June 6, 2022

My Dear Ones,


Time draws nigh and things are culminating as they are planned in the final analysis. The route taken to get here was often far from what was planned. Talking about detours and side tracks, we had them, but eventually found our way, by God’s laws, to the powerful result we find ourselves in at this time. We are on the verge of celebration here and maybe you can feel our excitement of finally pulling into shore from our long journey at sea.


Truth be is that earth has been taken back into the realm of higher vibrations and she is wanting to now ascend. There has been the discussion of a large disclosure statement and it looks now as if that may not be possible. Instead there are multiple sources of truth coming out by private individuals and groups of earth aware people and off earth beings who are making information available. This does not garner the attention that a large disclosure announcement would, especially from a well known being from government but it is getting the job done anyway. Attitudes are changing and questions are being asked and they are the right questions. It is not known yet if this amount of information will be enough to take away the fear that landing on earth will cause.


You had questions about the energy flash from the sun. It will be known upon the whole earth and not just the side facing the sun. There should be ample warning before it arrives for it will be seen by many viewing the sun energy activity. It is unknown exactly when but we feel very soon. There will be an interval between this Light arriving from the sun and earth ascension and this may be longer than once thought. The dark influence you once had to live under is almost completely gone and those remaining who held to their ways are turning and trying to find a way off earth. As we have said before there is no place to hide.


Will there be tumultuous earth adjustments for you to endure? There will be adjustments but the departure of those wanting to evacuate may have already taken place by then. There is a shift in the energy of a prevailing time line and it is unsure now when ascension will happen. There are new elements compounding the accuracy at which we see what will happen. I wish I could be more specific for you but at this time it is not possible. We know for sure that there will be an energy flash from the sun and that earth will ascend to a higher dimension. In time it may be that things will become more clear but no matter what happens the ending of this long struggle with the influence of the dark is coming to an end with a strong resounding closure.


We are still working diligently to help bring things into order and in line with what has been directed by Mother Father God. I cannot stay longer but I will come back with more up to date happenings when I can. I am always seeking to have more to offer you. Be of good cheer in what has been accomplished.


I Am Manning


And Bring Good News


P.S. It has been my privilege to bring these messages to you and I have been blessed and enlightened by each of you in your search for truth and your desire to serve. Be ye ever faithful to God’s laws and surrounded by His Light.







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