It is all consciousness
he said……………

as it is is all consciousness
in GOD
in us
remember that it is all one consciousness
as us all
so it is
and as GOD has created in and of itself
this is it……….it…IT is this…..

The human vehicle is simply a means of expression
The consciousness of the Divine is found
with and within and all around the human vehicle
and so
it is up to the human consciousness
within the human vehicle
to fulfill its purpose
with and within the divine consciousness
and if not
then to dissipate unto dissolution………
for material things cannot last forever and it takes a more…
energetic and focused combination
of things
of forces and energies
that are not physical
but mental
and if you go by merely the physical
or by appearances
you will never know the real truth behind the matter…
the human being is a being of spiritual consciousness
it is not the physical flesh
nor is it the physical mind
nor is it the mental being
these are all constructs of the spiritual being
that is the real and true human being
which is a wholly spiritual being
which is the image of GOD ITSELF…

The human being has been incarnated
born here…if you will
in order to achieve understanding of a greater and harsher duality
than is found in all other places…
up to now
the human being was born into places and circumstances
that required only and simply the desire to live and explore
that which is GOD
without opposition
without alternative choices
that could lead it astray

you have to understand
The Lucifer rebellion
was such a departure from the norm of being and doing
in the universe at large
that nearly a third of the heavens
a third of the celestial hosts
fell to a wholly lesser understanding of GOD
and being and existence.

It was felt that up until then
the concept of spiritual purity
the ability of the individual aspect of GOD
that resides within the physical vehicle of experience
was enough to comprehend and conquer
any and all and every one of the choices
that could be found in experience
of being and doing
in the manifest realms.
The Lucifer doctrine changed all and any of that.
For better or for worse
in the eyes of the individual being of experience
the expanded choices that had been made available
however unspeakable they may have been
in earlier times
had now become accessible choices
in experiences
could no longer be withheld
and thus, knowable.
The temptation to know such outcomes
through such varied causes and effects
as was made available
became the…….
thing to do
the thing to be
among the more advanced form of experience
within the manifest realms……
the word got around….
a prison planet
slated for liberation….
who could resist such a call to com to the aid of the unworthy
the fallen?
They came
from all over creation to give of our talents and ways and means
and here we are
finding out the truth of all things
from the way of lies
that permeates all things with and within this realm of being and doing
that you call Earth
that we call Urantia
that some call Earth Shan Gaia Urantia
and for over 13,000 years
of local time
the Anunnaki held sway
with the reptilians tow….
under their control
and when they, the Anunnaki declared peace
the Reptilians were left to decide
their own fates…..
and they continued to implement the will
the plans
of their former masters
augmented or demented
as it were
by their own plans
of absolute dominion
developments delivered by the Galactic Forces of Light
through It’s Christ Michael Aton
that had arrived to insure that
The Will Of The One
would be done here
as it is in all things
and all the time
would be done
and were it not for the
that had been previously set up
by the sons of Anu
then this planet would have already been liberated…
and here we are…..
waiting to be liberated
and it is happening
bit by bit
slowly and surely
it is happening
fear not
the pogroms are becoming more and more evident
the illusion is unraveling
the screen of the kabuki theater is burning
and soon it will all be known
and we will know by GOD
we will know the truth that has eluded us
that has been kept from us
and we will know that we are gods

we are GOD being who and what we are
the human vehicle is a vehicle of experience
meant not just for us
in this here and now
but also meant for us in that forever time
where we are already perfect in GOD
remembering ourselves
and sharing ourselves
with all of us
who are also perfect
in and with GOD
the one
that thing that is experiencing all of this
through all and any of us
all and everyone of us
past, present and future
all at the same time
that is who and what you are
in the reality of CREATION
remember that
and remembering that you can ask for all the help that you need
and know that it will be given
and know
that whatever it is
it is your lack of knowing
your doubts
that hold you back from being all that you are in GOD

we often forget
that things are not as they seem to be
the celebrities and idols
that we love so much
are not always one of us
they are not always human
we too often forget
that this thing is beyond our boundaries
that the people that we think are people
are not people
the lies that you refuse to let go of
they will hold you back
for once you learn the truth
only the truth will do
no matter how hard that truth may be to believe
you will believe it……
because it is the truth……. have been given to tell the truths that I receive
that even I have a hard time wrapping my head around
but I have to do it
what you do is up to you

I leave it up to you
to stay with me in what comes
like it or not…………
all I have ever asked
is that you make up your own minds
about anything I give you
and that
that will never change…..amen
I will leave it at that for not
I have started a new series at the treehouse site
please to remember that I consider this site sacred ground
I do what I am told
and give what I am told to give
there is a reason and reasons for all and any of this
that I am given to give to anyone
whether or not any of you stay with me
in any or all of this
is not up to me
you have to make up your own minds
and live accordingly
and that is all that I ask of any and all of you
that you do that
fuck me
if I go wrong
please notice
if I go right
please notice
and act accordingly
but whatever you think and feel
about anything that I do
in and with God
as I experience IT…..
search and study and know
your own experience
and be and stay true to that
and let no one but GOD guide you
GOD is with and within you and all around you
know that
live like it
that is all that I ask
of all and any one……
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Bob Marley wrote this song…..that Cash did a cover for it tells me a lot………..

and my personal favorite:


the first post in a new series of treehousetalks posts is up.  it has been for a few days…..for those of you that have read it already…I changed the title…nothing else………so, if you want to read it it is here:

remember this address:





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