September 7, 2021

Let us begin. I am coming to you regarding your circumstances at present. Big changes are happening and the old 3rd dimension is breaking away and if you are the ones reaching out and achieving the vibrations of the 5th dimension than you will see in your rear view mirror the dissolving of that 3rd dimension. To you it is fading away but to those who need to be in that vibration it will still exist for learning and achieving according to their needs.


My people and my Chelas, we send you our love and our direction that you may be unlimited in your achievements and progressions. There is really no limit to what you can accomplish with the full acknowledgment of God within. Do no let me hear you say, “I can’t do that or I can’t achieve that” for it can be done with patience. You have suffered much in the earth environment but you were sent here with much to experience and your challenge was to make the most of it. We see from our readings that you have grown exponentially with what you have confronted and this group has gained in wisdom and it is that wisdom that cannot be shaken or driven out by false profits. You know that God is within each of you as He is in the cosmos and all that is. This mission has been more than any of us ever expected and has given rewards greater than can be measured. Much was needed and hopefully much was expected against all dark odds prevailing and you have proven, not only to us but to yourselves what could be done.


You, as yet do not realize what you have done and how far reaching this accomplishment of yours will affect the lives and energy of so many and all things. It will be explained and shown to you. You are stronger than ever before and nothing of importance can be so distorted with lies that it can be ripped from you. Continue on and stand in the arms of the Father. I take this time to console you with your surroundings and conditions for although it is leaving your perception there are still remnants of dark still in your rear view mirror. It will not be long now and the reality of what we have been telling you of your coming home will be a reality for you.


We see the finish line for you and this is why we cheer for you and your little time left on earth. Even though you have challenges still ahead of you it is with joy that we cheer you on in your journey. Try to let the joy of a mission well done invade your consciousness and prevail in your knowing while you are finishing up on earth. So many are not so fortunate to have had your determination to finish as you have. We salute you and will continue to monitor you as things progress. I wish I could be there every day with you. You have given me much in just the short time we have been together. Take heart from my words.


In His Love I am Parker




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