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they tried to shut me up by attacking both, my computer and myself. The reason they succeeded this time is because I am supposed to focus on certain things that will be put in front of me. It is just for a time I am told. I will keep you informed.
I would like you to send your writings, if it is not too much trouble, and I would like to share this bit that came to my attention;
Bellringer put this in his place;  Timely Excerpts From: And They Called His Name Immanuel – PJ 2
One of the things that I did not pay attention to in my previous readings, was Esu mentioning a 4th law that is equal to the 1st

This is part of chap. 12
“Jmmanuel responded, “The highest commandment in the Law of The Creation is: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.
“The highest commandment of the Law of God is: You shall honor God as the ruler of the three human races and follow his laws for he is the king of wisdom of the three human races.
“But the highest command of the laws of the emperor is: You shall be subject to the emperor and follow his laws and give to him a tenth, for he is ruler over the people.
“These are the noblest and greatest laws of the three, determined according to their type, but the other one is this, and equal to the first: YOU SHALL CONSIDER AS OMNIPOTENT THE CREATION ALONE, FOR IT ALONE IS CONSTANT AND INFINITE. FOR GOD AND THE EMPEROR ARE TEMPORAL, BUT THE CREATION IS ETERNAL. These two commandments include the entire law of the prophets.”

The other one was a comment by hATONn;

This reminded me of the books of Drumvalo Melkizedek – THE FLOWER OF LIFE – WHEN The Creation manifests Itself by creating the first circle away from Its center it creates an ‘egg’ between the two. As new ‘petals’ are drawn creating the ‘Flower’ more ‘eggs’ are created giving the power of creation to the represented by the ‘petals’- 1st Source – 2nd Source – 3rd Source – Creator Sons – Spirit Daughters and 1st Race.
Just my conclusions that I wanted to share.
Bless you, Marja

[note: I have questions that I will ask after I consider the potentials and possibilities of the statements at hand……THIS WILL BE AMAZINGLY FUN TO EXPLORE FOR ME!!!!! I HOPE THAT IT WILL BE THE SAME FOR YOU!!!!


Timely Excerpts From: And They Called His Name Immanuel

10/5/96 #1   HATONN

“Sananda” is a word meaning simply: One With God
And when that word is affixed to a being it, further, simply means a person who is so christed in his being that he bears the label as is suitable to describe the character of that person. “Christ” and “Sananda” are but the same meaning in different languages.  This is also true of such as a label, “Jesus” as is shown in languages as everything from phonetically pronounced “Haysoos”, “Esu”, etc.  “Jesus” is a name presented to represent the “christed” being Esu I(E)mmanuel.  Let us not be silly and ridiculous that the only people on the Earth who have merit are those who speak English; “English” is only a compilation of languages come before there was such a language as “English”.
Moreover, you who await the SAME physical person to appear sometime in your perceived future, take care that you have not simply locked yourself into a cell of ignorance.
I would like to share a few things with you from OTHER sources than the ones CHOSEN for your viewing in one book or another and indeed there are such scribings available–IF YOU COULD ONLY BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THEM.
I will, however, not go into that but only present that which is TRUTH and what you might expect to come to pass in YOUR DAY and YOUR AGE.
Page 59:  [Page 82 in Third Edition (1993):]
Jmmanuel: “A prophet is never esteemed less than in his own country and in his own house which will become true of all the future, and as long as man has little faith and follows the false teachings of the scribes and other misinterpreters of the truth.  And it will become true in two times a thousand years (2 millennium), when man has become aware and thinking, that my real, unfalsified teachings will be revealed anew.
“The new prophet of that far away future time will not have that much power and strength over the evil and diseases, but his knowledge will include mine and his revelations about my real teachings will shake up the structure of the whole Earth, because at that time the world will be inundated by my teachings which have been distorted and falsified by the scribes, and the Earth will live in a false cult which will bring unto it death.  Before the two times a thousand years are past, the new prophet will reveal my UNfalsified teachings in small groups, as I teach in small groups of my trusted friends and disciples, the wisdom and knowledge of the laws of The Creation.  And it shall not be given to know until that time whether or not it shall be that the prophet is a male or female.
“That one’s path will be beset with difficulties and obstacles, for he will start his mission in a peace-loving country in the north (as in Northern Hemisphere) where there is a strong false cult of my teachings that have been falsified by distorters.  In that place he did not show any great signs of his powers and did not publicize his great knowledge, because of disbelief.  It is noted that his powers shall be hidden even from his own eyes that he might not misunderstand his path.  There will come forth several blessed ones who will take the truth and give it forth unto the world, and the Celestial Sons of the Heavens (HOSTS) will give proof and credence unto the words.  So be it for such is it written that in the final days distant, those shall prevail in the name and truth of The Creation.
“And thus shall it come to pass in the generation of two times a thousand years, that these things shall come into fulfillment.”
And, just when you think you are the ONLY ones who don’t “understand”–think again”
Page 67:  [Page 91-92 in Third Edition (1993):]
“Jmmanuel reprimanded his disciples and said, “Are you, too, still without understanding and therefore ignorant and doubting in thy spirit?  You have been with me for a very long time, but you still do not have the ability to think and recognize truth.  Verily I say to you, you yourselves will do much towards falsifying my teachings in the future, for you do not come into proper understanding of such simple truth.  With your knowledge, you hardly exceed that of the other people who have not walked with me.  Have you not yet realized that all the parables and speeches have a spiritual meaning and are about the spiritual life of mankind?  Oh you of little faith, does not your understanding exceed the stupidity of the people and those who make no effort to follow the Laws of the Creation and of God?  Beware, or you will see me in a false perception and light and accuse me of an origin of which I CANNOT BE.”
Page 67:  [Page 92 in Third Edition (1993) and Fourth Edition (1995):]

“But, again, he was antagonized by the Sadducees and Pharisees who came to him and demanded that he would let them see a “sign” of his spiritual power.
“But he answered and said, “In the evening you say, ‘Tomorrow will be a fair day, for the sky is red.’  Then in the morning you say, ‘Today will be foul weather, for the sky is red and dull.’  You can discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot you then also discern the signs of the times as they appear unto you?  This wicked infidel generation is seeking a sign; there shall be no sign given unto it, but the sign of Jonah who disappeared alive into the belly of the whale and stayed alive therein, and came again alive into the Light.”  (Another parable.)
And, on page 71 comes a most interesting revelation:
Page 71:  [Page 97 in Third Edition (1993):]
“But if a man at this time begins to think and perceive, he needs the teaching; therefore, the prophets have been sent by the Celestial Sons (HOSTS) to teach the human race the true Laws of The Creation and the knowledge regarding life.
“The people are still most ignorant, following the false laws of the high priests and the distorters because they do not perceive the teachings in truth.  Incomprehensibly so, they curse the truth which has to come.  They curse the prophets, stone, kill and crucify them.  But since the teachings of the truth must be spread among the people, the prophets will simply have to bear the great burdens and whatever suffering might come forth under the execration of the people.
“Therefore, many prophets have been persecuted, are being persecuted and so shall it be after my time is past.  The prophecy of the destiny according thereto is that this also applies to me, and that I, innocently, will be declared guilty.
“However, brethren, I shall not be killed, but being in a state of semi-death, I will be considered to be dead for some three days and nights.  I will be placed in a tomb so that the sign of Jonah will be fulfilled.
“This shall come to pass at such time as I attain a certain perception within myself, increase my own knowledge, and create a new power in my own spirit.  So be it for it shall come to pass.”
Page 77:  [Page 104-105 in Third Edition (1993):]

“Each spirit in man is a unit, so is The Creation in itself a UNIT, and has no other powers besides IT.  In Itself, The Creation is pure Spirit and therefore is infinite power, for It is ONE with Itself, and nothing exists outside of IT.  Therefore, beware of the false and adulterated teachings of the future, which will insult me by calling me the Son of The Creation, and also as the Son of God.  For these teachings lead to lies, and because of them the world will suffer much want and distress.
“Do not pay heed to the false teachings of the future, which are trying to make into one, the Spirit, The Creation, and Me, and making a Trinity thereof, which again shall be a unit.  Beware of these false and adulterated teachings of the future, for a Trinity is impossible according to the logical Laws of The Creation, there is only ONE.
“Verily I say to you, the princes keep their people down, and the sovereigns do violence unto them, but when they use violence, the new cults will do violence when they adulterate my teachings and proceed to disperse them.
“Beware of them and do not carry the yoke of the false teachings because of force.  It shall not be so among you, but you shall be great and teach the wisdom.  As I have come to teach the wisdom and knowledge among the people, so you shall continue to teach, so the truth may penetrate.”
Now let us take a look at a different aspect of both teachings and some insight into the Truth of the Master Teacher:
Page 82:  [Page 112 in Third Edition (1993):]
“One among them, a scribe, taunted Jmmanuel and asked, “Which one is the greatest of commandments in the Law?”
“He spoke and replied, “About which law are you speaking?  Are you asking about the law of the emperor or are you thinking about the Law of God, or are you thinking about the Law of The Creation?”
“The scribe replied, “I am asking of the laws of all three!”
“Jmmanuel responded, “The highest commandment in the Law of The Creation is: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of The Creation.
“The highest commandment of the Law of God is: You shall honor God as the ruler of the three human races and follow HIS laws for he is the king of wisdom…
“But the highest command of the laws of the emperor is: You shall be subject to the emperor and follow his laws and give to him a tenth, for he is ruler over the people.
“These are the noblest and greatest laws of the three, determined according to their type, but the OTHER ONE is this, and equal to the first: You shall consider as omnipotent The Creation, alone, for it alone is constant and infinite.  For God and the emperor are temporal, but The Creation is eternal.  These two commandments include the entire law of the prophets.
[H: OK, let’s stop right here and consider that commandment AS PRESENTED.  Since God created The Creation then there has to be an assumption that there is a greater source of energy above that which is presented both in physical manifestation and in Spiritual TOTAL ONENESS.  It, unfortunately, is as which came first, the chicken or the egg?  There are infinite stations along the road to the ONE and many fragments come into oneness to achieve the ONE.  However, when you spend your time pondering on the great mystery–you are simply pondering on your belly-button because you fail to recognize the total and overwhelming magnitude of the ONE or you place within the celebration of this TRUTH in LIGHTED CREATOR.
When we quarrel or debate one aspect or one human interpretation over that of another–you waste time in your learning cycles, BECAUSE there can be NO SEPARATION, and all things physical in perception are manufactures of MAN making his own interpretation of what is his OPINION.  JUST KNOW, readers, that interpretations are WRONG, IF YOU ARE TOLD YOU CAN HAVE SALVATION BECAUSE “ANOTHER SPILLED PHYSICAL, HUMAN BLOOD IN YOUR BEHALF”.  NO, THAT IS CRIMINAL MURDER AND NONE ARE “SAVED” BY SUCH ATTITUDES FOR NONE CAN, FOR ANOTHER, DO SPIRITUAL SALVATION.  GOD CREATED THE EGG AND THEN BIRTHED THE CREATION AND UNIVERSES.  TOO SIMPLE?  SO BE IT.]
Page 83:  [Page 113 in Third Edition (1993):]
“But when the Pharisees were together, Jmmanuel asked them and said, “What do you think, whose son am I?”
“They answered, “The son of David.”
“He retorted, “How can I be the son of David?  He has been dead for a very long period of time and I have been begotten by Gabriel, the guardian angel.  Ye do not even remember your own stories.  Further, haven’t you read or heard, that David called me ‘Lord’ when he said, ‘the Lord said to my Lord, “Sit down at my right side so that I can place your enemies under your feet, for you are my stepson and my successor”, so, since David calls me Lord, how can I be his son?”
“No one could give him an answer and they secretly said, “He blasphemes God and the prophets.  Let us contemplate how to arrest him and condemn him that he be executed, for he endangers our very positions and we shall no longer be respected by the people if we do not rid ourselves of this man.
Now, let us get down to some very IMPORTANT information:
Page 84-88:  [Page 114-119 in Third Edition (1993):]
“Jmmanuel then turned to the people and the disciples and said: “The Scribes and the Pharisees sit on the chairs of the prophets.  Everything the say, however, you refrain from doing and keep not their rules and do not act according to their works.  They teach you false teachings which they and their predecessors have falsified that they might profit therefore. They contrive of heavy burdens that they might place them upon the shoulders of the people, but they themselves will not want to lift a finger in production of works.
“Any labor that they do is done in the impressing of others.  They enlarge their prayer belts as well as the tassels on their clothing.  They love to sit in the best places at the tables, and within the synagogues.  They love to be greeted at the marketplace and to be called Master by the people.
“Do not allow anyone to call you a ‘Master’ until you have perceived the wisdom of knowledge.  Neither let anyone call you ‘teacher’ until you follow the Laws of The Creation.  For he who allows others to call him ‘Master’ and ‘teacher’, who does not have the wisdom of knowledge, will be denounced as a liar.”
[H: If you “follow” an entity who calls you “Master” or “teacher” I suggest you look at that circumstance VERY CAREFULLY for the very terms themselves indicate that the speaker is fooling you in your innocent acceptance of being placed somehow “above” the speaker whilst you are actually BEING PUT DOWN because a Master Teacher is not a Master Teacher if he knows no more than does the student!]
“He who will undeservedly exalt himself, will be abased, and he who undeservedly abases himself, will be esteemed lightly.
“Let him who is great in spirit consider himself great, and him who is small in spirit consider himself small, and he who is middlin in spirit consider himself middling.  It is stupid and unwise if a man lets others consider him greater or smaller than he IS.
“Beware, Scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who block spiritual progress for the people, you will not attain it easily and you keep it from those who wish to attain it because of false teachings and the power of your man-made laws.  You hypocrites devour the homes of the widows and devote long prayers for the sake of appearance.  Therefore, you shall stay in spiritual darkness all the longer for your foolishness.
“Woe unto you hypocrites who pass through lands, countries and seas in order to win a follower for Judaism, and after one has become a Jew, you turn him into an irrational and unreasonable child that is serving false teachings in a twofold manner, as do you.”
[H: Therefore the teachings are false and therefore those who USE another in this instance of being “Judean” or “Jew” are actually false in their stolen recognition and could be considered, as would be accepted in today’s terminology: false Jews.  The culprits of this deception can be recognized as “Self-Styled” SO-CALLED Jews”.  When you lump the Hebrew lines from those now calling themselves Jews–YOU DO NOT HAVE THE SAME THING AT ALL!  From this group of false imitators come the nameless, raceless, colorless hypocrites who rule through power and can be also known as the BANKSTERS and commercial corrupters of the globe of physical manifestation.  These beings have no place in the higher dimensions of SPIRITUAL existence.]
“Woe unto you, you blind leaders of false teaching who say, ‘If a person swears by the temple, that does not count, but if a person swears by the gold on the temples, that binds him.’  You fools and blinded ones, you are the offspring of evil; why do you let people swear knowing that an oath is not binding and is a worthless act?  How can you say that if a person swears by the altar, that does not count; but if a person swears through sacrifice, that is binding?
“You blind and false teachers, who gave YOU the RIGHT to demand an oath or to swear, since the Laws of The Creation state that oaths should not be given?  Your speech should always be yes, or, no.
[H: Yes surely, but now, where does this leave the Jewish followers of the Kol Nidre given first at Yom Kipper?  This is the Vow of Vows which negates all oaths and vows taken the year prior to the Day in point and negates all oaths and vows to come through the following year.  This is THE oath most utilized by the JUDICIAL SYSTEM and it is that which allows lawyers, attorneys and other people in power in the Courts to simply lie, cheat and steal at will and when desired.  SEE THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, please!]
“Therefore, he who swears by anything on Earth or the universe, swears by something fleeting, which is without any substance.  And therefore, an oath is of not substance either.  Therefore, he who swears by anything commits a crime with respect to the truth of his word and makes it DOUBTFUL.
“Woe unto you, you blind leaders of a horde of blind who say, ‘This should be done and that should not be left undone,’ since you represent a false teaching.  Woe unto you who increase tenfold mint, meramie, dill and caraway seed, and consider least important the most important in the law, namely, the right to FREEDOM AND KNOWLEDGE AND THE TRUTH OF THE CREATION.
“You are foolish and blind leaders, you are mosquitos and swallow camels which you cannot digest.  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites who keep cups and bowls outwardly clean, yet inside they are full of rapaciousness and greed.  First you must purify that which is inside the cup so that what is on the outside also becomes, and remains, pure.  So you, too, appear Godly and good in front of people, but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and falsehood and violations.
“Woe unto you hypocrites who build tombs for the prophets and adorn the graves of the just and speak: ‘If we had been at the time of our fathers, we would not have become guilty with them, in the shedding of the prophet’s blood.’
“Woe to you hypocrites who secretly call the dead from the common people and talk with them and believe them, but they only speak of that which they already thought wrongly during their lifetime.  You are not great enough to call upon the dead who have some wisdom and tell of the truth.  You give testimony to yourself that you are the children of those people who killed the prophets and falsified their teachings.  Therefore, you fulfill the measure of your fathers, since you will have trouble learning in the future.  You generation of vipers, how can you be great in spirit without having any understanding?
“All the just blood which was shed through you, on Earth, will come back to you, beginning with the first prophet whom your fathers and forefathers murdered, to the blood of Zacharias, the son of Barachjas whom you have killed between the temple and the altar, and therefore, all the blood of the future which will be shed WILL BE OF YOUR ACCOUNTABILITY.
“Verily, verily I say to you, all this shall come upon you, and upon your race, for a very long time yet to come and pass.
“As Jmmanuel walked from the temple, the disciples wanted to show him the building in which the temple was built.  But he spoke to them, “Do you not see all this?  Verily I say to you, not one stone here will remain upon the other without being broken.  For the Jews trespass against life and the truth, and they built the city on the blood of people.  The plundered this land through rapaciousness and murder, and killed their friends with whom they drank wine.  Thus they betrayed their own friends and murdered them, because of their greediness.  Likewise it shall be done unto them.”

“Later as he sat on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him and requested, “Tell us, when will this happen and what will be the sign?”  But Jmmanual answered and said, “See to it that no one leads you astray.  For many will come in my name and say, I am Jmmanuel.  And they will lead great numbers of ones astray.

“People will hear about wars and war cries, the shall see and not be startled.  This is what must happen, but that is not yet the end.  Because people will rise against one another and one kingdom against another, and there will be times of great need and earthquakes and great floods all about the lands.  This is the beginning of great calamities, and great cataclysms.

“Soon the people with the knowledge will be surrendered to grief and many will be killed.  They will be hated for the sake of truth in their teaching and for their wisdom.  Many kinds of cults will rise up against one another and much blood will flow, and many hearts and spirits will be broken.  Many will succumb as a result of these conflicts and will betray one another, and will hate one another because they remained small in spirit.

“Because there will be lack of faith, love will become cold and deadened in many, many people.  Hatred will rule over all the world and evil will reign for a long period of time.  But he who persists in the truth will survive.

“This lesson will be preached throughout the entire world as testimony for all peoples, and then the end will come–when the world of truth has gone forth THROUGHOUT THE TOTAL OF THE LANDS.
[H: You might want to think a minute about this projection because the Phoenix Journals and CONTACT are now AVAILABLE throughout the globe!]
“When the people will see the horror of destruction in Jerusalem and the lands there about, of which the prophets have already spoken, then the end will come.
[H: Anybody care to argue about the importance of what is happening THIS DAY IN JERUSALEM?]
“When this happens, whoever is at that time in the lands of Judea, should flee to the mountains.  He who is on the roof, should not come down from it to get anything from out of his house.  He who is in the field should not come back in order to get his coat or any other of his possessions.

“Oh woe to the women in this place, who are pregnant and those who are suckling their babes at that time, for they shall suffer much grief and death.  There will be multitudes.
“There will follow great grief as has never been before since the beginning of the world until now, and also will never be again.  And, if these days were not shortened, no man would remain alive; but the days WILL be shortened for the sake of the spirit and wisdom, and for the sake of people who serve the truth and the Laws.
“There shall be untold gnashing and chattering of teeth and great mourning and screaming when this time comes, because of man’s lack of understanding and because of his GREED.
“There shall be machines made from metal for use in the air, on the waters and on land, to kill one another in great masses.  They shall throw heavy projectiles out of these machines made of metal and they shall strike the cities throughout the lands.  Fire will come out of these projectiles and burn the world so that hardly anything will survive and that which does survive will not long be spared.
“They will put the corner stones of life itself into the projectiles in order to kindle the deadly fires.  And, if at that time the Celestial Sons (HOSTS) would not appear in order to bring it to a standstill, verily I tell you, not one person would survive upon the face of Earth.
“Since the human race will, at that time, number at least ten times five hundred million people, two parts thereof will be destroyed and killed.  When at that point someone will say to the people, behold, here is Jmmanuel, they shall not believe it, because many false Jmmanuels and false prophets will rise up and do great signs and wonders, so that if it were possible, also even the wise and knowing would be misled.  Behold, I told you so before.
“Therefore, when they shall say: ‘He is in the desert,’ man shall not go but, and ‘Behold, he is in a chamber,’ they shall not believe.
“Since I will most certainly return at that point in time, I will let them recognize me; this is how the Law is written and thus shall it be.  For, as lightning starts with the rise and radiates until its setting, thus will be my coming among the Heavenly Hosts with whom I shall have my renewed life at that time.
“Men of all times, beware, wherever the carcass is there, the vultures will gather, so beware of them.
“Soon after the grief of that time, Sun and Moon will no longer radiate, and the stars will fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens will become shaky.  The structure of the heavens will be disturbed because of the senselessly erupted power of men who will be living in greed, power, and addictions.
“There will then appear a sign in the sky.  And then all the generations on Earth will cry and will see the Celestial Sons (HOSTS) coming in the clouds of the sky, and they are of great power and will judge harshly against senselessness.  Since God is the ruler over the human races, He, therefore, will judge them through His representatives.
“Man owes God his creation and God is the ruler over him, so that he has to follow HIS commandments and respect HIM as the greatest king of wisdom.  He will send forth His guardian angels with loud trumpets and will gather His followers from the four winds, from one end of the Earth unto the other end.
“Blessed ones, learn a parable from the fig tree; when its branch begins to have leaves and they are coming out, you know that summer is near.  Likewise, the people at that time, when they see all of this they will know that it is close at hand.
“Verily, verily I say to you, this is how it will be.  And this human race will not pass until all of this has come about. Heaven and Earth will pass and the universe also, but my WORDS WILL NOT PASS, for they are words of truth within the Laws of The Creation.
“No one knows of the day nor hour that all this will happen, nor do the guardian angels of God, nor I, Jmmanuel, but God alone Who has the greatest wisdom, knows.  He is the ruler over these human races and to Him is due honor and praise, and HE too, owes honor and praise unto The Creation which is above all.
“So be it, if any reveres and honors God and recognizes The Creation as the supreme power, he thereby acts rightly in TRUTH.”
And, as Dharma sat to write for Jmmanuel that day of Wednesday, August 9, 1989 at 3:00 p.m., Year 2, Day 358, there came the hand of God Sananda Jmmanuel:
Now, please pay a bit of attention to this next even though it may seem confusing and quite remarkably DIFFERENT from your Religious prevarications:
[Page 99 in First Edition:  Page 136 in Third Edition (1993):]

“Those who had seized Jmmanuel took him to the high priest, Kaiphas, near whom the scribes, Pharisees and elders of the people had gathered, so that they could pass sentence on him.
“Even though many false witnesses appeared, they could find no false testimony.
“At last, two stepped forward and declared, “He has said that God is NOT The Creation, but a man like you and me, and thus he said, that he was begotten by a guardian angel of God, namely Gabriel.”
“The high priest arose and said to Jmmanuel, “Are you not going to reply to what these two are witnessing against you?  Are you not going to defend yourself?”
“But Jmmanuel kept his silence and smiled softly.  Then the high priest got up and said to Jmmanuel, “I swear on the living God that you say that you were begotten by the Angel Gabriel, who is an angel of God as transmitted by the scriptures.”
“Jmmanuel responded, “YOU say it!  But I also tell you that God is not The Creation, but HE is the Lord over the human races, which were begotten through HIS will.  God has come from the far distances of the universe and brought the world under HIS will.  And he is the uppermost emperor of these human races, one of which is here in the country, on in the East to the land of India, and the other in the North from the land of the king who wears horns, as far as the sea where icy mountains drift free in the waters.  But there are seven human races which live in all of the different directions of the wind, from one end of the Earth unto the other.
“God is also Lord over them even though they serve others who are also not of this Earth, for those ones are known by different names for their language is greatly different.  If you consider God as The Creation, you are mistaken and violating the truth.  For since you and I are human, God is also of humanness, except that He is SPIRITUAL PERFECTION and INFINITE in HIS ABILITIES AND INFINITELY MORE ADVANCED THAN ANY OF THE HUMAN RACES CREATED BY HIM.
“God and His Celestial Sons (HOSTS) are other ‘human’ races; they have come from the stars in their machines which travel the universe and appear to be made of metal.  But, Immeasurably higher than God and His Celestial Sons, who are the guardian angels, stands THE CREATION.  ABOVE ALL IS THE CREATION.
“The Creation alone is the immeasurable secret which begets life, and also is infinitely higher than is God.  Recognize the truth of this teaching so that you may attain knowledge and wisdom in truth.”
“Thereupon the high priest was filled with crazed fury and tore Jmmanuel’s clothing and screamed at Jmmanuel, “He blasphemed God, The Creator, why should we have any further testimony?  Behold, now you have heard his blasphemy.  And what do you think his guilt deserves?”  They shouted, “He deserves death.”
“Then they beat him with their fists and spit into his face and upon his body.  Some of them hit him from behind his back and taunted, “Prophesy, you great king of wisdom and son of the Celestial son, which is it that is beating you now?”
And, lastly there are several points in this next that you had best heed:
PAGE 106:  [Page 145 in Third Edition (1993):]
“When Pilote saw that he could do nothing against the people who had been persuaded and that there was great unrest and turmoil, he took a pitcher of water and washed his hands before the people and said, “You see yourself what it is you want to do to this man.  He is the captive of the elders and the high priests, so let them judge him.  I have nothing to do with this just man, for I am innocent in regard to him and wash my hands before you in innocence.”
“Then the people agitated and the crowd boiled in confusion and continued to shout, “He shall be crucified: he shall be crucified!”
“Pilote turned Jmmanuel over to the high priests and the elder and released Barabbas to the people.
“The high priests and elders had Jmmanuel whipped and hanged him over so that he would be crucified.
“The soldiers of the governor agreed with the priests and dragged Jmmanuel into the courthouse; they also brought as many of the crowd inside as space allowed.
“They pulled his clothes from him and put a purple coat on him.  They also made a wreath of thorns and put it on his head, gave him a cane into his right hand, bent his knees before him and said, “We greet you, you great King of wisdom of the Jews.”
“They spit upon him, took the cane from his hand, and beat him on the head until his blood ran over his face and filled his eyes.
“When he was miserable and bleeding, Kaipas, the high priest, asked saying, “So, what are you going to do now, you great King of wisdom?”
“Jmmanuel was silent.  And they hit him again on the head and he moaned in pain and started to speak, “Verily I say to you, as you beat and mock me, you, too shall be beaten and mocked.  The time will come in five times one hundred years when you shall have to atone for this day.  A new man will rise up in this land and whip and persecute you, and you shall have to pay with your blood.
“He will create a new cult and have people call him a prophet, and he shall persecute you throughout all times.  Even though he will be a false prophet and bring you a new false doctrine, he has great power and will have your race persecuted throughout all time to come.
“His name will be Mohammed, and his name will be, for your kind, horror, misery and death, which will be your deserving.  Verily, verily I say to you, his name will be written with blook and his hatred against your kind will be endless.  But since he will be a false prophet and bring you a false doctrine, so will his cult eventually be finished, when your kind and his kind will put down the foundation for a bloody ending for the world.”

“These words caused such a fury that they got extremely excited and beat him so brutally that Jmnmanuel collapsed.  When he had aroused somewhat, they pulled the purple coat from him and put his own garments back on his body and led him away to crucify him.
I certainly do think that if you wish TRUTH and insight that you get this little Journal called AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL, FOR THIS IS THE DAY OF WHICH THESE THINGS WERE WRITTEN. THE DAY OF GOD IS UPON YOU!
May you walk gently and in deepest thought for that which you fear is come upon you for you have changed not your pathway from the march to doom as was the sentence passed upon you by the false prophets in their need to gain the World through greed and physical enslavement.
Salu and good morning.


{i have offered to share my security account with her, and/or help pay for anti-virus protection……and more……anyone that wants to help Marja out by helping to keep her laptop intact and working, please say so and we will do what is needed to make it happen……..people are kind and loving enough to help me out from time to time…..please feel that she is more deserving than I am of the same, if not more……thank you.  (-k-)}



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