February 21, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning to me that some are not questioning further all that is going on. So much of it doesn’t make sense and has never happened before and you’d think everyone would want to know why. This has been one of the biggest problems of your past is that most just accept and don’t question. They take for granted that those in charge will dispense justice and good works in a legal manner and there it stops. You have taken so many wrong things for so long that it is now second nature to accept without question and this needs to change. If you do question most do not follow through with getting an answer and this does not lead to change. Some strong voices are speaking out and are not afraid to go against what is being asked of them and this is good. Keep it up and your theme of questioning will grow and catch on. This is what is needed for some to lead the way in asking those important questions and expecting an answer. When the answer is not acceptable then more is required. It is a path and a way of accountability for those in government and leadership to explain why they do certain things. I feel there is a turnover coming and some dead wood will be cast aside and that should have been done long ago.

It is easy for me to stand here and see things clearly and tell you what you should do. Do not be offended by my suggestions and take them with the love that is intended for your advancement. I am just pointing the way for you to begin. All people at certain times in their lives need teachers to suggest and point the way to understanding. This is the whole purpose to our being here is to help you see things that you have been programmed to let slip by for this has been done to you for so long now. We have sounded the alarm bells and now you are awake and are looking at things with new understanding. It is much easier for me to suggest than it is for you to take action and change. There is a process in change and first the wrong parts have to be removed form the machinery for it to ever work properly. No machine every worked well with needless parts and this includes people, departments, oversight committees, public relations personnel and some government financed studies. Does it take six million dollars or more to answer most questions? Do office supplies or simple mechanical tools need to cost so much? My, how you have let so much get by and most of this is behind the doors and included in invoices and labeled wrongly. How can a weekend holiday at a top notch resort for employees and their friends be labeled as a seminar for instruction? This is what has been going on.

The watchdogs have been keeping an eye on things and there are many in your independent news reporting that do their jobs quite well with the sources they have painstakingly developed. Many are not afraid to print the truth but from a legal standpoint there is only so much they can say that will lead you to further investigation yourselves. The laws being what they are keep some things from being said without verifiable truth behind it even if it is blatant. It is good that proof is needed but the path to truth is often met with closed doors and lies to cover up. When others are afraid not to comply and cover up for others it makes it difficult to get to what is really happening. It is evident now that many are watching your leaders and office holders and things are not as easy for them now as they once were. This will continue until it is known which parts of your government need to be removed. Some amount of detective work is required.

Do not walk through your days with burdens you carry alone. Bring your concerns to us and we will do our best to understand and help in any way we can. Never feel you are alone with what is happening to you and let us see if there are things we can suggest or help with that will make your journey easier. We have been here for some time now and have gotten to know you much better. You have changed considerably while we have been here and are more alert to all that is happening and some spend their days trying to find answers to the various questions that arise. There have been times when some answers were not ready to be given for various reasons but the time of revelation is upon you and you have much to look forward to. Do not give up at this late date but do not think that the powers that have been over you will continue much longer. You are living a life of dates and times and these are not the benchmarks that are being used at this time. It has to do with prominent or abundant vibrational frequencies or energies leading to the next step that we look at and this gives us our signs for correct timing.

It is difficult for you to see how far you have come in your attitudes and this would be helpful if you could but you did have a long way to go. Keep the learning from the difficult experiences and try to let the unpleasant part dissolve with understanding and forgiveness. Continue forward with your learning and confront those challenges with strength and knowing that you can overcome more than you ever imagined. Be prepared for some turbulence with this transition for those entrenched in their places will not be uprooted easily. Some have played their part for so long that they have become to believe in themselves. Progress continues and more is being done every day to bring about the desired result and that is to set your government straight on the path of better leadership. Pray for your country no matter what country that is and give of your visions for fair and legal leadership with representation of the people. Know you do have a voice in what happens and the governance you require. You have worked hard and your leadership should reflect your wishes for your country.

We are coming to a more peaceful time for all countries and one of productivity for what is needed for all the people and not just a few. Remember people should be free and not bound by massive legalities that keep being added to. Find that balance that is needed for your country and don’t settle for less. Keep looking and working until the laws are adequate and not excessive. You have much to create.

I leave you now to bring about the changes necessary in a non violent way. There are those who may not comply so guard yourselves from these individuals and surround yourselves with the Light that is freely given for protection. We see so much potential with people ready to act favorably to change things and we have great expectations for your choices. We love you greatly.

I am Joseph In His Service


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