Enter your self here

Ahoye all!

Actually, this was the thing/post that I was going to originally put up.  The thing where we all get together and share and compare and debate our thoughts/feelings about things…….but then CM showed up with a job and well……..job 1 is job 1……….

so now that that’s out of the way….let’s get back to how we’re going to talk with each other on this thing………no sense in creating a forum…Talk It Up is good enough for all that already……..THIS post is going to have to serve as a test case…..


It is time for those of you that read here to get together and party with the concepts and ideas and ideals and values that your experience[s]s have  helped make of you….as you have come here with your core personalities and Godselves and built upon that as experience in expression….for the sake of demonstration….and all that….so now let us demonstrate to each other our power and glory of consciousness in God and celebrate the diversity of thought/feeling that…….and here is the hypothesis of it all…..will find common threads that we can all share and even agree upon and use to create new lives and a new world for ourselves in cooperation with Divinity in THE ONE……………

so grab a piece of cake and thank God for sending us Dave, who really helped me see what need to be done to get this going……I admit that I wasn’t sure just how to go about it in the best possible way until Dave showed up………..without opposition to compare these things with…detractors, devil advocates, naysayers, doubters and people who just want clearer definitions of terms and concepts that resonate better with them…and that’s the thing…..

I say this and I say that and I give messages and I think this and say I know that…but all of that is through my own experience and a lot of that has come from learning about the experience of others and getting what I can out of that to help with my own.  I share in a striving to help others get what they think is helpful from my own particular mindset and still like to do the same with others…and this is a great way to get that promoted and growing into a sort of movement type of thing that is not so much dwelling on the destination or the outcome, but more on the joy of the journey.

It will lead to whatever it leads to on its own energy and we could just ride it and see where it goes, rather than trying to take it somewhere just because we think that’s where it should go….let THE ONE decide all that and let it be what it is and will be….if that makes any sense to anyone…or not………..

Of course, it’s all completely voluntary and you can say whatever you want for whatever reason that you want to.  if it seems to be working……and can exist without a lot of vehement cyberspitting and so on and so forth, and the shills and Zionist lackeys can actually come up with intelligent things to say [i’m talking to you, Dave…just in case….you actually may not be a shill…..but I do need your own, unique brand of cynical input…I just want you to put a little more thought into it from now on….the fuzzy musing you’ve been doing in the last two comments are all well and good, but this is going to take a bit more effort on your part….if you’re up to it……for your sake….and because I find it more entertaining…..I promise to do my best…not my very best, but my best, nonetheless, to give you every reason to discredit me.  I will use vulgar language, jump up and down on the table and…at times, say the most incredulous things just to keep it all going and generate more input from everyone….not just you.  We all like a good challenge, do we not?  I would prefer that the whole thing be as enjoyable as possible, so please remember that, in this realm…..it’s nothing personal, just business…and if this is what it takes to get more from all involved, especially myself…then I say LET’S GO FOR IT!]





that being said…….the ‘game’ thing seems to be an issue, so i’ll try to open with that….anyone can bring up any topic at anytime and the whole hodgepodge will respond as they are wont to do so don’t feel as if you simply have to follow my lead….we’re all dancing together but that doesn’t mean that we all have to do the same dance  and the music we hear is just for us and if, perhaps some us find ourselves in the same room, hearing the same music…and even from the same band [wow]  then we’ll see where that takes us, as well………………


as I said…this thing is many things and exist on many levels…I am more than happy to debate the game aspects of it and more than happy to discuss other takes on the matter…….but YOU will have to do the hokey pokey with me  and put something in from here….ok?

so who’s first?

well……don’t everybody jump up and down and volunteer at once………lol….anybody?  somebody?  you!  yes you!  whaddayouthink?

just put it in the comment section for all to see and hear and let all do the same and we’ll see how it goes and if it all goes well and without bloodshed…….we’ll mirror it on the AH TIU forum…won’t that be a hoot!



Oyahe all!



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49 Responses to Enter your self here

  1. Mariza says:

    Como tudo é lindo!!!
    E tantos dormindo!…
    Não fossem os atrasos eu também não estaria aqui!
    Obrigada a todos por me ensinarem e passarem tanto amor.
    Boa terapia Kibo!
    Um abraço a todos.


    • Barbara says:

      Thanks to you Mariza, for all your love and kindness i always receive trough your words, and i’m sure it’s the same feeling for all who read you here.

      Un grande abbraccio anche a te / A big hug to you too!


  2. Barbara says:

    ” A word
    from OUR FATHER


    Such is the power of the one who stands with you now
    In the guise of KiboDabi
    Michael Ben Elohim
    Who is like God
    Of The Most Highs…..
    Dear KiboDabi
    where is Your own “belayed and delayed” universe, is it in Orvonton?
    Who is taking care of it waiting for You?

    Yes…..everything is beyond all our comprehension…and these questions sounds childlike…and it’s so!
    Also when we (the most of us) read/say/think/write: WE ARE ALL ONE; ALL IS ONE; ALL THAT IS….. my feeling is that we don’t know the very meaning of words such “ALL” and “ONE”.
    To know something, the personal and direct experience is needed, so who and how many among us reading here did experience the ALL and the ONE? May be the perception…..

    With Gratitude


    • kibodabi says:

      no…i’m going to do it out in the new and forming universe staging areas that are to come…it will probably be millions and millions of years before all of it’s ready to go to be up and running and teeming with life…..right now it’s just nebulizing and stuff……it will take time to get all the details together from beginning to end……but the seven superuniverses have to be settled in light and life first and God the Supreme in function and training of staff and such…so there’s plenty of time for all that……..we’ll see if the initial concept of it gets approved and hope it builds as well in ‘reality’ as it does in theory……….right now…I just want a long hot soak, a massage and deep therapy…I really think I need therapy…….lots and lots of therapy……and when i’m in my right spiritual mind again…we’ll see what’s what……..and thank you, btw…for all and everything……..smile……..


      • Denise says:

        Thank you Kibo! Your writings are always uplifting and I can feel the energy of light and love radiate through each word with goodness…..your spiritual mind is just fine, dear brother!
        Blessings to you this day and to all!


  3. Marayah says:

    Being a Michael Son yourself, Kibo… have you incarnated more lifetimes than this on earth?
    Where were you before that and what did you do? Do you remember or are you totally in amnesia like the rest of us when we enter this world in our meat suits?
    Just curious, it’s actually quite exciting getting a chance to chat with a Michael Son on his blog lol


    • kibodabi says:

      Amnesia….definitely amnesia….although I do like to…for some reason…think that I was Edgar Allen Poe…..but that’s just a daydream…….I feel like I came a couple of times just to get used to the place…but have no clue. I have some recollection of an assignment somewhere else and I am told that I’ve been pretty much all over the place doing jobs here and there…….for what’s it’s worth…….but yeah……definitely amnesia………i’m sure that there’s a reason for all that….if I could just remember what it is…………..smile…..


  4. Manoa says:

    Questions…Are we the only planet that has reincarnation? Are we the only planet that has a waiting area for souls to wait on the next body to incarnate into? Is this part of the big pretend playout of energies and if so will this be done away with after the changes? Thanks, Kibo


    • kibodabi says:

      I can’t say that I know for sure but I really think that this is not the only planet that has reincarnation. it depends of the evolutionary state of the planet as it is found in the intelligent, free will, ascending life forms that abide on it or in it….. once they reach a certain point in their spiritual evolution……where you can do it in one lifetime…because the race has evolved to the point where one lifetime is long enough to get it done based on previous knowledge and experience of the race in total…..that’s the feeling that I get i’m being told on the matter anyway…..

      I don’t think that the ‘waiting area’ for souls is planetary, however. I believe it’s more universal and souls go where they can best gain experience. This is still a prison planet, however, so there may be extenuating circumstances that make it necessary for some to go around in this same place again….and then there are the volunteers for this place….because the experience is so deep in learning and……entertainment….[smile]. But there are still the mansion worlds to consider and those higher places of learning that necessitate spending time to access progress and then reassignment to the best possible experience. It doesn’t mean that you have to keep coming back here and it doesn’t mean that everything is so….local……it depends on point of origin and actual progress in the face of intended progress….if you need to come back here…so be it…but if you’ve done your job well enough to continue to other, higher places…so be that, as well……..

      i’m not sure what you mean by big pretend playout of energies……..as related to the other questions you asked, it means that, after all this is over, real progress can be made because this will also be one of those higher places….but that will be a process in getting to the point where we can be one of those places where you can do the whole thing in one lifetime, however long or short it may be…depending on past experience………still, it will take time for this planet to get to that place in consciousness where such things are considered a normal, everyday, matter-of-fact way of life…..rest assured that the learning in experience of getting to that point will mean everything and that the ones that have the honor of helping to get us there and doing so, will be the best and the brightest possible in that respect…….and this is where we come in….we, who have struggled to make a spiritual difference, will have the joy of making that spiritual difference in a better setting and environment that will stand as templates for all that come after us. A worthy assignment and challenge that has already begun with what we do and are, here and now. We are making it easier for all of those that shall come after us to do more incredible things than even we thought possible at the time…just like those that came before us….all because we were there to keep that sucker going! lol!

      Thank you for the questions………….it helps me learn as well…………smile……


  5. blake says:

    The main thing is life is God entertaining you. We all like to worry and run around.. ok , but are you noticing how entertaining this virtual reality game is. Are you really grooving on it. look around. it is Amazing its all so convincing. it is all lovingly constructed for You. you don’t have to love it back, but that is an option. i suggest you just try to notice the love, the coolness. this is god’s gift to you, this game this “reality”. ARe you capable of enjoying her gift? i am trying to notice this aspect myself more, more often, more deeply. May you walk in wonder. nobody has to know your secret 😉


    • kibodabi says:

      i always said that this whole things served….also….as entertainment for God……and God is known to be extremely fair and magnanimous and reciprocating…..so……thanks for that thought….I’ve always concentrated on entertaining God and this would be a good time to say ‘THANK YOU’ for all the entertainment that God has provided for God’s creation. I can’t say it hasn’t been a fascinating experience up to this point and I have been very entertained and i’m sure that all those times that I didn’t think were entertaining will be considered very entertaining after all this is over…lol….great thought/value…I love it…..i’m going to use that…yes I am…….[insert big, grateful smile here]


  6. Ken says:

    WELL well WELL well WELL well WELL WELL WELL WELL WELL WELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What to say? What what,What WWWWhat to SSAY. I look around . I drive around . I think around I talk around , I feel around. I even try to work around. But everything, EVERYTHING feels like IT is CLOSING IN and coming Down. Like Walls closing in. A sense of PANIC in the MIST. I WILL be around till the WALLS come a tumbalin down Down down Down ,,,,,,God bless it ALL AMEN


  7. Marayah says:

    Surly There And Here are one and the same… just a renovation apart 😀 If we do our job and turn a page each day, the lessons will be learned AND the job done. We have great Teachers, Heavenly support and a pair of good hands. Use the learning, ask for inspiration within, then ACT, and we will get there. There is a lot of WORK to do yet 😀


  8. Ken says:

    Hello, Again, So Here We are, Trying to get There. here and there being one and the same . But we cant seem to comprehend this truth. So we get anxious , tired and a bit Impatient. Are WE ever going to get THERE, I mean REALLY, Whats UP ,UP with that. A bit childish maybe . Being tested perhaps. Tested what frekin test?????. This school house is getting a little spooky , Excuse me if it is almost ALL hollows Eve . Halloween BOO BOO BOO . But I cant get here and there out of My head. I FEEL we are there, But I am looking around at HERE, A LOT of HERE, Hair. SO when does here become There. Tonight ,tommorrow , Now , I will just be here until WE ALL GETTT TTHHEERREE. For now,,,, God bless Here and GOD HELP US . GOD PPleeese help US GET THERE, Amen Thank you KIbo for being there ,, Helping US get THERE ..Amen ,,,


    • Brian says:

      Big Smile, Ken! There you have it and now, here we are…..

      Is it me or does there seem to be so many loose ends here in the now that need tied…

      Like an anemone flowing in the open ocean, but its’ loose ends are designed in a way that benefits itself and the entire reef..ultimately…

      Guess things are not what they seem…nor do they seem to be what they are…


  9. Marayah says:

    Sure thing dearest Kibo, we will continue the struggle for oneness. Maybe we could learn to overcome the urge to condemn each others work and instead suggest new/other ways to serve, thereby complement each other in brotherhood and LOVE?

    Hold hands beloveds and bless each others work, we are all doing OUR BEST, remember that. There are as many ways to serve as there are individuals serving! Who says we do not need a mission, what then are we all doing including our Celestial Family -are we not amidst the geatest of MISSIONS ever?

    Pointing out examples of the deceptive ways of our shadow mind control systems in public places is just one way to tickle peoples curiosty for searching for THEIR OWN TRUTH. A print of the bad effects of micro waving stands a good chance of being seen, read and even considered if put on top of a micro oven in a store…, vaccine truth might come to use in a doctors waiting room and leaving a full cover of of the issue of NWO on a table in a college etc. What better place to put a stack of printed web-links to the Crist Letters than a conventional Cristian gathering/work-shop?
    50 Ways to Starve The Beast seemed to fit fine on the public note board in the market…
    That I do, what do you do that I might pick up and practice?
    Tell me and I shall learn my beloved Brethren! What does shine your light mean in your practical performance of it? I would love some inspiration and ideas 🙂

    Amazing news Kibo, that it truly seems like the great NOW has finally arrived, BLESSED BE!
    And so great to hear you got a new job 😀
    LOVE to ALL.


  10. kibodabi says:

    wow….actually, this is great! People are striving to communicate with each other and overcome differences in perception….wonderful!
    there will be bickering….that’s a given. People have to do that in order to understand each other better….sometimes…….
    I’ve started a new job which will afford more time…so let me settle in………i’ll be able to spen more time here…..I’ve been so busy and busy thinking about the answers to mick’s questions….I want to do them all in one shot….but that’s me……
    I poked and prodded dave to make sure and I found out and realized and we get along great now and we get to do it like this……beautiful….and I have to agree that many aren’t ready to just have the thing slapped in their face…’LOOK!!!’ if we are what we’ve become in our support of what we say we know to be true…then walking the walk while talking the talk is the best way to convey that. we can introduce people to what we think they need and it just may be what they need…..and they need it at the time because they are indeed searching for it and there you are…giving it to them at the right time……but being who and what you are and being honest with yourself and your self and your SELF and THE SELF, is what it’s all about.
    the life you live…that is the work. what is done within manifests without…..we are all GOD being who and what we are….collectively and as individuals…not to mention the whole setting, stage, environment, objects, forms and life forms and life………it is all one thing and we are in it and it is in us….and we walk in that and it walks in us and as we are able to express and be examples of that…we grow more and more into it and it, in turn, does the same in us………and it’s a learning thing and we’ve learned what we’ve learned and the one standing next you, that has learned just as much as you, if not more and maybe less….has learned through completely different circumstances and perception from yours and still you are one in it because we can share that and further learn from it.
    and so we hash it out and learn to become more one in our oneness…..lol….

    I never said it was just a game…I said that it was many things…including a game……..it all depends on what works for you to get you to where you need to be…….is it a soufflé? it is a project, an experiment, a movie? is it a book, a show? is it a job, a war a work of art, a song?
    what in your perception of things resonates with you and how can you apply that to the experience of all as one, being one in all and yet, being one among all? not to mention all around one…………that god manifests of itself as all in perception and in the consciousness of that perception is one and is experiencing all and everything………we fit and it all fits and you fit and I fit not just in the thing but also AS the thing.

    and I hope this is it, for good, finally…as well….they keep telling me it is so…..I am praying for God’s Will to be done…….even though I know that nothing else can be done….I want it fully manifesting in me as what I am being i in I and I in i………..
    and so it goes……….
    will be back asap with further comments…….in love and light, do bicker……..smile


  11. Ken says:

    Hello, how are all of us doing this day, Tues. Oct. 15,,,, very interesting indeed. I would think We are on the Edge of the new beginning, and I do hope ,Hope and Hope some more that this IS TRUE. ALL hail thy father in heaven for ever more , FOREVERMORE,,,AMEN God bless and God speed…… Over


  12. Dave says:

    Kibo, what about a light-worker-manual?
    What to do and how to do. Only the important things.
    Is ‘make it simple’ an option?


    • Crystali says:

      There is a manual, it is written in your heart, not in bold, but in plain. If you were willing, you would follow the manual, although it is not so much a manual, but an understanding, a way to solve the games one conjures around themselves and draws people in and hope they play. That little impish serpent that attempts to distract you from connecting and understanding the manual within. If it successful it reverberates and consumes itself head to tail, and lo, lets do it all again!!!

      Righteousness and goodness need no manual, it is self evident and is expressed from understanding and plain old common sense. The finest outcome in all things is the manual, you all have it, no one is without it, less you turn your back on it and refuse to acknowledge the contents therein, only self makes those decisions. Go with Mother/ Father spirit, or the old serpent ego, you have never not had the option!


  13. theo says:

    Game over, buddy. Fuss useless.


  14. Dave says:

    * btw – ‘…just mimic us?’ – who is us – are you us – is kibo us – are you kibo – did i am a gangster if i’m not your us * i called the director of light-worker-affairs – he couldn’t find a person named theo in his list – and he told me, that you are no one who i should be afriad of * probably you are a part of the wrong party, theo – and if you SENSE something, you should make sure that it’s not your giant ego * you should know, theo, that i don’t talk with and over you until you learn respect and behavior to other human beings in sevice to christ michael – no matter who they are, where they from and what they are doing and saying.

    dear kibo, you see this? what’s going on here? have a quite look at this situation. it’s just a very small example, but decisions are waiting to be made – just by you. once more. isn’t this blog yours? did you remember a situation like this before in a higher and greater dimension? just waiting and looking? you wrote: …and we’ll see how it goes and if it all goes well and without bloodshed… is it still your way like the old days? creation means evolution and also correction if needed. just looking what’s coming at the next corner means just waiting without acting. leading and creating is your job! this blog is your own small universe on earth. and now? waiting for the next big bang? is it just a game??? you sure?


  15. Barbara says:

    enjoy this……game!


  16. theo says:

    hi, dear Barbara, you honest one,
    thanks a lot for your post
    To be frank, I SENSED the person hiding behind the words
    and I got in rage…and what a rage, dear Barbara!
    So I suggest, let’s let the TIME get ripe…not very long,
    might be we’ll be surprised.

    Our heart knows the way.


  17. Dave says:





    • theo says:

      STOP preaching and give us an example all by yourself
      can you do more than just mimic us?
      do you feel great writing in capitals?
      your lighthouse has no light
      and your smell rotten…


      • Dave says:

        wow. preaching? mimic? capitals? no light? rotten?
        must be a very special kind of love!
        theo, what is your part in this circus?
        you just step from ‘love you’ to ‘thank you’ and
        ‘joy-joy-joy’ all the time and now you came up
        as the overseer …………….???
        where is your input here?

        seems to be no place to start a serious discussion.
        is this the style of lightworking here?
        giving and fishing compliments, but more than this?

        understand. thanks for the chat.
        be blessed theo. your poison is forgiven.
        that’s not my place if it’s yours.

        sorry kibo!
        i’m back on my way and service.
        wish you all the best,


      • Barbara says:

        Hi Theo
        nobody here needs to be defended…..please re-read your words and ask yourself why you said that…..because it seems to me that is a good example, so thank you for that, how it is easy for a “light worker” to slide into some places not so “lighted”. I agree with Dave when he said that “no need for a missionary campaign”…..

        i’m learning so much from all of you.


  18. Marayah says:

    Oh yes, dearest Mick – you hit the nail expressing so much of what I experience, feel, think and am up against here where I have my “contract“. I guess same struggle all over, right? Somehow though, it seems some of your questions might be the answer to a few of the others like:
    Light workers not “jumping into the cesspit of darkness and spreading the light“ could be because:
    “when every single being that is a part of your soul contract refuses to allow love and light into their world? How do you fulfill your mission/purpose when the very ones you are meant to serve unconditionally are fighting you at every turn and with every breath“ -which is a pretty good indicator for us what will happen if you go “out there“ eager to do your LIGHT WORK service…

    I made a mistake, taking faith in a friend/work mate, kinda new age in belief wise and open minded, a reikki healer too -this one got scared, in fear of the channelings from CM and the others (presented by me) went to my boss, they made an appointment for me at the work health care. I had to fight a doc and a health nurse for hours to avoid getting sent to the shrink! A few days later, the police called saying a “friend“ of mine had warned them I might be unstable… This sort of thing is not excatly encouraging for further efforts. Teaches you to be soooo careful of what, in how much detail and to whom you reveal truth! Now I stick to commenting on matters that turn up during normal conversations like shadow politics, vaccines, poison additives in food, cosmetics, the purpose/effects of Big Pharma and so called health care being careful when the time/person is ripe for a little influence in the direction of revealing truth in appropriate portions so to speak. Then I hang lots of posters and prints of material from AH, waking times stuff etc. at libraries, health care waiting rooms and such places.Took an opportunity to deposit prints of the front page about the Christ Letters at a local religious camp in our village. That way you can put out stuff for folks to “find“ keeping your identity unrevealed…
    The challenge seems to be doing your contract service job without getting hit by the offensive actions thrust at you by your very brothers and sisters in THE ONE who have no idea of the fact that we are in need of freeing/uniting ourselves and who see your helping hand as a THREAT!

    But we are INVINCIBLE BELOVEDS, remember that


  19. Mickdwnunder says:

    Question: were are all these so called like minded individuals? Question: why do “light workers” always congregate amongst themselves? Why aren’t more “light workers” jumping into the cesspit of darkness and spreading the light where it’s the hardest and most needed? Why hide amongst your little groups and refuse to SEE what is before you? Question: if we are all from the same source then why do we as so called intelligent humans seek to look for differences instantaneously as opposed to looking for common ground? Question: if we have soul contracts why are elements of these contracts “hidden” from plain view, making the journey so much more confusing when no clear direction is given? Question: the idea/concept of purpose of demonstration is fine if the observers are aware, yet we have a massive number of fellow humans who are missing the demonstration, missing awareness, so how long must one hit its head against the wall before one relieses it hurts? Question: the game on earth was allowed to be hijacked and humanity allowed to be taken down a very dark road, is this not a violation of non interference? Question: if the dark road was allowed to eventuate and the non interference policy was allowed, why now, when we as a species are on the brink of self destruction, is the non interference policy strictly adhered too by the higher realms? Question: can you reason with a fool? Can you lead a horse to water and make the horse drink? So how are we the so called “awakened” meant to help our fellow travellers when our fellow travellers refuse to let go of past conditioning and refuse to accept and acknowledge blatant proof before their very eyes regarding everything that is before them? Question: how do you have joy and love in your heart when every single being that is a part of your soul contract refuses to allow love and light into their world? How do you fulfill your mission/purpose when the very ones you are meant to serve unconditionally are fighting you at every turn and with every breath? Question: what does it take to realise that the game is lost and that the notion that humanity alone will and must pull it self out of this cestpit will not happen? Question: after 20 years of searching why is their very little common ground amongst channellers, seers, messengers and the like? Why are their so many conflicting stories from so called respected light workers? Question: how can humanity transform when they do not want to acknowledge or accept the simple fact that they are not free and are nothing more than a commodity owned and controlled by a minority? Question: how can the heavenly realms truly believe that humans are capable of transforming this madness when a simple kind gesture to a stranger is a rarity? Question: why are qualities such as integrity, honesty, truth laughed upon and seen as a weakness? Question: how do I strengthen my light when all around me their is nothing but darkness and despair and no one wants to take ownership of themselves and their actions?

    I suppose that’s enough questions for the moment. Kibo, no matter what, I love what you do, and thank you for doing it! May the light of life bless you and protect you with every breath!


    • Dave says:

      A lot of words and questions. But I feel a wonderful soul asking. And each of your thinking, asking, searching, seeing and feeling I sign too. You are blessed


    • Brian says:

      ahh yes….boy oh boy…gettin down to the heart of the matter….it’s all those questions and so many more….thank you so much for expressing this!!

      in a dark room w/very little light to show the way….tired of tripping through all the rubble in search of the Master Switch….mmm…mmm


    • kibodabi says:

      Ok…..here it is…hope it helps………….smile

      Question: were are all these so called like minded individuals?
      They are everywhere…………but they gather in different degrees of understanding……one thing they share in common is the desire to help make the world a better place……but different perceptions/perspectives can find general disagreement on exactly what that means and what it involves. Birds of a feather flock together and all that….some attack the problem on the material side…some the financial, political, info/education…the spiritual side and all……………..it’s a big book and not everyone’s on the same page……..but it’s all part of the big picture and you have to let it be what it is and fit in where you fit in and play your part and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the whole of creation…not just us here…….

      Question: why do “light workers” always congregate amongst themselves? Why aren’t more “light workers” jumping into the cesspit of darkness and spreading the light where it’s the hardest and most needed? Why hide amongst your little groups and refuse to SEE what is before you?

      Humans tend to want to stay with others that are like them. We tend to focus on our differences rather than what is the same among and within us. But we are social creatures and want company, so we gather in like groups…..again…birds of a feather………but evolution dictates that we must overcome such tendencies and they shall be overcome…..it’s a process.
      As far as who is doing what and where…..there are those designed to do just that….go into the dark places and shine light and spread it…….but you have to understand that such things are not for everyone…and all do so at their own pace and place and circumstances…….the dark places are numerous and diverse and each has their own level of difficulty……..you don’t go to a gunfight with a knife…and just because you see it doesn’t mean you know what to do with it or how to best handle it or how to handle it at all………even though YOU and we and us and many may agree that a certain place or people or group or something just needs us to just come on down and save them….THEY may not feel the same way…and unless they’re violating the free will rights of others in a manner that demands action…..what are you going to do? Make them see the light? What if they don’t want to touch it? You want to throw it at ‘em? Take it! TAKE IT!! JUST TAKE IT, DAMN YOU!!!!!!! YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE IT EVEN IF I HAVE TO SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROATS AND YOU’RE GONNA LIKE IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!!
      Yeah……..might as well call yourself a religion………..winkwink nodnod chuckle
      And somehow, I don’t think you can just show up at the PM’s residence, or the queen or Dick Cheney or Tony Blair or Obama or Bibi…….and just explain it to them as you see it and expect them to change in a day just because you let that little light of yours shine on them…………no….there are those better equipped than some and some others to handle things in that neighborhood….consider it a pay grade kind of thing and let us all do our best to fulfill our own position in the departments that we work….. these things are done in the daily course of normal living…..be the change you want to see in the world……be the light you are and let that suffice from moment to moment….do the work of self evolution and help raise the vibrations around you by raising your own vibrations………and that effects and affects people more than you realize……….things heard in passing….comments on the street…….
      Let who and what you are, serve as the best example that you can be and let that be that. God will send you where God wants you to be……just show up for work and do the job you’ve been given and earn that promotion and upgrade!
      But that’s me……….other opinions may differ and vary…………..ain’t it wonderful?

      Question: if we are all from the same source then why do we as so called intelligent humans seek to look for differences instantaneously as opposed to looking for common ground?

      It’s an evolution thing….the mass consciousness memory, as well as the various racial memories have gotten used to the whole fighting for survival thing……….this has also been manipulated and encouraged over the course of time……divide and conquer and all that…it’s a ‘self-interest’ thing…humans tend to do what is in their perceived best interest as individuals and promote and protect that.. That’s how you get one group doing all they can to keep another group down so that they can be up and on top….at some point we will have to evolve the group consciousness above and beyond all that……hopefully what is about to happen will cut down on the time it would normally take to do so…………….we’ll see what’s what when we get there……..so it all boils down to what one perceives as being in their best interest. If one is centered in God as their best interest…………but how many really dwell in that for the sake of always going deeper with no end in sight? And no end to it is the best thing about it….but hey……go figure, eh?

      Question: if we have soul contracts why are elements of these contracts “hidden” from plain view, making the journey so much more confusing when no clear direction is given?
      Learning, evolving, reaching earning achieving,…….challenge, excitement, experience, expression,
      fun………….well…it seems more fun, afterwards……perhaps…….maybe……….it’s up to you……….quite a blast, though, this material life in duality thing………..find your way…..kinda like a role playing game…..you being God being you being God being you being……………..ad infinitum……

      Question: the idea/concept of purpose of demonstration is fine if the observers are aware, yet we have a massive number of fellow humans who are missing the demonstration, missing awareness, so how long must one hit its head against the wall before one relieses it hurts?

      Each in their own time and place, accordingly……………………..

      Question: the game on earth was allowed to be hijacked and humanity allowed to be taken down a very dark road, is this not a violation of non interference?

      I personally consider it just another part of the game…remember that this is an experimental, as well as an academic, seed and prison planet…..all at the same time………..apparently this place strives on interference. We came here for this…yes this…..THIS………
      Besides, humans chose to work with the Annunaki and those that joined the Lucifer rebellion are at fault as well……….and then there’s the default of the Adam and Eve…….did I miss anything? Atlantis? Sorry Poseid………….human greed and arrogance was to blame for that debacle…………..and so it goes, so it goes……………….maybe I should just stick with calling this a movie…………all to experience the worst case scenario in darkness in order to learn from it and know it and know better and know what to do about it in the future….sigh…….waiting for the end so we can roll the credits…………right? Yes? No? maybe? Maybe not?
      Actually, in a realm of duality…it’s all interference…..pretty much everything interferes with something or everything else………..it’s inherent in the structure….but free will violations…that’s the tricky, sticky part…….at what point does that kick in? is that something that is defined on our side of things or on the other side of things? We agree to things and……once we’re here in a state of amnesia….we cry foul…….hmmmmmm……..ah well…..i’ll have to go back over it all when I get back to where I was…which is where I’m going………….lol……

      Question: if the dark road was allowed to eventuate and the non interference policy was allowed, why now, when we as a species are on the brink of self destruction, is the non interference policy strictly adhered too by the higher realms?
      WE…THEY…interfere all the time…note the millions of ships all around the solar system and beyond……but they can’t do it for us, now can they? We have to do something for ourselves, otherwise, why are we here and what good is it and what did we learn from this, if anything?
      Other species have been allowed to self-destruct on other planets in other places………and surely that could’ve been done here….except for the huge investment that has been made in this place…as a seed, experimental, school, prison planet and all……………so…..i guess there are those that feel we a right to self-destruct…..but then…who would file the charges? Or collect if they won? Hmmmmmmmm……..

      Question: can you reason with a fool? Can you lead a horse to water and make the horse drink? So how are we the so called “awakened” meant to help our fellow travellers when our fellow travellers refuse to let go of past conditioning and refuse to accept and acknowledge blatant proof before their very eyes regarding everything that is before them?
      You can’t…….no……by being examples of what you have experienced being awake is, to be….a squinting ey is still open…but sees little…yet sees more than one with eys closed. There are those that see the squint and say ‘open your eyes!’ and the squining one replies, ‘they are open’…..’open them all the way!’…..what do you mean? The bright light will render me blind!’….and they laugh……and so it goes….perhaps we can only see moonlight in the darkness and have yet to see the sun and so still have much to learn and to do and to be………be what you are to the fullest and grow in that that you may receive more light in your time and place to do so and let others do and be the same…..that’s the way it will be no matter what you do for
      God’s Will is absolute and supreme and ultimate in and over and through and for and by all things and that will is facilitated through us and in us and for us and all is as God sees fit to be and do and as we experience more of it, so shall it be that we understand enough to experience more……ad infinitum…

      Question: how do you have joy and love in your heart when every single being that is a part of your soul contract refuses to allow love and light into their world?
      All and every single one of them? Wow. And you know them all? All of them? Every single last one of them? Already? Wow…that’s a helluva thing to have accomplished while you’re still alive……..lol…besides…the love and joy in your heart….your love and joy is because of THE ONE. It has nothing to do with others and whether they see it or feel it or agree with you or not….you are where you needs must be doing what you needs must do and being what you needs must be in order to fulfill God’s Word in you that shall not come back to Him void……..if your love and joy depends on other material things and people and circumstances….well…..it will go up and down and fluctuate and be open to despair and fear………but THE ONE is eternal and infinite in all that IT is…always…..and as IT’S love and joy in you is the same…so shall your love and joy in IT be and IT shall be able to love you as you love IT and be joyful in you as you are in IT……for you are each other, after all…even as it is with all things at the same time…it is you and you have to maintain and develop and evolve YOUR part of/in this, as others do the same, regardless of their progress or seeming lack of it, in your eyes………in that sense it’s all relative, yet is still THE ONE being what it is…….all you can do is hold up your end and let the cause and effects of that be what they needs must be…..so just as the lives of others fall on them…so does yours fall on yourself………..in all circumstances……every moment……flow in love and joy in THE ONE flowing in love and joy in you.

      How do you fulfill your mission/purpose when the very ones you are meant to serve unconditionally are fighting you at every turn and with every breath?
      Serve God unconditionally…all others have conditions already attached…..how can they be served unconditionally? A man’s got to know his limitations [Clint Eastwood] and push the limits of them in order to reduce them [kibo]. Do as God would have you do and serve as God would have you serve….that will serve others enough whether they fight it or not. Everything is its own reward….get yours and let no one deny you the perfection you were created to return to.
      You can love unconditionally…but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with bullshit…….i love you, not what you do…I think is the operative phrase…………….

      Question: what does it take to realise that the game is lost and that the notion that humanity alone will and must pull it self out of this cestpit will not happen?
      I, don’t think or believe for a moment that the game is lost…..and, given enough time….maybe they could…………I don’t want to take that long, however……but we’ll see how it goes….i have to believe what I’m told…..so it has to be coming soon enough to make this all worthwhile……things could, of course, get really stupid before it’s over….really stupid…..more stupid than the old definition of stupid…..but people have to be shocked and awed into entertaining the notion that something is wrong and now is the time to fix it and make it right before it gets too late to do anything at all ……. they’re pretty much there now……one little nudge in the right direction would/could/should change everything……..let’s see in good faith and trust, how it goes and know that, god’s Will is being done for the best possible outcome and we are doing our best to fulfill our part and know the outcome of it all already and let that be our strength in the matter…..we’ll need that strength before it’s over, trust me………but lost? Ineffectual? No way. WE ARE GOD ON EARTH AND THAT’S THAT! WE WILL NOT AND CANNOT LOSE!
      Ok maybe some will go to further training and rehab……but we who have earned the right to be standing when the smoke clears….WE EARNED THAT!….WE WILL BE HERE!…SO THERE! Nyaaah!lol.

      Question: after 20 years of searching why is their very little common ground amongst channellers, seers, messengers and the like? Why are their so many conflicting stories from so called respected light workers?
      Lots of reasons…..agendas, motivations, corruption, unclear reception, expectations, being bought and sold, ego, commercialism…just to name a few…..THIS WHY YOU HAVE TO GO WITHIN AND HAVE THAT CONVERSATION WITH THE ONLY BEING THAT IS REALLY THERE TO TALK WITH AND ESTABLISH THAT RELATIONSHIP THE WAY IT WANTS IT TO BE AND MAKE UP YOUR OWN DAMN MIND!!!!!!

      Question: how can humanity transform when they do not want to acknowledge or accept the simple fact that they are not free and are nothing more than a commodity owned and controlled by a minority?
      Transform? Into what? Ascend? That is an individual thing. Humanity transforming is not the issue…in my eyes…..humanity LEARNING……….i think that’s a prerequisite….in fact, I’m sure of it…….so let’s get to point B before we try to get to Q……..[insert smile here] so as soon as they can acknowledge the reality of their situation…they can begin learning how to transform that reality according to God’s Will and not the will of men…….which is the problem with their present reality………..sigh……cosmic slap in the face….the shock and awe tango……herewego!

      Question: how can the heavenly realms truly believe that humans are capable of transforming this madness when a simple kind gesture to a stranger is a rarity?
      The real rarity is HEARING about kindness…it happens everyday but hearing about it all the time tends to be counterproductive to the Zionist agenda…………you do kind things every day, right? So where’s your news spot? Am I right? Just keep working and don’t worry about it…at least…YOU’RE being kind! Right?

      Question: why are qualities such as integrity, honesty, truth laughed upon and seen as a weakness?
      There’s no money in it…for starters………..and since everything is based upon how much money you have……..these qualities are best lied about if one is going to make it big in the material world……for those that don’t give a shit and want to be as God is……..ain’t it funny that people laugh? Hehehmuhahahahaha God laughs…with you or at you…….you get to decide which you prefer by your actions….some people find out too late….ah well…you really care about them enough to act like them?

      Question: how do I strengthen my light when all around me their is nothing but darkness and despair and no one wants to take ownership of themselves and their actions?
      There is not nothing but darkness and despair all around you. It could be that that is all you notice, for some reason………or maybe you are correct…what do I know?…i am not where you are, doing what you are doing and being what you are being…….
      Your journey is unique….yet shared by all who walk the path……you are tested….tested by darkness but it is all part of the plan…….God tests you against the darkness and uses the darkness to do it and tests the darkness with the light to see the same results, if not better………..you have to remember that all of this is not a one way street. It is not the darkness assailing you or fighting you or enslaving you or whatever it is perceived that it is doing to you…it is also what you are doing to them….light shines better in the darkness because it has to……light in light can relax and just……..merge…which is nice but really……progress is soooooooooo freaking slow…….
      Here…oh especially here…..you are forced to confront the shit and burn it away…..remember fire is light and in the right hands and heart, it can protect and show the way and it can also destroy obstacles in your path………..light in all its glory, comes in many forms and waves and pulses and energies and vibrations and frequencies….remember, the whole of material creation is a hologram of varying degrees of light manipulation to produce varying forms of solidity……..thank God for ultimatons…but that’s another paper…………… so consciousness uses light and is light and manifests itself with and in and upon light and because you are the same…..you work with that and cooperate with it and use each other to get the job done……you do nothing in and of yourself…God is all of it through you…that is Divine Love, which guides and maintains all things in and beyond creation…..but you have to be open to it and want it more than anything else…is there anything else?….. the love and gratitude that you pour into your relationship with THE ONE within and all around you is what allows THE ONE to reciprocate…the same for trust and faith……the more you give the more you are because God gives to Itself. Think about that for a moment………God is getting back what He put into you…finally…oh the excitement of it all! You better believe that He is going to pour as much as He can into you in order to grow you as completely and as fully as possible in the most expedient amount of time…which really doesn’t matter in and of itself but….in a realm with time….let’s get it done while you’re there…because you are really God giving back onto Itself…………..It is fulfilling Itself as you……….you will never get more than you can handle…but you asked for more…so flow with what comes and remember who and what you are in reality and let that act with and through and for you to get you, yourself and YOU all ready and wrapped up to go in a neat little pretty packaged present that Gives to Itself…PERFECT YOU IN PERFECTION! Just stay with your master and keep having the conversation and don’t stop for anything…be there all the time, as much as possible and you will see it happening and you will experience it enough to be stronger deeper, higher, wider…………places of expansiveness that you could not go alone, IT will place you and you will learn and know joy in hard and dark times and dance in the light of an everlasting and ever present sun……eyes wide open………..this has been my experience and I’m still learning…but that’s me…..go get yours…..now.

      and thank you for doing it! May the light of life bless you and protect you with every breath!
      Thank you for the questions…apologies for taking so long to answer them all……God bless you and all of you in all good things all the time and everywhere….always and forever……kibo


  20. Denise says:

    I agree too that this/our journey is an immense unimaginable game at play. As one becomes more enlightened in ones search for TRUTH, they move into a different place in the game. As TRUTH is the highest vibration, one living their TRUTH is thus changing their energy field/vibration. This in itself changes their journey, as the picture is now more clearer, and the moves more articulate.

    Living Universal/Divine Truth in accordance with Divine Consciousness is living and experiencing the ONENESS OF SOURCE AND CREATION, as suddenly one is a Co-Creator of Lighted Truth in the here and now. The game as now moved to a different playing field, as this is the pinnacle of our journey here and ONE in this place in the game is in full awareness of their position. Kibo and Every person alive right now living in this state of Divine Consciousness is Co-Creating and changing the face of this world…..thus the game is changing! It really is not a complicated game except for the deceit and set challenges placed in the way by a few misguided ones here who are trying to win the game their way. The power of this Unit of Light (as Brian mentioned) is getting stronger thus tipping the scales each moment of every breath…..thus changing the playing field of this game. This will ultimately bring the game to an end, as Victory will be declared by the Lighted Realms of Time and Space. The Power and the Magic is within each one of us, it is called LOVE! Love and Truth go hand and hand and are the greatest allies in any game…..they checkmate everything! They WIN all the time!


  21. Brian says:

    Games are games. Some are fun to play and others not so much. What game do you intend on playing? What is one’s motivation for playing…if they choose to play….whose side are you on? what side do you find yourself to be part of? do you want to be on another side? who wins and who loses? Turning liabilities into assets…that’s a darn good game there, if ya ask me…!!

    Why do we have this Divine Game?
    What’s the point?
    Are you aware of the part your piece is playing….?
    Are you allowing yourself to be used by another in their game?
    Whose move is it?

    Jihad is one of the more serious games…..do you enjoy that one?

    My daughter and i started a game of monopoly couple weeks ago…never finished it…it is still sitting on the table like we left it….waiting to be played…or not…

    Are you playing a game w/yourself? I do…all the time….sometimes i purposely drive myself mad or make it harder on myself because…instinctively i know it is for the best…individual games are exhausting….but i know my game…forgive me Pops! He allows me to play His Game, but knows my motivation…my reasons for doing what I do…..like a friend once said, when i told them of something i was doing to get to where i needed to be, you know you can just ‘be there’…you don’t have to cause yourself hardships, etc…..just be there…
    The moves I make or don’t were designed by me in concert with Those On High…I am seeing this more and more….realizing that all is for the best of all concerned all the time…I am part of a much much bigger game…..are you?

    So, yes it is indeed a game…make no mistake regardless of what you think is going on….

    But this game is for Perfection….

    We all need, now more than ever, to become active in what moves we choose to execute….

    Pieces in The Divine Game, which are not so dear to Pops, will have to move to another board to continue their game there…
    Do you want to play on that one or move to a higher one?
    One that presents more of a challenge….with more chances for advancement…

    I think that most of us who read here would agree w/me….we can become one giant piece…although, that’s a little ways off yet but maybe not that far….;) who knows?

    We have to get ourselves together individually first then perhaps as a unit later on…
    That idea excites me…moves me very brightly!

    What can be achieved when this happens…..what warm fuzzies we can bring to Papa….

    To hear Him say Good Job, Son! I knew I could count on you….well, that’s about as good as it gets….my pleasure Pops, my pleasure!


  22. Brian says:

    This from Meher Baba: The Everything and the Nothing

    Toys in the Divine Game–
    The Infinite alone exists and is Real; the finite is passing and false.
    The Original Whim in the Beyond caused the apparent descent of
    the Infinite into the realm of the seeming finite. This is the Divine
    Mystery and Div ine Game in which Infinite Consciousness for
    ever plays on all levels of finite consciousness.
    I am Infinite Consciousness, inter-penetrating and transcending all
    states of limited consciousness. The most primal and the most
    final categories of consciousness—say a stone or a saint – are
    equidistant from me, so I am equally approachable by all. I am the
    Unwavering loyalty to the Way is the real remedy for the sickness
    of impressioned consciousness. Some of my lovers, owing to
    fluctuating faith, fail to understand this and run hither and thither
    for Freedom. For me it then becomes a matter of retrieving them,
    and others wonder why I give so much attention to these people.
    A child has many toys, and it likes to play with some more than
    with others, and one is so dear t hat he won’t part with it even
    when he goes to bed. If someone snatches away a favourite toy
    he must get it back, and if one gets broken he demands that it be
    mended; he will not be consoled with another even more costly
    It is the same with me. I am a child whose playground is the
    universe. All beings and things are my toys in my divine Game —
    compared with my being and power all are inanimate toys —but they are toys which I
    inspire with my life-giving love.
    All are equally me and I reside in each always, but some are
    dearer to me, and if one of these is taken from me I must get him
    back. And others have no right to wonder why I show so much
    concern for this one.


  23. pcadille says:


    just to comment the saying we are One or “we are all each other” stated in your previous message. ( I just dicovered your web site)
    About two years ago I have lived some bad experience with a relative of mine and during a visualization process while I was reacting mentally to some bad behaviour of this relative, and where I almost came at destroying the person, I did experience a very extreme hurt at my very heart (not the beating heart but the very heart that I now know is connected to each being and any creation of the world) revealing me that I am one with the person I reacted against.

    It all starts with opening one’s own very heart and let the Love energy do its work. Such experience helps you not to react too emotionaly (even though it still happens but you can manage it much much better and quickly) and to put a distance with what happens around you as you learn to respect the free will of others and do not give ground to it, especially when you feel that there a “touch” of manipulation and deception in it

    We are all One.
    Let Peace and Joy be our home
    From heart to heart
    with Love


  24. Edy says:


    This another day at the LAWN, where exist a daily struggle for surviving, this area is like a war scenario where much are willing to die, others to help and some others are willing to live and if you already realize, there, exists a very wise and strong member: THE WEEDS… weeds are like some men and women that are too, willing to fight, those men and women of the LIGHT, fight everyday to help, to share, to teach, doing their very best effort to being heard.

    I was enlightened one day when I was pulling out some weeds at the lawn, that some plants willingly let you take them out from Earth easily, there are some at the lawn that are not specifically
    weeds and maybe, you can eat some, that’s why they are so easy to remove, but WEEDS..OMG.
    weeds are hard to remove and sometimes you have to use both hands.

    WEEDS are like LIGHTWORKERS, they have a big root, strong and determined to stay and you will need much to discourage them.

    WEEDS as LIGHTWORKERS are willing to spread all around, to spread and share their essence.

    SO..How big and strong is your root?, How determined are you to share that knowledge?

    WEEDS really are determined to cover the entire lawn !! How determined are you to cover this world?

    Let’s ponder it..



  25. Dave says:







    • kibodabi says:

      Well…you have to admit that it is expedient to check….just in case……..

      and what would you have me do? I have done my best to give whatever truth I have learned and felt as it has been given to me to do so. This is my part and place and this is it………..you have to realize that…yeah…I came here to learn…observe, report….be a witness to these times……and you’ll have to forgive me if I have tried to have as much fun as I can while I’ve been doing all this and learning and remembering whatever I can about my being in all of this…..it’s been a lifetime of work and forty years of it knowing it and slowly making my way up the ladder and onto the path and slowly up that, as well….and here I am……….what do you think I am?
      I never claimed to be a big mucky muck in all of this……..I am a scribe, at this point…..I get to give my opinion in…..numerous places….and maybe i’m listened to and maybe not………..I do my best to keep in touch and that’s a task in and of itself. Being a Michael Son around here…..even if I have been afforded the luxury of having time to think about things that, apparently, most other people don’t think about thinking about……all that is just a matter of point of origin……I am in a human vehicle doing human things from a human perspective and my present frame of mind is also thanks to what I have experienced in the thoughts of other humans around me…….The things I have said, in and of myself, is nothing new…others know it and have known it and that sharing that we do is what allows me to stand firmly in the things that I know to be truth……….
      The messages have also taught me a lot…..I could never have come up with such things on my own…so I am grateful to have been helpful in any way possible and have benefitted greatly from it.

      But as to what I am responsible for in this thing….it seems that you know better than I do what I should be responsible for. I am responsible for the ascension of the consciousness attached to this vehicle as a matter of fulfilling the experience of being human on this planet……that’s the best I can do in this condition. Perhaps, when things have changed and the dust is settled, we’ll see what’s what and what I have to work with and what my orders are and act accordingly. right now, this is what I have to work with [and it ain’t much, let me tell you] and whatever it is that PAPA and The Boss want me to do, i’m sure i’ll be able to get it done with Their help…in spite of myself……and that’s where I am right now…just trying to be helpful. The only thing that I know that I am responsible for in this thing has already been hashed out and worked out and when the time comes, it will happen as agreed upon and that’s that….but it has nothing to do with whether or not they decide to surrender and act accordingly. Payment is still extracted for their actions here and now and there is no escape from that, nor should there be. Everything is its own reward, after all……

      and I like the puppet story…it says a lot…….it’s okay with me if you think you have power and can do things on your own. I come from the ” All comes from and is found in God and I can do nothing in and of myself, but it is our Father in the heavens that does all things through, with, by, for, in and around me.” That much I have learned.
      I have not yet reached that place where I have earned the right to true and total freedom and liberty and the power and understanding, skills and talents that come with it. I am closer than I was….but so is anyone that strives for the perfection that has been mandated by Source. so nothing special about me there.
      PAPA has more names than there are minds and personalities in existence in the whole of creation…..we just try to find titles that we can use together that have meaning to all who use them. If you have a problem with that…all being all and all…tuff…suck it up and keep moving forward………..so unless you think that I can snap my fingers and just make whatever I want happen…I don’t see the real point in a lot of what you have to say….so…..could you be more specific?

      Thanks btw…you’re doing a swell job! But I really do wish that you had it in you to share your own thoughts/feelings about all of this and really get into joining in with the great dialogue we could have here if everyone pitched in earnestly and sincerely. you’re still to focused on me as an entity and not enough on the values and concepts the entity is offering to discuss. I was really hoping you’d rise to the occasion……but maybe you’ll figure it out in time.
      you should realize by now….Dave
      I don’t need your comments
      I want them…….see how that works?



      • Dave says:

        I see, it’s ok with me, just a reminder, and just for you, nothing special.
        Forgive me, please.

        Where is the break-point of our thinking and responsibility? Did we stop always too early?
        Oooh, I can’t see the whole picture and I just have to use this human vehicle and senses?

        What could drive our mind and thoughts out of the box?


      • Brian says:

        that would make a great license plate, btw…..


  26. theo says:

    Regarding the games played on our planet, I would have a question.
    I understand GOLD was needed to help a certain planet of the dark survive, and so Gaia got
    plundered and most of the gold here amassed and maybe sent off planet.
    Then DNA was degraded and people made into slaves, for after all, Gaia is a beautiful planet
    and to live here is not bad at all, even though underground.
    But now, even when the battle is lost, — and they all KNOW it — there is still a feverish, crazy, mad
    RUN to gather as many IDENTITIES of humans, as possible. All their cameras put together millions
    of metric data of faces and voices of many Humans — WHAT FOR???
    Are these STOLEN IDENTITIES sent somewhat, somewhere OFF our Planet?
    Is there any danger, they could plan, in a certain future, to fabricate bodies with the stolen faces
    and voices and attack us anew, in the millions?
    This is a dirty game again, that I don’t like.
    Please let the High Councils check on this situation, thank you.
    All my Blessings to you, divine brother.


    • kibodabi says:

      not sure about that one….it seems to me that keeping tabs on as many people as possible is a control freak thing. However, it has been said that they look for certain types of people to use for their own purposes…and also…i’m sure it helps in the sex and organ trafficking……rumours of people being shipped off for labor on the colonies on Mars and other places………it’s always possible that they made clones of people they thought could be useful….but we’re told that their cloning operations are running on bare bones ….if not defunct………….once everything actually does kick in, it will all be a moot point….history lessons of an example of what happens when you let certain things happen and continue to happen……..let the high councils continue to take care of the bigger picture and let us, who are closer to the situation, do what must be done to take care of this once and for all. IMHO


  27. Mariza says:

    Oi Kibo,
    Gostei do espaço “democrático” para conversarmos!
    Com relação à Mensagem anterior, fiquei em dúvida se a população perceberá
    que está havendo intervenção Divina por trás dos evento e/ou mudanças.
    Um abraço e obrigada,


    • kibodabi says:

      Thanks……hope to see a lot of you there…oh…and thanks, btw, for all your hard work in getting the posts put up in TIU, in more readable form…….and I love you, too! [smile] I don’t think most of the population is aware of true details and most are sorting out what they come across and have learned here and there……..it will all be put in order when the time comes and all due evidence is given as to the truth of things…but that will be mostly after the fact..as people must be allowed to come as close as they can to the answers and then see what their grades are….so to speak…..we are all experiencing the same thing differently….irregardless of how much or how little we agree on anything particular thing….wo people cannot have the exact same thought/feeling experience on any one thing…even standing side by side on the beach at sunset and agreeing how beautiful it is means that each one has a…by whatever measure…different experience of that beauty by whatever degree of ……grokking? being? vibes? but just as no two people are exactly alike, neither can their experience of a thing be exactly alike…so it helps to go over stuff in order to better appreciate the experience of others as part of our own experience………….. so many will be trying to deal with it and many will just react selfishly and many will just freak out and many will seek to help out as a sort of crisis mode…….it is all part of the experience and we should all take very detailed notes and pay special qattention as witnesses to it all from our own being…….so may are not here to witnesss and have this singular event to experience…it will never happen again in this way, anywhere, anytime………this is it and we must all learn as much as we can before it’s all over……it is invaluable knowledge to the whole of creation……….woo…what a cosmic resume point this is making! lol! cya! kibo > Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 17:26:45 +0000 > To: unicorn700@msn.com >


      • theo says:

        ***…hope to see a lot of you there…oh…and thanks, btw, for all your hard work in getting the posts put up in TIU, in more readable form…….and I love you, too! [smile] ***

        Hi, my beloved flying brother,
        my butterfly antenae sensed your words being addressed to me…i was looking for posts
        of your messages in spanish or portuguese on TIU and found none… so it must be me. It is a great honour for me to place them there, so not need ever for so many thanks…And because i love you, i simply sent you a PM with ‘I love you’.
        Thank you for your smile! For smiles are so sweet games of life, they make me laugh.
        And i love laughing.


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