November 6, 2021
I have come to inform you that all is on schedule and will play out as planned. Most has been kept from us as it was kept from the dark and this has been necessary. We are all looking forward to their deeds being brought out into the open for everyone and not just those who were seeking for truth as they have in the past. You are entering the fulfillment of the times and the evidence of the answering of your prayers. It has taken longer than everyone wanted but it was never put aside or forgotten.

Take heart from the chaos which may follow for the catalyst to a new beginning is inevitable as the light is focused upon the dark deeds as they were committed. Such a sorry state of affairs that emerged over the years brought about by a group of entities seeking pleasure for themselves and not caring about anyone or anything else that was in the way. Destruction is not the way of the Source of all things and life is only given by God. It is to be cherished and cared for in the best attempt of us all while obeying the laws that were given.

The energies are such that this message is difficult to receive and this is only part of the effects that are felt by everyone at this time. To say things are turbulent is an understatement and your steady path in the light and love of the Father is keeping things in a much better atmosphere that it would otherwise be. Your presence on earth was planned for a great reason and has proven very successful for those who rose to the knowledge and the occasion came through with extraordinary results and made so many things possible in the huge mission to bring earth back to a state of peace and harmony. This is still continuing until only the Father can decide when the final sentence is written to this chapter.

Please remain in your own personal peace and meditative state for that which you have worked so hard to obtain. These words are becoming difficult and I will try to obtain a better connection at a later date. Do not give up.

I am Manning


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