August 9, 2021
Let us commence. We see that things are coming along in a progression to the desired conclusion. There is the complication of the restrictions concerning the Delta variant and those who are falling under the illness of this virus. It is difficult enough when adults are caught in this sickness but it seems even worse when children are involved. One thing that is a fertile field for any virus is sugar, so keep that in mind. It would help if the diet is kept sugar down to a minimum and preferably none, if possible. Use honey and more natural sources of sweetness. Unfortunately sugar causes so many problems but we are discussing viruses here and sugar in the diet is a huge contributor for viruses to grow in the body. Keep this in mind.

You need to know that there is no giving up and there has not been any deviation or detour to the end result that has been planned. We are talking about there on earth, so your disclosure is still in the works for a public presentation. We here would love to see that this is done as soon as possible but those on earth have a plan and it will be followed. We sit up here and talk about what you should do and tell you to take the reins and get things done and now that you have done this we will leave certain things up to you for the creating of your future. We understand there is a growing energy for thinking that you will not go back into your homes to stay and there are even protests against restrictions that are imposed in certain countries and states. These are the people talking and showing their desire concerning how this should be handled. Our concern is the conflict between those who want to be free and those who want masks and restrictions for concern of their loved ones, especially their children. The truth needs to come out so all will know what is going on and also how best to fight this illness.

We suggest no physical conflict, for this will complicate things and we hope that you find a way to overcome differences with truth and all working in the same direction with individuals free to make their own decisions which do not harm others. This is a difficult time the world is going through now with the illness and so much is being done to try and keep the masses under control. Freedom is breaking out and this will continue.

On the UFO front, there are more sightings now and even more are planned. This is something that has to come out for the next step in your progression toward gaining a grasp on the real meaning of creation you live in. No longer will you confine yourselves to the thoughts of just one planet for things are changing and your vistas are broadening and you will never go back to thinking you are the only life forms in creation and this must be dealt with in your minds. Seldom have we seen such a wide gap in the thoughts of people on one planet from thinking they are the only life ever created to knowing there are other beings in existence to even communicating with these beings. All the while certain seekers search the skies for signs of any form of codes, sounds or communications from space and your space scientists take samples from space for signs of water and possible life. It is quite difficult to see this much of a chasm from the field of one end of the spectrum to the other. And here I am speaking to you listeners and readers and have been, along with others who have come before me. Quite perplexing in nature that we have been trying this long to do away with the great differences in opinion of the “life on other planets” question that still seems to remain on earth.

The other thing that amazes us is how much truth can be covered up for this great number of years and not be found out on a broader scale of understanding. Again we tell you that the dark influence that has caused this deviation from the laws of God is a practiced and intelligent group with lots of experience in this field. Planning is their strong point and you are still up against the last of the negative influence remaining that needs your expertise of equal experience now that is bringing Light in the form of opposition to earth to benefit all . You see you do not have to have dwelt in the trenches of warfare in equal numbers to overcome for Source Light has always been more powerful in its creative element and pound for pound can out do, out work, overcome and prevail in every instance. You are beginning to see this for yourselves. We recommend that you, as boots on the ground, continue your work as God instructs you to continue to bring this Light and Love into the arena of earth in the form and the way you are involved with this mission. So many of you are in so many different fields of work and bringing about change that this is the unified success that is growing and coalescing into what is happening at present.

Yes, it seems it has always taken longer than wanted, anticipated and wished for but we are here now in the present and that is the only moment we have ever had to work with. Continue.

In His Love,

I Am Parker


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