Earth Alliance & Patriot News for May 18th, 2023

 By Mark Baughman               

 Sources: Ted Mahr videos, Q interviews, Gene Decodes live and videos,, C-Vine News Network, Operation Disclosure, Jared Rand, Skye Prince, Before Its News, Michelle Fielding, Zorra of Hollow Earth, Michael Jaco, James Gilliland, Alex Collier, Dinar Chronicles, Q drops, Benjamin Fulford Website, DoD, Era of Light, and Other Live Conference Calls. 5/17/2023 News: Jared’s Conference Call 5/17/2023” The Truth and only the Truth”.

  Articles:   The Arcturian Group: Walk by on the other Side, Tahinio of the Yahyel: A New Timeline of Love/Light on Earth, the 9D Arcturian Council: What You’ll Realize in the Coming, The MOST IMPORTANT $#! T you’ll read THIS YEAR, and (extremely good articles for the advanced spiritually) Kryon: Lightworker Responsibilities.


Cosmic Wheel Turns Excerpt:


 “This is not ‘business as usual.’ The world is encountering a global reset in the etheric levels of existence, similar to a software upgrade. The new operating system is coming online. The human etheric neural network is processing new code, new data, new intelligence. It all feels so different.

The human psyche is becoming aware of the program upgrade. The mind realizes it is under reconstruction.”

Kryon: Lightworker Responsibilities Excerpt:


“I’d like to list some of the responsibilities for you of what we would call the enlightened Human Being. We will define enlightenment. Enlightenment is a process whereby a Human Being’s divine request is granted, to look inside and find more than what they see in simple 4D. So, it’s about intent, is it not? You might say enlightenment is, therefore, intent to discover the unseen inside yourself. It’s not a doctrine; it’s not an absolute, and it can’t be quantified. It’s a process. One Human’s enlightenment may not look enlightening to anyone around them, for what a Human find inside is different for each individual. But it is a process, a search – is it not – for unseen things?

Ascension, as we’ve defined and described it before, is a Human Being stepping out of this lifetime and into another without dying. Isn’t that revolutionary? When the Human does this, everything shifts; everything changes.”


Jared’s Conference Call 5/17/2023” The Truth and only the Truth”.

-) On the intel people around the world: Understand the Deep State have cleverly put fake Deep State players. PLEASE GET IT, USE COMMON SENSE: “The Top priority for the Deep State is to NOT let the people be wealthy, keep them poor.” This is the reason you have to DESERN your intel and who you get it from!! SOME, IT JUST NOT TRUE!! The basic RULE is, “if the statement has some type of FEAR projected or TOTAL control, IT IS DEEP STATE at this point in time. Like the Biggy”: Nuclear Weapons are going to go off, the White Hats have this totally in control. Or, the Digital Currency the illuminati banking system is going to be installed, for total control: IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! The good guys or Alliance is going to implement the QFS and RESET all currencies on an even playing field. We are going to take down all the corrupt banking systems, like the illuminati controlled central banks and the federal reserve.

-) There are a lot of scams, there are planted people out there to mis-inform. (My Example, Not Jared’s) Like, the guy in Spain who says he is in Charge of the R/V GCR, ok, let us you just common sense. He has NO security, and lives in a house with his wife and son. Goes on videos everyday and even goes to some of the patriot forums or meetings. Remember, the number one priority for the illuminati is NOT let the Real R/V GCR happen and not to allow the money transfer to “The People”! They would have killed him years ago. I know many intel people that are real, and over the years, the deep state did try to kill them. Some have been killed, and you have an idiot saying he is head of i– wide-open?  Screw your head on straight!!! Nick Fleming years ago, stated he was CIA, operative. Hell, I seen him on video taking pictures of other people’s ZIM, so he can cash in on it. Hell, too, he has admitted to deliver cash (his job, he took) by airplane for the illuminati for years. Please, get a grip on some of these people!! Understand, the military Alliance uses compartmentalization to keep information secure, and would never have someone out talking every day, with such a BIG EGO be a part of any major part of “The Greatest Shift of Planet Earth Ever!”

-) Jared on the Subject of Med-Beds, there are much false information out there, like “Your frequency is mostly your responsibility to health, the Med Bed can only do a certain amount”. This is crap!! Understand, keeping your health once you have been healed is a vibration or frequency thing. If you cure an Alcoholic, and says he will reform, you take care of his/her health, ok. But if that alcoholic relapses, it is on him/her, and that is part of the learning or higher frequency.


Vastness of Being: Flowing Love Excerpt:


 “In this time of chaotic maneuverings, the efforts to control will fall short, will slip away. A hand reaching to grasp a desired outcome will find that they grasp at smoke, at dust, at sand falling through their fingers. Energies are aligning with love, with open hearts collaborating towards a sustainable, thriving way of living together, not separate or divided. Nurturing into being the recognition of connection to All That Is. When people focus on love, their own radiance of love, they send this love into the world and it joins the stream of energy of love that others are amplifying and it becomes stronger and stronger.”


The Arcturian Group: Walk by on the other Side Excerpt:


 “The reason there are so many evolved souls on Earth now is that the time has come for Earth to evolve beyond the extreme density it has been in for too long. The presence of high resonating energy was needed to break through and dissolve the density of earth’s collective consciousness. You who are presently living the mystical life are those who chose to be on earth where your evolved state of consciousness would automatically add increasingly more of these higher energies.

An evolved consciousness in alignment with truth is capable of witnessing and experiencing third dimensional issues without adding sustaining energy to them. A state of consciousness that knows there is only ONE and that anything other than that ONE is an expression of duality, separation, and two powers is a powerful force for change because one with God is a majority. You who live from a consciousness of truth are Light Warriors even if you think you are doing nothing.”

Tahinio of the Yahyel: A New Timeline of Love/Light on Earth Excerpt:


“And at this time, we see a lot of light approaching your reality, intense periods of introspection and challenge are always followed by expansions into greater light. And times of greater light are now approaching in your world.”


It is inevitable due to the laws of creation that as you move into a higher, more love-light oriented timeline there will be those that more into a darker, service to self-timeline. And this is okay, this is the polarity of creation, the light could not exist without the dark. It is these darker, service to self-entities that highlighted for you the opportunity to move towards the light. It was by seeing the intense darkness in your reality that you were propelled to seek the light.

The Arcturian Group: Walk by on the other Side

Posted on 05/15/2023 

Dear readers, welcome to our message.

The underlying reality of oneness automatically prompts most individuals to try and make things better, to change the bad pictures into good ones.

This does not mean that you who understand about three-dimensional illusion should “walk by on the other side” but means that you must be aware of the universal pull to align with appearances. It will help you stay centered if you give less or no attention to today’s constant bombardment from the media and refrain from engaging in polarized political or religious discussions.

The reason there are so many evolved souls on earth now is that the time has come for earth to evolve beyond the extreme density it has been in for too long. The presence of high resonating energy was needed to break through and dissolve the density of earth’s collective consciousness. You who are presently living the mystical life are those who chose to be on earth where your evolved state of consciousness would automatically add increasingly more of these higher energies.

An evolved consciousness in alignment with truth is capable of witnessing and experiencing third dimensional issues without adding sustaining energy to them. A state of consciousness that knows there is only ONE and that anything other than that ONE is an expression of duality, separation, and two powers is a powerful force for change because one with God is a majority. You who live from a consciousness of truth are Light Warriors even if you think you are doing nothing.

A state of consciousness once attained can never regress back to its previous state and will override the many forms of three-dimensional hypnotism simply because it is the reality. Many have tried to go back to a previous time when things seemed easier but always present in the midst of their activities was consciousness saying “hello”. An example: Most of you have had opportunities to steal and perhaps even considered it at times, but you never followed through because honesty, which is a facet of oneness, was your state of consciousness.

Some spiritually evolved individuals find it easy to love others but are unable to love themselves. Often when words said or actions taken in the past are seen through more evolved eyes, it brings about shame, guilt, self-loathing, and the belief that they are unworthy of love or even of doing spiritual work.

Because of the density and pressures of living in a third dimensional world, most require a few years to consciously awaken into their attained state of consciousness. During these fragile earlier years most become hypnotized by the concepts and beliefs they were taught by parents and society leading them to do and say the very things now causing them guilt and shame.

Self-loathing is present in almost everyone and underlies the prescription and street drug epidemic, violence, lashing out at others, depression, etc. The bottom line of third dimensional energy is “You will never be good enough.”. Because the state of consciousness of the majority remains three dimensional most simply accept this to be the truth about themselves.

If you experience self-loathing, hatred, or guilt when looking back at earlier times in your life remember that the personal human, ego sense of self is a material concept of you. The person you ignorantly believed yourself to be in the past and even now is not the reality. Waking up to this fact is what evolution all about.

Many know this, but fall into the ego trap of needing a sense of punishment for past actions and so continue to think of themselves as “less than”. Forgive the self of the past that made less than loving choices just as you forgive others, make amends when appropriate, and begin to identify with your real Self rather than a false concept of you.

Often an incoming soul will choose to be born into a family with that can activate the energy they have chosen to clear, some belief that they have carried from lifetime to lifetime and are now prepared to move on from. The process often takes years because the particular energy must first be activated, lived, seen through, finally cleared. For example, a person may choose to incarnate into a family fully engaged in the strict religious beliefs of some particular religion in order to reactivate this same long carried energy in themselves. This is particularly true for many who have lived many lives and taken vows in convents, monasteries, ashrams, or rigid organized religions.

In meditation simply rest in a silent awareness of oneness. No need for petitions, imaginings of this and that, or constantly repeating mantras. These things are tools for those not yet used to sitting quietly. Mediation may begin with the contemplation of some truth or asking for Lighter but eventually should move into resting in the awareness of being the fullness of Divine Consciousness. Gradually the deeper insights that come in meditation become your state of consciousness where they then manifest outwardly.

Serious students of truth struggle intensely to attain a higher state of consciousness. They practice what they know, meditate, seriously attempt to stay centered in truth at all times and yet continue to have experiences that cause them to redouble their efforts in the belief that they must be doing something wrong. It is important to understand that the transition from one state of consciousness to a higher comes by Grace and not through human effort.

Grace is the activity of the Divine within and when a person is spiritually ready for their next step, it happens. There may be lessons to learn, experiences to have, and clearings to take place before even the very evolved are ready for their next step. Cease struggling to attain some preconceived concept about ascension or a particular state of consciousness because to do so simply illustrates that you believe you are separate from that which you seek.

Miracles of transformation do occasionally happen where a person suddenly and without seeming effort shifts into a new and higher state of consciousness. This occasionally happens when the higher state of consciousness has already been attained but the person is totally unaware of it and when they finally open themselves to truth, the door swings open with a bang.

All seeking, begging, and praying for things simply adds energy to beliefs of separation that originally created and continue to perpetuate the world’s bondage to lack, limitation, suffering, pain, even death. Learn to go within, where everything needed is already fully present. Because…

“My oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all that God is.”

We are the Arcturian Group


Tahinio of the Yahyel: A New Timeline of Love/Light on Earth

Posted on 05/15/2023 


Hello I am Tahinio, Good Day! I welcome you to this new phase of your Earths evolution, the timeline is shifting rapidly at present.

There are many people moving into darker realities due to their choices and misperceptions of reality. However, we are glad to say that if you are reading this you are not one of them.


It is inevitable due to the laws of creation that as you move into a higher, more love-light oriented timeline there will be those that more into a darker, service to self timeline. And this is okay, this is the polarity of creation, the light could not exist without the dark. It is these darker, service to self entities that highlighted for you the opportunity to move towards the light. It was by seeing the intense darkness in your reality that you were propelled to seek the light.

And at this time, we see a lot of light approaching your reality, intense periods of introspection and challenge are always followed by expansions into greater light. And times of greater light are now approaching in your world.


As always we suggest you look within, do the work so to speak, look for any areas in your life that still are hidden by shadow. Subconscious fears, doubts that you create your reality and so forth, decide what is true. This is really all it takes – become aware of that which is not serving you, those beliefs, ideas and perspectives that drag you down. Those thoughts that are products of your society that you just “know” are not true but sometimes grip you and drag you into chaos.

Each time you feel your frequency lowering observe what is occurring in your consciousness, what thoughts are associated with this lowering of vibration. Observe and reassess, very often you will see that you do not really believe in these negative perspectives but somehow they “hook” you. This is due to you being connected to the collective mind of your world and the environment you live in. However, the more you observe these negative perspectives moving in your consciousness the less grip they will have on you. The less power they will have to take you over and the more easily you will come back to a centred state of pure consciousness. Awareness that you are the love/light being you came here to be, and ultimately have always been.


So let go of the shadow and embrace the light. The potential to shift timelines to a greater version of yourself and your planet has never been higher. The more you transform the shadow to light over the coming months the faster you shift to a timeline that blows your mind.

The shift is approaching, a shift of consciousness to love, joy and happiness that many of still doubt is possible. But as long as you do the work, stay aligned to who you know you are in your heart, and carry out the tasks that excite you to the best of your ability you will make the jump.

And so, it is our honour at this time to invite you into reality as we see it. A reality of love, joy, peace and unbounded potential. Over the coming weeks you will experience levels of love/light consciousness you have not seen for a long time. Perhaps since you took on the physical body in this world. You will suddenly find yourself feeling happy, healthy and free on a level you never expected. You will wonder why you didn’t stay happy like this before. But know it’s because you did the work, on some level in some way you made a choice to battle the darkness and fight your way back to the light.

Now you are beginning to see the fruits of your work, and if you’re not feeling this right now you will begin to see glimpses of this over the weeks ahead. A new era of love and light is entering your world.


The task ahead is a long one, your time in this reality is not up yet for the majority of you, you’re not getting out that easily. But know in a sense that you are “getting out” because you are entering a new version of Earth. A version of Earth more closely aligned to the frequencies some of you remember as “home”

And so, the great homecoming celebration begins, a new era of love and light starts. Enjoy your summer if this is your part of the world. Kick back and relax, for you will need the energy for the rapid acceleration of consciousness occurring at the end of year. We look forward to meeting you in your new year in a new reality and experience of Earth.

For now, enjoy the times of upliftment that are coming. We celebrate with you Earth humans, for a new day is dawning. A new era is beginning for the many thousands of you that have made the shift to this new timeline. The shift has begun and the great awakening is here.

Welcome home Earth humans. Good day. I am Tahinio of the Yahyel signing out and glad to be of your service in some form for ever more. Shivai and good day Earth humans. Good day!

The 9D Arcturian Council: What You’ll Realize in the Coming Weeks & Months

Posted on 05/15/2023 

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been connecting with many of you while you are in the waking state, and we are not alone in this endeavor. There are many higher-dimensional beings and collectives who are connecting with humans who are in the waking state, and there are many humans who have just not yet realized that they are being contacted by a consciousness that is other than their own. This is something that more and more people are going to be realizing in the coming weeks and months, as there is another mass awakening occurring at this time, which means all sorts of doorways are being opened.

And because you are all connected, those of you who are already awake are going to be having more realizations. A lot of those realizations are going to be about the connections you already have, the experiences with consciousness that you’ve been having, and you’re also going to realize where you want to go with all of that. You are going to be channeling a lot more and realizing that you are channeling when you do. You are also preparing yourselves for physical extra-terrestrial contact by having these types of connections occur. 

You are beginning to recognize that the veil is thinning, that your skies are full of ships, and that so many of your fellow humans are channeling, are connecting, and are having the experiences that are paving the way for all people having e.t. contact. Once you recognize that you are making connections to other realms and other beings, you then have to decide what to do about it. You can of course do nothing with that realization, but many of you are going to feel compelled to tell that story or to share that information with others, and as you do, you will be helping so many who are having similar experiences and don’t know what to do with theirs.

This is a wonderful time to be awake there on Earth because you know so much more that can bring you solace, peace, and because you can take what you know and go so much further with it. Now is not the time to be suppressing anything or denying anything, especially that which is happening to you and through you. Let yourselves have the experiences without questioning whether they are real, and know that you are there to give yourselves and others permission to have these connections and these contact experiences. You are there to light the way for so many others, and you are there to do much more than the generations who have come before you have been able to do. 

This is your time, and the time is now, and you will feel that urgency to connect and express what it is that you are receiving. It will become an undeniable force in your life and one that you will feel much relief in expressing to your fellow humans. And now is just the beginning of what is to come in regards to all of the connections that you can and will make while in your physical body there on planet Earth. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.



Posted on 05/15/2023 

Greetings, light gang! Your very own (and all-time favorite!) Don Spectacularism is BACK! Back with yet another long-ass article (but it’ll be worth it and you know it) about spirituality, galactic roller coasters and sex! Alright alright, I’ll leave the sex talk to Tunia as usual (don’t we all?)

So, straight to the point. I’ve been smelling a fair amount of victim consciousness spreading around these here parts as of late. Ideas such as “the Galactics need to come save us”, and “When will the ascended masters come over and rescue us” and “Jesus take the wheel!”

Jesus didn’t even know the difference between a steering wheel and a pinwheel, folks.

But, that’s beside the point. The point is that, a LOT of people within the spiritual community have lately been getting DEPENDENT. HOPELESS. VICTIMISED.

Well then, reminder reminder! You, dearest sir (or ma’am), are an ETERNAL facet and expression of GOD. Aka the REAL “Top G”. The One Infinite Creator. The Source of all things. The Alpha and the Omega. The One.

In other words, it is YOU who are supposed to take your life by the wheel (and leave Jesus to do them wheelies instead, as and when he sees fit).

Yes, the Galactics and the Ascended Masters and the Inner Earthers and the Angels and the Archangels and the Elohim and the Source Creator are ALL there to ASSIST YOU indeed (as and when you ASK them for it); but they’re not, and I repeat, NOT here to do YOUR JOB for you! Nope. Nada. Nahin. Not happening. Ever.


You are NOT weak.

You are NOT helpless.

You are NOT hopeless.

You are NOT here to be rescued.

You did NOT come here to be spoonfed your own ASCENSION.

You, my friends, are beings of INFINITE POWER.





The first power you have is that of FREE WILL. This isn’t just the power to “do this when you want to” and “do that when you don’t.” It’s also very much so the power to CHOOSE how you feel in any given moment.

So, how do you even USE IT?

One, if you have something fun and exciting to do already, like a hobby or absolutely anything you enjoy spending time on (could literally be watching the TV or sleeping), then you go do THAT and find your joy.

But what if you don’t? Or simply have no access to what you truly desire?

Then, my friends, you dive into your God-gifted IMAGINATION.

That ONE PLACE in which you can experience any and all fantasies and fetishes of yours and find joy (no matter how very wild) 24x7x365.

Alternatively, you can simply be GRATEFUL for anything that you DO HAVE at this moment and find joy there. Have eyes to read this text? Express gratitude for it. Drank a glass of refreshing water? Express gratitude for it. Found the best porn clip ever? Express gratitude for it.

No, the CREATOR of all realities does not judge or condemn you for watching porn or engaging in prostitution or doing absolutely ANY. FUCKING. THING. No matter how “wrong” as per human beings’ standards. One, because the fucking CREATOR has better things to do.

And two, because you’re ITS ASPECT and hence, IT loves you UNCONDITIONALLY and INFINITELY.

You couldn’t piss it off if you tried.

And anyone, absolutely ANYONE telling you otherwise is just manipulating you. (Manipulating you into hating yourself, becoming a victim, feeling guilt etc. is VERY profitable, research suggests).

Which brings me to another VERY IMPORTANT point.

A lot of channeled messages are attempting to guilt trip you into ascending yourself or helping others or whatnot.

That if you “don’t assist others”, or “don’t grow spiritually”, or that if the Earth (or its peoples) don’t ascend because you’re not “committed enough”, something terrible will happen and that YOU will be responsible for it.

My dear friends, the CREATOR of all realities does NOT give a SINGLE FUCK as to whether this project so-called “succeeds” or not.


Because LIFE is ETERNAL.



And there are no such things as “failures” in Source’s vocabulary. Only LEARNINGS.

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not that the CREATOR (who is YOU) does not “desire” Ascension of all upon this world.

But that’s its DESIRE, and NOT its ATTACHMENT.

SOURCE (and wise/enlightened beings all throughout the cosmos) are NOT attached to outcomes.

Yes, they may “want” something to happen; but they’re fine if it doesn’t.

Because, and let me state this loud and clear, if SOURCE did NOT “want you” to fail, IT could EASILY strip you off of your free will and get it done regardless.

The fact that IT has still not done so should speak volumes.

And above all, and this thing bears repeating, Source is NOT a human.

Again, GOD is NOT a human.

So, don’t mistake it for one.

For it is ALL. ALL. THAT. IS.


And will stay such. FOREVER.

And various (“pleasant” and “unpleasant”) experiments will continue throughout the cosmos, likely ETERNALLY.

Because what else is even there to do?

So, when I say “no pressure”, I fucking MEAN IT. No sarcasm. No bullshitting.

You’re not here to save the world. You’re only here to live your best life (without intruding upon others’ Free Will unless you or someone innocent is threatened). And you’re here to help others while you’re at it (if you would even LIKE TO, that is — for even THAT’S not a compulsion or anything).




That’s all there even is to it.

And yes, the light is winning. Not with violence or weapons, but with LOVE.


Yeah, all that good shit.

That’s what it takes for the light to win, and the Earth to spin.

Which brings me to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of my message: PLEASE follow your joy. Do what excites you. Go out into nature. Smell flowers. Enjoy hobbies. Or a cup of tea. Or gaming. Or naps. Or porn (no, Jesus isn’t watching you when you whack off). Or helping others. Or smiling. Or laughing. Or making others smile. Or spreading wisdom (as and when such an opportunity presents itself — with respect for others’ Free Will). Or writing articles such as this one. Or SHARING articles such as this one. Or TRANSLATING articles such as this one. Or MAKING VIDEOS of articles such as this one. Or listening to beautiful music whilst playing an HD tourism video of your favorite experience or travel destination and adding in your very own IMAGINATION to it. Or going on exciting journeys and adventures. Or just sitting in silence and peace. Or meditating. Or simply enjoying breathing. Or going on an LSD trip (hopefully, in an informed, way, and only IF it’s your highest excitement — and not like some impulsive psycho). Or hugging trees. Or cuddling cats. Or just having a chat with your loved ones. Or exercising. Or cycling. Or playing sports. Or doing art. Or making music. Or doing whatever the FUCK makes you happy or SPREADS some happiness/light/love around. Even watching a stand-up comedy special will do.

Because when you discover Love, Joy, Bliss, or Peace; the universe simply HAS TO match your vibration by bringing you things that BRING said Love, Joy, Bliss, or Peace back to you. Alternatively, when you express GRATITUDE (for what you already HAVE), all of creation MUST match your vibration by bringing you absolutely EVERYTHING that you’d truly be GRATEFUL FOR (in other words, all of your wildest desires), for the creation/universe knows EXACTLY what you want.

Because you are a CREATOR, and you CREATE the reality that you VIBRATE TO.

For yourself, and for all others in this world of yours.

As a creator, you shall ETERNALLY have the FREE WILL to CHOOSE your emotion – at any given moment – and hence, choose your VIBRATION.

Because every happy (or sad etc.) emotion that you’ve EVER felt, has been generated from WITHIN you, and not from OUTSIDE you.

To know this, imagine being held tight by someone you really love, just for one fleeting moment. Or biting into something you find truly delicious. Or visiting a place that makes you happy, or revisiting a happy memory.

Imagine it AS INTENSELY as you possibly can.

And you’ll feel JOY. Or LOVE. Or HAPPINESS. All over again.

WITHOUT EVEN having had that experience “for reals”, as they put it, upon this world.

See? You generated the happiness that you were seeking from ANOTHER PERSON or PLACE or THING (which is OUTSIDE OF YOU and EXTERNAL to you), entirely, and I repeat, ENTIRELY from WITHIN!

That’s because you are a GENERATOR of your EMOTION – and hence your VIBRATION – and hence your very REALITY itself.

HENCE why you are a CREATOR of your REALITY, through your very own FREE WILL!

So, if you are angry, sad, or afraid; all you need to do to get past it is to simply become AWARE of said emotion/energy emanating from you, and be INTENSELY PRESENT with it until it vanishes utterly and COMPLETELY! Yes, this can be somewhat painful, but is it not WORTH IT? Or you can simply FORGIVE that which is causing you anger or pain or sadness or what-else-have-you, and you’re FREE, yet again! And then, simply choose and move to a thought/imagination, memory, or actual life experience that you truly ENJOY, and you’ll be back in BLISS and radiating the vibration of JOY, LOVE, PEACE and PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION to the very highest DENSITY/DIMENSIONS of life!

Please remember, the ON and OFF switches for ALL of your emotions (and hence vibrations), is entirely with YOU and YOU ALONE!

Remember, NOTHING and NO ONE (person, event or thing) that is EXTERNAL to you – that is OUTSIDE of you – can ultimately make you “feel” a THING!

For when you choose your REACTIONS to life, you choose how to VIBRATE to life.

That is ALL there is to it. To being a literal CREATOR of your reality.

This is the reason why some ordinary object, say, a doorknob, elicits no emotional response from you; whereas losing a special gift from a loved one does. Because both are equally illusory; mere configurations of atoms and molecules in specific shapes, sizes, and colors, if you will. But upon one, you, yes YOU placed a negative/neutral emotional value. And upon another, YOU PLACED a positive emotional value.

This is why a MASTER is one who – at ALL TIMES – CHOOSES what emotion to feel (and therefore what VIBRATION to radiate) at ANY GIVEN TIME – CONSCIOUSLY – for a MASTER is also a CREATOR (and not a VICTIM).

The reality matches said vibrations by bringing the master things, people, and experiences (that match their vibration) accordingly.

DO NOT expect this change to happen within a day. For with all things, doing this takes PRACTICE and ENDLESS PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION, SINCERITY, and HONEST SELF-EXAMINATION.

Also, do not expect the “results” of it to come to you in a day.

Remember, if you have to change the direction in which a fan is rotating, you have to first switch off the fan. Then, eventually its PREVIOUSLY GENERATED MOMENTUM comes to a (slow) halt. And then, and ONLY THEN, is the opportunity for it to go in a different direction, and eventually, gather MOMENTUM towards spinning/moving in said direction.

Then and only THEN, do you start seeing RESULTS. Of your new vibration “MANIFESTING” stuff.

A MASTER understands that all of what’s “out there” is ultimately illusory. Just a configuration of molecules in one way or another. So, they do not place much importance upon any of these things. For they know that regardless of what configuration the molecules of the outer world take — in other words, regardless of what “circumstance” is out there — it is THEM, who, as a CREATOR, has the FREE WILL to choose how to REACT, and thus, how to VIBRATE to it.

And no, this does not mean being naive, helpless, or not defending oneself, a loved one, or someone innocent (using whatever means necessary) as and when the situation calls for it.

Remember – even fear and anger serve their own purposes – when we use them as guiding mechanisms, instead of mechanisms that CONTROL us (aka CREATOR beings).

So if the latest news or conspiracy theory or event is causing you to feel fear or anger or any other pointless negative emotion that you DO NOT wish to experience, or worse, CREATE YOUR REALITY / TIMELINE for you (and your world); then just please, BECOME AWARE as to what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING, see the ILLUSION for what it is, and then, CHOOSE how to REACT/VIBRATE to it!

And THAT’S EXACTLY HOW you (eventually) ascend to the 4th Density (5th Dimension) and MASTER this density/dimension too, while you’re at it.


Become a MASTER.

And finally, one last thing. As a DIVINE CREATOR INCARNATE, you have it in you to literally overcome ANY and ALL ODDS placed against you. If you couldn’t, you wouldn’t be here at this time. So, when you’re stuck, ASK. Ask for ASSISTANCE. Ask God, ask your Guides, ask the Galactics, ask the Angels, ask the Ascended Masters, ask the Archangels, ask the Inner Earthers, ask everyone and their cousin to help you out.

Also, feel free to (also!) ask the Internet, your friends, parents, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, or whoever else is in a position (and even a little bit of willingness) to help you out for ACTUAL. FUCKING. HELP. Don’t be shy. And definitely don’t feel discouraged if one or more doors close upon you. Go knock on some more. And keep knocking until you have a way to bring your truest, deepest desire just that ONE. STEP. closer.

Don’t be afraid to start projects. Whether they are for your own benefit, for this planet’s benefit, for humanity’s benefit, for animals’ benefit, or for what-else-have-you. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Don’t be afraid to CARE.

You have one life (yes, I know you’re eternal; but this exact life won’t come again either). Live it GRAND. And make THE MOST of it all, in every last way imaginable.


In Infinite Love and Light,


Kryon: Lightworker Responsibilities

Posted on 05/17/2023 


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. There’s an excitement in this place that is visible to us. Those who have waited for you to sit in the chairs are the ones who honor you now. Beyond that, there’s a cellular structure within each of you that longs to “listen to the boss.” [This is Kyron’s expression for your being in charge of your own body and all its functions.] Beyond that, there’s something so grand you wouldn’t even believe it: Every entity of the Universe who you consider beyond the veil is aware of this meeting! “Amazing,” you might say. Could such a thing be, that these words are indeed interpretations from beyond the veil, where in your mind God exists? Could it be?

In these quiet moments, could it be that this room is filling with love of God? Could it be? Could it be that anyone here could be healed at this moment? Could that be, also? There is far more here than what it seems. And so, we ask you, dear Human Being, to use your divine perception right now. It’s like putting your finger in the air to see which way the spiritual wind is blowing. Is this real or not?

All the entities that flood in here wish to stand beside you, behind you, next to you, and in front of you. Many are the ones who have come to earth with you. There’s an interdimensional group in a mountain not too far from here [Shasta] who also know of this meeting. They know of your lineage and they say, “There are Lemurians here, ones who continue to come here because they’ve been in love with the planet for eons.” They speak of Humans who can’t wait to come back, over and over, to a place where they make a difference for the Universe.

Yet your perception is so different, O Human Being. You’re so tired! Again, we tell you that so many times in your quietest moments we’ve heard you say: “I’m so tired! Dear God, I’ve been through so much. Oh, when I get home, I won’t come back again. If I have to go through this effort again, I’m never coming back!” We’ve heard that so many times, even from the grandest of you.

Ah, but here’s the reality: When I see you once more in that sweet place, when you pass the energy that you call death, you’ll again have the mind of God. We call that transition something entirely different than death. We call it “the return.” And when you’re again fully awake and back on the “real” side of the veil, we’ll look at each other and see the group energy in both of us. You have free choice to come and go, whenever you want. But on the Human side of the veil you don’t know what happens “over there,” do you? [That is, on the side of the veil you can’t see.] Did you know that you’re working all the time when you’re on my side? Did you know there’s grand purpose behind God? Angels are never quiet; they never have to sleep; there’s always purpose. And your purpose is obvious to us all. You’re in love with Gaia!

Imagine for a moment that you’re the greatest painter who ever lived. That would be something, wouldn’t it? Think of the great painters in history, and you’re the best. And somehow in this pretend vision, you’re reborn and upon a planet, much like this one [Earth] with Humans. You go through your birth, your upbringing, and your childhood, and you just can’t wait to paint! “Oh,” you say to yourself, “I can paint! When I’m old enough, just give me a brush; give me a canvas.”

Then, to your horror, as you learn the language and grow up, you realize there are no brushes – there is no canvas! These things don’t exist on this planet you came to! What are you going to do? Then you have another horrific realization – nobody has hands, either, not even you! Who would have thought this? What are you going to do? There are no brushes since there are no hands; no canvas either, since painting is unheard of – except in miracles.

Welcome to earth, angel! For your divinity is much like this. Your grandness is upon you. You know how to heal yourself; you know of the principles of the healing of the planet and of others; you know how to create love where there is no love; and you can perceive solutions to challenges that others can’t. Your divinity is buried in there someplace as you look at yourself. It’s odd – you have the information, but you can’t remember the school where you obtained it. But all the knowledge is there anyway.

You’re a great artist, but in this new land none of the Humans even have hands! What are you going to do with this situation? And the answer that we have given is this: The hands that are missing are what we call mastery. As you begin to change your DNA through spiritual evolvement, these things begin to shift, and the hands that you long for will grow, metaphorically. And the paintings that you’ll make with these new hands will be grand! And you will name them: “Peace Where There Is No Peace,” “Solution Where There Is No Solution,” “Love Where There Is No Love.”

Your “miracle” hands become the light of the Lighthouse that you’ve become. It shines so brightly that everyone around you can see your wonderful painting, and it’s called you. It’s gorgeous, and represents the consciousness of mastery on Earth. The colors are vivid, the art ever-changing, and the energy is that of God. You have the hands of the artist and you begin to paint a final picture with others called “The New Jerusalem.”


I want to talk about responsibility in ways that you’ve never heard me talk about before. My partner [Lee] has been told to record this message. To you in this room, the recording machine is on and is recording. To me, this message is already transcribed and printed! Right now, it’s being watched [read], two eyes at a time by readers all over the earth. This is how we see the now. The listener will think this is silly. The reader? Well you know better, don’t you? You are the listener’s future, and the listener, who thinks they are in the present, are actually in your past. So, who is really correct?

Again we ‘ll state the obvious non-linearity to the linear Human mind: Reader, the one seated in front of me right now in what he calls his reality, can’t “see” you like I can. In fact, here’s the conundrum: Some of those who sit in front of me right now are also reading this right now! Two different times, two different places, but one now. So, reader, we greet you, even though those in this room don’t know what I’m talking about. [Kryon smile.]

I’d like to list some of the responsibilities for you of what we would call the enlightened Human Being. We will define enlightenment. Enlightenment is a process whereby a Human Being’s divine request is granted, to look inside and find more than what they see in simple 4D. So, it’s about intent, is it not? You might say enlightenment is, therefore, intent to discover the unseen inside yourself. It’s not a doctrine; it’s not an absolute, and it can’t be quantified. It’s a process. One Human’s enlightenment may not look enlightening to anyone around them, for what a Human find inside is different for each individual. But it is a process, a search – is it not – for unseen things?

Ascension, as we’ve defined and described it before, is a Human Being stepping out of this lifetime and into another without dying. Isn’t that revolutionary? When the Human does this, everything shifts; everything changes. So, what are the responsibilities of the enlightened Human Being? What are the attributes of responsibility as a Human goes through this process, not matter where they are in what you call the linear time-line of this process? We’ll give you these few aspects.

It’s ancient teaching, you know? One we have given before. It’s verbiage for you to hear over and over. Ah, but at the same time, something’s happening in this room. [Pause] Reader, I have something to tell you: We’re pausing the teaching because there are two in this room who sit before me right now who have come for healing. Oh, they didn’t know this would be a healing meeting, but it will be, and while I speak in these next few minutes about one subject, another one will be surging through their veins. This is the important energy at the moment to address. So, reader, here is a linearity challenge: I’m going to ask you to celebrate with me right now. I want you to celebrate and sing with me right now. Celebrate the healing of the two here who will walk out differently than they came, because they’re feeling the truth of the divinity in what has been presented today, and are claiming the reality of what they can do with their bodies.

Remember this meeting, reader, for it was a good one. How can you give “instant” energy to a healing that has already happened? These are the questions that, when you’re comfortable with the answers, make you understand that you have mastery in your consciousness. For all of you are connected at a non-linear instant level that doesn’t make sense to you at a Human 4D level, but which many of you right now can feel. Did your heart sing with these in this meeting who were touched? If it did, the angel in you is stirring.

Responsibility to Self

“Kryon, what’s my responsibility to myself? What can I do for me?” In this list of responsibilities, I’ll give you a 4D answer and also one that’s esoteric, or spiritual. I do this for you because you tend to separate these two attributes in your mind, just like you tend to separate your own existence and put it into boxes of understanding. You look at yourself in the mirror and you see one Human Being. Therefore, all your life, all these years, there’s only one of you. This concept is simple, real truth to your Human mind, but it isn’t accurate at all. As we have described before, you are a multiple energy, but only “see” the one that resides in 4D.

How many of you believe that you have a Higher-Self? Most, I’d imagine. All right, that’s two of you. So how many do you need for a group? [Laughter] There’s a lot more than one of you, but that’s what your linear mind wishes to realize. It suits your reality to be singular, does it not? What if I told you there was many of you? Did you know that part of you never left the other side of the veil? It had to stay there to help answer prayer! It’s all part of the planning session that’s such a mystery to you. Part of your own guide set is you! Did you know that? How can you be your own guide? Complex, isn’t it?

Physically, the responsibility you have on this planet as an enlightened Human Being is to stay here as long as you can. That shouldn’t be a struggle. It’s a singular 4D goal. And the reason is obvious – do you love Gaia or not? Do you understand why you came? It should be obvious why you came, based on what you’ve already done. Did you put it together yet that Earth is responding to your lives? Look at what’s happening on this planet! Did you know that Earth knows when you walk from one place to another? It senses your footsteps and knows that an angelic force walks upon it.

The longer you can be here with your knowledge and your wisdom, Lighthouse, the better off this planet will be. Change your earthly habits if they’re killing you! [Pause] And you know who I’m talking to, don’t you? Did you ever connect the dots, as they say, to realize that your life is more important to Gaia than even to yourself? Stay here as long as you can. Study the health books if you need to. Use your own power to heal. Stay a long time, because you’re needed here! Do you really wish to leave, come back, and waste the 20 years or so that are the most important in the history of the planet’s spiritual development? Stay in joy! Stay out of sickness, out of struggle. That’s the promise, if you choose it, if you want. That’s the physical responsibility.

Spiritually? We told you this 16 years ago. Take care of yourself! Start the journey within. Discover the divinity that’s hiding in your own multidimensional DNA. You don’t have to know how the engine works in the car in order to get in it and drive home. It just works, doesn’t it? And when you start the journey inside, it’s the same. The vast school of knowledge that hides from you, but that all of you have, will present itself when you need it the most.

This knowledge will shine upon you in that time of need when you say, “What’s next? What do I do?” Feel the joy of this! There are no lists to begin. Just do it. Little by little you’re given the information intuitively, as you sit down with pure intent to look inside, to vibrate higher, to create mastery. You begin to heal yourselves, to talk to your cells, to change even your own life span and even your genealogy.

Scientists have proven that you can change your own immune system just by thinking about it. They have no idea what else you can do. I’ll broach this yet again: Women, what’s in your cellular DNA structure that you’re afraid of? Do you have a mother, a sister, or aunts who have passed over due to a disease that “runs in the family?” And there you sit aware that you’re in that same family, and you’re waiting to get this disease, too? You say, “I’m going to get it but I don’t know when.”

Let me tell you about your own power of looking inside. This is the second time I’ve broached this in channel, and I’ll give this information yet again at another time. It’s profound, yet not understandable. It’s a conundrum – it’s within a circle of time that isn’t linear. I’ll tell you this, women: What you do now in your life will void the disease propensity within your own genealogy. It’ll change your lineage so profoundly that you’ll never get that disease as long as you live. In addition, neither will your daughters… alive or not yet born! For what you do for yourself in this “now” will reflect on them instantly. It’s not about healing, but rather it’s about energy. It’s about DNA group karma, and it responds to the mastery within you. It’s about the miracle inside. That’s the profundity of mastery! So, we say again, take care of yourself spiritually and continue the process of enlightenment, of being the Lighthouse for Gaia. That’s the responsibility you have to you.


“What about my family? Dear Kryon, as one in the enlightenment process, what’s my responsibility to my family? Some of them I don’t even like! Some of them don’t like me. I’ve spent a lot of time getting away from them. What’s my real responsibility? It feels odd to be so removed. Let me speak now of blood family – brothers, sisters, moms, dads. Physically, I’ll say this: Your main responsibility is to love them – no matter what. Love them unconditionally. What can you see that’s good in their personalities and lives? Can you see their divinity? I challenge you. Take what might be the “sand in your oyster” and look at it. Can you see that it has divine purpose? Have you been abused by one of them? Perhaps you can you see the divine plan in this? Love them! Physically, no matter what. Even if it’s from afar; even if it’s without ever talking to them or seeing them again. Remember, you can send love at a distance and it’ll be pure and powerful. Its energy sent within a quantum state, due to the fact that you’re all one part of God and connected all the time.

Spiritually, what is your responsibility to your family? I’ll tell you what it isn’t. It’s not your responsibility to give them a Kryon book! Don’t do it unless they actually ask. It’s not your responsibility to convince them that any of the things that you might believe are accurate and true. It’s not your responsibility to have discussions about these things in a heated way. It serves no purpose whatsoever, except to further push them away from you and anything you might wish for them.

You can’t heal them, either. No Lightworker can heal another. No healer can heal another. All you can do is balance the energy around a Human Being and allow them to heal themselves. [This is why some heal and some don’t, even with the same process applied.] So, what can you do? I’ll give you this information, old information, beautiful, sacred, simple: Take care of yourself. Let the invisible doctrine of what you believe be manifested in the way you live your life!

If you’ve read a Kryon book, and the love message has meant anything to you, and you’ve seen the principles of life we give, then apply them to your own cellular structure. Let your family see the light that comes from you, not a doctrine or a book. Paint the most beautiful picture on earth for them to see, and let it be you. Then get ready, for some of them will hate you for it because they’re of an energy that doesn’t want to see or accept the light you carry. And if that’s the case, let it be, for that’s free choice. You may disengage yourself from them and still love them at a distance and still be responsible. There’s nothing that says that you must remain with them for life. These are rules placed upon you by men, and do not represent wisdom at all.

Then there are the ones who wouldn’t ever come to a meeting like this, but they’ll absolutely see your light and fall in love with it! And at some level they’ll understand. Some of them, indeed, may make decisions based upon your light that they would never make before. How do you respond to family difficulties? Is it different than before? Are you stable? Are you calm? Do you see beauty in all things? Do you listen? Are you fair?

Here is the promise, dear ones: Your light will push away those who shouldn’t be with you and attract the ones who wish to be. In the process you won’t evangelize any Human Being, ever. You’ll simply be an example of what the love of God can do in one life. Your children will notice. Your mate will notice. This is the same energy that was noticed and loved by Humanity around every master who ever walked the earth.

Responsibility to a Mate

“Kryon, what’s my responsibility to my mate, my significant other, the one I’m with?” For those of you who are with a significant other, I’ll tell you. Physically, the grandest gift you can give to a mate is to listen to them. Believe it or not, listening to them is one of the greatest gifts to them. Their life is precious and the things that take place in their life may not totally interest you, but you’re connected in such a way that if you listen to them, it’ll connect you even more. That’s the physical.

And here is the spiritual, something you’ve heard before: Spiritually, take care of yourself. I’m going to give you the beginning of creating true love. True love is generated when you paint a masterpiece on a life called you. This life shines so brightly and it’s so beautiful that the one with you can’t help but fall in love with you every day! It’s doable. It’s the truth. Mastery does that. It doesn’t shout “I’m better than you!” Instead it shouts, “I care about you!” It doesn’t puff itself up and take a stand. It’s soft and it begs divine company, like a comfortable chair that you just must sit in! It also doesn’t require that each mate is in the process of enlightenment. It’s about love, not doctrine.

“Kryon, what do I do if this doesn’t work? I’ve tried this, and I believe I’m within the process of creating light, yet my mate seems to retreat further each day.” The world indeed is about free choice. That significant other, that mate, isn’t necessarily always with you for life. In the scheme of things, which is grander than you think, sometimes Human individuals come and go within your life for lesson and enhancement for you both. Indeed, even with true love, for a time, it exists to give you gifts and then to move on. So, what you should ask for is the wisdom and intuition to know which it is. Is it possible for true love to exist only for a while? Yes, sometimes this is the way of it. But in all cases, keep your light going.

Most of you are wise enough to realize how this works. To stay in a relationship that damages your self-worth every day is to eat of the poison of your own garden. You know when it’s time to move on, don’t you? Then do it. So many times, Spirit uses these situations to allow growth one with another. Most often, when the lesson is learned, the graduate moves on. He doesn’t subject himself to the same lesson every day, over and over. You’ll enhance both Humans if you make a wise, difficult decision that’s correct for yourself.

However, understand this: Spiritually unequally yoked mates can live together in true love all their lives if they respect and listen to each other. One may be in the enlightenment process, yet that may not be the process the other one personally wishes to be in. But the one who shines their light will understand this, and the one who has the light shined upon them will, too. True love is where you see the love of God in each other, not your individual paths. It’s not about who is spiritually awake. For the love of God can be seen in all Humans if each allows for it. Let your own divinity become your best friend. Then no matter what happens, you’ll never feel alone.

One of the most difficult arrangements that Humans are asked to participate in is one Human with another, living day by day and attempting to see the love of God within the other. That’s a divine task, but one that can give great joy and daily support and peace when done with pure intent.

Those Around You Who Aren’t Family

“What about those around me? What’s my responsibility to those I have to be with? I go to work every day and spend more time with people I really didn’t choose to be with than I do with my own loved ones.” Let me speak again of workers and the workplace. We hear so often, “Dear God, I’m in a place I don’t want to be in, working at a job I don’t like. What should I think about this? Is it really enhancing my life?” The question I’ll put to the person who asks this is, “Why? What happened that placed you there?” And the answer would be, “Well, a series of circumstances put me in this workplace. I don’t know how it happened, really. I look back and I ask myself, ‘Why did I move here, what did I do to deserve this, why am I being punished every day by having to go work with these people that are so dark?’ They think I’m crazy and don’t honor me or my life. It’s hard!”

And my answer will again be this: So, you think it’s all about an accident? Or that you’re being punished? Then you have missed the grandeur of a standard Lighthouse. Lighthouses aren’t built in safe places. They choose to be where the storms are! You’re not being punished. You’re being taken to a difficult place to shine your light.

I’ll say it again. Physically, what should you be doing? Can you love them? Don’t give them a Kryon book. Listen to them! Listen to what’s really happening in their lives. Consider every day one where you have an opportunity to create light in a dark place. Watch attitudes change. You may be “weird” to them, but they know you represent integrity.

Spiritually, again, you’re a light in a dark place and you wonder why you’re there? It isn’t always about you. Think about them! You’re not being punished; you’re being given an opportunity. This is the work you came to do, and it’s not forever. In a place you don’t want to be, working with people you don’t want to be with, is the work of a Lighthouse. What if you’re the only light they ever see?

In retrospect someday, what if you went to work, tolerated it, and that was all there was? Are you okay with that? Will you be okay that you complained to God the whole time you were there? Can you visualize a real lighthouse on the rocks in the storm – no light, in the dark, shouting, “Get me out of here?” It’s an absurd vision, is it not? There it is, built to help in times of darkness, but not even knowing why it’s there – sitting in the dark complaining, while all along it’s a bastion of strength, anchored on the rock, with fuel ready to light a light that it doesn’t know it has. What a vision!

So, we say to you, spiritually wake up! Be patient and hold that magnificent light. Paint the picture of joy in a difficult place. They all know you don’t want to be there, so let them see what your reaction is to difficulties in that job and your life. How do you handle some of the same problems they have? What do you do differently than they do? Take care of yourself and your own light. Make that light shine so brightly that someday some of them will actually come to you and say, “I don’t know what you’ve got, but will you tell me about it?” And then you can give them a Kryon book. [Laughter]

Responsibility to Government

“Kryon, what is my responsibility to my government?” I speak now in America. I give this location information for the reader, who may not know where this teaching takes place. So, I will tell Americans something that you should hear: Do you want to know why this country has persevered so long with a principle of free choice? I’ll give you a hint. When you go to that place you call the District of Columbia, there are monuments built to honor those who went before. Take a look at the important and historic inscriptions. The words in your Declaration of Independence, some of which are etched into the walls to help you to remember your history, were divinely given. Those words were “channeled.” They were remarkable for the time, created and edited by a consciousness that was a group.

No one had ever seen anything like these concepts put together the way they were, and they resulted in a country that emerged with grand free choice. Freedom of choice for the Human Being is the paramount issue of your land, and continues to be your doctrine. It’s no accident that it came about in this way.

What’s your responsibility to your government? I’ll tell you: Physically, to know what’s happening. Don’t go into a closet and think that it’s going to take care of itself, because it won’t. It’s about choice! It continues to need the guidance of the group consciousness that founded it, and that is in the citizens. Don’t let the divine principles of free choice slip away. So it might sound like a political statement, but we’ll say it anyway: Your country is only as good as your guidance of it, and unless you participate in the process set up to guide it [your vote], you’ll receive the same energy as the other governments in history, which all self-destructed in time.

Spiritually, I’ll tell you this, Lighthouse: Strike that light and send it to the places of leadership. Do it daily. For where they walk, they make decisions for the earth, and thousands of lives hang in the balance. Shine a light so they can see things that they couldn’t before, illuminating the room they’re in. It’ll give them free choice to choose the new things they see, due to a brighter area of choice. In order to do that successfully and make your light bright, take care of yourself. Alone in your room, with introspection about your divinity, create mastery that can be felt in the universe… and in the oval office. Don’t send them your ideas. Just illuminate them with light, helping whoever is there to have better choices due to the Lighthouses that all are helping to guide these leaders into the safe harbor of wisdom and appropriateness.

Responsibility to Humanity

“Kryon, what’s my responsibility to humanity?” I’ve channeled this before and my partner doesn’t like it. Let me explain. You’re built to care. You’re designed with a joy of life. You were designed to care. Yet this is a system that we’ve spoken of before that’s beyond your perception and is far more complex than you think.

My partner asked me some weeks ago about the recent tsunami. He said, “What’s the purpose of up to 200,000 people dying in one day? What possible good could come out of an orphanage being destroyed where most of the children have to watch the others dead in the water for eight hours before they’re rescued? And how does that glorify anyone on the other side? What’s the purpose?” And my answer didn’t please him then and it doesn’t please him now. Dear one, reader, listener, I doubt that the real answer will please you, either. For as long as you’re a Human Being walking in your reality, you’re designed to care about life.

There’s a bigger picture here and we’ve told you about it many times. At some level all these precious souls knew they had signed up for this potential, this time around. What they did created a compassion that Gaia needed so badly at this moment in history. Their passing actually changed the fabric of the planet’s energy. Was that worth it? Why not ask them? There are a lot of happy faces on the other side of the veil right now in a party you can’t imagine – in a joy you can’t imagine – getting ready to come back and continue what they started. With one voice they all look at you and say, “We did our part, now make it worth it. You do yours.” Those left behind with the visions you mentioned will be changed for life, and not necessarily in negative ways, for they will seek out others to help, and many of them will become healers and councilors.

Indeed, it was appropriate and it was designed as a potential that could be manifested, and it was. But it doesn’t make you feel any better about it, now does it? So, Human, feel what you must feel. Go from this place without understanding. That’s okay, for it’s your core reaction. But appreciate that there’s something higher at work in these things.

The angels called Humans present a play every night. It’s a comedy, it’s a tragedy. The audience reacts and they yell and they laugh and they cry. Then the curtain goes down and the one in the play who was stabbed by the other one gets up… because it was only a play. Then they have a party – a cast party – and they get together and say, “That was great! Let’s do it again, but this time let me stab you, not you stab me. You do the death scene. I did it this time.” Then the curtain goes up the next night and they play it again and they continue to change roles as the curtain goes up and down, up and down.

Lemurian, are you listening? Humans are in 3D. They think they are singular and that there’s only one life, but they’ve been here and done this so many times! The curtain has gone up and down and up and down, and each time it goes down, there’s so much sorrow and so much misunderstanding. Oh, the next time you go to a ceremony where you’re honoring someone’s life, why don’t you have the courage to laugh? Why don’t you pass their coffin and say, “Thank you! Good job! I’ll see you in a little bit. Let’s do it again.” That’s the truth of the way things are as we see them, and as you see them, too, when you’re on our side of the veil.

So, your responsibility to Humanity is to walk through your life with wisdom and understanding. Cherish life and keep it precious. Cry when there’s sorrow, but understand that there’s more than it seems. Don’t become angry at God for the process of love, for you have ordained it yourself and have agreed to participate in it all – into eternity.

Responsibility to the Earth

“Kryon, what’s my responsibility to the earth?” I’ll tell you this one. It’s easy: Just acknowledge you actually have one! You see, most of humanity sees the earth as a piece of dirt. If they’re lucky, they’ll get diamonds and oil from it, and that’s about it. They don’t understand Gaia is alive. It’s a group entity. It knows where you walk and knows who you are. It celebrates your life and helps posture the grids.

Gaia is a beautiful, feminine energy who knows you and loves you. Your responsibility? Believe it! When you walk from here, even to the place where your vehicles are and you get to go outside, your feet may actually hit the dirt or the grass. Gaia knows you everywhere you go. It’s a support group, you know? Like all of us on this other side of the veil. Gaia is angelic, beautiful, alive, and a player in your life.

You might even thank Gaia when you retire each night for an impossible thing: Against all odds, it supplies you with a system that keeps you alive and adjusts when you disturb it. It feeds you, gives you air to breath, and continues to work in the cycle of divinity with the solar system in ways you deny can even exist. It protects you from others you don’t even know are there, and knows the name of each Human on the planet. It keeps the Akashic Record safe and pure, and has angelic quality about it. Your responsibility to Earth? To love it!

Responsibility to God

Finally, “Kryon, what’s my responsibility to God?” We’re happy to report that you’re doing it! Do you understand? Just by being here on this planet, you’re accepting and dealing with that responsibility. You’re making a difficult journey and you’re courageous.

What if somebody said to you right now, “Human Being, we’re going to take away half of your brain. When we’re finished, you won’t know where you are or who you are. Then we’re going to put you someplace that’s totally, completely foreign to you, and we’re going to cut off your hands and feet and you’ll just have to do your best.” You’d say, “Why would I ever allow such a thing?” It’s very similar to the situation when you come to the planet, splendid one – glorious creature that you are. This is the situation you’ve created for yourself. You’re an angelic creature who is part of God, and who comes to Earth hobbled and unaware – a purposeful journey for a reason that escapes you as you walk this planet questioning everything and trying to do your best to make it through. You didn’t just allow it, you planned it.

As you leaned in the wind of birth so long ago, we asked you if you were ready to do it again. We were there. “Do you mean it?” we said. Then we reminded you: When you get to Earth, you’ll have no idea who you are. You’ll think one life is all there is, one time. You’ll think you’ll have no control over anything. Maybe you can discover everything good on your own, maybe not. That’s the test. The powers you have as an angel will all be gone and yet you’ll have the intuition of these things, and you’ll be frustrated because of it.

We continued to remind you that in the first years of birth you would remember all of it, but you won’t have any language yet, so you’ll just blubber and babble and wave your arms, trying to tell your parents where you’ve been, who you are, and who they are. By the time you’re about three, you’ll have forgotten much of it – that is, of course, unless you’re an Indigo. [Laughter] The Indigo remembers just enough to make an old energy system incompatible with his own life. [Kryon smile]

And so, your responsibilities are complete. You’re in the right place at the right time, dear Human Being. Reader, listen to this: I know who you are as you read this page. There’s no mystery here. There’s no strangeness and there’s no oddity. It’s the love of God that visits you at this moment. It’s the love of God that asks you, “Can you remember?”

Go away differently than you came. It’s no accident that you arrived here tonight, no accident that you read these words. It’s instead all part of what you planned when you said, “If it’s appropriate, let me find the truth in my lifetime. Let me know more about the love of family and how I can create more of who I really am while I’m here.” And you have.

And, so it is.









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