November 11, 2021
We see that there are those on earth that will not change and no amount of truth or information of a correct nature will sway them from their erroneous beliefs. They have been indoctrinated quite literally with mind control and repetition for decades and they will not budge. Therefore waiting on them to come to the light is useless in our opinion and a waste of time. Those who were approachable have been moved with the energies coming in and are at lest thinking on different lines. It is sad when we see the low numbers for we were hoping for a bigger response to the energies and our words.

This brings us to a point of wanting the announcements to go ahead and come out and encouragement on our part has been put forth and our will, or suggestion, is known. Time is a high factor now because of the earth changes and they are large ones. We are hoping that those in the position of these announcements will go ahead now and make their move. This has been left up to the individuals involved.

Let me make a point here of those who give of information gained through their own searching and meditation and make their findings public in some way. It is difficult to always receive 100% accurate information and this is for everyone. I try here to review my words with my scribe for accuracy and even then it can be difficult to receive the correct word usage I intend. I am not complaining for my trust in my scribe is great and I feel we have done well in our accuracy. There are those who mean well but are misleading many with their words. No one around me has any influence of anything but Source light and this has endured under the scrutiny of many much higher than I am. We strive continually to see that our words are truthful and not only that they are timely for your needs. Truth given at the wrong time can do harm for several reasons.

Please, when reading words from others, including me, go within and bring them before the fires of God and see that they ring true within yourself before taking them in for remembering. Your road is difficult enough without falsehoods being spread out before you for your review, but when they are, see that they are tested, as always. Unfortunately the vibrations now make it difficult for information to stand and be uninfluenced. There are many now touching our side and trying to gain information and it does not always turn out the way it should. Be careful with what you bring before the alter of your soul.

Continue in your light, as difficult as your road may be to travel. I know we have many in dangerous places and situations that are difficult to imagine. Life is not always a sure thing for them at the end of their day. My Chelas, pray for others of light who are in harm’s way that they will find the security and safety they need to continue. I try to reach out and touch each of you and your paths are surprising to me. I cherish each of you reading here and know that you are sincere in your learning. You spend much time on my mind. Always surround yourselves with the protection of light and the love of God.

I leave you now with heightened anticipation of forthcoming announcements and at least more information of truth. Let it come forth as an artesian well with pure water. It will not be received by everyone as truth, but it has been directed to be given.

I am Manning


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