(Apologies… Didn’t see this until this evening…🦄)


It has come to our attention that there are many who have so much love in their hearts that it will be difficult for them to move forward when the time comes. Please be aware that there is conscious awareness you have only from this life and the conditions you live under there on earth during this life time you have now.

There is another awareness present in your being that supersedes your “now” knowing and this is what you will be returning to when you leave earth. This larger knowing has information you do not yet recognize and will make this departure from loved ones easier and definitely with a better understanding of their journey and yours. Please do not get bogged down in the sadness of departure from friends and loved ones for there is information waiting for recognition and comprehension that makes your decisions concerning leaving earth imminently more understandable and easier in its entirety.


My dear ones, there is so much waiting for you in several categories that will fill in all the gaps and help you to continue your life where you left off. The love you have for these individuals on earth will never be lost or wasted and you will not grieve over them as you might think. There always has been a plan in place for this procedure as it was meticulously thought out before implementing. So much is in place for your reentry into your previous lives that you cannot imagine now or understand and love is at the basis and was the beginning point of it all. It has never been intended for you to have pain and suffering upon your return.


I come to you with this message so you will understand more why you are asked to let others choose their own path and make their own decisions concerning leaving earth when the time comes. Do not fear for them or try to make them see their need to leave if it is against their will to do so. You will be comforted upon your decision and your return. This transition is done in God’s will and at his directives with His love for you all and He will have none of his children in emotional suffering after their return. It will be taken care of in ways you cannot now imagine. Those who do not choose to walk the same path you do will be taken care of as they walk their own path under God’s direction. Remember all of you are under the same hands of God’s leadership.


Walk in the Light and hold your decisions in understanding and with faith in the outcome of all facets of this return home. We will be with you and have never forsaken you. Your time is short now upon earth.


I am Lanto helping to bring you home.




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