Dearly beloveds


My pleasure to again be with you.


You are shortly to enter great times, which will necessarily start with turbulence. Here I mean turbulence that is not limited alone to the inner changes and processing you have been used to. But also very visible turbulence. Societal turbulence. This will occur in all countries of the Earth. IT IS TIME.


This upheaval marks the beginning of the end of a cycle of unrest on Earth. It is the gateway to the new!  The new you, the new era, the new way of being and more. Newness must mark the start of any new era. And naturally the old must fully crumble and die first. For, in truth, the very foundations of the old are rotten to the core and are even now disintegrating, as we speak.


Of course, to you who watch and wait, the coming signs will be the first visible ones. Though you know it not, much has already disintegrated behind the scenes. This remains a carefully kept secret by the dark side so that members of the public would never discover this great cause for inspiration, hope and actual evidence of the dying old guard.


But secrets can only be kept for so long. And the natural laws have already kicked in, which makes the previously-easy mass deception and lies unworkable at the present moment. As can be seen as evidence all over the mainstream media and more importantly, the impact these are having by AWAKENING the many. The reverse of their objectives.


We, as emissaries of the Divine, take our roles very seriously. And the time to come will finally give us an opportunity to work together WITH you. This has been a long time in the making and preparing, and we rely on you to bring your entire Self to the table.


This period is one of the times you have been so diligently preparing yourSelves for. 

Did you think your preparation and all you’ve learned was to be used silently only? Or did you think perhaps it was to help boost others vibrationally that they alone could step forward, but not you? Or perhaps your thinking was that you would continue being an ‘invisible influencer’ in some capacity and that this would be enough? [SK: Definitely telling me off here…lol…anyone else?]


Unfortunately or fortunately [as you perceive it] none of the above apply. For you have come to make a conscious and visible difference to those who come upon you and you them.


Let us take this example. Do you recall not so long ago a time when a majority on planet thought they would wake up at the start of 2012 [or the Y2K tech panic in 2000?] and the entire world would present differently? That everything they knew as a ‘reality’ would be changed?


Do you recall the uncertainty over this for a long time, especially in the spiritual and truther-identified communities? And of course, this energetic contagion affected and permeated the consciousness of many others too. There was much fear over what this might have looked like, how the world and especially THEIR own world might look.  Many had a wait-and-see attitude and approach. Much like many today apropos the supposed ‘vaccines’.


I illustrate with this example the absolute and continued reliance by AWAKENED people to FIRST wait upon the outer world to present changes before you awakened ones have been willing to change your inner [re]action. You’ve had it in reverse, beloveds. In fact, this is partly WHY 2012 and beyond didn’t occur as per your understanding and expectations of it.


We would not prefer another round of this and a very much longer dragged out version of events purely because you do not KNOW that this STANDING is what is expected of you. YOU expect it of you and you came to Earth for this [at least in part].


It is not a question of waiting but rather CREATING the momentum for the event yourselves. Your very openness and allowing is what gives momentum to the opportunity to STAND.


Beloveds, your time to be the very love and light in the fullness of your TRUE Selves in service to all others is at hand.


Will you rise to the challenge and put your self-doubts and lack of confidence aside to take on the mantle of the Christed light that all might benefit?

For this is YOUR Earth.

YOU are the deciders of so very much. And your choices and their consequences are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.


We watch and wait [the irony is not lost on us] on the sidelines.


With deep love for every one of you, our warriors of Love, Light and Truth 




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