August 23, 2021
I am pleased to tell you that the earth is stepping up her changes and it may be that all will rapidly go to a time of evacuating. It is difficult to predict how this will develop but I see many changes now in the form of earthquakes and some volcanic activity.

Yes, I have been seeking someone else to come to you and speak but as this is an active time and so many adjustments have to be made to earth and the corresponding vibrations and elements involved it is taking everyone to tend to all that is needed. Do not feel lost or forgotten for you are far from that in our thinking. Plans are being made for you now on a closer need for safety and removal from earth. Adjustment has been the name of most all things going on at this time. Preparation consumes us at this point for there is no room for any deviation from perfection in retrieving all that will come. There is nothing quite so moving as a homecoming.

Continue your study and learning and your bringing of Light to earth at this time. It is greatly needed for this transition period. There are many arrests going on and this is being covered up by so called experts in that field, for they have had a lot of experience in cover-up. Do not be deceived for the worms are squirming in their own filth and there is no where for them to hide. This will continue until the last day, whenever that is. They will be removed one by one and dealt with by our laws. Some are being dealt with by earth laws. It was directed by God.

Each of you is known and your heart speaks of deep desire to come home. The process is planned in all aspects. Be of good cheer in this respect for your location is known and you will be received in love and adoration. My love is with all of you.

In His Love,

I Am Parker


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