October 7, 2021
We come to you as a group today to give you information concerning your current conditions. I had to have help as I do not usually keep up with this type of information. So, the thanks goes to those who do this on a regular basis and they are quite adept with accuracy of events.

We see a major shift happening in the information about to be released and this will be truthful information and not the fluff and cover up that you have been used to. Major news networks are feeling pressure to change their programming focus and if they don’t come out soon with truth they will be left in the dust. There is so much more that goes on behind closed doors before the subjects for airing are chosen and I’m sure you would be amazed at the methods of strong arm tactics that are used to pressure the managers to mold the news that favor keeping you far from the information that would tell you what is really going on. This will stop one way or the other. October should be a revealing month for truth to happen and for these big changes to take place.

We are quite pleased at the amount of information that has come about on other web sites by private individuals who are not afraid to speak. The dark had a hold on what came out for a long time but as in most all cases there are those who lead with unwavering focus to bring you somehow what is being avoided by the big corporations and controllers. It is sad concerning what will be told for there will be names and dates given and proof beyond doubt. Now, this will be quite a jolt to those who are still in the dark or those who refuse to look into what has already been given. Have patience with these ones for they will suffer the shock of truth to their systems. Love is needed here.

As in the past we have hope that this will be done quickly for enough time has already gone by and there are now enough people that have taken in the energies of Light that this can be done. All things must work together and we see this is happening. Along these lines there are many facets or subject being tapped and brought forward to be given by different ones and this will make a comprehensive picture for you. We ask you to bring forth your courage for this in its revealing for courage will be needed.

We are confident that you will endure in your strength and your desire for all things better upon earth. It is happening for you, maybe not in the way or timing we had hoped for in the past but in the now. We send you our love and are standing by for you should you call out for help. We will hear and do what we can. Some things you must do on your own but make no mistake about Gaia for she has been adamant with her desire that you accompany her into the 5th dimension. Her love for you is great.

It looks like the truth is about to be set free according to the elements and energies we see prevailing now and we wanted to bring this to your attention. You have waited so long and we think the time is finally now.

We are the Collective with Manning


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