We think it is necessary to examine everything and that it is a deficiency of some sort if we do not know how or why of it all. I tell you my dear ones that there will be many things that you do not know or understand about it all for some time now. This process of growing and learning will keep unveiling itself to you in a process custom made for your learning and there are many nuances to the knowing of things that will keep giving to you. Do not spend so much time seeking all the answers that you by pass what is given right before you for it is important at that stage of life.

It is commanded that you keep seeking and availing yourself of what is given to learn but please do accept it in stages as it is given and let it sink in as it is intended at the moment and then the rest will be given. Be thankful for these steps that are planned for you for all is intended at a pace just for you and your readiness to accept. Large and huge concepts, if given, would not be understood and so much would be lost. When the time is ready the magic of the understanding and learning will come before you and your way will be in Light and the understanding will be accomplished.


I commend you for wanting to know more and see that many of you have paid a high price for the search of truth and it has been costly for you in your seeking of more to know. Give thanks for each day of living for it is giving you what you may not understand at the time of its bits and pieces of truth and that will continue to make the picture of truth and this picture will change over time and become more intricate and colorful with its depth of understanding. If you could see how your mind of experience and degree of complexities changes over time you would be amazed at how much your understanding has increased and painted a much broader picture of everything for you. Enjoy as much as you can the road to discovery and let this journey unfold in its intricacies as it is meant to do so and do not get ahead of yourself. It is made to have this happen so that the next piece of information will automatically come before you for learning.


There is much that goes on now while you sleep and part of it is work and part of it is learning. After this earth mission and experience you will learn and work while awake and this working on the liberation of earth from the clutches of evil will have served its purpose. This work was done in the countenance of security and you were safe and unlike your conscious hours while awake on earth. The atmosphere was controlled and you were experiencing a different type of mental awareness for this important Light service. It will fascinate you when it is explained to you what you accomplished while you thought you were doing nothing. We congratulate you in these accomplishments.


Learning itself is deceptive for it wears two hats. It is both very complicated according to your established understanding and also very simple for you draw to you that which is next in acceptance. You can take the same information and draw different steps of meaning from it over a period of time. So you see it is custom made for you and it is automatic and smooth in the process of things. I choose what I give in lessons carefully so that those reading can take from it the information that is needed at their own level of need and this is quite a possible thing to do when many are reading or listening. It pleases me greatly to see this done and I am always in awe of how this happens for the flow is concurrent with what is needed at the time. I always give thanks for this as I present a lesson and information and the individual, for his or her past experience of expression, decides what is needed from what is given. I am not the one that does the magic but you do, I just present the words that are multilevel in their meaning and understanding and the rest happens as it was created to do.


I give you these words for your consideration and know that your level of understanding according to your need will give you what is next for your learning. It is quite fascinating for the thinking about. I continue to love you greatly.


I Am Lanto, a Teacher




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