August 14, 2021
We have come to the time of disclosure and by this I mean the dialogue is set for speaking to you. It is wise not to give dates but you will be glad to know you will soon hear what you have been longing to hear and more.

I have been quite busy and am a second choice for speaking to you in messages for that reason. You need someone daily to communicate with you and answer your questions and I do not have that time to spare. My love for you is great and I do come to you at every available opportunity for there is much lost time in your learning and I would like to be the one to hold your attention in my hands and give to you the things you need to know. I love my work in education and it pleases me greatly to do this for you. You are deserving of much more than an occasional message and an answer or two and for that reason I am seeking someone who would have more time to give to you. Until then know that I cherish each moment with you and do what I can. You are a bright lot and I clearly feel your desire to know.

There is talk of a splitting of a time line into two parts and this is a simplified description for there is much more involved in this description. It is more of an energetic creation brought about by the Divine combined with the creation of more than a million minds seeking higher vibrations and a better life. Creation is a complicated process and you are seeing it happen at this moment. On the one hand there are those who are not ready to deviate from their mind set and wish to remain in the arena they are in so as to continue learning in familiar settings. This is lovingly granted and is in harmony with their needs and is lovingly given. On the other hand there are those who have struggled to learn and progress during their lifetime and desire to be in a vibration that is compatible with their higher needs. They have been dealing with the lower vibrations for most of their life and it is time they were given the opportunity to experience what they have created. This is the divergent road these two groups have chosen and it comes about at this time for the reason of their needs.

This synchronicity of different roads is in agreement with all other things including time, and all works together for this to happen. Nothing moves on its own but is in harmony with all other things for all is of God and is of one accord. The knowing and intelligence behind all of God’s creation works as one and there is no haphazard occurrence or action without this agreement. There are things not of God’s actions brought about by the distortion of man and this leads to sorrow and pain. My dears this was the teachings of Christ that you live in God’s will and life will be given more abundantly to you. You can see from your world where things can lead when not in the will of God. Driving without a steering wheel leads to perilous times. Spend time in the word of God and continue your study and contemplation of His word. Give of your life and energy into what is a God directed life and be faithful to that goal. You are greatly loved at all times but living in the will of God gives you greater sight into all things and leads you in the path of communication with Source.

So, now let us say that you are about to embark upon a time of truth coming out and this is what you have been asking for but not only that. It is God directed for it to happen and let us say that the words will have more meaning and power than just ink on paper or just the spoken word. They will be imbued with energy of truth, not from just man, but from God for make no mistake about it, His hand and thought is in this. There are mere words and then there are messages from God and you are about to hear what is directed from on High, so listen closely and give it all the attention it deserves as the words of God. You have read of the miracles of Bible times when Christ was living and have longed for miracles in your own time. You are about to experience something like that and I have tried to tell you how fortunate you are to be living at this time to experience what is happening now. Each morning give respect and reverence to the Divine Will and direction of God in your world now for His hand is heavy in all that is happening to heal everything and see that all is directed to that path. It in no way happened by itself and the hearts of many and their efforts are a direct result of Divine intervention and direction. It is that momentous.

I hope I have impressed you fully into the situation. I leave you now facing a greatly important time and you need to be prepared. Open your minds and hearts into what is Holy and embrace what is undoubtedly the most important change that is coming in your lives. His will be done.

In His Love,

I Am Parker


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