We, the group that is known as the Enlightened Ones, come today in your time to give of information which will be of concern to you. We are a rather large group helping at this time with your ascension and the time is close now. Listen well to our words and take them into your minds and hearts and feel free to share them with others as well.


Many on your earth at present do not have the God Spark within them and are soulless and are rather android in movement and computerized in thinking. These will not be included in the ascension process and will cease to be to the ones ascending. Another group do have souls but are in a somewhat dead state and are not that connected with Source at all. These still have lessons to learn and will be delivered to other places of learning to continue their learning. These will also cease to be to the ones ascending.


There is a group who have been overtaken in thought and actions by mind control and some are retrievable and some are not at this time. They will go to appropriate places to continue a type of healing and then become students of the proper lessons and teaching for their liberation and growth. We see this group as having become useful to the dark and this has saddened us considerably. They will be taken care of with love and understanding.


Now we come to the group that is in the higher levels of understanding and awakening and ready to face the progression of ascension as it will take place. These will go on to continue their learning as all do continue their learning, no matter where they are but in this case we mean the ascended earth and the new world that you have heard of. This is the group that has the responsibility of forming and shaping the conditions of not only the material things but the mental, emotional and spiritual things of the new life that will be given. There are no boundaries of achievement.


This will be a time of considerable help coming from our side to give suggestions and instruction for the foundation formed with the new options available. This is an important time and must be done according to certain rules and considerations to face the right direction for the optimal parameters of living and moving ahead. You see, you will not only be establishing the foundation but the guidelines of behavior for all involved and you can understand how important this is for it will take off from there for all involved.


This is not in any way a control over anyone’s free will but a loving teaching to be used in your creativity and insight of how you would like your new world to be laid out for those living now and for those to come. This is an immense undertaking and involves many areas of living such as, food, health care, industry and so on. You will need to discover or form your interests so that you can enter the creative side of this undertaking and move forward with your creating. Do not look upon this as such an immense challenge but see it as living each day in the Light of Paradise and take this new energy one day at a time and it will all work for the betterment of all souls involved.


Relax when you think of this and do not be overwhelmed with the thoughts involved. You will now have love and truth surrounding you in an atmosphere you never experienced on earth and you will be surprised at how this can bring out your dreams and wishes for the living of God’s children and what they want for their children and so on. It will bring forth thoughts of safety, freedom, healthy living and so many wonderful things you have only dreamed of and a freedom you have never experienced. Hopefully you will be involved in a field of your liking and be free to explore new avenues never available before. We are anxious to see you involved in this but more so anxious to see you in your free state to create the lives you want surrounded by your loved ones in a clean and wholesome atmosphere.


Now there will be more words given for this endeavor at the appropriate time and there will also be ones before you that are seen to either visit or live among you to help and counsel in matters of interest. Gaia will give of her earthly gifts and there will be more Light that ever before. We eagerly anticipate this time and know that however eager we are to have this happen we cannot come close to the group you belong to wanting it also. You have certainly paid a rather unlikely long journey to achieve this transition. Until we meet again we will close now with a welcome home to your new ascended earth in our hearts and in our hearts for you. Our love has always been with you.


We are your Higher Counselors and Instructors


In God’s Word to you.


We are The Enlightened Ones




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