September 24, 2020

Let us begin. It is our wish that you continue to pray for this meeting of a face to face contact to happen. It is important that it be successful for this very first time of seeing us. How this will happen depends upon these individuals viewing us at the time and their reception to us. We are most hopeful for total success at this time. We continue to plan our cities and may add more locations as we go along. It is our wish that this can be expanded upon in the future and that this will take off and be as successful as the contacts have been so far.

Now on to other things. Our ships are being viewed by more and more people and it amazes me that there is not more In your news media about these sightings. It happens every night now and also there are some that are viewed during the day time. Mostly the smaller ships but at night the larger ones do come out because they will show up better in the night sky. The foundation is being reinforced for seeing us in your skies at any time and we will keep this up until it is time for the next step in October. We are close to that date.

We aim to start giving in depth messages of substance more so than what we have done in the past and again it will depend on the need and the subject that is requested and most needed. Our speakers are ready for this to happen and are looking forward to being seen and heard. It is our plan to continue this face to face meeting on a regular schedule so that more people can plan to attend the location that is closest to them.

Our scribe is still taking my words and it is with gratitude that we continue and much has been accomplished by this method. There are many who give of their words to scribes and their words are also published in different locations and all of this is gaining ground and the fibers of the fabric are woven into a lovely thing that cannot be taken back or distorted in any way. We prevail in this endeavor and it is our goal no matter how long it has taken to construct. We do not give up.

There have been obstacles galore in many areas and in the private lives of our scribes that test their resolve to continue. Their kind nature has made them targets of the dark contrivances and in some cases there has been success to block these messages and most of it has been overcomed and we forge ahead. It is not without much concern on our part to see that this doesn’t happen but some of these dark deeds do find their mark and get through somehow. We try to protect all we can in all areas but non the less they are targets with the end result to stop this whole endeavor as much as possible and if they can gain headway they will always take advantage of it. It is a focus for them and they will not give up until the end of their lives. Always protect yourselves against such attempts and surround yourself with the light and love of the Father and ask to be protected at all times. With the end of the dark at hand they are most active and are looking for every opportunity to disrupt, delay and block us at all turns.

Now for some positive news. The collective consciousness is still rising and it continues to be infused with more love and desire for a better way of life and a new earth free from the pollution that is now present. There are activities forming at this time for clean up of deep ground water and also the vast ocean water of your planet. The many dump sites for trash can be diminished in size and we will show you how to turn your trash into a smaller more manageable size that can, for the most part, be recycled into other usable goods. It is a long process that will take work and much thought on where to put these production plants but it can be done and is a good idea. You have a great start now and we will expand upon this idea.

Your traffic is most congested in the large cities and the exhaust needs to be improved from your vehicles burning fossil fuels. This can be eliminated by the free energy which is being developed at present and with the installation of the little black boxes on your vehicles there will be a marked reduction in pollution of this kind. Do not expect this to be an instantaneous thing as it will take time for manufacture and installation. Once the system is streamlined the old cars will be fazed out and the new free energy vehicles will take over and that will be the end of your smog from exhaust. This will be a glorious day for everyone and the air will be much cleaner and easier to breathe.

Now for some words on nationalities and countries. The lines of different countries which are so evident now in your earth will begin to disappear and there will be free travel from place to place. No longer will there be these huge borders to contend with and of course this all depends upon your willingness to let the trust and faith come into your lives and take over. What is to be gained by not being free to travel in different countries. There will no longer be war and vengeance from one nationality upon another and peace will reign in your countries. It has been a long time coming and again this will not be over night but will take time. Just think of it as a possibility and this will be a beginning for you to bring about into reality. It is a worthwhile goal to do this and freedom is a wonderful thing and travel will be a part of it.

We conclude by giving you our thumbs up on your effort to better the lives of yourselves and your loved ones and look forward to the continuance of ideas and improvements. Make no mistake about it you are the energy and momentum behind the improvements that have been made and we look forward to helping you along your path.

Now I go in peace and hope that you will do also.

I am Prosper


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