July 24, 2021
Let us commence. I am gratified at your understanding of my words. I continue to read the website and I also get a feel for what is needed from the readings of our findings up here concerning earth and what should be told. I have a long history of teaching and have done this for many planets when it was called for. Please take my words into your knowing and remember them for they will serve you well in the future. Now we can continue to build upon what is known.

I am going to give you information you have to have. There will be those who don’t care and they will drop by the way side in advancing for we are commanded to spend time learning God’s word. Your earth will be going through some major changes passing through from darkness into light and this getting rid of darkness is a big deal. To dislodge and expunge the hold on earth that has taken place over the many years will take some doing to get rid of. This will take several forms as Joseph has explained.

My understanding is that you are confronted with quite a few ideas of how your future will take place and I must admit that even up here we are not all of one accord in our ideas of just what will happen when and how it will happen so I am not surprised that you have questions.

One main idea is that because of the amount of light that has been brought into earth that the major changes will be mitigated and there will be no need to evacuate everyone off the surface of earth. This is a lovely idea. In all the times earth has been through the cycle of learning and possibility of overcoming darkness these changes have never been avoided and each time earth has had to go through major land configurations and upheavals in the process. She has to complete this process to move ahead and shake off the restraints that have kept her so bound in the past.

A point of question also revolves around these changes and this is concerning time and disclosure of information. Will all information be given before the earth has to be offered evacuation? This is where our greatest complexity of thoughts lingers between the minds on our side. It is believed by the majority of people that this will be completed and all truth will be revealed and laid out before everyone. Please keep in mind that many times when we speak of things happening, we give you information up front that prepares you in order to keep you safe for the contingency of danger that you may not be prepared for. We are not in the mind of Gaia but dwell closely with her wishes but do not have dates for her changes.

There are many people giving of information through channelings of the receiving of information from off world beings. This is a complicated process and there are many influences that complicate this information. The receiver may be tuning into this information with accuracy for most of it but for various reasons not getting the entirety of the message or the topic. Keep this in mind when reading or listening to others. I tell you that Gaia has to go through her changes so that she can ascend and this has to be done. This involves measures of extreme movement and releasing of energy through various means. This will not be conducive to life and the continuation of it. The people will have to be removed to continue.

Will time permit the playing out of projected corrections and reveals of long held secrets of your planet? I believe it will but you have also been informed of how to prepare in the event of having to evacuate at any time. These two ideas are not in conflict as far as I see them. Through love of your Father you are cared for with information in any eventuality. This procedure is compatible with what is commanded of us in caring for you. Expect the truth to be revealed in all its dirty secrets and expect it to hit like a giant rock crashing in the middle of a small plastic kiddie pool. The water will be sloshed out and what is left is the truth and no one will be able to push it out of the way.

While this is going on you will have your things ready and thought out for your next move when necessary. You need to remember there is also a psychological aspect here of knowing that you are ready and prepared for evacuation at all times. This is a great support in your minds that cannot be taken from you. Live your life fully in each day as it comes and brings you what is, no matter what that may be. I see no conflict of ideas here. Do not concern yourself with having to know each detail of what is to come.

Life is fluid and especially this part of it that you are going through. The excitement and anticipation of God’s will has a certain amount of magic and this makes for a depth of needed faith and joy in His fulfillment of events. Take this opportunity and see it as the adventure and learning experience that you so willingly begged for when you thought of coming to earth at this time. You saw it in its proper perspective at that moment and now that you are surrounded by all this confusion you have lost sight of the greater picture. Enclose yourself in the process of His will and observe how He handles things for this is a once in a life time opportunity to be this close to the end of an era for a planet so close to death and you are watching a rising of great will in the overcoming of all odds against success. How fascinating that you are here to see this. Loose any fear you might have and fall to your knees and give thanks that you are here.

In His Love, I am Parker


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