I’m not much for church, nor for preachers.  I’ve seen preacher pimps.  I’ve seen the manipulations.

How do you dare to tell people that they need you to intercede for Them between they and Christ?

That You are the key to their salvation?

That you are for them a gatekeeper to Christ?

Such lies!

Don’t get me started on TV preachers…….

But and still and then and again….

Only one guy out there ever impressed me.  I already know the stuff he talks about, but he says it all in a way that I wish I could do when talking to others. 

And he’s just so gosh darned cute! [smile]

I have my place and I’m happy with it.  My job is my job.

But even I find this guy inspiring…..which says a lot for me.

Whatever happens behind closed doors with him, I know not

I pray he is not tainted like so many around and before him.

But his kabuki theater is excellent, and it always makes me feel…….uplifted.  Few people can give me that, nowadays.

Yes, I know.  There is so much that he doesn’t or can’t talk about.  That’s okay.  We all have our place in this thing.  I can’t do what he does.  He can’t do what I do.  I get that.

But it doesn’t mean he gives half-ass sermons………

So anyway

Here he is

Joel Osteen

The wunderkind………:

Do with it as God wills with and within you……..


Don’t say You didn’t laugh at the opening joke….He usually doesn’t do that.  But even my wife laughed out loud….Trust me……she’s a hard audience……



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