My personal take, via Visional Inspiration, on the Spiritual Reality at this time, started June 21, 2022, 3:30am +8 GMT. 

How did evil create perfect and total chaos for the sole purpose of gaining complete control over all the remaining good souls left in this world!

What is the real reason for everything that exists right now?

I will tell you, evil is more diabolical than anyone can fathom and right now they have almost fully and completely accomplished what they set out millenniums ago to achieve in these now, End of Days! 

Note: everything mentioned herein, believe it or not (I do without any hesitation at all), is real on a Spiritual Level and not many realize that we are spiritual beings first, living in mortal bodies, not mortal bodies first, with a soul or spirit inside.  I Pray that this reaches the ones that Need to Act Now!  I repeat, this document rides at a Spiritual Level and shall have direct consequences on this physical plane herein!

What is it that they, evil, have almost accomplished you may ask…. 

To finally create, without anyone’s ability to comprehend it and right in front of our eyes and in our faces, an eternity of their greatest and largest feeding ground ever conceived before in the history of all of the Universes! Yes we most certainly are not alone!!!  What does evil need and feed on to survive, grow and achieve ultimate power over everything?  Fear, anger, envy, guilt, suffering, hopelessness, loneliness, demise and all other negative emotions emitting from all of Humanity!  

Do you think the supposed “White Hats or Good Guys (WH)” are winning?  Think again!  The evil ones are most certainly on the brink of creating the biggest and largest pool of negative emotions and negative energy this poor loving planet of which goes by many names, no, the whole of all the universes, has ever had to endure!  It will be bigger than Biblical, all at once, all at the same time and all planned by them for thousands of these past years! 

Their ultimate plan is almost complete and it will unleash an endless and continuous feeding frenzy of negative energy that will be created from massive amounts of negative human emotions, which for them, will gain them unlimited powers!  

Only one thing can stop this from happening now, as they are over 99% complete with their plan of world domination!  These supposed WH need to get their f.cking asses in gear and take all evil beings down NOW, not tomorrow, not in a week or months from now, as precious time has almost completely run out!  The WH need to fully and totally remove all of those waiting evil feeders that are left or this world will surely and truly be lost for eons to come!  

One needs only to look at the 10,000 foot picture to see the real plan of  mockingbird, assignations, wars, vaxes, disease, weather control, man-made disasters, dumbs, etc. , etc. , etc.!  They have done so much evil that it has created the single most potent and densely powerful moment in human history and they are now just sitting back, coasting and ready to suck up the most sweetest mix of pure negativity ever created at any one given time!  Think like evil and you will see them laughing historically at us all seemingly good people who have unknowingly been giving to them all our turned good energy in our endless grieving hoping for someone or something to happen that will lift us all up to the promise land!  

Well kiss that thought and reality all goodbye Cuz the ones that have that ability are just sitting on their asses and not doing what needs to be done!  What is needed NOW is a massive and simultaneous sweeping on a global level, the removal of all evil!  Not hidden from view but right in front of every citizen’s faces!  Announce only one thing, that evil has planned this to create their biggest feeding frenzy using all of the above at once to gain ultimate power that would take another millennia to reverse by the good of the universe!  

Imagine the anguish of all of humanity when they learn the truth about everything…., especially the technologies and true histories that have been purposely hidden from us, the man-made diseases and nothing but lies on main stream media (msm), taxes, etc.  All those elements and so many other stresses have been create for the sole purpose to keep all the world’s populous held down and dependent on them!

What about also the endless religions that have be started for the sole purpose to remove us from realizing our true selves and our true oneness our Creator who is within all spiritual beings since their conception!  Yes abortion is murder of God and murder of God’s choice of bringing in another soled spiritual being into this world!  You are killing God you morons!!!!  Killing the sole Creator and Source of everything, Who is living in us all and experiencing Itself within us all and Who is also in every living (plant, animal, insect, liquids, molecules, atoms, etc.) entity that exists in all of the universes that He created, and not through evolution as you have been taught to believe, LOL!

Wow, all of a sudden, imagine the sooooo much created anger, fear of death, animosity, remorse, disgust, rage, etc. and when all of these announcements about things like the real contents in vaxes and what it truly does to the human body, why all the wars, what they have been doing to children and with human trafficking and all the murders of so many great people, OMG this list of evil doings from them is miles long and it strings all throughout thousands of yeas of history!  Many prophets came to try to set us back on the path of righteousness, to tell us we are one with God and God is all we need, not religion of any sort that shoves man in-between each of us and our Creator! 

Why did evil do this?  They did it because they know exactly how to push all of our negative buttons!!!  Think of it, all of that negative information being release at one single point in time unto all of humanity.  Finally for them they fully believe, it will afford them not one good soul in existence being happy and content, but instead all of humanity will be filled with every conceivable negative thought and emotion all at the same time which shall afford them their most grandiose evil feast of all time!  Ouch for us as our hearts, minds and bodies will have such a massive a wave of more damaging negative energy than 5G by itself could create, but then when they add 5G to their plan, then even the best of us will fall into despair and fill their feeding troughs with even more with our own positive energy turned to negative energy, for their egos and stomachs to gorge on!  

Yes these past centuries have played out for them perfectly, to create this soon to be, greatest feast of negative energy that all of the universes has never ever experienced before!!!  Kinda sucks seeing the real plan, we think we are winning when it is just the opposite, they have been enjoying the best appetizers in their galactic history these past few years with the Plandemic and all other negative things including of course their msm’s creating nothing false negative news smeared in our faces (when was the last time you heard some positive on a news cast about good things or good people) that continues to anger and create nothing but deep fear and animosity!  

You must understand, that is their true intention, they want you to know personally by name who they are and what they all did, are still doing and plan to do to all humanity!  Why, to strike all our bad nerves so all we create for them is negative energy that is pointed and guided directly to them so they can feed off of it all at one time!  Wow, sick, and what is most delicious to them is to have a truly good people produce anger, or any other negative emotions because it is pure caviar to them, and we all have fallen right into their hungry mouths as right now they are the only truly smiling ones on Mama Earth, Gaia at this time!  

They have almost succeeded!  Just a slight pause before the biggest main course of negative energy ever conceived in all the universes is finally within their grasp!  They are so anxious for this to be because when it happens, they will then have all the abilities to effortlessly trample, without any hindrances, everything and everyone with such endless evil and powerful capacity!   They have methodically and purposely created all of this and in doing so, herded us all into a corral of as we create nothing but negative energies from our most negative emotions imaginable, all in one place and all at one time!  

Never has any universe had to endure the such of that which is on the cusp of being a true reality for all of the evil ones still standing!!!!  Yes image when many more of the masses start dying from the vaxes and the effect of their man-made diseases, all other things mentioned above, they don’t care that you now know that they did it, they want you to know so that every living person will be in such a deep negative state that it will afford them the most greatest of times to lap up that of which gives them their endless power!  

Wow think of it, so much negativity …. wait, even more wow, think of the opposite of all of that negative energies and emotions happening at the same time, what if it were pure happiness and joy and all positive emotions that were to happen at one time?  It is a remote possibility and the only one way to stop this massive meteor from destroying all good in mankind is action NOW, not tomorrow, NOW!  

There is no more time left to try and wake up anyone else, mobilize now and directly in the faces of everything and everyone to see and witness for themselves just how much evil truly exist in this almost God forsaken world!  We can’t give them the opportunity to create all that negative emotion directed solely at them, sitting there with their mouths wide open to suck it all in, NO, we need to have the world confused, with scattered emotions, by taking immediate action against all the evil, which will create a massive chaos of mixed emotions that are not focused towards them!  These actions will immediately stop them from succeeding, as it will not afford them the pure and concentrated main course they were expecting to create and receive!  Please realize one other thing, yes they are desperately needing this to happen so that they will be able to continue on their path of destruction!  

Currently they are the most vulnerable right now, they have had to gamble everything for this moment in time to happen believing that they could make it happen totally unhampered and it now will happen unless decisive action is taken immediately, NOW, not in weeks or months, NOW!  Otherwise my fellow beings, we have lost everything and have failed our contracts with our Creator that we all volunteered for to be here in this life stream and at this exact time.  They are at the 99.9% position of complete domination of this planet at this moment  and yes God is within us, but we are not doing as we agreed to do for Him at this time.  He asked for volunteers to be here to fix this greatest evil upheaval that can soon be the reality, we all volunteered to be here at this given time, to fix it, not to sit on the sidelines and watch Him do it as we are Him, and We have to do it with Him through ourselves and our actions!!!!!

Okay, I have done my part for one of the many things needed at this time and place! Yes, this is one of the many things I volunteered to do and God knows I wish I was in charge as I would be as I am meant to be, that is by being a part of the Great Monjoronson, in their faces with the biggest Sword of Justice ever conceived and slay them all without mercy!

 P.S.  For all of you out there that believe that God always wins, Sorry you are completely wrong, as if that was so, this world would not be this close to being evil’s greatest accomplishment of all time in any of the endless universes of His Creation!  Failure of Humanity is Failure of God and Humanity has failed miserable for so many times, just look around you, nothing anymore is pure and Godly!!!  Yes, God can only win through Men and Women of God, who know God is within them, for God Created this World for us Men and Women and only with Him within ourselves can it ever be cleaned and cleared of all evil permanently!  For that is His Supreme Desire, that nothing but Love exists within all of humanity, as He ORIGINALLY Created humanity to be, for as it is in Him, NOTHING BUT LOVE IS HIS DESIRE FOR ALL!!!

God’s Greatest Grace, Wisdom, Energy and Blessings be with us all,

I am Cuz I am



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