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  1. Marja says:


    This is a bit easier to discuss, and further, is no longer a secret to Earth scientists. The beamship is completely surrounded by a protection-beam¬-girdle (excuse me, ladies). This allows every interference to simply glide away, without pushing.
    The same also occurs in the cosmos, which swarms with particles. Therefore, the beam-protection screen functions to protect the ship against all influences and resistances, with anything contacting the screen becoming pushed aside or disintegrated — as the boundary layer spoken of above. All things which would otherwise pen¬etrate or are resistance-offering are simply diverted without evoking pres¬sures in any manner. Resistance must be eliminated to reach sufficient speeds for distance travel.
    Removal of this protecting screen brings into play another very important effect which is of great importance–especially to passengers and crew; the glide-away effect of the beam-protection-screen diverts the gravity and attractive forces, and the beamship in effect becomes a micro-planet which can travel at near light-speed through any atmosphere without any risk at all.
    The gravity of a planet does not influence the beamship; the passengers feel nothing abnormal and there is no force levied against their beings–¬just as if they were on a home planet where the balance is adjusted by natural selection and where the planetary gravity is in accordance with their anatomical capabilities.
    In the beamship itself the gravity, of course, is balanced to the passengers and is completely controlled. When passengers on spacecraft from other worlds move in atmospheres alien to them, or on hostile planets with un¬bearable gravity and atmosphere, they must utilize controlled environment coverings, light “aura” shields and transportable instruments and appara¬tus to measure, maintain and produce protection for the beings.
    These things will be, and some already are, developed on your planet but Earth human must develop behavior balance before all technical knowledge is allowed perfection for as I stated prior–Earthman always utilizes the wondrous inventions and higher scientific knowledges in detrimental ways.
    As you develop, the menace is ever present of the Earth human exercising his technical knowledge, abilities and inventions for evil intent and power-control motives. This continues to happen over and over again, not only with Earth humans, but with other humanoid beings on other worlds as well. As man develops these techniques which will allow him into the outer cosmos, he will not longer be allowed to continue this behavior without recourse–he will not be allowed to fly from planet to planet intending to capture and control and become victor over another race.
    In cosmic space many dangers of many proportions lurk where other cosmic inhabitants are not helplessly exposed to attack by other races, There could follow deadly defeats for the Earth humankind, and complete slavery, which could equal the falling back into the primary existence.
    It could also be possible that the planet Earth could be completely de¬stroyed, because there are inhumane and hostile as well as humane races inhabiting planets, etc” in the cosmos as well as humane and advanced races.
    When Earthman desires to take his barbarous thirst for power, material possessions and control into the cosmos, then he must count on his complete destruction, and no other creatures from other planets will come to his assistance for he will be the aggressor and such behavior will not be allowed according to cosmic order.
    Earth human must understand that his world is in transition and herein comes the separation and sorting. Some will transcend the accepted dimension but many will be sorted into other placements while the Earth orb heals and renews,
    As Earth man moves into cosmic space. let it be known that there are other races who will not allow themselves to be un¬der attack, exploited, or forced into servitude, as is usual behavior among the nations of your Earth, They will defend themselves with power, which will remain for a long time, infinitely superior to all technical means of the Earth human being. Where this is not the case, they may well be under the protection of other and more developed intelligences whose techniques approach perfection.

    Peace will be preserved and death and destruction will not come to uni¬versal order and this must be given as information to Earth human, for his spiritual wisdom is still poorly developed indeed.

    Earth man must face himself that he and his forefathers have brought all of mankind and the Earth herself to the brink of ruin and, prior to this current time, has had to evacuate the planet in panic and flight on numerous occasions–to return in a primitive state indeed.
    There have been occasions in the cosmos when power-hungry and bar¬baric characters experienced in your solar system and roamed the spaces with limitless hate and unquenchable thirst for power, In one such in¬stance they destroyed themselves to the last man, and no creature survived the conflict They destroyed their own planet with a vast explosion which ignited the very atmosphere and nothing remained of that planet save the many thousands of asteroids, which still today circle around your sun–as memorials to the deadly unreason-ability of human creatures to following the laws of God and the Creation as laid down for guidelines.
    This planet was known by several names one of which was Maldec, and an¬other, “Malonia”. This is not intended, by the higher brotherhood, to ever again be allowed–the system is still in upheaval after eons of interim sequence.
    You will end your cycle of experience in different manner for the chaos is not acceptable.
    Your planet must unify–but it must unify in light under God and in balance and harmony with others of the universe.
    This New World Order–¬Global One World Plan is the most destructive of all unifications upon your planet for it is birthed in evil intent, control, greed and intent to de¬populate the planet by any means necessary.

    Brothers, you have come a long, long way–unfortunately the journey has been, for the most part, in the wrong direction-away from God and not toward His Presence. The actions have caught up with you and you endure a time of chaos and un¬balance which threatens your destruction–may truth and knowledge flow in time to make the necessary changes to return to sanity.

    Man must return to spiritual balance and come into love within the highest definition.
    One cannot clothe love into words, for love is the same as bliss and joy, a state without a place or limit. It perishes nor can it be shaped or manipulated into that which it is not.

    A spiritually developing person is a noble artist of precious spirit, filled with love, endowed with knowledge, logic and above all, wisdom. His wisdom is an always present light, shining even into the depths of darkness.
    It is not as the light of day which can be overcome by the darkness of night–it is ever present and surrounds all.
    As man comes into spiritual awareness that wonders which abound are but the spiritual force exercising perfection, as all too often occurs, the human conceals a wonder behind a mysterious veil because he lacks logical explanation.
    Something unexplained is always a mystery in consideration–it does not mean that it is “mystical”–ONLY UNEXPLAINED AND NOT YET UNDERSTOOD!
    The only thing limiting the progress of the Earth human is the Earth human himself! You are limited by time and space perception and therein you differ greatly–for with the brothers of the cosmos–there is only the immediate–the “now”. So be it.

    Let us begin to act in each moment as if it were unlimited and as if space were infinite–for so it is. Whatever the perceptions of the moment, know that it can be changed in the flickering of an eye if man but choose to so do.
    As we journey together into the cosmos, the bindings of the past experience must be left aside and only the positive lessons learned be brought forth IN HABIT AND CHARACTER.

    To change thane world there only needs be one changed–YOU! PONDER IT.

    May we walk in Grace, together, this day. Come with me, chelas, for I know the way. Salu.
    I move to standby, Dharma, that you might join with your family.
    May there be renewal of intent and direction as we focus on our mission within the Glory of WHAT IS!
    God has come forth in perfection and because He IS; so shall we become! Saalome’.

    Hatonn, to stand-by. Clearing frequency, please. Thank you for your service this day. Salu.


    Click to access J030.pdf


  2. Marja says:

    Life’s A Real Balancing Act

    4/11/98 SOLTEC

    Good evening, my friend. It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Allow for the natural evolutionary flow of thought to manifest around you.
    We of the Higher Realms are grateful for that which you do. We are here to assist you ones when and where we can. Remember that we can do more to assist when YOU first make effort to assist yourselves!
    What you all are going through is what we shall call “growing” pains. There are often difficulties experienced within the individual who is efforting to understand the Greater Picture of who they are. Your challenge is one of inner reality versus outer reality. Both are a product of the same Source, yet they are, also, seeming dichotomies of thought.
    There is ONE ultimate “reality” that encompasses the whole of each.
    While in the physical, it is, indeed, very difficult to maintain the balance necessary in order to function in BOTH realities simultaneously. This is to say that most ones are either very physically oriented or they are very spiritually oriented.
    There are very few who readily achieve harmony in the spanning of both realities. This is a most difficult lesson to learn and master. And yet, there is great value in doing so, for there come great insights into being able to see the True Cause behind that which precipitates events.
    In knowing and understanding True Cause, one is, in effect, recognizing that which is their own ability to create.
    Also, ones will be able to see and understand that neither they, nor anyone else, are ever a “victim”. They (you) are directly responsible for EVERYTHING that they (you) experience.
    You are Creator manifest! You are also a “player” in the physical arena of your current (physical) environment. You CAN achieve a balance between the spiritual and the physical.
    You have chosen the physical environment for its unique qualities of compressing and amplifying (dramatizing) those areas of your knowing that need to be strengthened.
    These same compressive and amplifying qualities of the physical environment can also cause you ones to “forget” who you are or why you have chosen to come into that environment in the first place.

    You are very much a non-physical entity, partly experiencing in and through your body. This is so that you will have a focal point of expression in the physical–an anchor of sorts. Let not the focal point limit your ability to function in a much greater capacity.

    The point here is to say: let not the PERCEPTION of physical “limitations” impede you from anything that you are desiring. There are (and will be) plenty of opportunities to experience ALL of the physical experiences that you can ever imagine.
    But, remember: you are there for your own SPIRITUAL growth and it is for this primary reason that YOU have chosen to experience at this time.
    Let not the pressures of the physical environment cloud your understanding of the fact that you are a limitless spiritual being on a spiritual quest of self-knowing. We of the Hosts will always offer you the reminders that you need (desire) so that you can have the opportunity to see greater reasoning, if you so desire to see same.
    Let not the distractions of the physical impede you from your true desire for greater understanding.
    Call upon Source for your guidance, and learn to recognize and accept the Greater Hand operating in that which you experience as physical “reality”.
    There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to experience the physical side of your physical expression. However, when you completely neglect the “spiritual” (non-physical) side of your being, then you will have created prime conditions for the “harsher” physical experiences that will cause you to look within and search for greater understanding.
    Note that such “harsh” experiencing is a balancing mechanism–or, to put it another way, there is really NO escaping the TRUE intent (spiritual growth) of your soul.
    True balance comes from recognizing the spiritual component (God) in EVERY person that you can see, touch, or feel. When you can do this, you will be better able to appreciate the true value of the physical environment and the exquisite opportunities it affords you.
    Your “reality”, “sanity”, and “truth” each have plenty of room for growth.

    There are ones who are very spiritually attuned to their Higher Guidance, yet they are withdrawn from society to a point that they will not share the gifts that are intended to be shared. These ones are as much lopsided as are the ones who completely avoid anything that they cannot physically see, touch, or feel for themselves.
    Most ones who read these messages function “in between”, efforting to find that which satisfies the inner desire for fulfillment, with great amounts of time being spent in a trial-and-error approach to deducing what it is that IS fulfilling to them.
    Ones often are missing the fact that, unless and until they begin to move toward a greater balance between physical sensing and inner understanding, they will not find the peace they are looking for. This is to say that as long as ones avoid confronting themselves as they truly are–non-physical beings incarnate into physical bodies with limitless potential for creating–then they will always be seeking to find fulfillment.
    This is just the first step toward coming into a more balanced condition of experiencing. Next is the denial phase.
    As ones begin to awaken to the idea of who they are and the true potential of their being, they will often deny that such could be, for they will no longer have any real excuses for why it is that they have had it “so bad”. The truth of the matter is that the reason any ones “have it so bad” is because ones NEED it “so bad” in order to wake themselves up to a greater reality of experience!
    Here, again, I remind you ones who wish to narrow my focus to reports on Earth changes and related activities, that I am a Higher Teacher as well as a Brother, come at this time to assist you to integrate into your consciousness the concept that “ALL is connected to ALL”. With respect to the upcoming Earth changes (that I have written about extensively over these many past years), it is now time to integrate those “physical” lessons with their greater spiritual reality (True Cause). In other words, appreciate that even the upcoming, potentially “harsh” Earth changes are a basic part of physically-oriented man wishing to AWAKEN to the consequences of his imbalances and his general inattention to the spiritual side of his expression.
    You are each infinite beings. This particular experience in the physical is not your first. You can, if you so choose to, ignore the greater reasons for experiencing–but you will be no closer to finding the inner satisfaction that you are so desperately seeking than you were 100 lifetimes ago. In that context, perhaps upcoming “harsh” experiences (say from living near or on an earthquake fault zone, or in the vicinity of a potentially active volcano) are just what you desire (and thus have chosen) to finally cause you to awaken to what has escaped your grasp until now.
    It is not our place to judge you ones. We are simply Guides and Way showers who have walked the path that you are now on. We only wish to assist those who desire our assistance.
    Many are desperately seeking fulfillment at this time. We see, for the most part, that the seeking is most often done in a very external and physically-oriented manner. This is to say that many are looking to other people like cars, houses, clothes, or even food, sex, or drugs.
    These are but distractions at best, and the excitement quickly wears off, leaving ones heavily “in debt”, either physically or emotionally, or both. Ones are often left wanting more, and so they go off somewhere to “find” their next big distraction.
    The answers that you ones are looking for come from recognizing who you truly are. This recognition (re-cognition) comes from within.
    How can you know that you are more than just your physical body?
    How is it that YOU actually know you are conscious?
    How is it that YOU know you even “really” exist?
    Do you need to go and ask another, or can you determine for yourself the answers to these questions?
    What is YOUR relationship with God?
    Do you have one?
    How do YOU know?
    Are you your body, or are you more than a physical mass of electro-chemical combinations?
    Let’s see:
    I can cut off my arm, and I’m still me.
    I can have a lung and tonsils removed, and I’m still me.
    I can have a heart transplant, and I’m still me.
    Now we get into the tricky area–the brain:
    If you replace your brain, are you still you? Since this has not been done successfully in your current level of publicly-known technology, you would likely say: “No, I would not be me.”
    So, from this limited viewpoint, you may be inclined to think that you are your brain. Let me just say that it is possible to replace brain tissue in such a manner as to maintain perfect continuity of the brain’s original functioning. So, are YOU your brain?
    Please stop for a moment to reflect upon all of the thoughts and emotions that have been triggered by simply going within and asking yourself just these few questions.
    Did you have to physically GO anywhere or physically (externally) Do anything? No! Yet, you were, in fact, seeking, were you not?
    You say: “But this does not apply to me, because I already know that I’m more than just a body!”
    Well, this is good; but why is it, then, that so many who claim this awareness are petitioning God for Mr. or Mrs. “Right” to come along, or for money, or for a “better” job, etc., in order to be “happy”?
    The answer:
    Because just knowing that you are more than a body IS BUT THE BEGINNING of awakening to truly understanding the implications of this fact–and of who you REALLY are! It is among the first steps
    The point of this exercise is to show you that, with diligent inner questioning and reasoning (searching), you will begin to see and understand more and more of who you are. As this process unfolds, you will begin to draw into your experience those confirmations that will let you know that you are, indeed, on the right path.

    It is for this reason that you ones are taught to NOT question authority figures, such as school teachers, politicians, clergy, policemen, judges, doctors, and such. If you were to begin to develop independent thought–truly thinking for yourselves–then you would not stand for the lies that are meant to keep you pliable to the mind control exercised by these ones in “authority”.
    True teachers will effort to bring their students to a point of awareness wherein the students will realize they can derive their own answers, independent of the need for the teacher. Or as the important statement on this subject goes: “THE TRUE PURPOSE OF EDUCATION IS TO TEACH THE STUDENT HOW TO THINK, NOT WHAT TO THINK.”
    By simply asking yourself the appropriate questions, you will be well on your way to guiding yourself to the answers that you are looking for. And you will be surprised by the “accidental” discoveries that result during this process of exploration!
    Enjoy the physical experience. But more importantly, effort to understand that which makes the “physical” experience possible in the first place.
    There is inner satisfaction awaiting you each. You need not go anywhere to find it. Another cannot find it for you.
    You each have within you the potential abilities that the Christed one you call “Jesus” has. He is your Brother, not your God. What he did while incarnate, you too will do–eventually. Let not your past beliefs and indoctrinations keep you from realizing this “Christ potential” within you.
    I am Ceres Anthonious “Toniose” Soltec, Teacher, Scientist, Philosopher, Artist, Friend, and Wayshower. I have been sent by OUR Creator so that His promise to you ones will be fulfilled, and so that I, too, may experience and grow.
    In His Light–blessings to you all. Salu!

    Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 14, 1998, Volume 20, Number 8, Pages 17-18.

    Click to access 041498.pdf

    Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.


  3. Marja says:

    1/11/93 SANANDA


    Greetings precious little dove, Druthea. I AM Sananda. I AM the one known as Jesus the Christ and by many other labels. I come in service to Holy Creator / Great Spirit of ALL. Let us sit and share a prayer from a blessed brother who walked your place. His name was Sitting Bull.

    O’great spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me! I am small and weak, I need your strength and wisdom.
    Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
    Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people. Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.
    I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy–myself.
    Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.
    So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.

    Thank you for this sharing. This allows you each to remember why you are here and what is most important above all human experiences: that of PERFECTING YOUR SOUL IN HONOR AND GLORY TOWARD THE TRUE PERFECTION OF OUR ONE CREATOR.

    When you each learn to remain true to only self with integrity of growing beyond human emotion and limitation of understanding, you sit in the palm of God SOURCE. You accept responsibility where it is yours and you reject that which is not yours.
    You sit in council only with that SOURCE of LIGHT within you, when you lay in your deepest despair and confusion and as ONE with Our SOURCE you sort it out carefully and purposefully until THE LESSON IS ACCEPTED BY YOUR SOUL, THE FORGIVENESS EXTENDED WHERE NECESSARY, AND COMPASSION AND UNDERSTANDING REPLACE THE HURT AND ANGER ONCE HARBORED AS A POISON SEEKING REFUGE IN YOUR MIND AND BODY MATERIAL.

    We of the HOSTS of GOD of LIGHTED SOURCE witness the painful repression of creative expression, of idea, of exploration within the mind of GOD. WHY? You ones are afraid to disagree with one another or even with God’s Hosts. For somewhere, sometime, someone or ones made it incredibly uncomfortable for you to disagree with them. Rather than persistence which often led to conflict, it was simply easier to give up the effort. Keep the semblance of peace while the war began to rage within. Many of you have turned your bodies and minds into battlegrounds of repressed hostility and anger and you most often bear those scars unto your death.
    This is simply, precious ones, a matter of not knowing how to have discussion without seeking to always be RIGHT, instead of exploring possibilities with those you live and work with. Perhaps one of the most painful feelings is that of feeling that you are not appreciated for your work or intelligence, creativity, or the like. Many women have allowed themselves to be seen and not heard until most recent times in your history.
    And children who are not allowed to be heard and to have sharing or an idea or explore a possibility often remain closed and unable to communicate effectively. Many of these now adult people run governments or manage others in corporate affairs.
    Most often these ones know not how to change and see not the problem in self, but instead [send] outward the blame for the circumstance which imprisons and poisons them and is of their own making.
    When you ones who effort to work with others with common goals and interests to prepare for the transition times, learn to speak frankly and directly to one another about fears, concerns, and goals, you will avoid much heartache in the way of failing interrelationships. Too much power allowed to only one or two usually corrupts not only the ones holding power over others, but also the ideals of a given community are forgotten to protect the selfish needs of the one or two who become addicted to the power. Look at your world and you can see this occurrence nearly everywhere beginning right within the family structure through to the dreaded One World Order.
    When the ones holding power are challenged and disagreement arises over how affairs are handled, and the ones disagreeing are not heard and allowed discussion, you have dictatorship. There is not a soul existing who will not rebel against inability to express itself creatively.
    Creative expression is the LIFE of the soul growth, it is the song of joy and inspiration shared by Our Divine Father. In the human experience, those in power will always try to discredit or destroy ones who challenge their power and authority and need to “do it my way or no way” attitude.
    It is so common, precious ones, that now most of your countries and governments, institutions, corporations and families operate with the iron fist of “might over right”.
    It is time to learn a different way and this we will offer and instruct as requested and desired

    Since you ones are born with these in your soul, it is a matter of achieving and sharing the wisdom of why the laws are irrefutable. Honor your neighbor as God honors you and you honor self as you honor God/Creator. Honor, therefore, Creations which are abounding in your experience for in this way you honor nature and her ways and then harmony can be achieved within self.

    You are children of one family, the family of Creator/Creation. When you fully understand the wisdom of ONENESS, your spirit will lead you to those of like mind who seek cooperation and achieve service to Creator in honor and integrity to perfect his/her own soul. YOUR mission and purpose will simply be THE mission and purpose of Creator.
    You will release the me-self to the one-self and thereupon achieve true peace of mind. You will not longer fail into the trap of victim, martyr, or feel inferior or superior for these are games of the human mind which you all will eventually grow beyond.

    Then, precious ones, that DREAM that every soul dreams will be yours to live–peace and love within and oneness with all. So be it.

    Thank you Druthea for sitting with me. I see the aching heart is healing and you my precious have gained a bit of wisdom in these past months. Your only “crime” Dru, if you must find fault in self, is too little faith in self AND Creator, and let me share with you that THIS IS WHAT ALL OF YOU SUFFER FROM TO SOME DEGREE OR MORE. WE WILL TOGETHER BUILD YOUR FAITH AND TRUST IN GOD’S VOICE WITHIN AND IN TIME WHEN THE WOUNDS HAVE HEALED, YOU WILL LOOK UPON THIS “DARK” TIME WITH GRATITUDE AND ACCEPTANCE.

    Thank you precious brethren for allowing me council with my scribe of personal nature. Sometimes, although she hears well now, she needs to “see” the words as you are. Thank you for pondering these lessons. You are growing and Our Father is well pleased, whether you know this or believe it not.
    I AM Sananda, Commander in Chief of spiritual growth and transition in behalf of My Father, God of Light and Creation.

    Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, February 16, 1993, Volume 22, Number 4, Pages 30-31.

    Click to access 021693.pdf

    Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.


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