July 25, 2021
Let us commence. I am prone to getting too deep into earth history but part of it has to be known. At present your planet has been the place for work into changing a difficult dark influence into light and removing all remembrances of dark influence into the past. Long ago the Anunnaki were given permission to live on earth and this is where the most recent past chapter began. Of course there is more but we will start here. From there they moved into an alliance with Draconians and it was a race to see who could use the other to the fullest degree. It was almost a compatible situation because they were both deviant and far from the purpose of life itself.

Being developed further, servants, or minions as you call them, were recruited with promises of whatever was important at the time and a dark plan was formed to bring power and importance to a few at the top of the command. As time went on people were slowly pushed into a mind set of playing their part, which would lead life into one of subservience and bondage. This was not seen or known at the time and the true meaning of purpose was a closely guarded secret. If not for intervention their plan would have succeeded and it would be too late to fight your way back to what was left of any freedom.

Once again there was a difference of opinion on our side. Some thought more time should be given for people to see what was going on and to band together and overcome the frightful influence of the dark. Others had no hope for what was to come of any chance for things to change. This is in the past now and all is history. Some time ago it was decided that intervention was the only way for things to have any chance to right itself and bring back light to your planet. Earth is bound in its own envelope of reality and is supported by agreement until it is no longer necessary to do so and then it will return to the “real” reality. This is difficult to explain but I would call it a necessary environment for the conflict that was taking place between the light and those who were so devoid of it.

As it stands now you are only left with the servants or minions of the dark influence that once was and this influence is doing all it can to cause as much trouble and chaos as possible before they are removed and they do know they will be removed. It was believed that more light workers sent to earth would awaken to their mission and be of help in delivering earth from the grasp of the dark but this hope was limited and help from outside was called on and was delivered. It will be completed in its entirety of success and earth will once again be delivered into the place of purity and peace as it was intended.

There will come a time when you will see so much more than you do now and you will find that an understanding will come upon you and it will all make sense and will fit together. The important thing remaining now is to continue working and fighting for all that is good and Godly and of the light and to close out what is left in the will and energy that has been given to you. See this through to the end and into the new beginning with all the intention and love that you possess. So many of you are so much more than you ever imagine and have great strength and purpose much higher than just on earth. You are not reaching your full potential in your thinking of your capabilities here on earth. Be in completeness in your being of who you are and come forward in your full capacity to bring forward your light and love which is so much more powerful than any dark here on earth. This has been a war of sorts with so many fronts and it still is, even though it has changed in its leaders.

Have faith in your Creator Source and in the direction that is given and continue forward even though you do not have all the pieces of the puzzle at this time. Live in the fullness of the directive of the Father and serve as you are given to serve for deliverance of earth into the ascended planet that has been foreseen. All things will be given and known in good time and unfortunately now is not the time for all of the pieces and reasons for everything to be known and given. It is coming and I will be there to see this happen. You need to be on a higher plane for all of it to make sense and it will. The force that is carrying you along is not a magic carpet but the real energy and creative power the same as your Christ had when He came to earth to give of His teachings. This is no dream, or play in the force behind it driving it even though we speak of playing a part. The people you see may not be exactly who you think they are but the reasons for you being here at this time and your purpose is valid and accurate and you are driven by the highest cause and purpose.

Do no get side tracked by the confusion of who is doing what and for what reason but stick to your mission of leading all you can into the light and purpose of Creator and Source of all that is. Keep going within for your truth and faith and continue with your work. Serve without conditions and love as you are loved without ceasing.

In His Love, I am Parker


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