July 6, 2021

Let us begin. We see an abundance of dissatisfaction in people for they are ready for changes to be made. They want freedom from oppression and they want a stop to control. This is understandable for what you have been through. There will be another attempt to keep everyone separated again and at home but this time there are flaws in the attempt and they will be so large that it will be difficult to get the masses to comply with any type of restrictions regarding health requests. There are those who have investigated the hard evidence now of the past regarding health issues and are asking questions that need to be answered and the questions will not go away. Time will have its way of putting the light on certain areas of the facts.
I would like to speak of indifference and I hear a lot of you talking about those that will not take a look at the changes being made and also the evidence concerning visitors from other planets. There is a long history regarding evidence of visitation from other planets and it is being ignored. No longer is everything being covered up and hidden for it is talked about and brought out and one reason is the freedom of information act. What should be more than evidence is no longer hidden but the indifference is thick and it is easier not to think on these things. There is much to take up a person’s thoughts that involve just getting through the day and so the days go by without any curiosity into visitation from other planets. How can this not be something important that needs to be examined?

There is the fear factor and how people have been brought up to think of disaster movies regarding a take over and then there is the real past when certain ones came to earth and did harm. This is somehow taken into the mind and defenses are raised and the avoidance is gained when this topic arises. There is a lot to overcome concerning this issue but here we are and it needs to be addressed by everyone. The times are upon you when you will need help concerning earth changes and dangers will arise for so many. There is a question of whether anyone can survive what needs to happen and the answer is, some think so. The tunnels that have been prepared are for the few at the top who have known of your future hardships and there is only enough room for them to take refuge. What is to happen to all those who are left?

We have come to the people of earth so many times we have lost count. There are more books published on this issue than you probably know of. Some are quite accurate. In your history there are descriptions of actual events and not all are good ole boys coming to help. We understand this and have been on decades of campaigns trying to convince you of our intentions and purpose for being here. There has been a lot to overcome and we have done everything we could think of to get this done. Still your need for help will persist and decisions will have to be made and some will choose not to trust us in any eventuality. This is why the long time of dialogue and communication is needed before that decision has to be made so the process of mental adjustment can begin before it is too late. We have invaded such mediums as Facebook and Youtube with our words through others and yet so many choose not to look or read. It is a slow process and we are not Hollywood stars wearing the latest fashions and drinking the popular alcohol of choice. We have even considered this and after the mental pictures it brought about we returned to our logical thinking. The interesting part is that there are those on earth in these positions that can speak of life from other planets and have and few were impressed.

It would seem that minds are made up and choices have already been made on a subconscious level and this is freedom. It would be much better if these choices are being made after we have had our say and shown our side of this issue. It would be even better if there was a communication regarding questions posed and answers given so we could offer our information on what needed to be answered. We continue to gain the attention for this to happen and it will take something rather large to get that attention. It is unfortunate that what it will take to get that attention may also cause fear and some amount of panic. This was not what was intended.

And so it has come to this that we proceed in our efforts and you are the solid and grounded goal post at the end of the field of play that marks the touchdown, literally that is needed. More accurately we will be in your skies begging your eyes upon us and asking for your attention to questions you never thought you would have to contemplate. Do I stay on earth and take a chance on survival for what is to come or do I board a ship and take a chance on survival for what is to come there. You see what we are up against and why it is so important that we get our chance to talk to you. This is why we are working so hard to get this done. Our de-cloaked ships are much more frequent now and still they don’t get the newsworthy attention they deserve. Our sightings have increased and will continue to do so. It would appear that we have to be on your doorstep to compete with sports information. Is there an Olympic event we could enter? Maybe most miles traveled to attend?

I am not trying to make light of this issue for it is becoming more serious by the day now. We pose a serious question, what will you do when the time comes? I leave you now and ask you to be counted in the group that has studied our words and when you are questioned about your thoughts concerning our attempts to help, you will have your say in truth. We continue our work to communicate with you.

I am Joseph In His Service


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2 Responses to TM07062021

  1. I would like nothing better than to keep all negative actions away from the masses or to do away with them before they are conceived. This is not up to me or my desires. We will not control everyone’s actions at present and individuals still have some freedoms in their thoughts, even the dark. Total control is used in some instances now and this is only with Divine permission. Attempts to try other ways of keeping you separated again do not fall under this permission.

    As for your request to discuss your suggestions with me, I do have certain suggestions relayed to me and they are reviewed and taken into consideration. I thank you for your efforts to make things better for earth and to end these final attempts by the dark. I would hope that everyone would have your zeal to end this madness. Thank you for your heartfelt concerns. Joseph


  2. McKastner says:

    Are you serious? .. you will let that happen ( There will be another attempt to keep everyone separated again and at home but this time there are flaws in the attempt and they will be so large that it will be difficult to get the masses to comply with any type of restrictions regarding health requests )

    Okay Joseph. Can i. All you like that? I offer you my help. And i want to discuus my suggestions to make in private. Find a way . If you really are from light, you will k ow where to find me through the Ashtar command.


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