Forgive the delay……..
I now have day hours at work and am back to a 5-day workweek……
No more staying up late on weeknights and such…making screaming posts at 3 am…….
One of the dogs has inexplicably disappeared from the yard and we are trying to find him and pray that the little fellow comes to no harm and is returned home safe and sound and soon……
It’s been about a week…so….still…we are hopeful……
Found out an old friend of mine from high school died a few years back….again….
I’ve lost touch with too many people only to find out that they have transitioned……
And other things are going on…as well….too much to burden you with here…..
And the usual economic struggle….which I am hopeful will be over soon….hurry up and wait….seems to be the writing on my wall…..lol…….

And i…
I AM still in this staging area waiting for what I am sure was promised but has not arrived and….
All it does is make me wonder….i got that message right…right? I mean, like, tell me now….lol….
And THEY keep assuring me that it is so and to just endure…the race goes to those that endure….
And so I am thinking
And soo much is going on right now…it’s hard to keep up…..
The fighting, the shootings, war and rumours of war
Lies and manipulations
Truth and anti-truths
Propaganda and counter-propaganda
Money wars
Weather wars
A most concerted effort to keep the chaos and fear going no matter what…such desperation!
And I
I AM here doing this….
And all I could get an image of was….Spiritual Dodgeball….go figure…..
But hey…it fits……
This is school after all….is it not?
And so….there I am….facing the dark dorks in a game that seems to go on forever…..
They are many and we are few…er….
But their numbers are steadily dwindling….
Hey…we’ve got really good players on our side……
But their big guns are still in this game….
And they throw hard, fast….and low…..
I’ve dodged many a ball through this thing…..i know that
I’ve been a dancing fool……..lol…..
But I am tired…..
No more strength to dance my way through the rest of this thing
And now….there’s that guy with the ball in his hands….looking at me with that weird smile on his face
That look of glee as he is about to torture some helpless thing…I’ve seen it
I’ve seen him do it
Always protected by his little gang of lackeys and flunkies….
But they’re gone now…..even I have been able to hit a few along the way…heheheh….
So now it’s my turn
What to do?
What to do?
I know how he throws….he’s always missed me before
But now I am tired of dancing and just want to stand flat footed in defiance….
And we stare each other down….and he begins to wind up…
And me?
I have only one recourse to catch this ball and put him out…..
I fall to my knees……[big lovely laugh, here]
This isn’t just in prayer
I’m always doing that anyway….no matter what position I’m in…..SMILE
I do this because I know it reduces the target and even if he throws low and hard and fast….
I can catch that sucker and hold onto it…….i am very confident about that……
No matter what happens…I will not go out…no matter what….
It may hit ground and bounce…
he may even miss….
[I’m sure that there’s more than one ball in this game…but for now…this is all I have to deal with…I’m not the only one left on my side of this field, y’know…]
So whatever happens next, one thing is guaranteed…..i will be holding that ball….
At some point…WE will have all the balls on our side of the line
And shall proceed as planned……..muahahahahaaaaaaaaa
Hey…that’s where I’m at right now…..everything is changing….best to keep up and change with it…
don’t you think?
Winds and tides change in fortune and war and games and life and love and the world and the universe and creation….all for a reason
And guess WHO’S REASON that is?
Best to change for that reason…I should think….and I do.
That’s all


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7 Responses to 4122015

  1. kimsubin123 says:

    마인드컨트롤 당하는데, 어떻게 가슴 안으로 들어가?


  2. kimsubin123 says:

    나 다른 행성에서 기억을 잃고 다시 태어날래
    상승하지 않을거야


  3. Melody says:

    Also happening, another way the city/county is making money off the victims.

    Government-run animal control now kidnapping and murdering family pets in America if owners don’t pay ransom demands
    Monday, April 06, 2015
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

    (NaturalNews) As yet another sign of the emerging police state brutality taking place across America, government-run animal control “mafias” (i.e. your local animal control department) are now murdering family pets if those families don’t pay the ransom demands.

    In essence, animal control departments are now running kidnap and ransom operations, holding family pets ransom for fines and fees that, if not paid, result in those family pets being murdered.

    Don’t believe me? To my great surprise, this story comes from none other than CNN Money, which published this detailed report that outlines the animal murder operations taking place across America.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049266_animal_control_kidnap_and_ransom_family_pets.html#ixzz3XGLUPhK4

    (My dog, then my cat, were both murdered, then attempts to steal my parrot and poison/murder me and falsely imprison me for the purpose to steal all from me where my identity belongings has been stolen. City wants to make money so their goal is Not proper criminal and fingerprint investigation but making money in numerous directions, one being taking animals out of your yard. I used to know a retired Fed. Court Judge going against corruption and the city used taking his dog out of his yard as an attack. They also like to make out fake warrants, another make money for the city using the court system where in some cases city pays extra salary/benefits to the judges. .There is much money in slave labor in the jail/prison industry and where they can eliminate a person. You may want to check animal control if you haven’t daily.)


  4. Ken says:

    Got a game of dodge (murder) ball, is what they called it in my Jr high school. WE all couldn’t wait to play during gym. Big release of stress i guess. Boy some of the bigger dudes would really get into it throwing full force right at your head (face) and loving every minute of it . Me ,I would try to have a little fun with it but mostly in the defensive catching mode,not to athletic back then. I just brought this up because your analogy of dodge ball shook my memory of a rough time in growing up in a pretty tough public school. I guess it puts you in survival mode , maybe toughens you up too but hard to learn under those conditions. SO to say ,I wish you the best in your dodge ball effort seems it can be a bit of fun if you let it . Hey! its just a game and life and learning GO ON no matter what. PLAY, LEARN and move on . After ALLWEAREALLINITOGETHER. AMEM,,,,,amen


  5. quantum999 says:

    Sorry for the dog, I know how it feels. We lost our budge (parakeet) and we had to take homeopathic remedies… we loved it that much.

    Oh man, don’t make me start… for quite a while the general feeling for many is that we live in this extra time, that there is an extension of time and they stretch it and stretch it… When they will understand that enough is enough, that people are not evolving or grow as they hoped… that most people are degenerating and they know that already. “AND ALL OF THIS BECAUSE I HAVE TO”… as you mentioned, but make it plural.

    “This is school after all….is it not?”
    Yes, and it feels like we repeat the same grade over and over. I never felt in my life this need to breakout… Remember the Queen song “I want to break free”? They didn’t say “I want to Be Free”, but ‘to Break Free’, and that means inside pressure… he wants to break the door and get out… by force… unfortunately for us this pressure accumulates.

    Now, you’ve been recently upstairs and you were kind of happy to get back. At that point, you suppose to be upset coming back here… you supposed to scream, to throw tantrums, to totally refuse to come back… instead you’ve got in yay mode. Then welcome back to Earth, the realm of thick and dense duality (locals call it crap).

    Well, look at the bright side… in short time you have to leave all these and start your real journey. Buddha once said, to never lose our joy… here is a song that always gives me joy, enthusiasm: “Love Grows”


  6. Matt says:

    Yeah man it’s “happy face on” all the time, gotta keep working, keep trucking. don’t know if it’s relevant to times and vibes changing, but this anime talks about etheric wars https://youtu.be/wBQ1CxO2aws


  7. Catherine says:

    Kibo – you are wonderful & I love you!
    P.s. I feel that the dog is still alive – so don’t give up hope!


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