March 9, 2021

Let us begin. We know you are wanting action and something you can see. It will come and probably more than you want, but for now enjoy the quiet time. Use it constructively for rest and reflection and see it as a gift. Things will be active soon enough and there will be changes on the large side and you will be making adjustments. For now, consider it a well needed rest.

In all of life it is best to continue learning in some manner. The same applies for fun and enjoyment. You need both for a well balanced life. Do not get so consumed with work and having to make money that you forget to engage yourself in something that makes you laugh or at least smile. We see so many of you that do not take the time to find joy in something not related to having to do chores or work related. It is sad that you do not enjoy life more than you do. Television is the biggest source of entertainment we see and the quality of what is seen is not at all what it should be. There is so much not worthy of anyone’s sight or ears. Do not put into your mind the low quality of material that is available and expect to have a Godly life. It does not work that way. In the computer software side there is a statement that explains it well. Garbage in, garbage out, or GIGO. We recommend you consider raising the standard of what you put into your mind and your life. We have already discussed the same applies to the body.

Life gives you the opportunity to continue learning in several ways, reading material, listening to the spoken word and life itself resulting in learned experience leading to remembered lessons. Strive for a meaningful balance in your life of learning and entertainment and leave the lower unworthy content to die in the dust of lower vibrations. Do not expect to travel to higher levels of life on a mental diet of lower vibrational material. It does not even seem reasonable that you could. If you want to soar with the eagles do not put on leaded shoes and think you can overcome it with thirty minutes of meditation or chanting. Hold yourself in the light of respect and understanding that you are of God.

Consider the company you keep and the places you spend your time. These activities need to be reviewed and this is part of your learning experience. Judge for yourself if these are pulling you down by any means and adjust your associations accordingly. The majority of you would love to surround yourselves with teachers and learned masters and you would thrive in this environment but your days are filled with mandatory obligations of a lesser type and you do not have a choice.

So many of you are in a family that does not understand how you think or how you want to live your life and you have to adjust your words to accommodate their understanding or the lack thereof. It is always unfortunate when one cannot live an authentic life and be at peace with how they live. There will come a time when you will be free to do so without criticism or the feeling you need to modify your behavior. Think on this time and look forward to it. There are many ways of expressing God and traveling your own path is a freedom that is given to all. Al life should be lived within God’s laws.

Try to remove as many road blocks of living your free, authentic life as you can. This also is part of the learning experience and working to free yourself is the influence you are under right now. There is an ebb and flow to the energy of life and at present you are dealing with so many changing energies that it is a challenging time. We understand this but this is not that different from the hardships you have previously been under. Hardship has been the book title you have been living and it has been different chapters of where the challenges are coming from and how you work your way through them. You have accomplished more than you realize and the changing energies can be traversed with less difficulty if you remain focused on the never ending source of God energy available to you. Do not become so troubled by what is or is not happening that you take your eyes off the goals you set for yourself during contemplation and meditation. This does take work, until it becomes a habit to return to God under any circumstances. Practice this focus and lean upon His understanding of life and remain close to the guidelines that are given to you.

This earth experience has been and is a big production, as we have stated and it bears quite a bit of explaining and we will be offering the information concerning everything and every facet of your time here in this environment. Nothing has been haphazard or accidental about you being here and there is reason behind all of it. We know you have many questions and the intelligence behind it all will be explained. After the time of revelation will be the time of understanding and we are ready. Both of these times will not be a two day course in why but will take some time and people will respond with the need of different timing to understand.

For now, if you have not already, regain your intention to grow closer to Source and try to understand that you are not separate from God but are God expressing life through your own individual energy and learning needs. Life is precious and this is all life, for God is in all things. The dark forces that have so diligently created their sphere of darkness have completely bypassed the importance of the gift of life. No one should force their desires upon others and hold them in bondage the way you have been held back. The time for this is over and this means the time of the dark on planet earth is over. It is being done now.

I leave you now with these thoughts on your mind and hope that you continue in understanding and your closeness with God within. Remain steadfast in your faith that God is in control and what you have hoped and prayed for is coming.

I am Joseph In His Service


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