October 8, 2021
We are the collective and it is true what we say about the truth being revealed. We keep a close check on those that will divulge this information and in the past minds have been changed at our great disappointment and yours. We have traveled close to your hearts and seen the intense longing for this day to come. It is ours also. We do not know how this will be received in those that know not one thing about reality on their planet. We have striven for decades to educate everyone the best we could but so much was blocked. Make no mistake about the fact that we will also be rejoicing with you when these revelations happen. There is much to come out and it may take some days to get it all revealed but this is the plan. We hope that it will go smoothly and not be interrupted for there are several who will have a voice in this process. It has been a long time coming. Our hearts have beat many times waiting for this truth and the hand of Creator to stem the flow of dark influence on your beautiful planet. We do not cross our fingers but we pray and give positive energy to this day that is so soon in your counting. We wait with you. We are almost holding our breath and our emotions are high. My Brothers and Sisters of earth this journey through the dark days is coming to an end. We thank you for all your prayers and meditations for it has been of great positive influence in all that is.

We are the Collective

Thank You


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