September 20, 2021
Let us begin. I would like to introduce myself as a bringer of messages for you. You can call me Manning and my real name would not be completely understandable for you. I seize this opportunity after reading the offeroftrust messages and comments and would like to give of information for you readers. Your are strongly asking for information and I assure you I am of the Light and have vast experience with living, both successes and mistakes. I have lived a varied life and I chuckle as I speak those words. Yes, the stories I could tell you, but that is not the purpose of this introduction.

I speak of experience and your earth mission has been a full one for all of you reading here. You have suffered and then you have learned and the most important thing is that you have loved and forgiven. What an accomplishment, for people on other planets spend many of your years learning to love and many more in forgiving. You are an enlightened group and you are eager to learn. I welcome you as I hope you welcome me.

As you travel your road of learning you have observed with understanding in these past decades and have made many course corrections. Going within is a skill that comes with experience and is a defining point of before and after. Your life, if observed, would be in two categories of before learning to go within and after learning how to go within. This is a pivotal point in the educational process for the knowing that God is within you and not outside you is very large in your progress. So now you have learned that you are the expression of God the Father and you are His creation within and without and this makes all the difference.

You are here on earth for the expressed purpose to advance, to help and to experience this long, and shall I emphasize that word long, arduous living and being in each and every life you have had. You have done well my students and my readers. Every one of you reading here, and I know you now, have done well and this is my opinion of course, but I am worthy of it. There is only one road you can travel at the time but if you could see your part of the world without you having been here and then being here now you would see a marked difference in how things would look. You do not yet realize the influence you have had on so many and on the environment and on the energy and vibration of Gaia herself. What a showing you have made, not only for yourself but for so many others. In the beginning of the many lives you struggled and made mistakes, sometimes over and over but you learned from them and as others that were already a channel of Light you continued to learn and progress. Most of you came here with much understanding but it was clouded from you and so much still is.

You understand that you were of a certain attainment or you would not have been allowed to come here to earth in the first place. You had something to give and you did. Now we must continue with what you have learned and you are capable of even greater things. If possible set a routine during your day when you will have a few moments to go within and connect. If you do not already I would like for you to say silently or vocally, it doesn’t matter, “I am an expression of God and have been created by Him. I ask for His Light to shine brightly through me and within me and I know that I am under His direction.” Then through out your day listen to what is given to you. Take note of those influences, sometimes ever so slight, that come to you. Ask, Father is this your will for me and then if so, proceed. Be guided each and every day by His direction. Some of you may already be doing this and this is wonderful for you are learning to discern His will for you.

You have already made your choice to turn your life over to God. Little did you know at the time that it was already His. There was and is no separation between you. It is difficult sometimes to think this way but it is so. Has there ever been anything that was created by God that was not of God? No. You are His and you are Him/It, whatever your designation of God is. Be this important to yourselves and see that you have so much potential under His direction. Open any doors to Him that you may have closed and feel His energy flowing through you and give this a chance to enhance and grow.

I leave you now with this first suggestion and hope you will try this for your own advancement. You are not Gods in the making, you are Gods in the living. Now and forever. Be well and live strong.

I am Manning


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