February 19, 2021

Let us begin. It is concerning that adjustments in medical practice have not made the advancements that were expected. Progress has been made but is being hampered by the restrictions of volumes of documentation and records that are multiplied for excessive verification due to insurance purposes. This is restricting the healing process and in my opinion health care should be the right of every individual on earth. Unfortunately my opinion doesn’t matter to those who are making money from all areas of the health care process. Let me rule out here those who have dedicated their life to healing and have the patient uppermost in their mind. Sadly these people are greatly restricted and confined by the requirements placed upon them and their healing ability is hampered resulting in a lesser quality of health care.

There is coming a time when the health care will also take in the environment, the mental attitude and any influences of trauma from past lives lived. So much is brought over from other lives that greatly influence the health of someone in their present life. Let me give you an example. My scribe once lived a life of an American Indian as a female in early America. She was partnered with a brave and had two young children. A group of male settlers on horseback came in a surprise raid and killed most of the inhabitants of her village including her husband and two children. Fortunately she was spared but stood there in shock as her village burned and the smoke rose around her. This life time has been plagued with traumatic physical memories of this incident, even though it was not known to her, and it reveals itself in allergic reactions to smoke of any kind. Considering one has to breathe this has been of considerable influence. Respiratory problems have come and gone.

The repairing of this physical problem brings about two aspects in the healing. One is to find out what the causes of any residual influence in this life time are and the other aspect is in the removing of them. There can be different amounts of energy in both aspects as the energy is given by the individual and this is complicated. Suppose one knows why the trauma originated. You’d think it would be solved with the understanding. But what if the reaction in this life has been so long standing the individual has a solid belief in the reaction so strongly that it is not easily removed, even with the understanding. The mind has constructed a belief that if A happens then B happens and therein lies the problem of removal. These are to be considered when healing of the body takes in consideration that of the mind concerning the ailment. So you see there is more to healing than the physical and also just that of this lifetime. Understanding is the key but brings in all aspects of any physical problem origin. Just because the cause is ferreted out does not mean the patient will automatically and immediately give up a life time of reaction to the past. A healer has to be multifaceted in their approach to a better life for the patient.

Once the problem is manifested in the body from the mind it becomes more difficult to correct. The ideal situation is to live a life that takes in how to release negative influences, be they great or small, before they become so heavy with emotional energy that so much is given to a time line of reaction to that negative influence and the individual suffers through out their life with something that should have been dropped long ago through proper healing techniques.

And how do you go about practices yourselves that would help solve problems of this sort. Prayer and affirmations have been very helpful for most. First ask where the source of any long term physical problem comes from and listen for any revelations. Even if the reason is not immediately known or revealed you can approach a healing by affirmation and prayer that trauma or negative energies from past lives that were brought forward be brought forth, understood and healed. So much has to be forgiven from any past and then released so that it can be transformed into a more positive aspect of the total soul experience. Ask if there is anything that needs to be forgiven from your past that you need to work on. There is an interesting point here that is worth mentioning. The life given to you will give you an opportunity to heal past negativity and most times will point the way for this to be done. Two of the men in the raiding party that burned down the Indian village were brought back into the life of my scribe in this lifetime for the opportunity of healing and forgiving on her part. As you might imagine this is no small task.

Do not underestimate the amount of study, planning and love that has gone into the oportunity of each life that you have lived. The plan and power of love that God provides for your growth and learning is unimaginable and opportunities are many when trying to figure out what in the world is going on in your life and why. There is a plan for you and your challenge in all lifetimes is to work with that plan and not against it. This is why we say to ask every morning when you wake up what God favors you to do that day and how. Develop a strong bond with your Creator and commune often by referring to the owner’s manual. Go within and ask your questions of the Source and refrain from taking the advice from your BFF. It is quite likely they do not know what is best for you. Train yourself to always consider forgiveness in what has been done against you, for as you can see it will not go away on its own.

I hope these words have given you an ideas that energy is very alive and whether positive or negative can be long standing. This energy is given by you regarding your life and what happens to you. It can be a hot potato of negativity that needs to be cooled down. The wonderful thing is that you have the power and the means to correct what needs healing or changed. Always consider forgiveness.

I leave you with keys to understanding.

I am Joseph In His Service


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