Re-posted March 10-11-20 (by request)
(In Response to the article “Russians halt search for intelligent life SHAN in Washington”)
Through Anne Bellringer
Oct. 9, 2016
I am Creator God Aton/Hatonn of the ONE LIGHT speaking TRUTH to the people of Earth Shan, and in particular to the Russian research that there is no intelligent life in Washington (“Russians halt search for intelligent life in Washington” ) YES, I WILL SPEAK TRUTH TO ALL, WHO WILL LISTEN!
I remind you that in the Phoenix Journals I said that 66% or 2/3rds of the people on Planet Earth are either clones or robotoids. In the U.S. today, 81% of the people of the U.S. are in that category. I call these people the “Breathing Dead and Cement Children” ( Phoenix Journal 101, pgs. 5-17)
The wonderful U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights have been shredded in lieu of Corporate America, run by the minions of Satan/Lucifer. Is it no wonder that all goodness is prohibited by these evil minions. When the good people are put in prison and the criminals go free, you can expect no less.
The 19% of people that are left in the U.S. that are still “alive”, have been bombarded by mind control technology and elf waves, poisoned by chemtrails, fed rotten food presented by Satan’s Monsanto from soil depleted by chemicals, and dumbed down in government schools. Thousands of evil laws are passed every year that people don’t know, but are expected to obey them. Of course, those running the Zionist corporate government are “above the law”.
The history books have been rewritten to teach the Muslim way of life, and to imprison or kill those who object to such practice. When growing your own food is prohibited, catching rain water is a state offense, or speaking your mind about any truth lands one in prison, these are signs of the horrible Police State America. When you see the picture of your President [Muslim] standing in front of a bombed out ruined America, then truly, as Obama is captioned, “my work is done here”.
The “breathing dead” in Washington, D.C. want WAR with Russia. Where is their mind? Do they not remember that technology exists to shut down all electronics? Do they not remember what happened to two U.S. ships in the Baltic Sea? What do they think? They are NOT thinking, because they are mostly clones, and their “handlers” tell them what to do. They are the “Breathing Dead and Cement People”.
Hillary Clinton is no better. She is a clone with look-a-likes all over the place. She represents the wishes of the would-be Zionist controllers that will not give up their One World Order goal of ruling the planet, or destroying it, if they can’t have their way. That is what they did to all the planets in your solar system. When Hillary can have her assassination teams murder all, who oppose her, and go free without prosecution,that tells you how far down the rabbit hole the U.S. has gone.
I spoke of all that has and is happening in the Phoenix Journals, except that the situation has gotten worse. Back in the early 1990’s when I dictated the Phoenix Journals through short wave radio transmission to Dharma, the situation called for my thousands of ships to be on RED ALERT to evacuate the young children and Sananda’s flock. Nuclear war was a great threat. That situation calmed down, however, in 2016 how much WORSE the situation on your planet has become with the threat of nuclear war and more sophisticated weapons, that would not only wipe out Mother Earth, but would be a danger to the entire Cosmos!
Let me remind you of what was said in the Pleiades Connection Series of the Phoenix Journals (#30-37). Uranium has a purpose UNDER GROUND. It is used to dissolve the rocks into soil for the plants, trees, and your FOOD. Digging Uranium OUT of the ground and bringing it to the surface and using it for nuclear weapons is a NO-NO! It is a KILLER of all life. Physical death by radiation is only one detriment. The horrible TRUTH is that nuclear explosions damage the SOUL and split it into millions of parts that scatter all over the cosmos. It takes a very long time to reconstruct a single shattered soul! That is why nuclear war has been banned by Heaven. No nuclear bombs shall harm anyone, as they shall be neutralized! We of the Lighted Realms are not the only ones possessing the technology to neutralize nuclear bombs. Russia, China and Iran, also have that capability!
I do have some good news! In spite of the horrible conditions all over your beleaguered planet, there are Lightworkers, my people, who have stood the test of time, have lived the Laws of God and Creation, and have petitioned their God spirit within for total and complete protection from all the evil bombardment that is placed on them. Oh, the Zionist controllers don’t care about the Breathing Dead and Cement people. They want the souled beings to go with them to the depths of the VOID.
I have stated in the Journals that the souled beings on your planet are Returned Masters, who chose to come back to Earth without memory of where they came from, to learn their soul lessons and to help Mother Earth graduate into her to 5th dimension, where no evil exists. Mother Earth is a graduate school of learning, and these souled beings knew that, if they did not “wake up”, there would be a handicap of 350,000 years, plus any karma, and they would be living on another 3rd dimension planet to continue their lessons in soul growth. They would start as a caveman.
Mother Earth is about to “turn on her axis”, dump the 3rd dimension and birth into 5th dimension. All will leave Mother Earth. If a souled person has learned his lessons, he will graduate into 5D [Heaven]. If not, it’s back as cave dweller on another 3rd dimensional planet of their choice. All clones go “poof,” when Mother Earth dumps it, as they really are here to provide lessons for the souled beings.
For those, who are my Lightworkers, it is a very joyful time, indeed. For the Breathing Dead and Cement People, it is a time of upset and horror due to massive Earth changes they cannot control. Don’t forget that the tampering of Shan by Satan’s minions with controlled weather (the late Matthew hurricane), fracking, and using HAARP to bring more havoc and earthquakes just speeds up the time for Mother Earth to “dump it”. Oh, these minions think they are safe underground. NO, NO and NO! The entire earth shall move into the 5th dimension and a much higher frequency. No evil ones can stand the frequencies of the 5th dimension.
I have talked with many of those in high political positions on your planet, including ALL of your presidents, about stopping war and no use of nuclear weapons. No one would listen. I will say that the greatest among ALL for a statesman, who is working with me, is Vladimir Putin. He is the savior of your nation, America!
I take leave now, knowing that there is goodness happening that is soon to break forth. Not all is doom and gloom, but I do speak the Truth! Many blessings to all Lightworkers and my blessings to those, who have awakened to their mission and are reading my messages in the Phoenix Journals.
I am Creator God Aton/Hatonn of the One Light. Salu:






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