April 26, 2022


Greetings to my old friends. I come to you as a surprise, no doubt but in good spirits. So much has transpired since my last visit and several have been good enough to give lessons since then. My thanks to them. I did not want to leave you as there was much love from this group and I was always eager to come to you with what I thought would help.


You have traveled a great distance since my last message and I mean in your advancement and also in your travels with Gaia as she proceeds to conclude her journey in the third dimension and into the fifth. We tend to somewhat overlook the fourth as it is more of a decision place but I dare not disregard it. It is important in its place holding for those who are trying to go forward but not sure exactly how to do so. A place to prod you to take a step and for many this is helpful.


You are deserving of much but I go by what you are ready for in learning. You, by now, know that what you have been experiencing is not the “real” reality but a proving ground for the struggle to overcome the dark imprisonment you were strategically placed under. What cunning and disregard for your freedom took place. That in itself is a long discussion for learning. The big battle is over but the wrap up and conclusion is still taking place. So many last minute decisions have had to be made as move and countermove took place. You have been hard pressed to endure what has happened and there are already organizations and groups in place to help you through your adjustment after this is over.


I can hear you now saying, “but what about help now while we are still in the conflict of the matter?” and you are right. It is imperative that you do realize that this conflict is coming to a close and it is only a short time now that Gaia will make a turn on her axis and the earth will be evacuated for those who choose to do so. There is much disappointment that more have not come to at least listen to Father Mother God’s voice to open their hearts. So be it as this is still individual decision. My readers, it is my love for you that grieves me that you have suffered so needlessly. It is time for you to come home and for answers to be given. Listen for the call to leave and know that there is much in the way of love and better times waiting for you. The time has run out now and I feel this happening at present in my knowing. Only Gaia and Father Mother God know the moment. Be at peace as much as you can. Come home.


I AM Prosper




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