There are things happening now that are taking everyone’s attention and this message will be short. This is necessary for closing out this earth venture in bringing Light to what is needed. Thank you for being the attentive readers that you have been and moreover it is to your benefit that you have dedicated so much of your thinking to all that has been given over these past months.


Thank you to our scribe that they have given so much in the way to time and effort to bring to you the words of those before me who are highly revered in their learning and teaching skills. This may be my last message but only for lack of time as I love my work and would gladly devote to you what you need and want. You have been a blessing to me and getting to know you has been a joy.


Now I go to do the work that is necessary and will look forward to meeting you in person should the opportunity arise. I continue to love you greatly.


I am Lanto having been blessed by each of you.



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2 Responses to TM11222022

  1. KIBODABI says:

    Our time is just beginning
    The Flash is not a reset. It is an uplifting of consciousness on individual and group levels
    i know nothing about horizontal beings circle….

    things have to happen in their designed order….ascension is a process
    liberation comes first
    the physical phase is just about done…….


  2. McKastner says:

    Does that mean our time is up? The flash will reset everything? This is the meaning of the horizontal beings circle?


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