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Addendum:     WE were talking…….   and i was reminded that sometimes one makes a thing that works so well one figures that it can do more……   Sometimes you’re made in stages and you’re working pretty good and … Continue reading

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Rise Up, O Divine Flame Of Humanity and Melt The Clouds

Announcement section:  Thank you and ALL GOOD BLESSINGS to the people who put their prayers in the collection plate…both of them.  I apologize for taking so long to get them posted and while I do try to keep up, sometimes … Continue reading

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The Show Business Analogy…

This is an informal meeting of the super secret secret society that is so secret it doesn’t have a name…well it does…but it’s a secret…….. You do know the handshake, don’t you?  No?  Good!  There is no handshake! Fakers always … Continue reading

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Be here for the series finale. There will be no reruns…

So much to write about….so little time….. Welcome to the Church of the Holy…Do You See That? I’m preaching to the choir, here…if you just walked in off of the street, please read the literature that has been left on the … Continue reading

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As above So below You should know that one by now However….and this seems to be a sore spot in the matter….   As below….not so much above…..but whose fault is that?   See?  That’s a question.  We ask a … Continue reading

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