we get letters—oh, do we get letters!  Most are totally supportive and some are completely hate-filled.  All are filled with questions and observations from opinions coming from all directions and from all types of self-perceptions.  What we are responding to here is from one who simply questioned our approach to circumstances.]

In direct response to Al I would ask that he, and YOU, recognize that most of the journals come forth from my own projections acting as a Commander in only slightly advanced FORM than are you of Earth plane.  Things of physical manifestation must be tended in the manner of presentation, through physical means.  Spirit is ultimately ALL, but man must come again into recognition of that which is placed asunder and then he can grapple with regaining balance from the chaos.  This means, dear ones, that the chaos must be confronted, isolated and brought again into order!

I ask that we write portions from the letter in italics, and I shall respond in ( ) in format type style for I do wish to respond as I move along.  I further request that this be placed in the forefront of the next paper.  I am pained that Al presents the publishing of this document in the form of a formal challenge but none-the-less it bears the thought of the multitudes and therefore shall be handled as such.  I do suggest the you ones would not, however, write such challenges unto, say, “Bo” Gritz and/or Alvin Toffler. Perhaps the very fact that you DO handle the information differently indicates great impact on the consciousness.  I sincerely hope so.  Salu.


December 14, 1990:

The Phoenix Journals/Express offers us truthful but negative information which enlightens us as to what the “Dark Forces” are doing to control us; however, this form of information also has a tendency to instill in our minds, condition us or incline us to:

(a) Hate, anger, resentment, revenge and hostilities.

(Do you cast blame upon the Journals, dear friend?  Are these emotions absent in your lives as is?  Do these feelings only stem from learning truth of circumstances or is, perhaps, the problem already present in over-abundance?)

(b) Lose faith, hope and trust in our brothers.

(Do you have faith, hop and trust in your brothers?  If so, why has your world become so ill that the truth hurts so much?  Have your “brothers” not gained the deserving of loss of these higher qualities to great extent?  Is it the journals and Expresses that have single-handedly presented this new phenomenon of mistrust unto your people?  I think perhaps you give unto us a bit more than our share of credit for there have been some very daring authors and speakers bringing like truths unto you regarding your plight.  Or, is it that this information is somehow unacceptable from the Hosts of Heaven and precursors of God’s return to your placement?  You ones of Earth cannot have it both ways–you must come into the LIGHT or remain ever in the darkness for that is simply the way of it.)

(c) To become fearful, combative, offensive or defensive.

(Do you speak for self or for all of your brethren?  We have not received other material of such content other than to thank us for the new feelings of “we must do something about this situation”.  It is not the feelings which are erroneous and should be subjugate, it is the action taken in thoughtful RESPONSE instead of REACTION.  Our mission is to awaken mankind for he has had the lessons of LOVE (totally misunderstood by all save a tiny few) and he has only gotten deeper into the mire.  Therefore, it must be assumed that mankind has lost his way and he must see where he IS in order to regain a path, be it positive or negative in portent.)

(d) Reject, blame, judge and condemn our brothers.

(I would hope this is not true, but I am confident the statement is all too true!  I would hope, rather, that you look within and see what rejection, blame, judgment and condemnation is appropriate for SELF and then, only then, can correction be brought about. It is never the brother at “blame”; it is YOUR PERCEPTION AND RESPONSE AND ALLOWANCE OF THAT BROTHER WHICH PRECIPITATES THE PROBLEM IN WHICH YOU NOW FIND SELVES.)

(e) See the gloomy side of life and have a negative frame of mind!

( I most surely do hope so!  Do you indicate that there is no gloomy side of life nor negative perception except now that the journals have brought the causative factors into focus?  Could it be that you of the lie want to continue to hide the gloom and negative aspects under the carpets to be out of sight?  Will this legacy of refusal to focus on the CAUSE be sufficient to the generations to come, for that which you in your generation fail to correct?)

(f) Feel disappointed, frustrated, disgusted and depressed without destiny.

( Oh Beloved friend, NO, NO, NO!  Be totally disappointed, frustrated, disgusted and depressed with what has come to be about you.  Be in glorious praise of that which is your destiny!  God and Truth are your destiny as you correct that which has precipitated the circumstance as you describe it.  If you believe it cannot be done, you have limited God and Creation. Release the negative shackles and rejoice in the Truth and knowledge that with God all is possible and shall be set to right as soon as Man understands.)

(g) Feel divided, rather then united and integrated for Peace, Love with harmony and balance.

(You are already totally divided, disunited and unintegrated.  You have no Peace, Truth, Love or Harmony; certainly you have no Balance!  You must understand that which IS, lest you continue your path of the downward spiral while those who understand how to manipulate these tatters destroy the remainder of the course chosen by you ones as experience.  IF YOU ALLOW IT, IT SHALL COME UPON YOU.  Only Truth shall give you FREEDOM, for only through the knowledge of that which IS in Truth gives you instructions for that action which must be taken.)

(h) Lose sight that we are all part of the ONENESS as well as an extension of the INFINITE DIVINE source of Cosmic Consciousness, LIGHT and LOVE.

(If we have failed in this projection, then I ben in humble apology, for ultimately this is ALL there IS!  For not one moment nor word of projection is it intended to indicate a separation of the above outlaid connection.  This is WHY you must take control and come into understanding of truth so that you regain the power of this wondrous connection against which no darkness can penetrate, much less, prevail!)

(i) Be narrow-minded and biased, rather than open-minded, to see other points of view, different than ours, in order to find a solution to our problems, disputes, disagreements or differences.

(I know not to what you refer.  It is time to be narrow-minded and biased TOWARD Truth and God.  It is a LIE of LIES projected upon you ones that you must accept that which is heinously done unto you and your species by those who project “total open-mindedness” and “accept ALL things good or bad” in majority rule and/or allowing!  You have all but destroyed your entire species and planet through this type of action and/or inaction.  Is it not equally “right” to take a stand for God as it is to ALLOW all manner of EVIL to surround and destroy you?  Have we ever suggested you not debate, bring public the points in question, disagree or have differences of opinions?  Nay, please brothers, do not effort to dump blindness upon your higher brothers!  Stand responsible–RESPONSIBLE–for your blunders and errors; do not denounce us for pointing out the truth which has so completely deluded and eluded your attention.  Can you not be gracious unto these ones who bring forth this Truth in actual line of gun-fire and targeted destruction and death?  Can you sit in your sanctimonious and pious blinders and cast stones at these ones who stand forth and give all they have of worldly goods and place their very lives on the execution blocks in order to serve God and your destiny?  Please, I ask for more from each of you than that attitude.  I am accused of repetition and boring repeating of.  “You are given free-will CHOICE and it is up to you that which you will do with this Truth!”  Does this actually portend intent as you have laid it forth?)

(j) Instead of the above negative emotions, let us learn to pray for, forgive, and love our brothers and sisters.  Have we forgotten what Matthew 5:44 states?  “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.”  Aren’t the Dark Forces our biggest enemy?

(Do you also believe in eye for eye and tooth for tooth, death for death regardless of cause, etc.?  Why do you ones so selectively present your Biblical passages unto us?  Is not each grouping upon your place claiming truth of their own “Holy Books”?  Could it be that ones deny GOD in favor of man’s interpretation of that which is correct and usually mistranslated?  I care not which, but let me also do a little quoting from that same good book!  Let us look at JAMES 4: ” …You are like an unfaithful wife who loves her husband’s enemies–the evil pleasures of this world–makes you an enemy of God?  I say it again, that if your aim is to enjoy the evil pleasure of the unsaved world, you CANNOT also be a friend of God.”  And, how about I JONN 2: ” …Stop loving this evil world and all that it offers you, for when you love these things you show that you do not really love God…” As we have gone to remind you over and over and over again that you must love your brother and love your enemy–but you must disdain, abhor and despise evil actions.  Did the Master Teacher not cast the money-mongers and changers from out the temple?  Would you misunderstand LOVE AND ALLOWANCE for the keeping of that which is evil, deceitful and corrupt within???  Do you perhaps confuse the precious Creation for the actions thereof?  “If thine wife gives you a dish of food with salt rather than sugar in the pie as that which it is, unpalatable?”  Would you be expected to eat it?  Suppose the error is of poison?  Would you know and go ahead and eat it?  If you would, oh brother, then you do not understand the lessons of God.)

The Dark Forces represent the following:

1. The Bolshevik/Zionists and supporters. 2. One-World Government Cartel/Elite and supporters. 3. Trilateral Commission and supporters. 4. The Council on Foreign Relations & supporters. 5. The Communist Party and supporters.

(So be it, as far as it goes.  You have said, it appears, that which we have brought to your attention.  Wherein lies the problem?)

To refresh our memories, let us define “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE”, shall we?  Unconditional Love is a total acceptance of all entities, whether they be positive or negative, without blame, without judgment, without condemnation and without expectations.

(Dear ones, it is one thing to “accept” the presence of these entities; it is quite another to continue to allow the actions of the entities to destroy others of God’s Creations, enslave and prostitute the nations as well as the peoples and planet herself.  To allow these actions indicates sanction of the actions and it is upon this MISconception of the masses that the would-be controllers through evil are able to accomplish their heinous deeds!)

All this negative information, even if truthful, which the readers receive in The Phoenix Journals or paper is compounding the situation and our problems on this planet.  As we all know, negative emotions and thinking encourage the negative or dark forces of energy to continue whatever they’re doing!  Instead… educate the readers, with more emphasis on how we may all improve or generate more LOVE and raise our Spiritual Consciousness.  By the way, we need this desperately at this time.  We should all know that the negative or dark forces of energy can not operate and flourish in an environment filled with love!  The more love we can generate on this placement, the quicker we can eliminate or rid ourselves of these negative and dark forces of energy, which try to manipulate, control and enslave mankind.  You may want to call these forces the “False Jews”, The 13th Tribe, the Khazars or the Zionists or even the Satanic Forces!  But whatever name you use, they are all “Dark Forces of Negative Energy”, are they not?

(We call them by their proper labels so that you the people do NOT misinterpret and label the precious among the rabble.  As for the projection that LOVE will cure all, ah yes, it would do so, no doubt about it.  I suggest, however, that there are thousands of books suggesting that we simply love one another and the bad monsters will “just go away”.  No, they will not for you must know who and what are the bad monsters to impact them in any manner whatsoever, Love or Hate included.  As Man comes again into understanding of God and Creation he will automatically begin to turn again into Truth and Love; he will do this by recognizing the errors and lies thrust upon him so that he can understand that portion of his actions and beliefs that have led him astray in the first place!  God is absolute and total Love.  HE is not without conditions for He places MANY conditions on His relationship with His creations.  We do not suggest that you do not “Love the evil MAN, but despise his evil”!  Most ones involved in, say, the Zionist “movement”, are totally unaware of truth in the situation.  If we do not give unto you the explanation and point out the difference, how are you to come into truth in time to allow for a Godly destiny?  This is why we are presented unto you, so that, at what you will classify as “judgment”, you beloved ones of the planet shall have some idea as to the truth of your circumstance.  ‘Tis what is “within” which shall be coming into inspection by self and God.  God now decrees that “the time of ignorance” is to be put behind you as a species; it is graduation time.)

If you dear folks in Tehachapi mean well, and I am sure you are out to do the Will of The Infinite, Divine and Creative Source, if you are dedicated to serve mankind and are out to promote Peace, Love, Truth and the Light, then kindly print this letter with your response, whatever it may be, in the Phoenix Journals, for all to read and discern for themselves with our “FREE WILL”.  If you are truly Light Emissaries filled with Truth and Love and you’re not afraid of losing a few dollars from the sale of these books, then you will not reject or ignore this request.  Should you decide to refuse this letter, then sadly you will be showing your true colors.  This letter has been written with sincerity and Love for all concerned.

(So be it! There is gross misunderstanding, however, as to who is who and what is what.  The ones who write and publish only do so as WE ask them to do in measure of our presentations.  WE do not run the paper but ask only a realization of presentation of our work AS WE PRESENT IT…. We KNOW that your message is sent with great Love for all concerned, especially your fellow-Man, so please KNOW that we KNOW!  Further, please understand that even though you did not fully understand why you felt compelled to send this document, God knows and appreciates your responding to His call that others might share the expression you would take time to pronounce.  Please accept our humble dedication unto you, brother, for service which might appear to be responded to with egg on the face.  Nay, it is giving a forum for expression which is not of such value if only stated, somehow, to others.)

May the abundant Blessings From God-Light be with you always, and may you all have a beautiful, holy and happy holiday season.  In Divine Love and Affection, Albert Monette Joshua Tree, Ca.

P.S.  I’m not saying that no one should read the journals or Expresses nor that we shouldn’t be keeping an open-mind to Political Truths presented in these writings!  I am only trying to emphasize the idea that we shouldn’t forget what Jesus Esu, Emmanuel or Sananda stated in Matthew 5:14.  We should have a firm and solid foundation and be Spiritually prepared to comprehend the meaning of “Unconditional Love” and not lose sight of this!  [H: I most certainly AGREE, for YOU HAVE NO COMPREHENSION OF THE TRUE MEANING OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AS YOU USE THE TERM.]  Unfortunately, the average person or reader and Church goer is not Spiritually prepared, so they quickly forget the Scriptural passage from above and they do not fully comprehend the full or true meaning of Love.  SO BE IT!

(Ah, and so be it!  Let us not be misunderstanding the intelligence and ability of human intent.  We must not place limits on that which man can grasp and will grasp as truth is unfolded.  He has simply lost his bearings, his way, and will rekindle Spiritual Oneness as he remembers.  We are ALL BUT “ONE” and to lesson the ability or intent of “ONE” only lessens ourselves within the ALL.  We must confront the errors in the Light of Truth, correct the errors through the Light of that Truth in Love, Forgiveness and Understanding.  Then the reversal shall come and again we can join in the ONENESS in return into the wholeness of our source.)

This requires an understanding of placements in the Universe, the Cosmos and Source of journey through heritage, ancestry and awakening to the unfolding of the MYSTERIES!  This is not “mysticism”! God and Creation are not mystical, they are wondrous mysteries in the process of unveilment!  May we share this wondrous revelation and unveiling together!  I am Hatonn



At the time of this exchange it was over five years ago.  I hope you will note, if you have continued to be a reader, that WE HAVE NOT CHANGED ONE IOTA in presentations.  In the PLEIADES CONNECTION series we did deal a LOT with our connections and locations.  However, those books became banned from public distribution.  That should only further convince you of the IMPORTANCE of the information within.  We shall do a better job in this re-offering of some of the information so that we don’t bobble again and cause another shut-down of information.

Whether or not you like it or believe it, we are REAL, we are HERE and the time for choices and factual recognition is now come. In the same context, the enemy of God has almost total control of your global societies.  The enemy of God holds his track in the image of Satan in opposition to God.  It is the time of making your choices about your own destiny.  I can tell you how it is, NO MORE.  Neither the Churches nor the Political Elite of your globe want you to have this information.  So be it, you will do what you will do and therein is the whole of it.

Stop reading such as Crash At Aztec as the “mystery” it SEEMS TO BE.  Of course there was a crash of REAL MANIFESTATION. There are massive underground facilities and that particular “crash” was a “take-out” of the ship and crew who were TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM YOUR GLOBE.  THEY CAME RIGHT FROM THE VERY AREA WHERE THEY [both the craft and the entities] WERE “BUILT” AND CAUSED TO SERVE YOUR ELITE SOCIETY WHICH IS ALSO ENSLAVING ALL OF YOU.

Your disbelief of me in favor of all the UFOlogists who are, at the very least, totally ignorant, and will tell you so, of the FACTS of aliens and visitors of all kinds, makes not one iota of difference in the simple TRUTH OF THE MATTER.  They will tell you of underground tampering–WOW, that is an understatement.  Where else would you expect to find the Dark Forces at work?  They don’t inhabit the lighted corridors of goodness, readers; they hide in the dark passages of underground tunnels as does the mole or scorpion.  You as a species or as individual souled Man have NOTHING to fear from visitors of the Lighted Brotherhood of God. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO FEAR FROM THE DARK FORCES ALREADY WITH YOU!

May your realization not come too late to offer possibility of change for your civilization.  The “changes” of Earth will come and they are now upon you.

Good morning and may God’s light be given to shine upon you.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 19, 1996, Volume 12, Number 8.

Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this document into html.




3/14/96 #1    HATONN



Within the great adventure en route to understanding God and Universe we find such magnificent unanswered questions being from prior unanswered puzzles.  Some people have a driving need to find each detailed answer to tuck away in his own treasure-house of information boxes.  Well, you can’t tuck everything away neatly into a box and put it under the bed somewhere to silently become a part of your understanding and KNOWING.  You must become part of the living experience of coming into Knowing.

There are several rather defined levels of becoming worthy of moving out of the physical into the higher levels of that which is beyond what is perceived as “mortal”.


In the period of “becoming” what is recognized as a viable baby from the womb, there is a wondrous and angelic quality of presentation unmet ever again in the journey through the state of mortal presentation.  There is great “knowing” but inability to communicate except through the basic attitudes which go beyond speech and language.  There is helplessness and, therefore, unquestioned trust and love.  There is only what IS in inability of the infant to fathom more than what is immediately presented.  He is focused on nothing in particular but when he hungers, he notifies his caretaker and when he is wet he likewise notifies his caretaker.  He must depend on “others” to do that which he is incapable of doing on his own account.

Even in infancy, however, the enforced silence of non-communication ability already stunts the entity’s ability to grow as would that same “knowing” be available to an adult with his studies behind him.  It would never again, however, be in “innocence”. Perhaps as the cycle of life brings the infant around into the elderly being, might there be the innocence of being.  This later happening is rare indeed for the innocence is warped through the experience and all that came upon the being in any travels expressed in mortal or immortal journeys.

The only time in mortal form, however, that the soul AND the body are so massively responsive to the innocence of life is when GOD touches the being and pulls that being into SERVICE.  There may be no memory of the clock’s reading or the calendar’s layout but the MOMENT of creation is burned into the being with the energy of God and can NEVER again be erased.  A person knows, from that moment forward, that his alliance and ego is backed away into the corners of experiencing so that the service is unhampered by that double-edged sword.

The infant, whether in good conditions or bad conditions, accepts with total approbation his circumstance.  But, however he is treated in those early moments will forever bend the way he responds, reacts and functions emotionally in all the remainder of his mortal experience.



As the growth takes place, so too does “awareness” come into the picture.  This is called “consciousness”.  Up to this point there is only acceptance but now there comes into the being the awareness which is beginning to be attached to push-and-shove associations, even if not through “thinking” processes.  The Oneness of Self-Soul and Universal Self-Soul is not yet expressed. What IS is all there IS.  There is nothing yet available to allow the newly functioning mind to think in terms other than Truth.  Truth is all there is in the tiny world of limitation–even if the object is to deliberately produce the lie upon the child.  There is nothing against which to measure anything.  There is no accountability in the tiny being.  The body itself is at that time working “on automatic”.

Never is the being more preciously pure and open but is totally insulated from his Source because he is now experiencing the sensation of his electric body.  All those senses are beginning to function, poke and prod, and electrically condition function. What might be called the objective mind simply IS as these electrical conditioning pulses and waves are coming into active sensations.  There is no “thinking” as such although the mind is quite busy.  The mind is preparing for the massive learning processes to yet come into recognition.  This is when “memories” as relating to automatic function are established and hence can grow with each newly learned expression.

So, as an infant, and in fact, throughout his life, Man’s living body is but an electrically motivated machine which simulates life through motion extended to it from its centering Self and the Soul of Self.  Through this programmed subconscious, the instructions which “will” the body to function are honed and placed into a state of “automatic piloting”.  This is projected through the brain into physical expression.  If the brain is damaged the connections are unable to complete their circuitry and therefore the body will cease to respond properly.

The electrically oscillating nerve-wires which operate the bodily mechanism act almost entirely through automatic reflexes and instinctive control, and to a very little extent through mental decisions.  Each cell and organ of the body has an electrical awareness of its purpose and each fulfills that purpose without any mental focus or action whatsoever upon the part of the Intelligence which occupies that body.  Consider the beating heart, as an example, for it is purely “automatic”, just as breathing is an automatic triggering for oxygenation.  When there is injury or infection the white blood cells called corpuscles rush to repair damages as surely and effectively as if you turned on a switch attached to a light globe and the light comes on.

As child moves on into a thinking entity he will consider very little of this automatic processing–unless something goes wrong with the system.

I don’t want to get into a quarrel over the labeling of the subjective or subconscious mind.  I do, however, want you to realize that housed in that subconscious mind is more than the “motor” functions as referred to above as “automatic”.

Each cell and organ of the body has an electrical awareness of its purpose and each fulfills that purpose without any mental action on the part of the “Intelligence” which occupies that body, and that, of course, is orchestrated through that subconscious mind which controls the ever changing actions and reactions of the body.

In this body with its electric recording brain, man “thinks” that he “thinks” and lives, loves, expresses and dies.  He thinks himself conscious while awake and unconscious when sleeping, unaware that in all Nature there is not such condition as unconscious even when sensation ceases during states of sleep.  You can no more be “unconscious” in a state of sleep than a “deadened” nerve at the dentist causes a tooth to be unconscious.

As the child progresses normally through the stages of development, he begins to respond to his thought patterns and is beyond “curious” for he begins to stretch out and see what reactions he receives from others when he commits his actions.  Some actions receive far more response than do others and he thrives on the excitement as he “pushes the buttons” which trigger the reactions in his environment and caretakers.



The child ages a bit in his sequence of learning and into a very selfish little mechanism.  He must test everything which comes into his CONSCIOUSNESS.  Yes indeed, he comes to consciously be aware of himself and his needs and desires.  As this phase of development comes about in its proper cycle, it is the most important of “times” for teaching and learning, giving and receiving. The EGO looms its ugly head over the stage play going on and becomes the central focus and, even if not consciously aware of same, the subconscious becomes the slave of the ego.  This is the major error of Man’s perception.  MAN SHOULD CONTROL HIS SUBCONSCIOUS AND NOT ALLOW THAT UNLIMITED SERVANT TO CONTROL HIM.

Since this is not a topic based on rearing children, we will overlook the various levels of learning and hold to our topic of levels of understanding while seeking to again become in the ONENESS of God Creator.


That old ego can be the destroyer of all mankind.  It is necessary in the mortal man for Man must become aware of his own realization of the fact that he, himself, is a thinking being and become aware of this unique Godlike quality and capability of THOUGHT processing.  He must become aware that he is aware! You can’t very well become aware that you are asleep–but you must awaken and become aware of your state of awareness.  If you do not nurture this “awareness”, you will stagnate into ignorance which will hold you to the wheel of limitation.  That wheel may well continue to turn but, chelas, how much of a wheel is attached to the ground at any given time?

A wheel is quite a complicated thing sometimes, in its more sophisticated arrangement, say, of a bicycle in today’s observation.  It will have a hub, spokes and then comes a rim and tire filled with air.  Only a little part of the wheel touches the ground, feels it a moment, then leaves it, to disappear from reach of the sensations which connect all, rim, spokes and ground.  But as with the cycles of expression, the wheel area first noted for ground contact will reappear.  Will the sensations be the SAME?  No, because possibly there will now be a pebble in the roadway.



How wondrous that Man is not alone in his perceived universe.  He has the whole of the wheel from which to learn and shortcut the processing.  Unfortunately, the EGO causes a Man to become so centered and focused on HIS SPOT on the wheel as to become all but unaware of the whole of the wheel.

These places along the edge of the wheel can be labeled anything you choose but represent the experiences of a living journey. In the mortal format that becomes birth, childhood, young adult, adult, middle age, mature age, elderly and then, death (of that body but not that mind eternal).  Let us call the wheel touching the ground, birth, and then as it rolls around to that spot again, we can again call it birth–not death.  Why?  Because of the SPIRAL which is never ending but only continuing.  You are always BIRTHED into another experience–for only the body recycles as the soul moves ever onward.

How can I example this simplistically?  Let us look at an apple.  You have a nice fruit filled with little dark seeds.  That apple had to have come from a parent tree.  But now that tree has grown and produces many apples and you now hold one in perfection in your hand in preparation for eating it.  Let us suppose that even before you can eat it, along comes a bulldozer and slays the tree. The tree parts are left to decay or be burned for wood, whatever the choices for use.  But is the tree dead?  NOT AS LONG AS THERE IS A SINGLE SEED.  EVEN THE MATTER CALLED TREE IS ONLY CHANGED IN ENERGY FORM OR MATTER FORM. THOSE COMPONENT ELEMENTS WILL BE UTILIZED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN IN THE PERFECTING OF OTHER APPLE TREES–NEVER AN ORANGE OR APRICOT.

You can plant those seeds and if they not be tampered by hybridizing, you will have the start of another orchard with as many trees as you have seeds.  You can count the seeds in an apple–you cannot count the apples in a seed!  But now consider: with hybridization you sacrifice the ability to reproduce most things as in the natural state of NATURE.  ARE YOU NOT ACTUALLY DOING THIS SELF-SAME THING WITH YOUR CIVILIZATION?  CAN YOU SURVIVE IF YOU HAVE NOTHING SAVE THAT WHICH IS OFFERED YOU FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVING IN YOUR MODERN WORLD OF “HAVING IT ALL”?

How will you grow an apple if the seed is sterile?  Even tiny apples are wondrous if you are starving, so hybridization to produce quantity and large size may well be nice in a time of abundance, but in a time of need and hunger–anything will be wonderful.

Remember this when you put away your “emergency” supplies.  You will need natural seeds for culturing and growing lest your line of product be very limited.  The nice thing about Spelta grain is that it does not hybridize or compromise the value of its fruit. Further, it can be handled as a dry crop without irrigation if you add some simple pumice and other water-saving things.  YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR WATER CONDUITS IN MANY GROWING AREAS, READERS, AS THE EARTH CHANGES COME ABOUT.

I would also remind you that as the EGO of a man hits its peak of control, those are the very people who will control your lives by their narrow perceptions.  Ego will work to allow a man to be the center of his world, have the biggest, the richest, the greatest, and ultimately he is focused on his TOYS, be they money or other things.  He is not particularly interested in whether or not society can survive–he is totally focused on himself and his position in the power wheel.

Man will dwell and blow like the winds as he tries to garner everything he can gather for himself and that EGO.

Then, he will look around as he finds no peace, no fulfillment in his THINGS.  He then will take a look, possibly, at himself and do some SOUL searching.


As the restlessness and lack of fulfillment hits the being, that old EGO will usually take a real bashing.  This happens because one cannot STAY ON TOP OF THE HEAP FOREVER.  Things of life will happen while he is planning more successes and finally he will have to stop, look and ponder his position.  Some will NEVER SEE the pathway mandated for a full and expensive life for they cannot grow beyond that ego state of being controlled by that ego, or another’s demands to satisfy “their” ego.  This latter will present in the values and constraints of significant others and attachments.  Unfortunately it must be noted that when a relationship is based on THINGS, the two entities of husband and wife, along with the offspring, will NOT reach the seeking and finding stage of experience at the same time.  Now you have really created a monster for the soul and mind.  This is when ruptures hit the wheel and blow apart the tire if not the whole of the wheel mechanism.  Sometimes this is the ONLY thing, however, that offers freedom for you are going to serve SOUL a heck of a lot longer than you are going to have those other entities on your back.

There does come a time in almost every life cycle where the entity truly does have to stop and take that look and make some massively important decisions about himself.  He will try to accomplish his searching while still remaining in the “have it all” half of the path and hanging slightly over into the “gaining soul” section of the road.

This is fine–UNLESS YOU DIE IN THE PROCESS OF BEING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD.  We will speak of that later but until you find some Spiritual direction and latch self tightly to it AS TRUTH, you will be in a bit of trouble at transition time.

You will move into the astral world of Spirit at the same level of development reached in your mortal journey and will still have the limitations in that other dimensional state of being.  This is a good rule of thumb for consideration for there are, obviously, many reasons a soul may be making a trek back through mortal expression and therefore there are no absolutes except between soul and God (Self-Soul and Universal Self-Soul.)  Even there you will find no absolutes EXCEPT IN ABSOLUTE LOVE AS EXPRESSED IN AND BY GOD.  GOD NEVER PUTS “CONDITIONS” ON HIS LOVE, READERS, BUT YOU HAVE LONG AGO FORGOTTEN WHAT IS “LOVE”.  GOD PUTS ALMOST UNLIMITED “CONDITIONS” ON BEHAVIOR AND ACTIONS.  YOU WILL MEET THOSE CONDITIONS OR YOU WILL NOT MOVE DIRECTLY INTO ANY KINGDOM WHEREIN PERFECTION IS THE MODE OF BEING.  GOD CALLS THOSE CONDITIONS “COMMANDMENTS”, IN ENGLISH.



Right in our dooryard we find examples of ones who have already done dastardly deeds unto our team now come forth to blast our people for “doing unto them”.  There will be objections in that “those people out there, along with Hatonn, don’t live by the Golden Rule”. (?????)  This, when the people already damaged cease to “take” it any longer”.  First the errors and actions are committed and then, when the confrontation comes from those actions in secret conspiracies, the complaints and stones begin to flow back.  No, it is not right.  Turn the face once to be sure the rock slinger is really there–and then turn about and face the wrong-doer.  Age hath no quarter for committing wrong actions. Ignorance is an excellent excuse with God but not with LAW OF THE LAND.

What is really being said is, it is alright if “I” do wrong but you are ungodly if you counter my actions with TRUTH and demand rightness under the Law.  Again, which comes first, the apple of that tree?  If YOU first take the life from the tree, or attempt to do so, do you think it not wise for the apple eaters to try to preserve whatever is left of the tree?  WHY SHOULD IT BE RIGHT FOR MANY TO STARVE AND BE DEPRIVED TO SUIT YOUR EMOTIONAL NEEDS TO DESTROY THE TREE JUST BECAUSE IT SUITS YOUR EGO-NEEDS TO DO SO?  YOUR EGO-NEEDS FALL SHORT OF CARING OF THOSE WHOSE VERY LIFE SUBSTANCE IS BEING ATTACKED BY “YOUR” PERSONAL EGO DESIRES.

Note the language of people and you will see clearly their intent.  When the words and reflections are so self-centered that even the weather somehow is their PERSONAL enemy, you know you have someone only interested in self and all others can roll over and die if necessary to gain their perceived needs.

I am amused at the flak being blown about over the taking of the corporation books recently by recent members of our “perceived” friends.  ALL THAT HAS TO BE DONE TO RECTIFY EVERYTHING IS TO BRING BACK THE BOOKS TO THEIR RIGHTFUL PLACE AT THE AGENT’S OFFICE.  Why does this not happen as ones claim innocence and put-upon hurt feelings?  It doesn’t happen because YOU KNOW in that circle that the books and stocks have been tampered with to gain a solid place for Green, Horton and Abbott in the courts.  YOU CAN’T SIMPLY RETURN THEM PROPERLY, CAN YOU?

The true offenders continue to BUY TIME until they can figure how to work their magic over all of you.  Do YOU really think you people are going to GAIN anything?  WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY GAIN?  The way it is structured, YOU WILL LOSE AND CAUSE OTHERS TO LOSE AS WELL.  Those lawyers and Green continue the stream of LIES directly to the court Judge.

Just yesterday Horton LIED to the Judge on George’s behalf by stating the “they had filed” a business plan and reports, etc. Funny thing is that before and after court–NO RECORDS HAVE BEEN FILED IN THE MATTER.  So, where did Horton FILE those documents? If he didn’t, he continues to perjure himself in an effort to BUY TIME. FOR WHAT?  Oh, money, status–whatever. The hopes are to destroy you before they destroy themselves!  The Universal Law of Justice says, however, that the wrongful deeds will eventually roll around on that wheel until they are again exposed.

Why can’t these lesser-involved persons SEE this?  Because dark vision sees only the narrow self-centered world.  There is only a CLAIM of desiring justice or rightness when the last thing wanted is justice or rightness.  The EGO is still in control and FEAR looms ever more majestically as further errors are committed!

Why is it that explanations and Truth represent vilification to those who indulge in unwise and unlawful actions?  Why is there protest even if names are not presented?  Because the inner self KNOWS that, at the least, SOME ACTIONS were not correct and had ill-intent as the basis for them.  If TRUTH “vilifies” then I suggest the perpetrator look within and see what might have been amiss.  If your actions require another to re-act THEN PERHAPS YOUR ORIGINAL ACTIONS AND UNDERSTANDINGS WERE NOT WELL-BALANCED WITH TRUTH.  ANY ACT TO WORK WITH OTHERS IN SECRET DEALINGS IS A “CONSPIRACY”.  THIS CAN BE GOOD OR BAD IN PERCEPTION.  IT USUALLY IS COVERING SOMETHING FROM ANOTHER’S RIGHT TO KNOW!

There are legal, lawful and rightful ways to handle EVERY circumstance and when the choice becomes one of secret manipulations and conspiracies in order to damage another–it is unacceptable no matter what EXCUSES are later offered.  If things are done correctly and honorably in the first place–there is no cause to claim “put-upon”.  I note that it will always be the clan who perpetrates wrong in one way or another who joins in the circles of the Major wrongdoer as if, somehow, all the wrongs can make you appear to have acted in rightness.  NO!  I do not care how many wrongs are covered and presented–they do not make a thing RIGHT!  When the intent is to hide and cover in secret operations that which is against moral, ethical and legal regulations–IT IS WRONG.  It is quite possible that one of the grouping may well be acting in right intent–BUT IF THE EVENTUALITY IS TO USE THE ACTION BY OTHERS IN WRONG-INTENT–THE INTENT OF SELF BECOMES SUSPECT, ESPECIALLY IF OTHER ACTIONS ARE LIKEWISE WRONG.

All the whining and shouting otherwise, will not change an iota of it.  And if you think that I SHALL MAINTAIN SILENCE OF YOUR WRONGDOING WHEN IT BRINGS LOSS AND PAIN TO OTHERS, INCLUDING MY OWN CREDIBILITY–PERISH THE THOUGHT, FOR I SHALL PUBLISH IT UNTIL THE ACTIONS BECOME CORRECTED.  In the case of the “missing corporations”, the return of and correction of the course would be an excellent beginning.  I do not absolve you, somehow, of your wrongdoings; I leave that to the unrighteous priests and judges.  I don’t have right nor inclination to judge any person–but I can surely judge actions thrust, especially personally, against me.  Will I lose friends?  No, because those who would use WRONG against me–WERE NOT, ARE NOT, AND SHALL NOT LIKELY EVER BE, MY FRIENDS.  Touting pious goodness does not good make!

Does this mean that Good will win?  Eventually!  Why?  Evil devours itself in its own lies and actions.  Worse, it will take down with it–ALL WHO SIDE WITH IT.


In this seeking processing, consciousness eventually strikes the being.  Man is forever seeking the Light to guide him on that long tortuous road which leads from this body’s jungle to the mountain top of his awakening soul.  He will pause along the way and even FIND what he seeks.  But he will turn away for it does not SEEM to fit his teachings and other impacting input.  He will move on and after “finding” and then thrusting against that very truth he FOUND.  He goes “downhill” from there on if he fails to recognize his errors.  The fact is that Man is forever finding that Light he seeks, and as he finds it he is being transformed. However, the more impact there is from the “things” which controlled the living up to this point, he may well never recognize the finding–but the SOUL KNOWS.  If allowance is made in open acceptance of the possibilities of having found that Light Source, he can then awaken to the wondrous transformation.

There are those who seek the Light who are discouraged because they seemingly cannot find it, wholly knowing ones expect to find it all at once in some blinding flash of all-power, all-knowledge and all-presence but NEVER clashing with their preconceived, self-centered purposes, wishes or understandings, even if they be faulty.  Friends, it does not come that way until one is nearing his mountain top.  Man cannot bear much of the Light at a time while his body is still so new and too near its own jungle.  All who are well out of the jungle have already found enough of the Light to illume their way out of its dark depths.  But there has to be opportunity for that enlightenment.  There can be no insight unless time and energy are focused AWAY FROM SELF long enough to see and hear Truth.  GOLD (RICHES) IS THE MOST BLINDFOLDING COMMODITY IN THE MORTAL WORLD! Ah, but now that the child is tucked away and the EGO is beginning to come under reign and control, then the being can look, therefore, forever upward into the High-heavens of inspiration, where glory awaits the fearless, all-knowing seekers of beauty in the purity of the universal Light.  To him whose eyes are in the Heavens high, the Light will forever come forth, and he WILL be forever transformed as he finds it.

The dark road from his jungle to his mountain top of glory becomes ever more illumined during the ascent from body to Spirit.  It is a hard, but glorious road to climb.  All must make the climb.  The ascent of Man from the darkness to the Light is the forever-repetitive play of Man on the planets of suns. When all of mankind has found the Light, the play will be finished as orchestrated for this dimensional experience. Likewise will your planet be finished as an abode for Man.  Therefore, it behooves you to look again at your “clues”.  It is quite probable that Man will not ALL see Truth and therefore it follows that either this planet of yours will need reclamation or replacement or, Man will need relocation.  What we are faced with in this puzzle is “which” will be the requirement.  It certainly is obvious that ALL of Man has most certainly NOT found the Light, but there is strong indication that this scenario could well end in annihilation of the planet in some manner.  However, it follows in “reason” that it probably will not be that way–BECAUSE ALL MEN HAVE NOT FOUND TRUTH IN LIGHT.

It is thus that you actors in the play must, therefore, be content with the lines of the play as revealed to EACH of you in LIGHT.  You must also respond in joyousness at your continuous transformation as it comes.  If you are to continue in the role of the play, you must learn your lines, and act your lines and role, if you are to be worthy of a graduation reward/award.  [Emphasis added]



Now comes the bug-a-boo! Confrontation with Self.  What are your lines and what exactly is YOUR part?  Stop asking Me, is a first rule of thumb, about YOUR part. Ask GOD to help you realize your part and recognize it within HIS WILL.  When you can confront self while putting ASIDE self, you will get your answer, and if you accept that which happens as being part of HIS WILL in translation, you will come to speak the language of HIS offering into the translation which is recognized by your own mortal and SOUL being.  When you give up and LET GOD, you will find that the “fight” is not over to win the battle, but all the resources of God are at your disposal.  KNOW that each experience is a part of HIS journey and within that recognition it becomes a journey from darkness into the Light–every time.  All experiences are but steps in that wondrous journey to HIS mountain top of glory, in glory.  All experiences, therefore, are good experiences.  If they are perceived as negative, check to see WHY you consider them negative.

If you have relentless pain which seems part of some recognized diagnosis, say cancer, look at it for what it represents; do not hate it for it is telling you that you must do something different and THEN, after recognizing the need for further actions toward alleviating the “cause”, get rid of the pain which will continue to cause you to focus on the possibilities.  FEAR in itself creates pain, so be careful to not allow pain to rule your existence for you make foolish choices to evade the discomfort.

There is nothing except good, in actuality, for each negative action is but experience in converting it into good.  Evil is but a perception of negative expression.  Evil does, however, exist in portent and intent although it has no actual basis in FACT.  Evil, like darkness or ignorance, is something ONLY to be moved beyond.

The most magnificent truth is that THERE IS NOTHING EXCEPT LIFE.  THERE IS NO DEATH! When there is a knowing soul present–there CANNOT be death, and when the body wearies and becomes unavailable to serve needs of soul, the transition is but one of moving forward into a life expression wherein new life is presented.

As we move on to the fulfillment of the next step into SPIRIT, it merits its own discussions beyond this overextended writing.  I will, in closing, do some reminding about my prior offerings to you and they are indeed as personal as the breath and heartbeat within self.  For each, including me, holds that presence which is lightly called I AM as existing within the Oneness of Our Source in Light.


This very term, “I AM”, expresses the realization in tone and expression, the Oneness, as “within Creator”.  This is that totally meaningful expression which is most difficult to comprehend, but lack of comprehension does not make the negative aspect of meaning–without meaning.

I have expressed these words of God prior to now and I shall continue to express them again and again until Man has understanding through KNOWING.

“I Am the One Whole, the All.  Glorify Me, the one Whom I AM, for I am All, and no other IS.  I, the sexless ONE, am total Unity. What I am you are, for you are ME; you are the Whole–with Me.  So, glorify your Self, for in so doing you are glorifying Me.  I did not say to glorify EGO for EGO is not of GOD SPIRITUAL but only of mortal Man.  Do NOT debase self for in debasing self you debase Me–only Self.  Because we are One, however, you drag Me into the places of your hidden pretenses.

“I, the One Whole, am KNOWING Mind.  I exist to think. All thinking is Light of My Knowing but My thinking IS NOT ME.  I AM CREATOR, CREATING WITH MY THINKING.

“Out of My Light of Knowing are My two lights of thinking birthed as sexed pairs of opposites for repetition as sexed pairs of opposites and this is WHY wholeness cannot be brought forth from two “likes”.  There must be the pairing of the opposites.  We will try to clarify this in future lessons.

“To THINK is to CREATE.  I create with LIGHT. Nothing IS which is not Light.  I think IDEA. Light registers MY IDEA in the two sexed lights of My thinking, and form is born in the image of My thinking.  YOU, ME, ALL THINGS ARE BUT THE MANIFEST THOUGHT OF GOD’S MIND IN THINKING.

“Form has no existence, nor have My imaginings.  These exist NOT, for they are not Me, they are only OF ME.  I alone exist; I, the All–I AM!

“I create my imaged body with the in-breathing of My pulsing universe of Me.  My universe is MY image; but MY image is NOT Me but only OF ME.  All things are My image, but they are not Me either, even though I am in them and they in Me.  They are OF ME. So be it and Selah.”



Readers continue to request that I give you great “secrets” and I have done so–the mystery is REVEALED.  It is not revelation which washes over you as a tidal wave.  It is the actual realization of meaning in the Light of presentation of the TRUTH in the revealing of the mysteries.  We have written at great length in our early writings about the Electric/Magnetic Universe.  We wrote of Tesla and his wondrous sharings, we spoke of Newton and others as ideas in expression have changed from fantasy into reality. We gave you exact pictures and formulae but in the ending you want them for the WRONG reasons for Self, out of sequence of properness unveiling.  You must ask of Self, “Why would God give unto ME these great solvings of the mysteries of Life?”  Ask: “What will I do with these great findings and realizations if I am given them?”  Will it be EGO which presents in honor of SELF?  It is most important to know the answer to that question.  If you desire that the WILL OF GOD be served, how can your EGO fit into this circumstance?  If your intent be incorrect, your own God-ness will prevent your receiving the keys of the solutions to that which you perceive as the problems.

Here I must pause and speak of unpleasant facts:


Do not concern over WHICH or WHAT addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, food, etc.  You become addicted to avoid confronting that which is to be confronted. No matter how long you remain in the addiction and refuse to confront the issue in point, you will not solve a thing but rather worsen the original lack of understanding.  All addictions are escapes or punishment of self.  If you refuse to accept the burden of another’s addiction of addictive behavior then the other can begin to grow for there is no real point in the addiction. In other words, a child having a tantrum will cease to tantrum if there is no one present to accept the bombardment. You see, destruction of Self is not the point at the foundation of the matter, it is to injure another in order to injure Self.  If it is truly Self that Self wishes to MURDER, Self will murder (suicide) Self.  Addictions bring gross pain to another or many others in addition to that Self and hence the reason to continue in the addiction.  YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM SELF, YOU CAN ONLY LIE TO SELF.  YOU CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM SELF, FOR YOU SIMPLY TAKE ALONG SELF.

You are trapped, brothers, and to get freedom you will come into KNOWING the LIGHT, simply and succinctly put.  Furthermore, you will remain on the wheel until such time as you do come into understanding.  I have no care as to how long that might take or what roles you may wish to play while on the journey.  God has eternity and so, too, do you in one form or another.  I know that I AM infinite and eternal and you are going to join me sooner or later or we will continue to “practice” a bit longer in the rehearsals.

Do “I” think myself “big enough” to pull this off?  Of course!  I NOT ONLY “THINK IT”, I MOST CERTAINLY AND INFINITELY KNOW IT.


Thank you for a long reading, friends.  Good morning.



[To be continued…]

Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this document into html




  1. Melody says:

    Here is the link for Patrick Bellringer;s – Fourwinds site. He discloses some daily issues besides lessons and links to the Phoenix Journals +, trying to constantly disclose truth to the masses. He was also a Pastor, to name a few. The site also has a description of him and the Galactics/Higher Realm he works with. “Patrick was inducted into the Cambridge Who’s Who in May, 2008” – I double checked and found this to be accurate. I’ve also seen him attacked, which the dark enjoys to discredit people and turn against each other. I consider Patrick to be a friend.


    • kibodabi says:

      I only put that in a post on the blog because it came in the Phoenix Journals from ATON/Hatonn…which even Patrick now admits is ATON…even though he states it now as Hatonn/Aton…albeit only recently…..and it took him a loooooooong time to admit even that small fact of life in being….lol

      and while I thank you for reading through the archives…I am compelled….and instructed to answer you thusly……so here it is:

      that’s all well and good…but bellringer has never been able to accept that plans change on hierarchal levels and that Candace was right and is right as to how things stand here and now……..Melody….please….go within and find the truth of GOD within yourself and quit throwing the works of others…including Candace and myself….and Eve and anyone that is not you…to make final determinations in what is true and what is not…I find inspiration in all corners of the net….including bellringer and fulford and nidle….fuck…even Wilcox…kinda sort of…. and others….but it is up to you to decide what you can pick and choose from what is what from others to state what it is that you support and know…not just believe… but know…perhaps I am wrong in all of this and you do truly support what you say and do not just give service to those that serve another agenda….but all of your postings have shown me that you seek more from without than you do from within and that…..that disturbs me to no end……..what is it that you have found from GOD IN YOU………that is what I seek in you and I have seen nothing that offers me any consolation towards that end…maybe it’s just me…I dunno…..but I really want and need you to focus on the core of your being…that is you …being GOD being you…nothing can hide or defend against that in the end and I want that end…as far as Divine Adjudication is concerned…to reflect as positively upon you as possible….capisce?
      and then let me know where you’re at….after you have figured out all of that with and within your self and yourself and the GOD OF GODS AND SOURCE OF SOURCES that is more you than you know and realize……please and thank you…..kibo


      • Melody says:


        You knew me before this site, you introduced me to this site, and you know I always tell the truth to the best of my knowledge. You are aware I have spent a good amount of my life trying to get to the truth and help people, including you where I’ve spent much time informing plus some money trying to help you and make you happy, which was much to me in my financial state where I was counting pennies, never complained, I wanted to help. You are very aware of me trying to inform about corruption that may affect others, me trying to stop it, and other needed issues to numerous, which Source has later stated in your blog referencing 144 Million people’s eyes need to be opened.. You also know I have said that due to what has happened to me in the past, that I felt this disclosure was my soul destiny. I have done the same here, trying to help and inform, which is why I have said some, in the appropriate blog on the subject, to help people with truthful knowledge. I have also tried to help out here with ideas to save Earth/Gaia/Shan and humanity. Don’t you think I’m trying to do God’s work the little ways I know I can. Shit I cared for an abuser with Alzheimer’s, even quit my job to help, somebody who prior tried to real estate fraud my home and falsify to steal my child, which we have never discussed, and most would have said F-U, and I treated this person extremely good. You know that CM has recognized this helping others to me as positive and you 2 have talked about me. This blog has proof of some of what I’m saying is true. It’s also who I am.

        Why are you saying this to me???? Is it because of what I blogged above?

        I realize you and Candace vs Patrick have had past disagreements and that you don’t and never liked him +. I have seen his work for over 5 years. He had more of a temper in the beginning but more tempered now. He does distribute the Phoenix Journals from Hatonn/CM Aton material, he feels that is his job, and discloses much helpful news, as above in this blog you presented, which internet costs was coming out of his income and he’s not rich. When his site almost shut down because he could no longer afford it, I’m the one that mentioned to him to put the donations link where people could see it, to help his situation, just like CM helped you with the fantastic t-shirts designs and others have helped you. But Candace has mentioned he has falsified some of this PJ material and removed from another site, which I have no knowledge of but am aware of the other site and do use that other site for research. Being a prior Pastor he presents the PJ type teaching the same way most Pastors do church sermons of the bible, a little at a time, 1 book at a time, plus. I just recent found out from a close friend that again somebody sent an e-mail, from my e-mail address to her, saying material I never said that wasn’t true, sent to her saying it was me, along with other material I would say. This e-mail showed they had a dossier on me and was a scare tactic and similar has happened before. Not on this site but on Candace’s she was sent similar making her believe that Patrick was CIA which I will soon/later send to you privately what she said, copy already made. I would have to re-read to be exact on the exact wording. I’ve even had my phone voice duplicated to 2 people to turn them against me which worked on 1 who didn’t know me, the other one did and she knew it was a set-up lie – she was an activist researcher. I’ve even seen my typing disappear or changed in front of my eyes or my cursor taken over. I don’t believe Patrick is CIA but do believe that what Candace says is probably true, similar has happened to me. But I also believe there is too much animosity on this subject for any type of communion. That would be like certain X husbands and wives being put back together. But I also believe by the fruits of their labor all are trying to work for the higher good.

        I posted above because I felt Patrick’s years of work in disclosing the PJ material and the NWO type issues, that he deserved in this posting to have his link also posted.

        Some of my work and articles I’ve read of others is posted on his stie also.

        Patrick realizing Aton was Hatonn, I never knew he didn’t originally know this but has since I’ve been reading his site. If you search, look up Hatonn/Aton on the Fourwinds10 site you will see years of postings from him that way. I’m the one that mentioned to him CM was a Michael body style created by Source, a more very advanced galactic body style, after I found out. He didn’t believe CM is Aton. I realize subject material from the PJ’s, re the future, changes and this material he does not post, ie the Galactics change their original plans. He is out of the loop on most of this type of material whereas A/H Candace is directly knowledgeable about. But in my way of thinking, even though many realize the bible has been changed, it is still presented because it presents what the public believe to be God and they want to serve God.

        I have asked to serve God for near 25 years, even during part of the times of loosing faith because of what had happened to me, then asking God what is it you want of me. For a long period of time before I had no faith but saw people with faith or turning to God and the changes happening in their lives.

        I realize you’re feelings re Patrick, from day 1, and why. Did you ever think Patrick was suited for his type of job because of the stress created by people directed to him and that you were meant for a much much higher purpose, in the long run, not only doing what you are doing but what you will be asked to do in the future. You have been provided with a gift that very few will ever be allowed, problem is those rough edges. I’ve told you before I felt you were being groomed by CM/Aton and Source, before your knowledge of who you are. I know from experience you have special abilities.

        I had nothing to directly do with what happened to you and Eve and CM and Source as you are implying. You offered assistance for questions which I was ecstatic you offered. If you remember you prior asked me to not get involved in your galactic type work so I obeyed what you asked and never asked relating questions. After you offered question assistance on this site, which I had/have numerous questions, I asked was Lucifer uncreated because Eve (who I don’t know except for the blog with CM/Aton and Sananda) is saying in her blog which CM also blogs there, he’s not and was hidden. I also mentioned other galactics (physical to a friend) had said that spirit world has been infiltrated and when caught they are being removed, and they mentioned the akashic records being changed, which Eve’s reporting said a similar which I pointed out and only posted that part from her post, to back up what I was saying. I also later questioned if spirit could be cloned which a clone would not have the God connection cord. I also mentioned some way the galactic friends to my friend she said know me. This questioning to you on this material, which you volunteered people to question you, I asked if accurate, ended up causing much confrontation with you, Source, Eve and CM/Aton afterwards, that I had nothing to do with. All I did was ask if this info was right or wrong. You stated CM told you there are issues you are not aware of. The other parts on this subject I don’t want to rehash here, better just to be taken as a hard lesson, not to be repeated. But I had nothing to do with the other parts but I did ask the original question with reference to what I was seeing. If you re-read on this subject I was trying to help you afterwards, after the hard lesson you receiced, but I did not condone a certain part. I was also trying to help you on the gold in the chemtrails subject also, too bad that little UFO was not part of the G/F. To me a wrong does not take away numerous rights. I try to not be over critical and I am not an ego person.

        I realize Candace is in charge of first contact and also that she is informed and intelligent and working with the higher realm and I was told she is 8d, this is her Gaia mission. I have never said or indicated any different. I don’t know why you are saying this and would like to see here what you are talking about, a copy and paste. To me what she is doing is probably one of the most important issues for positive on this planet. When you ‘unexpected’ astro projected (maybe remote view is the right word) to my house you remarked that I was watching a Jesus movie and asked which one. The King of Kings has some of his direct teachings, well laid out for a movie, my favorite for this type of movie. I spent over 3 years reading some of the White Knight and Dove and A/H material before any type of contact, whereas 1 lead to another. I even have some of those printed copies still. You don’t think I was led. I was also led out of danger, out of my birth prior town/state, to this house which I have always said this house was directed from God and probably could locate old e-mails to a friend saying the same. I think I may have prior said the same to you. Candace is a representative and the boss for first contact, both spiritual and galactic, the bringing back of the Messiah, which Jesus said he would return as did some other religions. We are in Armageddon, a view of Earth to be changed into a heaven. You don’t think I don’t know how important that is. .

        Candace provided the answer to the question of what the Annunaki looked like and ref. a part on her blog to look up. I looked, didn’t see it, then later went back and relooked and found I had missed page 2 and put in/blogged that correction, that I had made an error and missed Page 2. I was also very upset about another personal issues that had happened to me at that time and I usually am better at thoroughly looking, but not that day. That is the only negative I can think of I’ve done re Candace, I didn’t see Page 2 at first and I corrected.

        I try to not be over critical with people which unfortunately the way I was raised I could never do right, blamed for things I didn’t do to create conflict, and without love. Then I ended up married to a man that did the same. Sometimes I’m right and other times I’ve been wrong. But when I have been lied about for another’s agenda or mood, or being robbed or abused or harmed, issues like that bother me, it’s an idiosyncrasy. .

        Yes I will try to work on the other issue, that you say is important to you. But I will not take responsibility of the situation you got yourself into after I asked the questions relating from what the other galactic beings had mentioned, Eve saying similar, where I asked a question about, asked if true to your knowledge, as explained above, and the documentation truth of this subject is scattered on this site. I’ve done much to help you. I don’t deserve this remark from you, it’s not true. I realize you are galactic real. But there is more to this picture than people reading this post and is private.

        The other issues I will not put out on a public forum. Too much already said and in defense for the truth. I will e-mail you later day a copy and paste of Candace’s remarks as mentioned above and is on her public forum, the copy has already been made.

        All this shit and I haven’t even finished reading this post – slow reader. You had prior told me to read more on the spiritualism material, that is what I’ve been trying to do, this is a spiritual post, yes it’s archives. I still have some things I need to mail back to you, I’ve had other )<, why I said I needed a break, you said you didn't want to hear it so I didn't, but….


        • kibodabi says:

          Yeah……’re right in so many ways….
          And I sincerely apologize if I have hurt you
          I do love you
          Please forgive me
          GOD Bless you

          And so here we are……..
          And GOD knows that you have given yourself in service to GOD since you were a child
          And you have struggled to understand and hold the hand of GOD
          And you have given of yourself to serve as best you can
          By serving others
          For that is how you have seen it all these years….
          And I know it has hurt you
          It hurts all of us
          If we are sincere enough to let it…….
          To know joy
          There must be the pain of sorrow…..
          And so on and so forth……………
          And I have asked of you to say your piece and your peace
          And I am very glad that you are so willing to give of yourself for this……
          You do so much more than others
          In finding things that you are concerned about and wonder about and want answers to……
          And I have always appreciated that and thank you for it
          And I don’t blame you for the Eve thing
          All that happened for a reason and reasons
          that had nothing to do with you
          And you were just a way to get it done
          And I blame myself for speaking my mind in the matter
          But what else could I do?
          You would’ve done the same……smile…….
          I have nothing against Patrick…he plays his part well and works hard.
          And still
          I have noticed
          That you have spoken on so many things
          Except what it is that is truly inside of you
          What you feel you think you know
          All by yourself
          What your experience in GOD has taught you
          And has led you
          And where you stand now
          Not just in GOD
          But with GOD in you
          And I am waiting for you to speak about GOD in you
          What is within you
          That relationship that you have with IT
          Not what you have done for others in serving GOD
          Not what others say that you believe or support or agree with
          But you
          All by yourself with GOD within you
          I yearn to see the result
          Of your reaching in
          Instead of the result of your reaching out
          For that has hurt you
          And that will end as you go within….
          And find yourself in GOD
          And GOD in yourself
          For it is the same thing
          And I hope that you can connect with that
          And find that voice which is your true voice
          And that mind that is your true mind
          And that heart that is your true heart
          And that being that is your true being
          That GOD is being you……
          And you have yet to touch upon that in the voice that you raise
          That’s all…
          That’s all I’m trying to get you to see and be and do
          Take a deep breath and ponder what is within you
          Rather than all this stuff that is around you
          That you are so constantly concerned about
          That isn’t going to change
          Until all of us change
          GOD sees fit to change us
          And by then…it will be too late…………
          You’ve been running this track for a long time
          Is this all there is?
          Can you put all and everything else aside
          Except for the love
          That love that you and GOD share for each other
          And dwell in that
          Within yourself and just be that
          And be embraced by that
          And talk with the One that embraces you
          And learn from IT and abide in IT and only IT?
          That’s what I’m talking about
          Fuck the rest of us for just a little while
          Put it all aside
          And be with GOD within you……
          My understanding of it is
          That you will have a better experience with GOD around you
          If you can better do that
          And establish that
          Be that
          Do that
          Stand in that as a temple built upon rock
          Heck….a temple built out of the rock….lol….
          But that’s me
          It’s up to you if you want to try such a thing
          To go to PAPA and sit on His lap and cry and explain and be comforted and listen and learn
          and be hugged…..embraced by Him…..and spoken to….
          your questions answered….as they needs must be between you both as one….
          And then
          to go back out to play with the other children…
          a much wiser and stronger child…..
          that cannot be bullied or forced by others
          who will do and be as it wants to be and do
          and all that
          according to the Will of Our Father…..
          as you understand all that to be…
          and we, who are with you in GOD, as well…
          for IT is ALL THAT…..
          and we know it……….smile

          But that’s me, too….. as well as ‘us’
          we ones that have bothered to go there…….
          It’s up to you
          It’s all up to you
          But none of it can be done without GOD
          Who is THE ONE that is really being you
          So that you
          You can reach perfection
          In and of yourself
          That is all between you and GOD alone….just the two of you….
          It is not an understanding of GOD that everyone has or can deal with
          So it’s up to you to try it out
          Let me know…….
          All good blessings in GOD to you all the time and in every circumstance
          I AM


        • kibodabi says:

          apologies…small…ps………if I simply told you that I didn’t want to hear that you needed a break…I doubly apologize……
          my understanding of it all is this:
          there are no breaks……this is an every moment of every moment thing…….I would love a vacation…but I would still be doing spiritual work….I would run into people where I have to say certain things, do certain things….I’ve seen it happen over and over…you go out to have a nice time and you just find yourself in a situation where you have to remind people that GOD is in charge or remind them that there is more to life than this or that or say something off hand that makes them think about whatever it is that GOD wants them to think about because GOD sent you there to do it…and you were just trying to have a nice, enjoyable evening out with the wife…or somebody? [smile…thank GOD for my wife who understands me!!! Love ya, honey!!!!]
          so ….no…there are no breaks……the dark are relentless, but light is stronger…and lightworkers get tired as all get up and go….but the dark is relentless…so we keep going……every little thing counts and you are there to do it and it needs to be done……apologies…it had to be said…….rest and relaxation is found within…and sometimes without…but always with a thought of GOD…always thinking about GOD…always……forever……..always………forever…….with GOD…in GOD…one mind…one heart……….
          always…….thinking/feeling…GOD….always……..forever…thank GOD….
          always…forever… GOD…know GOD……always….forever… never stops…don’t ever stop….it’s all within you…….that you may act with all around you………do the work…the work is within….always………forever….do and be as GOD is……..enough… you…love you all…..good night…….blessings to you all in GOD all the time and in all circumstances…kibo


          • kibodabi says:

            this is where I talk to all of you out there that read here and may read this………
            forgive me Melody for using a reply to myself replying to you in this instance…..please
            but this needs to be said………
            my teacher….yes, I have a teacher…one of my best friends…and I thank GOD for him and to be here with him…GOD Bless Him In All Things All The Time Continuously! Amen!…..
            yeah..i really love the guy…like a Siamese twin that looks nothing like me nor agrees with all that I say I know…nor I with him….still…I went through…a lot…. to be able to establish this relationship and it is worth it…

            anyway…he called me the other day concerning my property tax situation and I told him…and he said that he was willing to pay it…
            and I told him that it was a lot of money and I don’t want anybody hurting themselves financially for my sake……because I knew that it would…..and he finally relented……
            let me say that again……
            well…..hey….I’m in no position to be turning down any help….but I do…
            THAT SHIT JUST AIN’T RIGHT……..

            IT AIN’T RIGHT!!!
            AND SO WILL YOU……..
            I’M WORKING ON ALL THAT, BTW……
            IN THE MEANTIME

            [did I get that right? any of it? all of it? sorry…that’s the best I can do…I’m struggling to get a handle on Korean and Chinese and Japanese and Arabic and Hebrew and other languages…it is my biggest personal failing…this inability to relate to others in their own language…how I long for that mutant ability…lol…really…I do…at least…a universal translator…..soon…..soon enough…I reckon…sigh]

            while I can’t really afford to turn down anything…I will if you can’t afford it…please keep that in mind for the future and thank you very much and GOD bless you for reading this…it needs to be said again every once and awhile…


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