October 30, 2021
It is difficult to know what to say in a time like this. You deserve better than to be kept waiting. We all know that you are coming home, wherever that may be for you, but this has been drawn out so many times for different reasons. Usually it was because of defiant actions of the dark in one way or another and this caused so many delays. At first it was directed that we not override the actions of the people we were dealing with in order to let their free will be displayed and carried out. So many agreements were broken by those who wanted to do the right thing and then pressure was put on them and usually when it came to the safety of their family they ceased to comply with their intentions. Death of a loved one is a strong motivator.

Then we got to a point of intervention by Higher Source in a big way and the dark has been forbidden to continue in so many areas. So many have already been brought in and taken before the courts and sentenced. Still many are in the process now of that very thing. It is their privacy that keeps the video and sound from getting into public hands but there is a part of me that would like for everyone to know what they are facing and what happens when the free will of a person goes so wrong and their actions are so devoid of the God within. I guess this is why I have not been placed in a position pertaining to the court system for it just wouldn’t do. It takes someone who is well versed in the rules and laws of all that is to conduct the proceedings in a lawful manner. It is wise for I am not there yet. I am still dealing with the love one another part after seeing and knowing all that has been done by some. Maybe I reveal too much about myself but I have not witnessed such actions first hand as I have on earth and I am still on the road to perfection and the sign ahead telling how far it is shows triple digits. I’m afraid I try to make a joke of it but I think you know that most of us do our best with what we have learned and achieved.

That brings me to teaching so that all that can have information that will lead them in the right direction and part of this teaching is patience. God’s timing is not the same as ours and over the years of my existence I have seen His hand bring about so many miraculous things that would be hard to believe but it has all been in His timing and in His way. I could not begin to plan things and events so synchronous as God does and it is amazing how things all fit together. The reach of His hand has no limits and goes on for as far as our minds can imagine to bring about the intricacies that work together for His good, no matter how long it takes and I have witnessed end results that began hundreds of years ago in His making and at some point began to understand that nothing is impossible once His direction is set to a purpose and He “thinks” it so.

The lives you have lived have led you to your modern society and the name of the game here is have it done quickly. My concern in this matter is that you are given information to lead you to believe that it will be done quickly and then you cannot see the wheels turning on anything and you need reassurance that progress is being made. I assure you things are being done and progress is being made. There is an expectation now of a formal world wide announcement of truth and this is to come. What has come out is of the internet and certain ones on different websites that are giving of truth in copious amounts, but this is not world wide. Truth has an energy and volition of its own and is a living thing and this is gaining speed and energy and is coming out in greater amounts every day now. The public announcements are still going to happened and do not be discouraged. Many of these things are brought about by the intervention of God but are brought forth by men on earth and in this case all the details must be taken care of for it all to work correctly. You have been given dates of expectation by several people on earth looking into the future and this is a slippery slope and hard to solidify. It is necessary sometimes to take different measures along the way and this brings delays but they will happen. The concerns I am hearing from you are connected with those who are suffering and hurting. Your love for others is well established and when someone hurts we all feel that pain to some degree.

I cannot tell you why you have not already been taken home or offered evacuation but I do know it is coming. I can see the wheels turning from my vantage point and the perpetrators of dark deeds are being stopped in their tracks and pain is ending for so many now. The road to recovery is being taken by so many children especially and this is a matter that has to be handled with care and caution concerning the taking of time. In my journey to Higher things I still wanted to be there when some of the darkest hearts were told, “no more, you are through and out of here” but it is probably best that I not be a witness to this. It may not have been a moment that would have propelled me along the road of my achievement.

I wait as you do in the arms of Creator for the homecoming we have been promised. I am encouraged to keep on high ground in my thinking and so I do encourage you to also keep your thoughts on high ground and know that you are coming home at the soonest possible opportunity of God’s choosing. I would hold you close to your teaching and hope that you are not discouraged and maintain your hope and faith in what has been promised. We will keep our sights high and in the moment of the joy of homecoming and reuniting with family and loved ones, who have long been waiting for your return. I leave you now to gather more information concerning what is going on and will return to you.

I am Manning


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