AUGUST 10, 2022


My Dearest Readers,


I am very busy at present and things are moving faster now. This does not keep me from thinking of you and wanting to spend time with you. You are getting closer now to moving into the 5th dimension totally. You have been, as an enlightened group, moved into the very lower 5th dimensions and unbeknown to you have had to back up a bit to take care of or handle situations in the 3rd dimension as the challenges arise. This has not been done much before but has become necessary in that it saves time.


You are more powerful than you realize and in some way not known to me have spoken to each other on other levels and agreed to handle situations in the 3rd dimension to quell uprisings and take down the volume of wrong doing so the forces on my side can deal with individuals continuing the strife and agony of others. I am impressed at your initiative in this decision and you are more experienced now at doing this. This action on your part has surprised others on our side also. You have forgone the experience of 5D and engaged again in your work with a focused agenda in a lower vibration to enhance the energy of higher ones and make the arena safer for all others on earth. This is an accomplishment and we are most excited that you have done this and are happy to work with you.


What you have done is become aware of energies and difficulties in your earth and taken it upon yourselves to target these imbalances head on and use your light energies as a group to bring balance back to that group or area where it can be further controlled or returned to the proper levels. This, in my memory is not usually done by those moving up for several reasons. Once a person moves up they are loath to return back to the dimension they came from and crave the thing they have studied for and worked for for so long. Another reason is because as an individual much work is lost and ineffective in lowering yourself to do this, but as an agreeable group you are now a force, in agreement, to target and strategize your energies toward the situation and have become very effective.


Let me turn my back and you have grown and become so much more than was expected of you. I implore you to learn that you are even more adaptive and powerful than you think and this was part of my lesson to you in the beginning. So much happens on other levels and you have put your limitations in the shadows and brought out your thinking of “yes, we can.” Be and become the Light Beings that I know you are capable of being.


My dear readers, I am so fortunate to have been able to come to you in the past. Let this new information encourage you to continue. We are getting close to the time of permanent advancement and those who have made their decision not to join us should also be prayed for and blessed in their continuation of learning. I can stay no longer but had to give you this information of just what you have been up to on other levels of your energy and also while you sleep. Open up further doors and spread your wings in changing, not only your world, but creation. I love you dearly.


I Am Manning



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