My Dear Friends,
I felt a need to give of these words.  Much is going on in the way of clearing out and processing those who perpetrated evil things against you, Mother/Father God and the Host of Heaven.  It is a long process for this judicial system of ours but it is thorough and full of mercy.  It is the only balanced way it can be done.  These things are not seen by you but hopefully you will feel the Light coming in to earth as those ones are removed, if you do not already feel it.
There have been periods of slowing caused by a long list of ones to be processed but it is happening as fast as possible.  There are those on our side who are working with little rest to keep things moving as much as possible.  We know you are weary and ready to come home and this will happen.  Quite a few have already been taken back to their original place of origin.  Some by ending their life there on earth and some by being picked up by a craft or ship.  It has not been noticed by the public as a whole.  There is a plan at times for some of that person’s energy to remain in a body form so as not to upset loved ones.  Those under these circumstances will appear later to pass from this life in a normal way and close out this portion of things on earth.  This way is given to mercy.
There has been a long list of those waiting to return and this has been delayed for several reasons and the main one is the incompatible energies causing it to be difficult to find an energetic time that is safe for the ones being taken.  There will not be an attempt to remove you until it is safe to do so.  This prolonged period of incompatible changing energies was not foreseen in the closing out of these cycles and this information was not given to you.  This left you wondering, I am sure, why you were told you were going to be removed and then it has not happened.  Your time will come as soon as the energies pertaining to transferring you are non threatening to your health.  It has nothing to do with a change in your removal plans for you have been permitted to go.  It will be done at the first opportunity that does not harm your body.
As to other plans or happenings we are also waiting to see what Source has for us in the way of a time line of events.  There are several things waiting in the wings to manifest.  We have had several lessons of finding out our best plans can be re-organized by Source and the Infinite ways of scientific process.  We continue to learn about the closing out of more than one cycle and also the closing out of a closed planet system that has had so much dark control embedded so thoroughly within the people and the planet itself.  Please hold on to your Faith as God is still in control and Creative Light is coming in to earth for a future you cannot imagine.  All will manifest as has been told about the love and freedom of the New Earth upon ascension for it is happening and in process now.
My/our love to you all who read here.  Many who found I was going to give this message wanted me to carry their thoughts and love to you from them as they remember each one of you and think highly of you.  You have made such positive impressions on so many on our side and this will not be forgotten.  God’s Light of protection on you all.
I AM Joseph and a Messenger of The Word


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