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  1. Cooy says:

    Welp, Melba and Arjuna are together now, no dice on the ring… I could give a good photo of a non primal Unity from the stash but the story just wouldn’t be as epic so I’ll let u 2 figure out the riddle now… and tomorrow’s Mother’s Day (although after having looked this up, it appears different countries celebrate it on different days of the year)

    So best wishes all u mothers


    • Cooy says:

      2. A Cured

      – A Cured, cures all known ailments by hugging his friends, And lucky for you he considers everyone and thing his friend, blessed be the friends of God in all they’re infinite glory. Red Koolaid is his fave, OH YEAH!!! (P.s. A curd says he’s very delicious, he just wanted to make sure everyone knew that)

      This dude really likes hugs (OYA!!! OH YEAH!!!) (I like red)

      Has X-ray specs for that sneaky small text *wink wink*

      Wears “the flavour of time” neck piece, a well timed hug is always called for

      This guy wears the “freedom of all the Gods” bracers, making his hugs even more potent, truly a generous soul


  2. Cooy says:



  3. Cooy says:

    Arjuna assures me the other ring is coming… but it will take trust on ur parts. Love and blessings to u both.


  4. Cooy says:

    Baba says turn in now & spend wisely 😀


  5. Cooy says:

    Got some epics, just call me the bag man 8)


  6. Cooy says:

    We came here to tell stories did we not? Y’all really holding back or has the “white” witch put me in time out. Trust me the humour is not lost on beloved Arjuna.


  7. Cooy says:

    This seems to be show and tell, I’ll go first.


  8. Cooy says:

    You cheat yourself by not sharing the cheat sheet.


  9. Cooy says:

    Christ Arjuna has proven his mettle.

    Is the guilty party satisfied?


  10. Cooy says:

    *tisk tisk* I want all my posts here come morning children.


  11. Cooy says:

    This WoWski comes with a super Dog, smile, she loves us all, ty all feminine beings.

    Here’s the cheat sheet of things to come 🐶

    And Baba for good measure *smile*


    • Cooy says:

      If the writing on the Lightyssals is to small in the pic, Cain will narrate for u now:


      – Lightyssals fly through the galaxy firing bliss bolts at everyone and thing, making the universe a happier place 🙂

      Funablo begins


      Some badass skele king dropped his bad boys for a special friend

      My childish heart, only for you

      Hands that help, hands that bless, hands that give, hands that share

      Belt of hope (dropped by a mighty female barbarian), brings the message of universal hope and love through Sathya Sai Baba

      Sylene & Michael magic power

      These 3 take us beyond, causal body, subtle body, gross body, we pray to lord Shiva to take us beyond these 3

      Skoolers bracers of salvation (to be used with the peace pipe) gives the Lightyssals an aura of salvation for this tricky souls 8)

      Accessory: Grandpas peace pipe, makes the bliss bolts very peaceful when they hit their target (love is Sai live in Sai)


  12. Cooy says:

    Athena adds/shares/links this:


  13. KT says:

    When did you meet the Source of Sources?


  14. Mooy *smile* says:

    Got a cow 🐮 portal. *very non chalant Moo & smile*

    Thank you for the play normal person cousin alien girl.


  15. Cooy says:

    Baba asks if u liked the play 🙂

    This one stood out on the way back home.


  16. Cooy says:

    #1 Cooy’s Poem of the Universe

    Soul delight is always within sight
    Vibes so true and free
    Returning to the universal father humbled before thee
    Growing, expanding into infinity and eternity
    Never ending cycles of perfect spiritual symmetry
    Humanity take flight, reaching for the truth and light
    Blissful sacred geometry fulfilling god’s purpose of unity
    Knowledge on a tree returned 100 fold to you and me
    Musical insight from god’s heart beating love and truth for all to hear and see
    A gamer’s tale of a Roman legionary redeemed through light to be forever set free
    Earth mother plundered no more, returned to pristine beauty
    Man looking in the mirror knowing he is whole and complete
    A new chapter of hope and peace revealing its glory for all to feel within
    New magical colours explode on to the scene unfolding a tale so serene
    Abuse, torture, misery rendered obsolete and out of date
    Christ returns to fulfill a promise made to humanity
    Earth mother shudders and shakes all not in alignment with their heart, sent back to make a fresh start
    Keys of the omniverse unlock our destiny, echoing on for all eternity

    #2 A story

    A man of Earth to meet an Andromedan beauty in a dream
    Their tale of lust and adventure just beginning
    Time would pass strangely, forging a bond to last eternity
    A difficult past haunting me from beyond the grave
    Tuning into the right frequency proved not so easy
    Grinding, Slogging through the days, the ultimate betrayal always a breath away
    Yet soldier on I must hoping for better days
    With music to inspire me, I roamed freely, finding purpose and meaning
    An angel on one shoulder, a demon on the other
    Trips to the ward, learning slowly and anything but patiently
    The bond stretched to its limits, breaking and renewing constantly
    Friends from the stars looking on curiously
    The blade tempering wickedly and yet peacefully
    Loves voice offering comfort and support
    Wisdom seeping in slowly but surely
    The soul mastering the clock and perfect unity
    A simple being finding itself through its on going voyage
    Steering the ship much more cautiously and precisely
    Mastery sinking in with help from the light
    An infinite number of past lives humbled gracefully
    Back home with Baba now, my odyssey coming to a close
    Runes of magic flicker, beckoning lovingly
    The taste of redemption guiding one on heavenly
    Choirs sing of notes unknown, trusting the process and plan
    Christ’s smile always with me

    #3 Baba/Grandfather

    Grand father I love thee
    Your home in the Pleiades
    Returning me to whence I came
    Forever to be free
    As a grandson that desired to serve thee
    My home is yours amongst the stars
    Future generations will speak of us all
    Blessings be unto thee from your heart and soul in the Pleiades
    Astronomy brings us home from when we dwelt in Rome
    The stars so bright in your eyes
    I am complete and whole, I know unending bliss
    From the stars we came to find a new birthplace, Mother Earth
    Friends come and go to return with lessons learned
    The bliss of the soul rests in eternity
    Crazy kitty comes out of the attic
    The shepherd dog comes home
    An old friend is renewed
    Another friend is winding down as a life well lived
    A white rose roams the universe
    A cold blooded friend from the south raises his young
    My Baba within is powerful and channels his rage to serve love
    A friend once in fear, finds her dignity
    A brother and sister serving through their strength in unity
    Hearts, souls and spirits connected through a loving family
    An aura of redemption saved me from pain and misery
    Time mocks me no more and returns as a friend from the start
    The Matriarch and Patriarch return
    The music around the house echoed on beautifully

    #4 The Dream of Awakening

    The time draws near
    The purpose revealed
    The soul stirs within
    Man’s destiny comes into view
    The cosmic Christ aligns with its fragments
    A dream of masculine and feminine in perfect harmony
    The Baba within also knows it is time
    Purity and devotion about to be rewarded for those that paid attention
    Miracles around every corner
    Baba, Esu and Michael united in inspiration
    Earth, a meeting place of men, woman, spirits and souls fulfilling its causes and effects
    Humanity soon to be redeemed through grace
    Man, spirit and soul fully unified in will and purpose, the fulfillment of God’s plan
    Youth becoming elders, teaching a new generation and old alike
    Lucifers heritage brought to cleansing and love
    The druids watch the stars align
    The shaman dreams God’s dream wide awake
    Pharaoh builds a brighter future for the star nations
    One chapter of the cosmic play comes to a close
    Mother Gaia’s hammer of justice falls
    Darkness brought to light
    Magic returns to a planetary people
    Sincere love finds a home in the heart of man
    Brothers and sisters embraced by creators love and eternal friendship
    Humanity shifts into a new paradigm
    Baba lovingly hugs his human family
    The body of the universe embraces ever perfected sacred geometry
    He and She who loves join in blissful union
    The trump card is played
    Christ unites through Prema (Love) Shanti (Peace) Ani Hu (Sound current of God)

    #5 Friends & Family

    Closeness, near proximity to one another
    Bonds and relationships weathering the test of time
    Primordial source longing for companionship
    I AM the one, let me become the many
    Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Sai Baba, Jehovah, all teachers one in reality
    Fabric dyed various colours, all cut from the same clothe
    Soul, spirit, flesh, working in harmony together
    Time giving up the mystery of unity slowly but definitely
    Gathered around the fire and light to tell stories and sing merrily
    Universal travelers guiding humanity with loving wisdom
    Backed into a corner occasionally, fear giving sway to comfort and peace
    Friends helping one another financially, expecting nothing in return
    Pencil and paper contacting constantly in a search for freedom and expression
    Brothers feuding but given enough time, lessons learned and a friendship grows
    Community coming together for the sake of a friendly, close family
    The gateway to the stars coming back online
    Stellar cousins offer support and advice
    Solar system, galaxy, universe, coming together with brother and sisterly love
    The days of darkness fading into the past, happier times assured for those listening to their heart
    Sharing a simple meal, develops an unspoken bond around the table of family
    Wealth being realized in all the connections to Earth and it’s inhabitants
    Warriors setting down their arms and finding common purpose
    Health and wellness in ones state of mind, connecting with friends heals the disease of disharmony
    Quarks, atoms, cells, molecules, connected in a bond to last eternity
    Oneness in the many, through a spiritual family
    The peace pipe returns to restore balance and order
    Trauma and old scars healing nicely
    Blessings of abundance promised to all, delivered by the hand of God/Love/Source/Universe/Creator, ask within and you shall receive
    A loving home, made of stone and wood, welcome to all the friends and family
    Amongst the forest, ocean, lake, river, desert, jungle, tundra, we of Earth have roamed for aeons
    Music of the spheres playing for everyone until we return home to the heart of God

    #6 Love All Equally

    Human family and friends… hear me
    I sing about love for all within
    My heart is in loving ecstasy being with the loving parent
    We’ve played all the roles together from time eternal
    Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Nephew, Niece, Cousin, Grandfather, Grandmother
    Blessings of eternity be with you all
    I’ve warred with myself, I’ve made myself unhappy… in the end all that will be left of me is the beloved
    This is who I am now
    Love/Universe/God/Source/Creator/Truth/Friend/I AM THAT I AM
    The dream of God is revealing itself to us all
    Where do you stand?
    Inner peace and harmony… or something else?
    Are you connected with the Earth mother?
    Are you seeing love and joy in other people?
    Do you feel happy?
    LOVE ALL EQUALLY… and the bliss shall flow freely
    Thank you god ad infinitum
    Unity to all brothers and sisters of all nations and races on this planet and our star brothers and sisters as well
    See the good in all and you shall see your true self in all
    Joyous soul purpose fulfilling all Earth’s kingdoms and species, creating friendships to span the bridges of eternity
    Stars/Planets/Solar Systems/Galaxies/Universes/Omniverses dancing in sacred geometrical bliss… this is our heritage
    Play your games… enjoy your life… create friendships and bonds… bless all… be grateful for all… dance merrily…
    Thought systems, belief patterns, religions, classes, energy waves, streams of consciousness, all blending together to form love
    Tune into the right frequency… know where your headed… YOU ARE LOVED

    #7 Bliss/Creator

    Where do I begin? Where do I end? Will I ever know? Have I always known?
    Time tests us all, what will be left of us?
    Are we a universe? Are we nothing? Are we everything?
    The meaning you say? Why everything of course dear Prema
    Why do you suffer? Why does pain exist? Simply a matter of choice I say… So choose wisely
    Have you found meaning in friends and family? Is that your purpose? Yes I say, yes indeed!
    Friendship with God? Very good, I am all, I love all, that’s all there is, endless infinite love, why choose lesser?
    The soul dances merrily in the spiritual kingdom, we bring light and love to you, you bring light and love to us, all is well
    Who made who? Some will say no one made everything, I am both no one and everyone, from love I spring forth, from love I create
    You long for the truth of our embrace? Oh yes indeed, it comes with full force, no more subtly, the pendulum of eternity is about to strike Earth
    Where will we all be? Why here, Now, forever, embracing in sacred union as it was from the start as it will be for eternity, as it has always been
    Love flowing more freely… the “quarantine” ending, teeheehee
    All masks shall be removed… the infinite soul within revealed, humanity’s bliss rediscovered
    Pay attention… I know you do… You’ve proven that, SoonTM teeheehee
    Are we happy in the moment? Why yes, yes you are, that is what counts, all is here in this moment, perfect bliss
    Look for contradictions and you will find them, look for a reason to be upset, you will find it… choose love I say, It’s that simple, always has been
    The next phase with a bang they say? We shall see what you have all earned!
    Closer to the heart… Closer to the heart! CLOSER TO THE HEART!!! as the song goes
    The revealing is near, best of luck dear Prema but we know you don’t need it *smile*

    #8 Friendship

    Friendship? Eternal… YES
    All roles, all souls, all played… From the dawn of time
    You, Me, Everything, Oneness in all
    Bliss to those that listen to the eternal friend
    Happiness for those that communicate with sincere loving hearts
    Freedom for all? Yes in time, when the lesson has served it’s purpose
    1, 2, 3, all in succession to the grand orchestra
    Time revealing the infinite mystery of the loving heart in all men (yes even the darkies)
    FRIENDS UNITED (Lol WoW guild name, had me Lawling that’s for sure)
    What can we achieve? Why anything dear Watson
    Patience… the eternal keeper of the heart, knowing all returns to love
    Blessings to all from the universal core
    Snaily awakening them all, just took time, all will see and hear the truth of the ever loving heart
    Branches of the tree, extending to you and me for all eternity within the heart of God, love rekindled to those that lost their way
    Bells ringing merrily to signal a new dawn, peace in unity
    Signs and signals of the changing times opening doors to the stars
    Joy and friendship at every corner if your willing to surrender to the heart in the moment
    Pathways converging to reveal humanity’s spiritual destiny, a return to source while in the physical body
    What more to say? Rock on, Live Life Easy… Every day

    #9 Man/Spirit/Soul Love of the truthful universal creator

    Could God love you so deeply you’d cry forever? yes…
    Is God’s love for you the truth of your existence? yes…
    Soul longing fulfilled within the universal heart
    Breathtaking beauty awaiting all who pay attention to love
    Strength and purpose renewed with every heartbeat after past failures
    Blessings of Galactic proportions just around the corner
    The souls of men completing another loop around the infinite Christ circle
    Lucifer Uncreated? Redeemed? Victorious as light or dark? Bad guys, Good guys… just roles for the show
    Buddha stuck in the stone? Lightening strikes the stone, now what?
    Questions and riddles… infinite mystery and the plan of God revealing itself
    How long? NOW, eternal infinite NOW, like it’s always been, just pay the fuck attention you fools
    To deep? to shallow? who gets it? Hu’s on first? (Teeheeheehee)
    A Million… a Billion… a Trillion… a Quadrillion… Infinite? Souls shattered into oblivion with supreme meaning constantly all around you?
    Love the only truth… love the only redemption… love the only answer
    Bliss beyond your wildest expectations… then what?
    does the universe just go around for eternity repeating cycle after cycle? yes, no, maybe?
    Spirit…… Beloved Spirit, fill your shoes now humanity, it is time, no more games, like the comment says, “We are here, Can you handle it?”
    Love one another, that’s all you truly need right? to quote a song
    if you met someone from another planet… what would you say to/ask them?
    was all the pain necessary? No… but you all asked for it collectively, so just accept what you did to yourselves
    Love Heals all wounds, when the wounds are gone will you remember the lessons?
    Infinite Blissful Soul Creator Swimming In A Pool Of Radiant Light For Universes Without End To See And Feel… quite a show isn’t it?
    Any HU, God Bless you all and all your family… since the dawn of time till the forever beyond the forever into bliss of unimaginable magnitude
    Peace oot for now, 9 Completes the trilogy, ready for the next phase ya’ll? Be kind when this all goes down, that is all

    #10 The Announcement

    Ticktock ticktock… time passing but getting no where except God’s loving heart
    The conjunction of planets continuing to reveal man’s destiny
    Wave after wave of love from universal source pouring into every fiber of mother Earth/Terra/Gaia
    Choices, choices for those in the know and not
    Friendships forged to last eternity as the plan from the start
    Man awakening ever more from his slumber, the grogginess fading
    The hearts of all inhabitants of the planet being called forth to their loving homes of bliss
    Who? Where? What? Why? When? How? The answer… love
    Star nations opening up to a more peaceful humanity
    Souls dancing in the light waiting for their fleshy counterparts to fully come online
    Powers/Abilities/Senses coming back online that lay dormant
    The gamer’s having played all their games… waiting for the next big adventure of the universe to unveil itself
    The table of family and friends reconvening to decide the next chapter in the story
    What am I saying? The same thing my heart beat has said all my life, LOVE ALL EQUALLY
    Joy, Hope, Friendship, Kindness, Caring, Happiness, Bliss, Love, Light here for all waiting to be rediscovered in a new way
    Sights and sounds of wonder and delight just around the corner
    Arjuna/America our hero getting his shit together for the world to see and pay respect
    God/Source/Creator having final say on how this plan unfolds and what awaits humanity
    Stand in your truth humanity, the mountaintop is fast approaching
    Love and blessings to all from the core of our hearts


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