July 10, 2021

Let us begin. We see the things growing in energy and movement concerning earth changes and they are becoming more evident. It is ever increasing that I tend to things here and my time becomes more limited for these messages. I have enjoyed giving each one and have learned a lot about the thoughts of earth from your comments and also from my scribe who was always willing to give input when asked. I have been lifted up by the comments of each of you and never thought I would receive this much support. I am so grateful for your words and prayers.
We are coming down to the last part of the last chapter and I hope to see all of you on ship after evacuation. I will seek you out as I what to visually see each of you and speak to you of your service. We have been quite busy and this will not let up for the remainder of days now. I have given you what I consider the information you need to carry forward. Please go back and review the messages when time permits and you will find that information from them will continue to be given as I have planned it this way. Consider it the gift that will keep on giving.

Again I will tell you that what will happen is progress, even though it may not appear that way. You are all heading in the right direction and always remain in the highest attainable level of your God self and expression. My love to all of you for it has always been this way and now always will be. I will come to you with more if need be with added messages but for the most part this will be my last message in this series. I bid you all farewell in the Light and Love of the One and ask that you remember to surround yourselves with protective energy and Light.

I am Joseph In His Service


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