July 21, 2021
Hello. My name is unpronounceable so for this purpose please call me Parker. I am here to serve you with, what I hope is information that will help you in your life. Joseph chose me as one trusted for this task and I will be in service for this communication in the Will of God. We and you need Joseph’s full attention for what is happening right now and to say it is important is an understatement. He is helping to lay the foundation for your new earth and this is paramount that this be done correctly with no errors.

I understand there are some outstanding questions that need to be answered and I would like to tend to these first if I may. Let us commence. There are questions on offeroftrust concerning what to expect after evacuation and you are wanting a preview into our way of life, which will become your way of life somewhat. You will not be expected to do everything as we do it but there are rules and protocols that you will want to abide by.

First let me say that you are accustomed to the feeling of living in the Will of God and you know what that entails. The laws of God will be expected here as we follow them. Certain latitudes will be given in language and thought until you learn more about how to control your thinking when communicating with others. You are expressions of the Father and you will not be expected to be anything other than who you are. We expect you to come here already following the laws or commandments as you call them. Please do not think we will expect perfection from you in any way other than not taking of a life or disrespecting others, either here or those from earth. Once here the love you have will grow and it will not in any way seem daunting for you. You are in for a pleasant surprise.

We, on the other hand will be in for a surprise adjusting ourselves to your thoughts, which up until now you have believed are entirely yours. Those who have not had direct contact with your thought processes have been counseled on this issue. It will be like when the relatives come for a visit and stayed. I speak with humor here as all of us must keep our sense of humor.

I come to you with my heart open and wanting to be of service to you. You are loved by us much more than you realize. It is our wish that we offer everyone a way of life that is far superior to what you are going through now. This will be sufficient for now and I will try to answer some questions from the comments on the website.

Through His Love, I am Parker


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