September 21, 2021
My Dear Students,

I must explain my place in Creation at present. I am what you might call a professor in a learning facility that you would call a university. We can be seen as teachers with our minds in the clouds of academia and are the ones walking around with an umbrella when it is not raining. My colleagues and I live on a ship and it does not have the instrumentation for taking all the readings of earth that you are asking about. We are more into philosophy and theory regarding practice of living. I invite all reading here to come while they sleep to my classes and observe me at my work, or even take a course from me. Some of you have already done this and you are on the student rolls. This is one reason I was strongly drawn to you for you were not strangers to me. So, you see some of you are already numbered in my group of friends and we already have a history. Welcome to you in what is your reality.

I would like to speak of using the mind to the fullest that you can. You have spent so long in thinking that you are part of all that is in seeing it as everything is outside of you and most of it is far away. I am here to tell you that you can more accurately judge things by thinking that everything is inside of you and this is where you go to change things. It happens in your mind, your will and your intentions. It involves your creative energy and from now on do not see everything outside of you for that is the evidence and creation of what you originate in your mind and with your will. Interesting concept but real none-the-less. Yes, you do create and have been for some time now, whether you realize it or not. There is no one else to go to to make things better or different for your personal circumstances than yourself.

Let us investigate further. For your second exercise if you would see your mind as having compartments with all of your personal circumstances in it and that is the control room where the decisions are made for each category. Picture them up there as energy representations of your outward reality. Say you want to change where you live because you don’t like where you are now. First go within to that compartment where the energy is for your residence and enter the control room. Picture where you would like to be with the circumstances you desire. Envision this circumstance and know that along with desire and will comes the actions and any work that has to be done to change things. Lay out the energy to form fully the environment you desire and put forth the meaning of how important this is to you and then release it to the universe. Set it free. It does not go into nothingness but enters the creative complex of the universe energy and it is received. Let it be for it has to form. You are connected to everything and to affect change you start with you.

You have set forth this energy by will and desire and given it to the creative process by design in the fact you are creators and you have faith that this or something better will come back to you in reality. This can be done and is done all the time but you do not realize how it has been working. We could go into further detail of the mechanics of energy but for now let us begin with this part. We do not want to overload your concepts at first. My dear students, you are creators in the same that all are creators, only you lack experience. Think on these things and realize it applies to many things. You cannot control others but you can work on what you desire for yourselves from what has been given. Be careful what you pray for as we have not yet discussed how you choose what changes you make.

I have noticed you have many lovely questions and I am not qualified to answer some of them but let me be clear about living in the moment. When circumstances are difficult you want relief. There are some things scheduled for earth that you cannot avoid. Be careful that you do not want out so badly that you spend your time in the future so much at the expense of not living in the moment. You will miss much if you do. I grieve with you at the atrocities that have gone on and continue on your beautiful planet. They will come to an end, I assure you, but until then try not to disregard the point of your power and that is the now moment and being in the present. Yes, there will be a liberation day of evacuation in your planning and ours, but until then continue to work with what you have learned and be effective as only you can in the now. I will celebrate with you when this is over but for now we work in the fields as laborers in the will of the ONE.

I am Manning


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