June 22, 2022

My Dear Ones,

Yes, it is I, Manning and I have missed you, but do not think I do not check on you whenever I have a chance. Some of you are living in fear of threat of war and I want to assure you that there will be no destruction of earth in that manner. You see, it is not only Mother Earth that is objecting but this goes against the laws of the planets that have consolidated since the last planet destruction. It also goes against Mother, Father God who have decreed that there will be no other planet destruction from ignorance or any other cause. Do not give in to the scary rhetoric being bandied around by those who would beat their chest to hear themselves put fear into others.

There continues to be destruction of property and loss of life but much less than is displayed on your news media. The reasons behind all of this is obscured by what appears on the outside. It is part of the ending of times playing out on the stage of earth.

Things are beginning to make more sense in their displays of energy for these last moments and we are seeing a better picture even though many are having physical ailments and mental challenges with sadness or depression. It is part of the adjustment to the new energies. By now you are overdosed with frequent phrases such as the adjustment to energies, end times, ascension and clearing yourselves. Yes, these are repeated and I hope they are hitting home within you and your mental comprehension of what it all means. Plans have been jumbled and crossed at times but we will get there none the less. Time frames and dates have been thrown out the window for a lets wait and see attitude. This can be misleading to you.

Do not become overdosed with so many phrases that you tire of them and give them a back shelf for they are important and must be acknowledged. There will be an ascension for those who have lived a life full of desire to adhere to God’s laws such that they have raised their vibrations and increased their light so that they will feel at home in a higher dimension. It has taken work and effort and understanding. Do not be so disappointed in the timing of things that you give up any of these important highlighted teachings. You are under the wings of the Almighty and He would in no way forget any one of you. Your soul may be tested at times to endure and persevere but you most definitely will not be overlooked.

So now, are we feeling better about any destruction on a global basis? I love you all and bring you assuredness of Gaia’s intentions. She will not allow certain ill will of her planet. Rest in this.

I must go now. Take my words to heart. It all is coming to fruition. Be not in fear my readers.

I Am Manning


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