July 26, 2021
Let us commence. I am destined to give of information to a new world and you are the ones receiving. There will be a bigger audience in the future and all will have a chance to hear. It is commanded of me to do this by our Father and by overseers of your planet. This part is preliminary but the future part is official and will be documented that certain information was given. It is required of ascended people who have come to a stabilized position that they receive certain information to continue and I have had experience in this with other planets. In your Father’s house there are many mansions and you will be amazed.

We know you are concerned about what will happen next. When will things correct themselves and when will the real truth be given. All is coming to fruition, but even if it does not happen as you have expected I would still be giving of certain information in your future. I have listened and I hear some of you say that you want the truth from the horse’s mouth. Well I am that horse, sent by God and ordained to deliver what is needed. You are His children and have never been forgotten. Sent on this mission, your presence has always been known and your whereabouts. Your Father does not forget or forsake His children.

I will make myself known with somewhat of a flurry later but for now you have my attention at this time and we are going ahead with this. Be it known that your names are recorded and your service also. You are part of the vanguard, leading others to a higher dimension. Set yourself to a higher standard and do not take lightly your part in what has been and what is to come for your service is extraordinary and so I tell you to continue in all respects as you have been instructed by your counselors and your inner guide. Connect with your God self daily and at all times possible for as much as you have taken your work seriously, your work has gained momentum and is vital at this point in time.

I tell you that what you think of the God directive within you should be done with holiness and reverence for you have been sent and sustained by His will and it is not upon Him to send simpletons to do his work. Take care of your body and remain in His light and do not loose your faith or determination while carrying out what is commanded of you. Be of good cheer in his calling of you for he chose well. Listen to His word and continue His study daily. I leave you now to think on these words and give you encouragement from His words that you continue within His light and love.

In His Love,

I am Parker


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