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  1. quantum999 says:

    Few months ago on Shellee-Kim website there was a post by Lisa Renee about miasms, and I would like to add a few points, my two cents to the subject.

    At the end of the article Lisa suggested to find a good homeopath to help you eliminate the miasms and raise your vibration, to prepare you for the next density. It sounds good… unfortunately it’s not that easy as one expects.

    First, and this is useful to know: while the differences between MDs are not much, because they follow the same standard procedures taught in medical schools, when it comes to acupuncturists the differences between them start to increase, and it goes highest when it comes to homeopaths. Why? Because homeopathy is not based on allopathic approach: for this I give you this, and for that disease I give you that remedy. The homeopath has to match your personality and the totality of symptoms (physical, emotional and mental) against about 4000 remedies. It’s pretty much like finding the needle in the haystack. There are procedures that helps to narrow down the finding of the right remedy, but still…

    Many people go to see a homeopath, or go to health food stores and buy homeopathic remedies based on their research on internet. They try, it doesn’t work as expected and they end up saying… I tried homeopathy but it didn’t work for me. Wrong, homeopathy never fails, homeopaths do.

    In order to work, you need to find a very good homeopath. When you find it, keep it for you and your family for the rest of your life. And that’s exactly what the British Royal Family does since the 1840s, they have a permanent homeopath in the house. Problem is: how do you know he is very good, or if you have one in your city. So, before you go to see a homeopath, do your work.

    The homeopathic treatment has nothing to do with the increase in the body’s defence against toxins and microbes – that’s secondary. The homeopathic healing comes from creating a similar disease in the body, because two similar diseases cannot coexist in the same body, they annihilate each other. That’s how the healing is done, by creating a similar disease in you. This is why the homeopathic motto is “like cures like”.

    So, what are the miasm? On internet you will find all kind of articles, esoteric articles, or compilations they pass from one each another and you end up pretty much confused. Simply put, in the physical world there is matter and the opposite: anti-matter. In bio-systems (humans, plants, animals) we have life-force (chi, prana) and the opposite: the miasms. When miasms settle in our body, the life-force flow is obstructed and as a result the body is badly nourished, looses its vitality, atrophies and this deficient state can manifest as disease. It’s not the miasm that does the damage directly, but the blockage, the void of life-force it creates.

    Imagine a green lawn, and a big rock thrown in the middle (no sun, no rain). After a few months if you remove the stone, you will find dead, white or yellow blades of grass, but nothing green. This is what miasms do, they block the life-force. Health happens when our life-force penetrates into the void created by miasms, flowing freely through our body.

    It is paramount to understand the profound impact the miasms have on chronic diseases because they are the root of all chronic diseases… without miasms there will be no chronic diseases. Today the patients are treated for their symptoms, yet the underlying miasm is not removed and they expect cure. What medicine sees as the root of a chronic disease – say an emotional trauma – it is in fact only the trigger. Once the miasm settled in, just removing the “root” (emotional trauma) is not enough… the dinosaur is still inside, INTACT. Removing the miasms is a crucial step, everything else is just temporary, at best.

    Take cancer for example, the whole battle is how to remove the tumours, because that’s what they think cancer is all about, forgetting that cancer is a chronic disease and the tumours are just the symptoms. They discover a ‘revolutionary’ treatment for cancer (meaning to remove the tumours) and everything is fine for months even years then suddenly, to their horror, the tumours are back. If cancer-miasm is not removed the disease called cancer will create new tumours again and again.

    Even if you know people cured of an incurable disease, they are still not off the hook. Two things will happen: the disease will come back later more intense, or the initial disease is suppressed, pushed deeper into the system and will bubble up later as a different disease, more destructive than the initial one. Lava always finds another outlet. Treating ‘successfully’ a chronic disease it’s just hiding it under the rug, unless the miasm is removed. There is no other way around.

    Miasms were discovered two centuries ago by Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy, and he developed the so called nosodes to treat the miasms. Nosodes are homeopathic remedies made from bodily tissues and fluids taken from a patient suffering from a chronic disease. Nosodes have an impact by weakening the miasms, but they do not completely remove the miasms from the body. Removing the miasms from the body has been a homeopathic dream.

    Any genetic disorder for example could be just the miasm disturbing the genetic function. You can use the latest technique to engineer the genes, if the miasm is still active, it will keep disturbing the functioning of the genes. You can use the latest stem cells research to repair and regenerate damaged heart tissue. If syphilis miasm is still there active, it will destroy the tissue again.

    Why do you think they cannot heal addiction or alcoholism, because the root problem is syphilis miasm, and no matter what they do, nothing is going to work unless that miasm is removed. This is why the 12 Steps program, or the mother of 12 Steps program never works. Because the most destructive of all miasms, syphilis miasm, is there. The opposite, the lighter of all miasms is Psora miasm, the skinny, intelligent and sensitive guy. Always complaining, even if he has a pimple… but he buries every one.

    It’s not easy to grasp the serious impact miasms have on people health. An example will help to see what happens when the miasm is effectively removed:

    Last year I developed a remedy that can remove Syphilis miasm from the body. Chronic diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, ALS… all have syphilis miasm as their root. So I have this old lady with a history of Alzheimer in her family (mother side), and because she started to feel the fog she asked for help.

    Remember the Greek mythology about Hades, the god of the underworld, and Charon his ferryman that took the mortals into his boat to the other side… one way only. Well, that’s exactly what happens when you start Alzheimer, once you get there in that state, it’s one way only… you never come back. Except for this old lady, who took the anti-syphilis miasm remedy. After a while I received an email from her:

    “The whole crisis lasted only two and a half days. During the crisis the mental activity diminished very much at the point where I started to forget words, starting an idea and end up with something different. Everything happened in slow motion, with a foggy brain and a feeling that I have cotton in my head. I couldn’t solve Sudoku at all, and nothing I read made any sense to me. I was very tired and sleepy and not interested in anything. I did not want to communicate with anybody.

    The symptoms increased gradually and disappeared also gradually, leaving an extraordinary state of well-being with lots of joy and enthusiasm, and a clear and rapid thinking. Well, now I know how it feels, I was there inside a person with Alzheimer, that was the feeling.”

    And this… is the first step. The next step is the removal of all mental emotional blocks – the traumas. Because if you don’t/can’t, they will activate again the miasms from the ethers, and in time they will enter the body again. As I mentioned in my short synapsis about health, removing emotional traumas is really difficult. Removing the mental blockages is even more difficult as mental vibrational level is way higher than emotional level. No wonder we have today a mental emotional pandemic.

    And there is more, the mental emotional problems are the root cause for almost 90% of all physical problems – even Center for Disease Control agree with that. Do you see the domino effect, how one serious traumatic event can trigger a cascade of health problems… and you thought life is easy on this planet.


  2. Dave Ashwell says:

    Gday Kibo

    I listened to you and Ben and just loved your down to earth manner. This is whats wromg with a lot of people, they are afraid to just “say it as it is” mate. Who cares if the whole thing you say is punctuated bya few “Expletives”. This is YOU saying YOUR PIECE to the WORLD, and I am telling THEM,. they had better listen because if they are not prepared for the 3DD, then wo to these ones.

    Love your words and ways mate, and keep it up.


    Dave Ashwell
    Western Australia


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