Let us begin. I am giving this special edition as a heads up to all who read here and all who receive second hand information from these messages. There is going to be a rather large announcement soon, within the next few days or the first of June. Also there will possibly be ships coming to earth that may try to fool you into thinking they are us in an attempt to mislead you and draw you into a false contact. Be alert to this possible fool’s gold in the sky and rely on your experience and understanding to verify these craft before you believe fully.

If carried out, these ships will be controlled by androids which have been programmed for this purpose and this is done by the Annunnaki and their devious associates. The major goal is to disrupt information that is scheduled to come out that reveals their past relationship with the heads of your government and the exchange that was made by agreement some time ago. Certain technological information was made available to your government in exchange for extracting individuals from your surface for their own devices of gaining physical knowledge and samples. They do not want this information to be released and wish all of it to remain secret.

People were taken to their ships years ago and this continued for years. They were in need of specific samples to aid their races and they were willing to do what it took to make this agreement with heads of governments. This will be a disruption movement and we will do all we can to stop this maneuver. Go within to verify sightings and I will try to give of information to inform you of further actions on their part and on our part. The times are becoming interesting as we are now having meetings every day concerning changes coming. Hold on because your cars have now left the depot and are headed for unknown terrain.

I am Joseph In His Service


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2 Responses to TM: SPECIAL EDITION!

  1. McKastner says:

    “Also there will possibly be ships coming to earth that may try to fool you into thinking they are us in an attempt to mislead you and draw you into a false contact.”

    You mean that you have no capability to stop them or to kill their desire t do so in advance? What a out the dome? The triple grill around earth …?


    • When attempts at deception are coming from your own earth we view when a certain line has been crossed. In certain cases we must wait until action has been attempted for we cannot kill their desire because so much deceptive desire on earth never ends in action. This attempt I speak of has earth participation for there are many factions not wanting contact to be made. There has been effort being made and it continues now to keep these false attempts from happening. An energy has been given in the past to protect your earth and our ships patrol the vastness of your skies at all times also providing protection. Certain details of prevention cannot be given. Joseph


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