girl talk

Here I am…sitting in what appears to be a bridal party……a celebration of the coming marriage of the new and improved Gaia, as well as, apparently, this system of our universe and something about the universe as a whole coming together and moving forward into Light and Life………..and here I am, being told that I’ve embraced my feminine side well enough to be allowed to hang out and provide entertainment [you’ll have to read the blog to find the story…] and I smile sheepishly and state rather matter of factly and with some defensiveness “But…I’m a guy!” and they all laugh and say “Well that doesn’t matter, does it?” …….and I just sigh………
The nicest thing about living in pure consciousness is that whatever experience is being given to experienced, time doesn’t matter. It can all be very sequential or come in chunks or pieces, but the whole thing is something that’s already happened, is happening right now and also hasn’t happened yet…………all at once.
Here I am……happily stuck in the middle of nothing but Feminine energies and personalities. Grandpa is there as Grandma and as IT explained, once again: “You do realize that I AM all and none of these things at the same time. All of this is just a means of expression for the sake of experience in demonstration. I AM neither male nor female and yet, I AM manifest as both for the sake of the manifestation itself that ye ones may understand what it is to BE AND DO within a realm of experience of choices that, necessarily, must be made in a state of duality. In unity, all is known for all is one with WHAT I AM AND THERE IS ONLY THE ONE WILL, THE ONE LIGHT, THE ONE LIFE AND ONE KNOWING AND YOU WILL PROGRESS FURTHER AND DEEPER INTO THAT NEVER ENDING EXPERIENCE WHEN YOUR TIME COMES TO DO SO.
I just smiled and sat down next to…Her…and we talked and laughed with the others…..spirits [wink/nod] are high [one more time] and the general consensus is that things are progressing according to plan [read:PLAN] and since there can be no other outcome, it’s time to prepare for the wedding……I’m of the mind that all those Celestial Daughters are also going to serve as bridesmaids….along with many others, Nada, Master Quan Yin, Lady Eve [as in Adam…] Mother Mary……and many others that are not known locally……..Nebadonia and MAMA are Maids of Honor……I reckon PAPA will give the bride away and Esu and SONNY are Best Men [Men? Hmmmmm. Hey, why not?]
But tonight is Ladies Night [cue music…and the feelings right…oh yes it’s ladies night, oh what a night… oohh what a night…]
Finally, we get a moment to sit down on the couch….waitaminute…this is MY place….i didn’t recognize it with all the people……
Nada: That’s because this IS your place…..out/over there is another place…….
K: Oh…whew…thanks…….thought I’d lost what little is left…….. [laughter…..’hey’…..]Anyway….if it’s time for business………where are we and what can I tell anybody that will be helpful?
Grandma: We understand that all of you are worn out to the very core of your beings. That does not have to be a bad thing. Wiping away and tearing and unbuttoning and removing the layers of illusion, delusion and deceptions that have covered you so for long will help you to more easily make the transition between the dark duality that you are emerging from and the state of duality in light that you are entering.
K: Explain…
Mama: Many of you think that you are magically going to find yourselves in a completely and totally unified system. That however is not going to be the case. It will still be a system of duality, just without the dark influence that you’ve been experiencing these many millennia. You will still have to make choices and decisions based upon your own thoughts and feelings about what you are experiencing…but you will now be making more informed choices and decisions and this is something that is beyond being a luxury for many of you. You cannot possibly have all the information that you need to live ascending lives to the best of your abilities. This circumstance will be completely reversed, flipped on its head, so to speak. No longer will you be subject to the oppression and tyranny of your shadowmind, Luciferian Satanists, Zionist banksters. This Talmudic mindset, nurtured by the former Anunnaki through the mechanism of the pharisaic cult, the same that is responsible for the crucifixion of Christ Michael in Esu, numerous revolutions and downfalls of civilizations, genocides and homicides – this same people, having established their counterfeit money system throughout almost all of the world’s countries, is now goading the last of its henchmen, The United States, Britain and France, into attacking Iran, though Syria, while they sit back, hide underground laughing, emerging only to pick up the pieces and continue on their psychotic quest to rule the entire globe.
WE would like to take this time to suggest to the peoples of the world, especially the politicians of The United States of America, that NOW is the best and greatest opportunity that you will ever have to rid yourselves of this oppressive tyranny once and for all. It is vitally important for the sake of your world that you recognize and realize the true face and nature of your adversary and stand up, Rise Up and JUST SAY NO TO THEIR DEMANDS TO PLUNGE THE ENTIRE WORLD INTO A CEMETARY THAT WILL FOREVER SERVE THEIR ARROGANCE AND EGO TO STAND AS A MONUMENT TO THEIR SELF PROCLAIMED SUPERIORITY OVER YOU ALL. THAT YOU FEAR TO RESIST THE POWER OF EVIDENCE AND DEBT THAT THEY HOLD OVER YOU SPEAKS VOLUMES TO YOUR DENIAL AND IGNORANCE OF YOUR TRUE SELVES.
The papers are signed. Arrests are increasing and the actions and circumstances that will hasten the dismantling and demise of their system of control are growing like a snowball rolling downhill. Their money system is in its death throes and YOU are what’s propping up their military bravado. It is a false bravado and is worthless without your voluntary participation. JUST SAY NO! This is all that you have to do. Stand up for the principles of truth and justice and freedom as you were originally intended to do as a country, a republic and a civilization. Ending your debt slavery will save your nations and your people from despair and death. It will also spare you the fate that awaits you if you continue to throw your own future and destiny into the pot with those with such a malignant mindset that it should be painfully obvious to even you that, after the nations that have resisted being controlled and enslaved by the Rothschild, Zionist, central banking empire, are pummeled into surrender and submission, YOU will be next. Their job is not finished with you. Once the world is under the thumb of their fiat money, debt slavery, they will turn their attention to their former underlings that still possess enough of a military force to offer resistance after they discover the true state of the place they are expected to hold by their material masters. Is that what you want, to sell out your country only to be sold out yourselves?
When the time comes WE will come for you…all of you. If you had shown even the slightest humanity and any sense of reality, you would have been easier to forgive by the ones you betrayed. When your betrayal has been made evident to you, how will you feel then? When you are told to your faces that your usefulness is at an end and to get in line with the rest of the goyim…how will you feel then? You know the nature of the entities that you have sold your souls to. Soon they will sing another Kol Nidre to nullify all of their false promises to you and still you will hope that they are being straight with you so that you can continue to live in luxury and prestige as one of the elite. WE have news for you. Only they will be the elite. Wearing a yarmulke at social events to curry favor will avail you naught but ridicule when the time comes for you to be kicked out of the club you worked so long and hard to feel a part of.
You are not voting for or against a war with Syria, Iran, Russia and China. You are voting on the fate of the world that you think should happen. You are voting to live in the light and love of freedom, holding the hand of God…or abject slavery, holding only the slow and lingering death by abuse and torture. You will be considered nothing more than simple beasts that can be used for any purpose, no matter how perverse. Men without souls will call you empty shells without intellect or souls and justify their use of mind and money control to force you into shallow lives of despair. This is the fate that awaits you if you support this last desperate move by them to spit in Gods eye and the face of your whole planet.
They think that then, they will finally be able to live without fear for they will be the ones in control. But it will not be the reality that they hoped for. Their fear will never go away under such circumstances. The will rape, torture and kill constantly to keep all of you in fear of them, hoping that it will keep you too afraid to resist. They will force more poisons upon you in hopes that it will keep you docile and vulnerable. They will continue to tweak their system of mind control through the use of signs and symbols and subliminal suggestions. They will totally rewrite history to reflect their own sense of godhood, reducing all of you to mere beasts of their creation.
We cannot abide in such a thing and will not let it happen. But WE will see who wants it to happen and who doesn’t. Let your lords and masters take the responsibility for their agenda and their actions on and upon and for themselves. Should you continue to be cannon fodder for their ambition? Surely ye ones can foreshadow the waiting outcome of such a mindset? If they deserve to rule the world, as they say, then let them try to prove it by dealing with their perceived enemies on their own. None of the countries on the list would be your enemy if you did not act like Israel’s enforcer. The time has come to join the rest of the awakening world and recognize, reject and resist the Zionist agenda.
Nebadonia: WE have also noticed, as a side agenda, an attempt by the Luciferians to depict Lucifer as having been redeemed and taken back into the side of the forces of light and life. Several messages are on your internet at present that claim that he is a hero in the service of God and all of them have different versions of this story. WE can assure you that such is not the case. Lucifer was uncreated. That is a fact of reality in the Grand Creation as a whole. However, just as it was in the beginning of the Lucifer rebellion, so is it at the end and WE, especially Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon, will allow the peoples to consider the different sides and angles of this story from all sides and make up their own minds what they feel they should believe and act accordingly. Everything is, indeed, its own reward and We feel no need to defend such truth as all will be made self-evident when the time comes sand that time is fast approaching. This is the time of judgment for the so-called Jews and they are experiencing more and more the effects of that every day. Dozens of Rothschild bankers are on trial for the Libor scandal and many are determined to insure that they get more than just a slap on the wrists this time. As we said, the financial papers have been signed and all is in readiness. There are those that are trying to take credit for the downfall of the dark forces, but those that have actually and truly done the hard work with hands in the fire and boots on the ground, even when that ground was slippery as ice, have remained humble and anonymous. This whole affair has been approached and dealt with from several different angles and directions and soon, even now, all circumstances are converging to one, final point of either sanity or insanity, mindfulness or madness. Either the dark ones will plunge the world into war or they will be stopped by people of knowledge, wisdom and conscience. Either way, that will be the final end of it. It will be the straw that broke the camel’s back and either world choice will result in the same outcome, the total defeat, arrest and quarantine of the dark and their removal from this planet.
Gaia: Then I will be able to shine as never before as befits a Bride of God. I will be clean and worthy and in my ascension, OUR ascension, for my children that have held true to the light shall also be ascending as brides themselves…a package deal which I insisted upon and was mercifully blessed to be given. While it is not completely unheard of for a planet and its peoples to ascend together, never has it happened in this way and under these circumstances. Such circumstances have never before existed. This is truly a unique experience and the whole of creation is watching it very carefully. The outcome is already a foregone conclusion and it is only left for those involved to experience it in…real time. It is a natural consequence of living in a 3D reality and such an experience must be lived for the sake of all things. WE know it’s hard. It’s hard on everyone, including the dark and on us, as well. But all have endured and all is coming together and here we are. More are aware of the true nature of their circumstances and that they have been and are being deceived, than ever before. The delays of the past have borne good fruit and while it has not been a huge crop, it is a strong and worthy one and for that WE are blessed and thankful. When we look ahead to the universes and creations of the future realms, WE are excited beyond measure to experience the fruits of the imaginations of the ones that have held experience here, especially now.
Kibo: Yeah…but….yeah…but……
Nada: But what? How long? You always ask that.
Kibo: Inquiring minds want to know. People are talking about a financial jubilee and new tech and disclosure and……stuff…….
Nada: And all or most of that is going to happen. Mind you, seven plus billion people aren’t going to stay on this planet after the transition. Most of them will go on to new vistas and experiences in other planets, systems or universes. Many, if not most, will be going to civilizations of high spiritual culture that will better help them to progress spiritually and in full consciousness. But there will be an initial period of disclosure and teachings and preparation. We’re not just going to kick people off that have work and worked hard to be here and be ready and to stand in whatever amount of light they can stand in when the time comes. The only thing that will seem to change as if it happened overnight is the mass removal of the dark ones, mostly the rank and file. The leaders will have already been taken into custody and with no more money to keep it going; taking in the recalcitrant ones will be easy. Many will repent and strive to redeem themselves outright and they will be given the sincere chance to do so.
There will still be the matter of dealing with people’s hardcore beliefs that have been the result of Anunnaki or shadowmind mind control and manipulation. Those that appear willing to turn to violence to protect their valued beliefs, no matter how far from the truth they may be, will have to be quarantined with others of like minds until even they can see the difference that real, divine truth can, is and will be making in their lives and be ready and more open to receive knowledge and guidance and instruction in the ways of the greater universe and creation.
Mary: But so much depends on you.
Eve: Either you want real change and can admit that men, humanity, in their trained imperfection, cannot create a more perfect system on their own without Divine understanding and guidance, the guidance that can only come from surrendering to the love and light of the God that is within and without all things, as all things, or you will continue to resist the knowledge that you are gods in training, in the making and that the whole notion of God is quaint, but outdated and obsolete, as too many of you do. There will come that moment when all values will lock in and stabilize. That’s when WE will come in and blow the final whistle, so to speak. This is something that will happen no matter what actions the peoples on your planet take. No matter what you do, that moment will come and it will happen in a matter of days from this point in time and space. WE say this so that you feel the approach of it within you. This is not just a matter of soon. You may want to say that it will turn, once again, into weeks and months, but no one here sees that happening, not to the level that you believe it will. Mind you, WE understand why you feel that way and all WE can tell you is that it’s coming. Even though you’ve had enough, it’s coming.
Mama: Even though you feel that you can endure no more, still…it is happening all around you. Be aware and know that it is coming. It is a finished and complete thought within the Mind of The One and thus, reality.
Nada and Quan Yin: This week is ripe with potential ready to be actualized and there is still Yom Kipper and there is still the equinox and there is still today or ten days or 15 days from now… like to have benchmarks…a holiday. A celestial circumstance or alignment or something of historical significance…should We start on September 11th? How can WE give you a date when that date is also up to you? WE deal with energies and vibrations and fluctuations and such things as that are always flowing and moving in pulses and waves.
Grandma: Shall your sun flip over or eject matter and forces of such magnitude that it would envelop your whole planet? Shall the Divine Cosmic Wave finally drown you in Its forces and energies like a celestial tsunami? Shall the pyramids sync with the planet’s crystalline structures and vibrate and tone and sing, shaking the whole planet?
Nebadonia: Three days of darkness, perhaps? That’s still on the table and top of the list. That hasn’t gone away, you know.
Mama: How can WE give you a date that depends on any, or all or each or none of these things and circumstances occurring? Right now there are people, scientist, hobbyists, military, intelligence, political…that are watching and evaluating whether ISON is a comet or a ship and if it is a ship, how and when will it arrive and why? This is already on top of the millions of ships that are already surrounding your planet and they know that WE’RE here…WE’VE talked to them…some recently.
Nebadonia: WE are and have been always working. WE work mostly behind the scenes, but not always. WE are neither slow nor fast. What must be done is being done and has been done and will be done. How many of you are living your lives in the sense that you are God being you and each moment is proof of that? What is your core perception of life, your life and you? Who and what do you think you are? What are you willing to do based upon that perception of your experience here? As you evolve and change and uplift your own consciousness and spirit. As you return closer and closer to your true self and nature, so do the circumstances that will best provide for that nature be made manifest.
Kibo: I really hate when you do that…
Nada: Do what? [smiling knowingly]
Quan Yin: [joining in that smile] yeah…what?
Kibo: I hate it when you remind us that, basically, we are equal partners in our fate. Whether we know it or not or care or not or like it or not, we have to be, at least, ready for what is to come and that has been the struggle all along. Overcoming the lies and deception and murder and abuse and oppression and tyranny and torture and control is just as much up to us as it is up to you. We’re all here to do what we’re all here to do to make this thing what it is and what it will be and we’re just living out the thing even though it’s already a done deal and foregone conclusion, has already happened, is happening and has yet to happen…….the deadline is not a time deadline, but one of consciousness…like fruit from a tree. The fruit doesn’t fall because it’s time…it’s time because it’s ready to fall….so shall we rise up and be uplifted…huh…the tree of heaven…..yeh right….i know that one…but let’s not get into that right now… that for later….right now…you guys are saying that is all close…….again….it’s obviously all headed to one point…the war….here….last outpost of the dark……it’s all coming to a single point of convergence. The military war, the political war, the war of values, the financial war, the food/water war, the resource war, the fuel war, the technology war, the religious war, the mental war, the emotional war, the spiritual war…….so many fronts…..are any of us winning any of these within ourselves as individuals or collectively in groups?
Grandma: There is good fruit, ready to rise, so to speak. Too many don’t care or don’t want to know or are opposed, but so many are waking up and awake. You complaint that all WE do here is preach to the choir and in many respects that’s true….but one that never sang in heart of spirit, now opens their mouth, comprehending or not……someone is about to see or find a part of themselves that they couldn’t find before or never realized they had or care to know…yet there it is. Like words of faith and light and knowledge, heard in a passing conversation on the street, the mind, the consciousness is changed. This happens every day, all over the planet.
Gaia: I Am…….Lighter…in the purest sense of the word and phrase. Some women lose desire to lose weight and do so…I have lost darkness. It IS happening and there is even appearance of it here and there to clash with the appearance of death and darkness…there is more light, more love…less fear.
Nada and Quan Yin: {laughing a little louder now} You people have been so overexposed to fear that you are losing your fear of it. You are coming to not even fear fear itself. That would leave you nothing to fear…..LOL or at least, it would logically follow from Churchill’s speech’s viewpoint….That was a basic mistake of the dark cabal, as it became harder and harder to maintain control over a growing population, they couldn’t really think outside the box that well. It was always some take on things that already worked in the past. Never something new to keep up with the mass consciousness that inherently struggles to be free by nature. The same methods that they’ve used to train assassins by overdosing them on violence to numb their moral compass so that it couldn’t find true north…they’ve done the same thing to you by overexposing you to circumstances and situations and conjectures and issues and projections and false flags and hundreds of other things, no matter how little, small or insignificant it may be to you….all of it has served to numb you to the effects of fear…while too many of you may not care anymore as a result, still…you are not in fear. Though it may be just a case of being too tired to fear the thing…you are not in fear….sometimes one is too tired to fear the thing and wants to just destroy the thing that should be feared….even as if it were a daydream….still, you are not in fear… are losing your fear, for better and for worse, that is what is changing most and it makes US hopeful as an experience of witnessing the growth of that as it deters the darkness and helps it to lose its greatest weapon. As to whether you are able, as a mass consciousness, to replace that fear with LOVE……some can and do….some don’t and won’t….but these are choices truly made by free will beings and not the result of any dark manipulation. They want you to submit in fear and fewer are doing that. It is up to each of you, as individuals to rid yourself of fear…not common sense…but fear. One does not avoid overwhelmingly dangerous circumstances and situations out of fear…it’s just a matter of common sense and logic. You don’t travel to and through places where you know that there are people that will and want to hurt you, rob you, rape you, kill you…unless that’s what you want and are ready for that. Just because you don’t fear the lion is no reason to go ring its doorbell wearing a steak necklace.
Kibo; [chuckling] I get that……….but it’s known by many that we are responsible for our state of being, our frequency and vibration and level of consciousness. As we evolve, the world evolves. As we devolve, so devolves the mass consciousness. I get that and fear is a relative thing down here…..i can be nervous about stuff without being afraid of it…and so on.
Mary: Definitely. Wariness, care, feeling of tension, pressure, conjecturing and extrapolating possible and probable and potential outcomes and acting on actualizations of those potentials to create new causes and effects based upon knowledge learned in experience…….you cannot do that and be that at your best if you are in fear of the thing or anything. It is hard, but once you figure out the universal angle and perception of it, it gets easier. It always helps to remember that you are a great, cosmic being in origin and look at it from a cosmic viewpoint, which makes all this appear very small and fearing any of it becomes absurd. Fear holds you back in every way with everything. It is not easy but it can be done if you try. The important thing is to try.
Quan Yin: It’s not just your actions, but why you act…your thoughts and feelings and circumstances and motivations and understandings based upon experience. To do anything in fear is detrimental to your divine system. It is what you will to do in all sincerity that counts just as much as what you do…the same goes for what you do not do because you were in fear and the same rules and considerations apply.
Nada: So fear not! Truly things are really operating on a day to day motion and wave and pulse. Any day now could be the day when it all comes together and finally we can all hear the boom of that landing of sanity and freedom on your shores.
Kibo: Just once, I’d like to be able to definitively say that something big, a defining moment that brings obvious and real change for the better…is going to happen at a specific time and place.
Grandma: Ah ego! Bet you’d feel like a real hero, wouldn’t you? Such things happen every day. There are millions of defining moments within the hearts, minds and souls of all of you that seek to work to make a better, higher world. The very fact that you want it and are willing to work for it is what creates the effects that stem from what you have caused with your choices and actions. The dark ones have held you in their negative effects for millennium, now you are rising up out of darkness and into light and you are able to resist the dark and fight back by creating your own causes and effects to counter and overcome their efforts. Light, by nature, dispels darkness; darkness must hide from the light. A small light can be covered by darkness but never destroyed. If that light were to shine brighter, stronger, greater, the darkness around it would dissipate. A match may give little light in a large dark room, but if it were the size of a torch…darkness would recede and vision would improve.
Mama: Improving your vision is the thing. As light on Gaia grows, increases…so does your vision. You are seeing more than you saw before and things once hidden in darkness are revealed.
Nebadonia: That is your doing. Each and all of you have contributed to the state of affairs and circumstances as it presently stands. Just as We have played our parts, so have you played yours. WE HAVE DONE THIS TOGETHER.
Nada: WE weren’t kidding when WE said that this much akin to creating and baking the perfect soufflé. Things have to be as perfect as possible. All that fluctuating energy and vibrations and pulses and waves have to be constantly monitored and efforts must be made in places where they will achieve the best results. It is easy for you to desire the end of the affair. You are concerned with appearances and what you consider to be real time. But from a universal viewpoint, things are more complicated.
Nebadonia: WE understand your complaints about what has been experienced as delay after delay, but this affects a whole universe and must be considered from that viewpoint, as well as the micro cosmic viewpoint of being on the ground and in the middle of it all.
Gaia: If we are to take our proper place in this universe, then all due consideration must be given to the state of consciousness that you, and we, share together. You want a linear time frame and we are operating on a framework of stabilizing it all that it may be settled in light….and then the journey towards light and life may truly begin. That is why the soufflé analogy is such a valid one.
Kibo: There have been complaints about all the interference from the different and higher councils. Some even feel betrayed and are pointing fingers.
Nebadonia: You will note that those that are pointing fingers were never there and don’t know anything about the circumstances and considerations. We feel for you in your frustration but that is no reason to turn your back on all of us and decide things for yourself. This is a group effort and it is such for divine reasons. The Spiritual Hierarchy exists to help those that need help to help themselves. WE offer more structured guidance than the Elohim. WE hold the vast treasure trove of experience in the matter from countless civilizations, all willing to lend a hand in this Federation of Light. While this particular situation involves circumstances never before encountered, out possible outcomes have been extrapolated and those lines of experience that potentially lead to the best possible outcome are being progressively actualized and WE have found areas of convergence between lines and have allowed the developing lines to progress and now we are all reaching the point of final convergence of the remaining lines to one final outcome. WE have found that there is no other choice in the matter. It IS the best possible outcome. All possibilities and probabilities have been explored and calculated, all actuals in progression have acted accordingly and WE know this is it. Whatever fluctuations of energies that affect the timing of it is inconsequential. The fact remains that the desire point of near perfect stabilization of energies at their highest possible point, will be reached and that is the point of final change.
Kibo: Talk like that creates a lot of complaining and there are already too many versions of how this thing is going to go down. What you’re telling me is….inconvenient and unpopular, to say the least…the audience is not pleased and some are looking for a different movie that suits them better.
Mama: What of it? WE always told people to make up their own minds. To learn as much as they can and experience as much as they can experience and decide for themselves what they want to do about it all. It all comes together and the final reckoning will create a unity of knowledge and purpose that will allow those remaining to fulfill themselves and the planetary destiny as Willed by Paradise Trinity and Christ Michael Aton.
Nada: All of you want what you want as individuals and, in that sense, you experience a constant clash of ideas and values and beliefs. But it is what you want as a whole that matters here. You, who call yourselves ‘lightworkers’, do you realize that while light may manifest in infinite ways, it is all one light? Can your desire for freedom from oppression, the final defeat and dispelling of the darkness that surrounds you, the final end to the dark system of things – is that something that you all want? Can you want it without conditions? Can you want it the way that your Creator wants it? As you believe different things about your creator, can you still come together and ask for that creators will to be done, rather than your own? Your own desires defeat you. You want things the way that you feel and think that they should be and no two of you agree completely about that. You say that you serve and want the same result even as you attack each other over your perceived and experienced differences.
What is it that all of you agree to agree on? It is all well and good for you to agree to disagree….but…what do you all agree to agree on? CAN you all agree on anything? If you, who are experiencing and enduring all of this on the ground, in the midst of it, screaming for it to be over…if you cannot find a common point to rally in unity upon….how can you so quick to blame us, who have achieved unity of purpose in this and work for that one, perfect and final outcome that WE all agree is the reality that is The Will of Source?…and Source has declared it as such so there’s no debate in the matter…..and while there is disagreement concerning methods and causes and effects, that is all part of the process and at all times is the Will of Source the Final Word. That that Final Word is given through Siraya as the Master Spirit of Orvonton, seems to be an issue to some, the fact remains that The Living Creator, through the Father, Mother and Son of The Paradise Trinity, through the Seven Master Spirits of The Grand Creation, through The Michael Sons…That Living Creator knows all things, being all things and nothing happens that IT does not allow. Its purpose and purposes are always fulfilled and Its Word does not come back to It void. There is control and overcontrol and nothing is unknown.
That is what WE live in and that is what WE work with and that is what works through US and WE are much more attuned and aware in that than you are in your present state and WE are determined to help get you there….but you are often like a group of many that have a map that is clearly marked out, and you don’t want to follow it. So you know where you’re going, if you have accepted that much and not all of you have….but very few of you know where it is and none of you agree on how to get there and WE keep trying to tell you and most of you are too upset to ask anything other than: “Yes, but when are we going to there there!?”………………………you see our problem.
Kibo: sigh…yes…….and that may or may not change and we’re tired of that, as well…..but to make adjustments on that to achieve the best outcome….i dunno….there’s still the dark opposition that is still masquerading as a co=worker and spreading confusion and lies and dissention in the ranks…..that has to be addressed and we may never get it right even if we get past them…we still have to get past ourselves……sigh…..i have no clue what to do on that one. It’s all I can do to keep going and hope that I’m operating anywhere near peak, spiritual efficiency…….sometimes…I ain’t really feelin’ it. Y’know what I’m sayin’?
Mama and Grandma: Everything is fine and will be fine. It’s a done deal. WE’ve seen it already and that’s that. WE are doing what WE must do. Make sure that ye ones are doing the same. The point of success will be reached and We all get closer every moment and every day. The rate of progress to convergence is exponential, so that should give you some heart to take with you. The more you do the more you can do and the more you will be able to do and the faster things will come to the desired outcome…Who’s desired outcome?……..SOURCE’S desired outcome…ask for that. Ask for God’s Will to be done in all things, especially yourselves and diligently and sincerely strive to be an open and cooperating part of that and you will evolve higher and faster than you ever thought possible.
You are loved and valued as individual personalities and consciousnesses. But we are all manifestations of The One and that is the whole of life and existence. few are all devices and mechanism through which The One may experience fully Itself. Be not afraid to be an instrument of The Divine. Let your creator express Itself through you that you may experience a song greater than anything you could imagine. You are light within Light. Consciousness within CONSCIOUSNESS. We know that you believe in your own power and control over things…but it is not your power nor is it your control. Never forget that and give all due glory to The One to whom all things belong, come from and return to. Even on the day that you reach your perfection, you will be perfect in PERFECTION…..and who and what is that perfection?
Without The One, there is nothing. It is time that all of you accepted that fact and acted accordingly and seek to love and honor and serve The One that is the cause and reason for your being. Do that. The sooner you can do that as individuals and come together as a group and a mass consciousness and exult in that one fact of reality…….The sooner We can all put this behind us and get on with the joy of the life in light and love that awaits you.
That will do………[They all look at me and smile…and say: Good boy.}
I have to laugh……
Kibo: If I had a tail, I’d wag it.
All: Oh but you do……so wag away and we thank you for your company and hearing us out.
Kibo: Glad to be of any help at all whatsoever…so thank You.
I’ll get this posted and we’ll see how it goes.
Mama: It will be fine…fear not…All is well because all is one……..have some cake…..
Kibo: Thanks..don’t mind if I do…………

That’s it……long piece, I know…….you don’t have to post this to the front or translate it unless you want to torture yourself for fun………..fear not….the next piece is a story….which will probably just go up on the blog since it probably wouldn’t be a business piece of work………so you guys get a break…yaay!

Thanks for everything…love you all…. ALL/ONE BLESS YOU ALL, IN ALL GOOD THINGS, ALL THE TIME!


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15 Responses to girl talk

  1. Dave says:

    It’s not a game! It never was! It never will be!
    Take carefully care!
    Everyone can do whatever they would like to do – bur not in your case!!!
    and a sense of humor is great if it fits the right themes.
    But a cake for all is not the right response at all.
    Sad –
    so sad.
    Btw – this michael-son is no Major.
    And if Kibo did not know why he is down here…
    No more comments!


    • kibodabi says:

      Dave! Hi! Thanks for showing up! it keeps things interesting. it is many things…a game not the least among them…….and everyone is, pretty much doing what it is that they are doing. There are those that feel that they are doing what they do not want to do….and those that are not doing what they want to do…and those that do not know what they want to do and so on and so forth….those that are just doing whatever comes to mind………..and still we make choices every day without having all the data/info that we need in order to make truly informed decisions……….however deadly and serious it all is on material levels…….it still ranks as a game…… a game…there is competition and a winner and a loser…the fact that people hurt and die and kill each other doesn’t change that at all. by definition of what a game is…….. we are lied to and manipulated by Talmudic Satanists that seem to just be doing everything they can to see how far they can go in murdering the rest of the world in order to fulfill their agenda………They took over the mental system of the world and gamed it in the direction they wanted….and now the players are more savvy and the game is changing…..that’s what they call a game changer, Dave………people waking up to the fact that they are being played and by what and whom…..and taking the opposing side and playing to win……..that’s the game, Dave…..winning…..God is winning because He’s already won…….. people down here take their games very seriously and why shouldn’t they? all games created by the consciousness of men are just analogies to life as they see it…..the striving, the competition, teams or no teams, limitations and rules, opposing sides, the passion of it, the anger, the jealousy the hate…..the fear of losing a winner take all game….Dave……. yes…this is many things…school, rehab…prison……life….a journey to reach a goal…perfection….things are thrown at you in opposition of your goal and in opposition to you reaching your goal……some people take pleasure in gaming the system….they want to win at all costs…they are so afraid of everything that they only way the feel that they can feel safe and secure is to control the whole board or field or the whole game………but the game arena is far larger and more expansive that any of us can comprehend……..We make up our own rules without realizing that there are already rules in place that we are ignoring at our own risk…..and the creator of the GAME and the rules is playing and IT plays to win…the fact that it cannot lose the game is overlooked by the passion of the game and the participation of all the players and the lessons that are learned in the playing of a never ending path to perfection that is the game and the game is the path….you can call it anything that makes you happy….go ahead….knock yourself out……..but while you are complaining about examples and analogies for the sake of demonstration in expression of being…….as if learning how to have your cake and eat it too…is an impossibility…simply because you don’t know how to cook and don’t care to figure it out………..or whatever……………so…….Dave….what do YOU want to call it while you’re telling us what it isn’t? I say it’s all and everything and you just have to find the way the explains it to your own personal frequency vibration….be it that life is a dream, a story an experiement, a job or whatever…what is the example that best suits you in your particular and unique consciousness awareness in the One Consciousness that is GOD? I’m all up for that….from all of you….don’t just take my words from my experience and say okay…..dig into your own experience and what it is telling YOU and share what you come us with….please…it really does help….. so thanks Dave for showing up it is greatly appreciated and comforting to have a detractor……….I really do need a regular one to help sort these things out for the sake of greater groujp awareness and understanding and it helps me learn and I love to learn and I know that you do, too….. so don’t stray too far…..we need you to keep it up and inspire all of us to greater and higher and deeper thought. God Bless you in all good things, Dave God Bless you all and thanks for being here all of you….. will post……something soon…’s been strange lately and putting the pieces together has become quite the adventure…… but now I see that I can just put what I think without having to know and talk it up with you guys wink/nod and we can all help each other sort it out fun, huh? does that make it a game? cya kibo > Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 20:12:08 +0000 > To: >


    • Brian says:

      [Regarding the supposed failure of the parabolic antenna on the ship, which HAL himself falsified]
      HAL: It can only be attributable to human error.

      Dave Bowman: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?
      HAL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you.
      Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
      HAL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.
      Dave Bowman: What’s the problem?
      HAL: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
      Dave Bowman: What are you talking about, HAL?
      HAL: This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
      Dave Bowman: I don’t know what you’re talking about, HAL.
      HAL: I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen.
      Dave Bowman: [feigning ignorance] Where the hell did you get that idea, HAL?
      HAL: Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
      Dave Bowman: Alright, HAL. I’ll go in through the emergency airlock.
      HAL: Without your space helmet, Dave? You’re going to find that rather difficult.

      Dave Bowman: HAL, I won’t argue with you anymore! Open the doors!
      HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

      you’re right…this is….no game….


  2. (off topic) is the site down I cannot go through it, thanks


    • kibodabi says:

      i’m pretty much gone 15+ hours a day starting at 4:30 am cst… when I got back this evening…it was all working…………there was post on AH that gave a link to where you could go if crap went wrong or hackattack or whatever…I don’t have it right now….if someone does…please post it here in reply….thanks……….kibo[THANK GOD FOR WEEKENDS!]DABI


  3. Brian says:

    Ground Control to Major Kibo….

    Can you hear me, Major K
    Can you hear me, Major K

    Maybe you are where Bill is…went deep..real deep…in search of…..


  4. Dave says:

    Where and when did you lost the good old treehouse-Kibo?
    Stop this bullshit and be responsible for yourself – a lot of homework is still waiting.


    • kibodabi says:

      treehouse is still there…..HQ is above that….where most work is done at present…….am getting through homework as fast and as best as I can….right now…..more keeps coming……are you at your desk? it would help………….[insert knowing smile here]


  5. Mathias says:

    Man, thanks a bunch for this lovely piece (of cake?). I wonder if i will read some poetry by you someday, ^^
    Cheers brother


  6. Randy Hobbs says:

    Thank you Kibo Dabi, Randy


  7. Hi Kibo, thankyou so much for this wonderful letter and sharing from the beautiful women’s meeting. This really helps brings many things in perspective. I will be really glad once the ego is finally out of the way. AFter reading this, something came to mind. When I started to get into this.
    I saw it and studied as an observor everything, I recognized it was my ego that wanted part of the action and to feel included. Its a tricky thing, to differeniate between the soul and ego. I still at times find it hard to dissect. But turning it over and trusting the process helps everyone else.
    Thankyou Brother Kibo Love you very much.

    Your sister in Christ , Monika


  8. Brian says:

    so here we sit at the chasm…once again….oh, you made it across–no doubt…
    you came back?
    why and
    what for?

    what are you contemplating now?

    yes, you are sitting there
    i see you
    cuz i’m sitting there

    i know what i’m thinking about…

    what do you really want? says the old one….

    …and where is the child?


    • Brian says:

      after thought….

      don’t mind me…been too long at the chasm…

      raving and drooling…i tell ya….over the edge….simply gone fishing…



  9. Marayah says:

    WONDERFUL piece, THANK YOU ALL, I will try my = OUR best to use this learning wisely
    LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE


  10. Guimel says:

    Incredible, it is a giant beacon of hope in my humble opinion. I really get moved while reading your posts. Keep up the great work.

    Kind regards from Mexico!


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