May 27, 2022

My Dear Ones,

It has been awhile and so many things are calling for my attention. I have missed talking to you. I know you are wanting word about what to expect next. It has been an uncertain time and difficult for any one of us to tell what will happen next.


I am seeing much progress being made in the minds of people and they are beginning to question all things being brought to them as truth and realizing they need to question. This is what needs to happen instead of taking everything as an honest truth. It has been treacherous to believe in what has been told but truth has been given and carries its own power and will not only survive but prevail. I am trusting in you to continue your service for this cannot be done without you and you as yet do not understand your influence in the making of the outcome. My readers are more faithful than I deserve for I feel I have abandoned you. This is far from the true facts as you are always in my mind and I feel you and your love coming to me. You are a hearty lot I have to say when you set your minds to work and I am blessed to know each and every one of you Godly beings for you have served well. It is a determined individual that continues on the right path without supervision and depending on their dedication and learning only. You have excelled and continue to do so.


Now, what is coming? This has been one of the most difficult ascension paths I can remember and continues to be so. Energies are diverse, even though headway is being made. If you could see the energy swirling you would understand for it is hard to coalesce and become steady for several reasons. One is the continued interference of what is left of the remnants of the previous dark influence that has not yet been cleared away. It seems one set of energy is cleared and another pocket is found and that must be dealt with also. In spite of this, Light is coming in and the environment and arena that is earth collective is much better than it was and Gaia is on her way to ascension.


What about the energy from the sun with its bright light or flash. It is coming and is a prerequisite for ascension and will make a big difference in all collective consciousness. You will be amazed to see what it can do as far as making a difference in the hearts and minds of all things. People, animals, plants, etc. This is a mandate of Source and will happen. We will get there or more preciously, you will get there. Power be to you who follow God’s law and share your love and light for you will be the leaders, and probably have been already, to ascension. 


Go within and listen to your guiding and always protect yourselves with the Light. Our journey has been prolonged and it may seem unbearable to you but please do not give up for this has been hard won and has been one of the most intense battles ever. When the dust settles from all this it will be interesting to see how it will be written up in the history section of our library. I am always trying to clear away the poof and feathers of the farce put forth trying to see what is really happening behind the garbage spouted. You will be happy to know that the inroads being made with the news is happening and little by little, at present anyway, things are getting done about not holding back the real news and misdirecting the viewer. Holy Cow, can you believe that truth will be told on the news by God’s Holy directives one way or another but it will be done. I have seen His hand move bringing about what He demands to many times to doubt it.


Forgive me for not coming sooner. And now my ones, I must go and continue my work. The earth is trembling with change both in vibrational frequency and in earth physical nature. Be strong and know that I most definitely have not forgotten you. Now, go with safety and carry your Light strongly.


I Am Manning

In His Service 



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