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Deep State Religion Exposed: Do You Realize You’re Being Initiated Into the Dark Occult?
02/18/2019 By Stillness in the Storm
How and Why They Recruit Us Into Their Dark Religion
by Justin Deschamps,
Are we being recruited into a dark occult religion? Are our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs about life our own? According to several respected researchers, the powers that be who run the so-called Deep State, also known as the Illuminati, are recruiting the average person into their dark and twisted religion, completely unbeknownst to the people. For most, this sounds insane, just another wild conspiracy theory. But if one honestly investigates this question, a disturbing truth quickly presents itself. Why would the elite want to do this? And what methods are they using?

It should be understood that whether or not you believe in dark occultism doesn’t matter. You’re being exposed to it on a regular basis. Coming to terms with this fact and learning the truth about it is the only defense against the insidious effects of mind influence.

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What is Dark Occultism?
Occultism is the practice of intentionally hiding, obscuring, or covering up knowledge from those who might not understand it or wield it unwisely.
Light occultism is the act of hiding knowledge for a justifiable reason, such as when a potential recipient isn’t mature enough to use it wisely, like a child.
In a commonplace sense, when a parent hides knowledge of how to start the chainsaw in the garage from their seven-year-old boy who’s taken an interest in logging, they’re acting as a light occultist. Their intention is to restrain someone from making contact with knowledge that might cause themselves or others harm—until they are mature enough.
Dark Occultism is the act of hiding knowledge for an unethical reason, often to gain an unfair advantage over an individual or group. For example, when J.P. Morgan withheld knowledge of a bank-run from his banking contacts prior to the 1907 run on the banks, he did so likely knowing that it would collapse these banks and make it possible for him to buy them up at pennies on the dollar.
The big difference between these two forms of occultism is that a light occultists seek to develop and encourage the maturity of the uninitiated, so they can one day receive the knowledge. Conversely, dark occults seek to hamper or dumb down the uninitiated so they never gain maturity.
These definitions are themselves, occulted in the mainstream.
When most people hear the term “dark occultism” what they think of is Satanism, witchcraft, sorcery, or other forms of black magic.
One of the things hidden by the dark occults is the truth about their religious practices. The term “dark occult religion” isn’t really a helpful descriptor because it simply means a hidden religion—it doesn’t tell us what that religion actually is. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information to draw from to help us answer this question.
Is there a dark satanic religion at the heart of the cult that’s behind the Deep State? We’ll explore this below and I think you’ll come to see that the answer is more obvious than you’ve allowed yourself to believe.

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In short, yes, there is a dark and twisted religion at the heart of corruption in our world.
But as one might imagine, laying one’s hands on this system of religious belief so as to reveal it to the world with clear cut precision is somewhat difficult.
There’s a reason those of us who research these things professionally call it dark occultism. It’s because the powers that be work very hard to keep their activities secret. However, we know enough about the Deep State’s religion to draw some very clear conclusions.
Disclaimer: It should be noted that the term dark occult refers to anyone hiding anything from humanity to gain an unfair advantage. The Deep State are by definition a dark occult order because their true agenda is hidden from public view. However, terms like Deep State and the dark occult, or even the Cabal and Illuminati, are loose appellations that imply a singular group or organization but there is no centralized power structure. Researchers present time and again that the Deep State is a criminal syndicate encompassing many smaller groups that work loosely together via some tenuous alliance. Additionally, the following is a synthesis of research spanning years and many sources, such as historical accounts, financial evaluations, alleged insider testimony, and declassified documents.

[A compilation of alleged artist renditions of Sabbatai Zevi.
Satanism and the Sabbatean History]

The following is an excerpt from an article that reveals some history of the Satanic elite or cult that we now refer to as the Deep State, and are also known as The Cabal, The Family, The Order of the Black Sun, the Illuminati, and many other names.
Back in 1666, a Jewish Rabbi by the name of Sabbatai Zevi proclaimed himself the Jewish Messiah, during a time when Jews were being prosecuted and had their holy site of Jerusalem fall into the hands of Muslims a millennia before.
At this time in history, the Jews were scattered all over Eastern and Western Europe. They had no sacred land and were the subject of much scorn in almost every nation they occupied. Yet despite the scorn they received, the culture of the Jews is one of national pride—the so-called chosen people of Yahweh. Thus, this inborn pride in the Jewish tradition and its implicit superiority doctrine was alive and well despite the poor treatment they received from civil authorities. Because of this social climate, it was fairly easy for Zevi to capitalize on the burning desire within most Jewish circles to lift themselves out of obscurity so they could finally receive the promise of their forebears to become leaders of the kingdoms of non-Jews, the gentiles.
Zevi was likely a member of a very dark occult group that has been loosely referred to as the Order of the Black Sun.
I make this conjecture based on an analysis of the tenets and writings of this dark occult group that have been studied and revealed by former insiders and whistleblowers whereby it becomes clear that Zevian Judaism and Luciferianism were likely cut from the same cloth. In addition, there are other connections one can trace back to dark occultism and Sabbateanism.
It should be made perfectly clear that Zevian Judaism has nothing whatsoever to do with authentic Judaism.
Zevi, and those who backed him, likely knew of the growing frustration within the Jewish world, as it is a precept of Jewish culture to believe that they are the chosen people of Israel, and are therefore inherently superior to gentiles (non-Jews).
Zevi capitalized on this by declaring himself the Messiah. He began issuing edicts that attempted to reform the Jewish religion and tradition.
For those who aren’t aware, the Jewish faith is extremely rigid. It is believed that the Torah is the word of God. Therefore, no one but the Messiah can presume to change established doctrine.
It is also believed that the remaking of the world and exaltation of the Jewish people will occur in either times of great virtue or great sin.
Zevi and his followers asserted: “Since we can’t all be saints, let us be sinners.” He began promoting a “redemption through sin” variant of Jewish faith.
This is a rather flowery way of saying that disciples of Zevi consciously worked to incorporate evil, sin, debauchery and all manner of horrific deeds into their way of life. They had massive late night orgies, they practiced pedophilia, torture, rape, and slaughter. And they openly discussed how great it was to perform acts of evil.
In brief, Zevi declared that sin was a virtue and that in order to bring about the golden age for the Jews, they needed to corrupt the world and everything in it as much as possible. Take a look around, do you think they might have been successful?

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Zevi and his acolytes attempted to restore Jerusalem to Jewish custodianship. But after being captured by the Islamic Sultan who ruled over the city, the Muslim leader told Zevi he could either be put to death or convert to Islam. Zevi converted, and encouraged his followers to go back to their countries of origin and do the same. They began a covert campaign of crypto-infiltration, wherein they became Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and even atheists on the surface, while in secret they still practiced their arguably Satanic version of dark Zevian Judaism.
The dark order of Sabbateans persists to this day and no longer uses the name from the past. They became the Frankists 100 years later—the soil from which the Bavarian Illuminati was founded. Later, communism sprang up from the Frankists who successfully managed to convert almost all the royalty of Europe and who infiltrated the USA in the early days of the republic. They even discussed ways of destroying the nuclear family by introducing a man-hating version of feminism (sound familiar?)—back in the late 1700s.
In the 19th century, the Zionist agenda was conceived as a way to entrap genuine Jews so that a growing anti-Semitic sentiment would one day lead to a fervor of Jewish hatred.
In 1903 the Protocols of Zion were leaked to a Russian newspaper and to this day they are regarded as proof of a Jewish conspiracy. The protocols were used by the Bolsheviks to effectively exterminate Jews in Russia (before the holocaust), only later to use the same anti-Semitic meme as a tool to undermine anti-Bolshevik sentiment. Again, this use of anti-Semitism as a tool of censorship is alive and well today.
It worked—sometime after the Protocols of Zion were published, the holocaust took place, effectively destroying the remnants of mystical Judaism, leaving the Sabbatean crypto-Jews in positions of power within the Jewish world so as to realize their plans, of which, the re-establishment of Israel was a key part.
The preceding history provides some much-needed context in order to understand the nature of this dark occult religion. It was assembled by a Jewish Rabbi and scholar who wrote the seminal works To Eliminate the Opiate Volume 1 and To Eliminate the Opiate Volume 2.
In effect, we can call the Deep State religion a form of Satanism but not the kind we see in Hollywood or what most people think of as Satanism.
This form of Satanism is ideological. It exalts the ego. It promotes moral relativism. It encourages indulgence. And it justifies immoral behavior through the justification that pleasure is one of the highest ideals. In other words, we are living in the world the Sabbatean’s envisioned hundreds of years ago.

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The Engineered Rejection of the Truth
If the idea that the world has been tainted by a dark occult agenda sounds like some wild conspiracy theory, you’re responding precisely how the Deep State wants you to. This is especially true if you’ve taken no time to research and hear out the arguments of respected experts, reacting from a place of ignorance.
If you disbelieve unthinkingly, then you’ve been blinded to the truth of the Deep State by design; this is not an accident. When your response to new information is a knee jerk rejection then this indicates a preconditioned response.
We’ve literally been trained, like animals, to reject the truth about the Deep State.
If you learn the truth then you’re a threat to the powers that be. They’ve trained you carefully over your whole life, without your knowledge, to reject any truth that goes against the mainstream version of reality.
They want you to respond with incredulity when you hear about a global conspiracy. They know that most people don’t research when it comes to claim evaluation. They know most people look to others to confirm if something is true (e.g. Deep State experts). Thus, if most people place no credence into a Deep State conspiracy, and you’re looking for confirmation from your peers as proof there is a conspiracy, you’ll find no confirmation. And as a result, you’ll reject the premise on an appeal to authority basis, which is a logical fallacy.
Simply put, unless you’ve taken the time to review the information and properly steel man it to yourself, any rejection is not substantive, it’s a reaction to some other influence.

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There’s also a social influence that prevents honest investigation of these topics.
Once you’ve recognized that your social group doesn’t think a conspiracy is real, you’ll also find it difficult to take an honest look at the research available because to do so is now socially taboo.
Human beings are neurologically and psychologically driven to stay in their social group. Ostracization or being rejected by your social group triggers the amygdala, producing the same intense emotions that one experiences when they are being physically tortured—this is how powerful social influences can be. Thus, the Deep State has effectively hijacked the social mechanisms in the human organism to maintain its secrecy agenda. And most people, out of social fear, lack of research skills, or plain arrogance, refuse to take the premise of a Deep State conspiracy seriously—which is exactly what the powers that be want.
Finally, the powers that be also know that most people reject any information that is too malevolent, as a cognitive defense reaction. Malevolence is willful or intentional wrongdoing, or what we could simply call evil. If most people think the world is corrupt, but not managed by an intentionally destructive cult and related ideology, then learning the truth will reveal a level of malevolence that is shocking. In effect, the truth is so horrific a person responds with the same visceral reaction they would to something they find disgusting.
If you’re thinking: “This is crazy.” You’re programming is working perfectly.
However, I doubt most of the people reading this are having this reaction. Thus, the benefit of comprehending the preceding engineered rejection of truth is that it can help you understand the reactions of your peers. This understanding assists you in weathering tense situations result from trying to share the truth with people.

I am merely a man who’s worked hard to pull the wool from my eyes. I am trying to share with you what I know. I don’t want you to believe me. I want you to think and become active in your quest to find answers and to seek for those answers honestly and without prejudice.
If you can’t see the rampant immorality, lawlessness, and corruption at the heart of almost everything in our world, then here are a few well-researched and resourced articles to consider.

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Why Does the Deep State Try to Conscript People Into Their Dark Religion?
There are many reasons why they want to do this. There are spiritual laws and claims to authority considerations. There are cultural influences and traditional mandates coming down from history. Furthermore, there are also logistical justifications.
One reason to consider is that the nature of the religious structure of the Deep State is one of parasitism. This social system requires a lot of followers to supply the top with the energy and resources they need. For instance, a Deep State official, at the top of the power structure, needs legions of underlings underneath them to carry out their agenda. As such, a steady supply of recruits is required.
Another reason is that if they can corrupt society enough, they can be more open with their occult or hidden practices. I suggest that this is part of the reason for the normalization of pedophilia, reframing it as Minority Attracted Persons so it can be enfolded into the body of protected lifestyle choices currently guarded by the LGBTQ+ community.
Probably the most obvious reason is the more the people that subscribe to the secret ideology of the Deep State the more easily they’ll agree to and work with this very same Deep State as unwitting pawns or agents. Consider the NPC meme as an example.
An NPC or non-player character is a pejorative term used to make fun of the unthinking mindless sheep that parrots Deep State propaganda, all while believing this propaganda are their own thoughts and opinions. As humorous as the meme is, it’s decidedly disturbing because it’s so accurate.

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There are legions of people who have effectively become mindless receptacles for the Deep State agenda. In the past, they might have had to pay CIA or NSA agents to go undercover. Now, people all over the world are willingly embodying Deep State ideologies free of charge. And this is just an example we can see. There are whole areas of life that have been so completely tainted by Deep State ideology that most people are blind to the insidiousness. It’s hard to perceive something you’re immersed in.
Consider the destructive effect of the advertising sector on mental health through the distortion of ideal body images and beauty archetypes.

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Finally, there’s the spiritual authority justification. This one takes a bit more background to fully grasp, such as understanding what forms the basis of lawful authority on a world as a function of carrying out the divine will. I’ll give you the short answer.
There are universal laws that deal with morality. These laws place authoritative power in a group to carry out the divine will here on earth, provided that those who volunteer for this sacred office honor their mandates from heaven. The Vatican and every other ecclesiastical authority derive its power from a covenant structure with the Creator of all things and beings—these are claims of a right to rule. Part of that covenant structure requires they follow the will of the people. Therefore, if the powers that be can corrupt the minds of men and distort the will of the people toward the agenda of the Deep State, they now have a spiritual basis and mandate from the people to carry out their machinations.
Effective Equivalency and Deep State Ideological Recruitment
The concept of effective equivalency is extremely helpful. It is the act of generating the same effect by two different processes. It is also an analysis technique wherein two or more phenomena are compared through a common effect.
For example, eating a raw vegan meal is effectively equivalent to a steak dinner in that they both fill your stomach. But clearly, there are differences. If we change the effect, to one of health, then these two meal choices are no longer equivalent.
The power of effective equivalency is that it helps the mind see something from a specific perspective. It is a method of unidimensional analysis that when joined with other analyses, provides the investigator with great insight. In this case, we want to ask the question: What’s the effect of this dark religion on the minds of people?
The effect is that people end up with the same ideology as a member of the Deep State. They possess equivalent philosophic motivations and justifications. Here’s one example.
Deep State actors are often regarded as psychopaths; they have no morals or ethics. We know from whistleblowers like Jay Parker and Mark Passio that dark occultists subscribe to a morally relativistic religion. They believe that morality or right and wrong depends on personal choice and whim—that there is no objective right and wrong because there is no objective truth. The effect, in this case, is moral relativism. Thus, anyone who possesses a morally relativistic ideology is effectively equivalent to a member of the Deep State.
How many people do you know who operate from a morally relativistic position? Almost everyone I know subscribes to this ideology.
How a person is inducted into this socially destructive ideology is discussed later.
By virtue of the fact you’re living a world run by the Deep State, you’re going to be affected by this propaganda. If you don’t counter it by consciously working through the philosophic questions and challenges at play, then it’s highly likely your personal philosophy will be affected. Given most people never take the time to evaluate their philosophy, large populations have had their mind altered unbeknownst to them.
Whether or not you believe in Baal Moloch (one of the many dark deities of the Deep State) doesn’t matter. If your ideological justifications are equivalent to those who believe in this deity, you’ve been secretly recruited.

You might not openly believe that your ego and the glory of the self is the highest ideal to aspire to, which is one of the tenets of dark occultism. But if you act and think this way then you’ve been secretly recruited.

You might not consider yourself an acolyte of dark Luciferianism, but if you refuse to think critically about something you passionate believe, and you’re willing to resort to name calling (e.g. Nazi), to make sure no one questions your protected beliefs, you’re embodying a tenet of dark occultism.
The reason this mind influence works is that you don’t claim intellectual dominion over these topics as an individual. We’ll discuss this later.
Now we’ll discuss the power of the God-concept and why the Deep State doesn’t want you thinking about it freely with your own mind.
The God-Concept, Psychology, and Philosophy
If you never think about spirituality, God, a Creator, and things of this sort, then these ideas have no power over you, right?
It would be nice if this were true, but the opposite is the case. As a general rule of thumb, the less you think about the basis of your beliefs or ideas in general, the more power they have to control you.
If you refuse to form your own opinion about something then someone else’s opinion can easily and subconsciously influence your thinking. This is how mind control works psychologically.
Politics and advertising are excellent examples of this mechanic because they are two areas of life where most people outsource their interpretative faculty to experts. If you form your opinion solely on the statements of experts, then what’s happening is you’re using their thinking to govern your life. That can work for a little while, but the longer that situation lasts the more problems we have to contend with.
Strong, personally derived and generated opinions act like a shield against subtle suggestions, incepted conceptual influences, and social programming.
The grander and more all-encompassing the idea, the more power it has to influence the mind—unless you claim power over it by consciously thinking about.

What is the biggest idea you can think of? Is it one that incorporates all other ideas, whether real or imagined?
The God-concept is the singularity of ideas. It is the biggest idea we can imagine. It is the ultimate concept because it draws all others to it. Proving that to you philosophically requires the capacity to explore extremely abstract ideas and the efficacy of conceptual modeling, which I will attempt to do now.
A conceptual model is an idea that describes something in reality. The more inclusive the model the more likely it is to be accurate and have predictive power. The God-concept explains everything in reality, more inclusively than materialistic science. Thus, its power from a conceptual modeling perspective is unmatched—and always has been.
But not all concepts of God are equal. A concept or theory of God is called theology, of which there are scores upon scores.
A great many theologies are infantile in their character. But there are God-based conceptual models that are so well defined, complete, and replete that no one has been able to refute their validity. One of these models forms the basis of the current legal system, called an ecclesiastical body of knowledge. Of course, that doesn’t stop people from rejecting this inarguable fact. But it is nevertheless true.
To review, the mind is designed to seek out the best explanation. The mind has to accept and work with the best conceptual model, even if you don’t consciously believe in it. What this means is that the God-concept works on your mind whether you are religious or not. And the Deep State have known this simple fact for almost all of human history. Hence, religions have historically and contemporaneously been the primary social manipulation tool of the dark occult.
This truth is what makes it possible for the Deep State to covertly initiate people into their dark religion.
To reiterate, only by taking responsibility to use your mind to contemplate the realities of existence personally can you hope to gain freedom and immunity from subtle forms of mind control that employ inductive conceptual modeling techniques—which we just described through the God-concept.

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The God-Concept as an Inevitable Discovery of Honest Thinking
Knowledge and information in the mind are organized by generating abstract connections via juxtaposition between two or more facts. Two pieces of knowledge, placed next to each other, naturally cause the subconscious to draw connections called schemas in psychology. The more one contemplates their knowledge, the more abstract principles can be generated to explain and incorporate all the specific items therein.

I argue that this specific-to-abstract tendency is what allows people to intellectually discover a God-concept. In short, if you consciously work with your conceptual models to make them more perfect and accurate, you’ll eventually discover a God-concept.
By specific-to-abstract, I mean that specific knowledge (like the color of the shirt you’re wearing) produces abstract meanings when contemplated.
For example, the specific knowledge that a person is wearing a green shirt gives rise to the question of why they are doing so. The answer to that question is abstract, perhaps they like the green shirt because it reminds them of summer. Finally, your knowledge of the reason why a person wears a green shirt is also an abstraction derived from a specific data set. Thus, the more you ask what things mean in relation to other things the more abstract knowledge you generate. Hence, knowledge tends to become more abstract over time, if one is actively thinking about the specific knowledge in their experience.

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Descartes is a philosopher, the father of inductive reasoning, which led to the development of modern-day scientific principles. He is arguably one of the best examples of a truly logical mind that thought seriously about the God-concept. He did a lot of thinking, at a time in history when there wasn’t much else to do with your time. He concluded, by analyzing every piece of knowledge at his disposal, that the most logical explanation to account for everything we encounter in life, both material and non-material realities, was a God-concept. Specifically, Descartes asserted that God must be an infinitely perfect and benevolent being. Descartes proved that if one thinks honestly and carefully about how all knowledge is related, they eventually arrive at a God-concept.
Now I’m not trying to convert you to theism, although I will say that doing so has a lot of practical benefits. I am asserting that freedom of thought and time to do so invariably results in a personal and living faith in a Creator concept. Once one has made contact with that concept, it’s highly likely they’ll start to gain what I call self-mastery; everything in their life starts to improve, especially the truth-seeking and justice-craving urges. In short, if a person has the time and freedom to think deeply about the ultimate meanings of life, they’ll eventually become a force that works against the Deep State—dare I say someone with Christ consciousness.
As such, the Deep State is keenly interested in destroying any genuine interest in personal spiritual exploration and contemplation, or any other subject for that matter. This is why religion has been so dogmatic for most of human history. They want to control the very thoughts you have about the biggest ideas in existence, they want to control how you think about the God-concept, and by extension, they’ll control almost everything else.

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Are We All Worshiping the Dark God of the Deep State?
So what happens when you refuse to think about the God-concept yourself? It means the Deep State’s dark and twisted God-concept can be carefully and quietly slipped into your mind.
What kind of God does the Deep State believe in?
Their God is egocentric, pleasure-seeking, wrathful, immoral, indulges in debauchery and malice, has no meaningful purpose other than to do anything for its own sake, and has abandoned its children to a cold, dead and cruel universe. The Deep State believes their God abandoned them and they are ultimately separated from it as if the creation itself was some kind of cosmic prison.
Do you see any similarities with contemporary views in the human population? Don’t most materialists, especially in the West, consider life inherently meaningless and cruel, that there is no right and wrong save what we justify doing?
In effect, if you believe in materialistic atheism and nihilism, that there is no morality, there is no purpose to life, and that pleasure is the highest calling in an inherently meaningless universe, then you’ve bought into the Deep State God-concept hook, line, and sinker. Materialistic Nihilism is a soft version of the Deep State religion.

Don’t beat yourself up if this is you. We all have to crawl our way out of mind-controlled obscurity to reclaim our freedom.
Do you see all the pieces coming together?
Do you see that control over the God-concept in major religions has been around for almost all of human history?
Do you see that free-thinking and a living philosophy is one of the most dangerous things to the Deep State?
Do you see that society is largely populated by people that haven’t given any serious thought to the God-concept, and as a result, they’ve been indoctrinated into a version of the Deep State Religion? In the process, they have become hapless pawns?
What we’re talking about here is thought control.
What this should highlight is just how powerful a single mind capable of free and open thought really is to the powers that be.
Think about it. How much time and energy has the Deep State spent over the millennia making sure you never have a free thought? Or that if you do have a free thought, one that goes against established doctrine, you’re encouraged never to speak of it. Finding the courage to think for yourself might just be the biggest fear of the powers that be.
The reason why religious belief was attacked so successfully in the 20th century was because without doing so, socialism and communism wouldn’t have taken hold. These are morally relativistic systems whose social precepts fly in the face of religion centered around objective morality.

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Self-Actualization and the Usefulness of Ideas
Given how important personal contemplation and active critical thinking is, let’s discuss some methods of doing so.
From a self-actualization perspective, think of all the things you’ll ever learn as a field of potential ideas. Each location in your field of ideas is home to one idea. When you learn something new, you go out to that place on the field where the idea lives. You take stock of it, understand it, and feel it, all of which places your flag in that space, claiming it as your own.
Self-actualization, as I am defining it, is a three-step process.
First, you need to properly cognize the idea. You need to understand it as it is, as free of your opinions or biases as you can manage. This we might call the steel man phase because you’re not focusing on nitpicking the idea—that comes later. The point is to record the new piece of information accurately within your mind. For example, when you’re watching a movie or listening to a friend recount a story for the first time, you should be focused on getting all the details right. If you start judging things before your friend is finished, your assessment or opinion won’t be valid. It will be tainted by your bias.
The second phase is integration. This is when you want to take that idea you’ve just carefully represented in your mind and compare it to similar ideas. This step is crucial for developing schemas or tapestries of interconnected knowledge, much like a mycelia network that lets trees communicate with each other in the same forest. Integration creates a unique and personal body of knowledge that is yours. A sign of integration is when you’re sitting quietly staring off into space after you’ve just learned something new. You’re going within and exploring all the ways this new idea connects with all your other knowledge.
The third and final phase is evaluation. This is when the new idea and the tapestry of meanings it makes with all the other ideas in your body of knowledge are evaluated for their worth or value. What can this new idea do for me? Why is this useful? Do I care about this idea as much as other ones just like it?
In the first phase, the idea was simply recorded, like taking a photograph. For the most part, the record is the same for everyone, although the matrix or material with which your personal version is made is unique, likely a set of personalized gestalts.
The second and third phase is where we make that idea our own.
For example, the idea of fancy cookware to musicians doesn’t have as many connections in their mind as someone who is a devoted chief. When it comes to cookware, a chef’s mind has the potential for greater connections and because of this, they’re more likely to understand the fancy cookware concept with greater resolution and acuity. Finally, the ambitions of the chef are different than the ambitions of the musician—they have different values. Thus, when they each evaluate the fancy cookware concept they’ll generate a different set of potential uses. Therefore, the value of this idea varies depending on the goals of the individual. Clearly, the musician simply lacks the pre-existing knowledge to understand all the possible usages of the fancy cookware.
The self-actualization perspective helps us understand why people reject the value of the God-concept. Again, this is by design because rejection is required for Deep State religious indoctrination.

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The powers that be have made being ungodly cool and hip. They’ve made rejection of the God idea a tribal creed or a point of pride. Part of the way they did this was to make religion so oppressive and irrational that no “rational” person would ever take the God-concept seriously. They use ridicule. They use straw man arguments, where they drag out the silliest and infantile concept of God and make that seem like it represents the sum total of all thought in this regard. All of this works to devalue the exercise of thinking seriously about God.
Here’s one of the best examples of anti-God propaganda.

[Video unavailable here….please see source of article listed above. (kibo)]

Contemptuous Rejection — Immature Thinking
In the last section, we argued that an idea’s usefulness and value depends on the individual’s values and knowledge. What happens when a person becomes aware of a concept but rejects it contemptuously?
Contempt, in this sense, is the juvenile or immature rejection of a concept, theory, claim or request, not because of a valid logical reason, but because it didn’t agree with pre-existing views or biases. Or, a person wanted to use the rejection as a ritual to exalt their ego and declare their personal power. For example, to one who believes that there is no God, they’ll likely reject any concept of spirituality because it goes against their ideological beliefs. Or they might want to earn social points with their atheistic in-group by making a spectacle out of you. The justification for rejection is personal, emotional, irrational, and therefore, contemptuous.
In contrast, a non-contempteous response is a rational and substantive rebuttel to a claim or request.

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The Deep State has used elaborate social engineering techniques to persuade people to avoid contemplation of the God-concept, be they atheists or die-hard religionists. In almost all such cases, the basis of rejection is contemptuous. Such people are either outright atheists (who reject the concept of a transcendent infinitely intelligent Creator) or they are “philosophically dead religionists” who subscribe to religious dogma but without any critical thought or evaluation.
Remember, we can only gain control of an idea if we’ve claimed it as our own. Do we understand it? Do we comprehend how it connects to other ideas? What is the usefulness of this idea to us personally?
Whether or not you believe in the idea doesn’t matter. If you don’t claim it, then those who do can use it against you to manipulate your motivations, beliefs, and worldview.
The following video exposes some of the open social engineering used by the Deep State founded on the aformentioned psychological and philosophic manipulation techniques.

Final Thoughts
The basis of mind influence and persuasion is a science founded on the objective reality of thought.
Contrary to current views in psychology about the ultimate essence and nature of mind and consciousness, the Deep State and the occult know that mind is objectively real. They also know that the Creator and identity are intimately linked to each other and that at the deepest levels of existence, who we are is fundamentally tied to the Creator of all things and beings.
But much more than this, they also know that the nature of mind itself is organized around ideas.
This is why the Deep State spends so much time trying to manipulate your personal experience when exploring the idea of the Creator. If this didn’t matter, they wouldn’t have spent most of human history working to make sure we never think carefully or critically about God.
In this sense, a true, personal, and living religion is the experience of exploring the concept and reality of the Creator. Therefore, everyone has a religion of some sort. But only a small population of people has a living religion that is firmly in their control.
Adherents to major religions don’t employ active philosophy—the ideas are tenets of belief, to be accepted for ascent in the Church, or to be rejected and suffer social ostracization as a result. Of course, this isn’t totally the case for all followers of major religions—it’s a bell curve distribution.
Atheists are a bit more free to explore these ideas. However, like religious institutions, social circles of atheists are characterized by social dogma—if you give any serious thought to ideas of spirit and religion you’ll be cast out of your atheist circles.
Agnostics might be the last hope of free religious thinking, as they aren’t encumbered by traditional dogma within an established religion.
The Deep State want you to identify with a dogma. They want you to stop thinking critically and just follow along with the crowd. They want you to do this so they can continue to pound at your subconscious with their religious propaganda. Again, compare the tenets of the Deep State religion to mainstream society, and it becomes glaringly obvious that indeed the Deep State is recruiting us into their dark religion.
They want you to mindlessly think of yourself as an atheist, Christian, scientist, Buddhist, or whatever your preferred label is, that way you stop thinking critically and are more easily influenced by subtle suggestion.
They want you to never learn the symbolic meanings they’re using to manipulate your register of ideas. They want to go to your ideational territory, your field of ideas and plant their flags, all without you noticing. They want you to be a good little citizen and follow the orders of the Deep State, all while thinking you are a free and independent person.

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But only those who take the time to claim their field of ideas, who do the active philosophy work, can truly claim sovereignty of mind.
In our world, this isn’t easy because time is short and the demand for social acceptance is at a premium.
As the great awakening proceeds, partially supported by the internet, more and more people are finding each other and having the open-minded conversations needed to reclaim their mental power.
Every time you dare to form your own opinion—to do your own research, to think deeply about what something means even if it goes against established thought—you’re taking a step toward true sovereignty in consciousness.
This is exactly what we need in the world—people willing to think for themselves and learn the skills of social grace that allows a deep discussion to take place without also creating undue division.
The Deep State wants your mind for their own. Don’t give it to them by not using it. Use it wisely and actively every day and ensure it’s yours for the keeping.
– Justin
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The preceding article discusses history of the Deep State and how they are using social engineering techniques to subtly recruit unthinking persons into their dark occult religion. This information is critically important to understand because it emphasizes that arguably the best solution to mind manipulation is self-mastery, particularly an adventurous and brave capacity to form one’s one opinion. With this knowledge in hand, one can start the process of deprogramming their beliefs, worldviews, and values, from externalized impositions to intrinsic arguments. There are many more benefits to the above information, too many to list here. The technique of self-mastery so as to become truly sovereign such that one can actually be a world healer is partially revealed above.
– Justin
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  1. Marja says:

    EXCERPTS FROM PJ 47 – chap. 13

    First you will need to recognize unbalance when it is presented to you, Then you will need to further investigate for yourself, with the assistance of your Spirit Within, until you are satisfied with the Truth. Then you will ask God Within to show you how to bring back balance to your portion of the mass consciousness “pie”.
    Then you will do what God within guides you to do.

    Here is something for you to think about. That which is “positive” to the adversary …i.e.: causing confusion and deception is considered quite “negative” to a child of Light.
    That which is “negative” to the adversary, i.e.: being exposed as a: liar and deceiver, is considered quite “positive” to a child of Light. So you see, those terms are quite relative to the situation encountered and the perceptions retained by opposing personalities.

    The absolute surest way, chelas, to compound the problems you face, and therefore create ever more devastating consequence to yourself and your planet, is to be led to (by your Spirit within) and exposed to THE TRUTH about the circumstance already created, and THEN still doing absolutely NOTHING to change them to bring back balance.

    So it is the better part of wisdom to HEAR the call of SPIRIT and learn to LISTEN to and accurately decipher your guidance given. All it takes is YOUR COMMITMENT TO SERVE GOD’S WILL and you will be given all you need on your wondrous journey.
    So be it.
    Thank you for your attention. May clarity and understanding be yours that your spiritual foundation may become solid in TRUTH AND WISDOM. I AM Sananda.
    Walk in God’s Light of Truth and KNOW therein you always find Peace. Salu. “


  2. Marja says:

    There is a buzz going on about the Equinox in March and the energy pouring our way.
    Here is yesterday’s message by The Creator and my impressions on it.
    FEBRUARY 22, 2019
    Your Choice
    It is time to fully understand that you get to choose! You oversee how you feel, what you do, where you go and how you get there. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual have always been dictated by you. The current wave of energy being delivered to your Earth plane signals changes as well as an acceptance of responsibility for your very existence. In the bustle of the everyday, this fact may slip from the forefront of your mind. You are being invited to bring it back to your conscious awareness, using it to make much needed shifts within. The Universe is always beside you, guiding and supporting every step! ~ Creator

    C. – “It is time to fully understand that YOU GET TO CHOOSE! You oversee HOW YOU FEEL, WHAT YOU DO, WHERE YOU GO AND HOW YOU GET THERE.
    M. – We must remember that it was OUR CHOICE to be here at this time to perform certain tasks and go through certain experiences. It was our CHOICE and AGREEMENT to promote the development and completion of the ‘Plan’.

    C. – “You are being invited to bring it back to your conscious awareness, using it to make much needed shifts within.”
    M. – We are being invited to become fully conscious and aware of this fact and the need to complete the cleansing/removing of thoughts and memories that are affecting our present state of being and preventing us from moving forward.
    The multitude of experiences we had, but have no more relevance to the present, that bother us still.
    The anxiety, fear, shame, guilt etc… that should be let go consciously to be transmuted into light by The Universe.

    C. – “The Universe is always beside you, guiding and supporting every step!”
    M. – The assurance I got personally, from my guide and guardian, when facing the enormity of taking total responsibility for all my thoughts and actions was; “You will still be guided – remember, you are in permanent contact with your Creator, you are not a ‘boat adrift in the Ocean’, but you must always be conscious of your responsibility for your decisions, thoughts and actions. The guidance is continuously available but the actions you take are your choice and therefore your responsibility.
    I understand that we have to prepare to deal with this coming energy successfully. Our electrical system should be free from blockages and we should be sufficiently rested to deal with the extra stress.
    We should be conscious of what is going on, no surprises.


  3. Marja says:

    PJ 47 – chap 1 – TESTING
    “I am Sananda. I come in service of Our Holy Divine Father Aton and in service to you, my brethren.
    The subject matter I will discuss is that of TESTING. Each of you ones have lessons and each create the tests of spiritual fortitude and integrity yourselves.
    God/Aton will and does guide if asked, but ultimately the choices and decisions one makes are his own to account for.

    Each fragment is held responsible for every choice and every decision he is presented with. This places accountability (cause and effect) with each one.

    Soon ones begin to Recognize their own consequences of thoughts, actions and behaviors. This recognition of personal responsibility begins the path home to understanding ONENESS and what is termed The Law of One.

    For example, it seems that many ones who read of The Laws of God and the Creation given forth in The Phoenix Operator/Owner Manual find exception to various aspects of the laws.
    You may choose to DO whatever YOU like, but please understand this carefully, precious chelas, these instructions given forth are YOUR ticket to graduation to a higher level of awareness most of you have not had access to on your plane.
    It is completely up to each to come to terms with those thoughts actions and behaviors which keep you bound to the material 3rd dimensional plane. You simply have no conception of the EXTREME limitation you have become accustomed and attached to on your plane.
    God and we of His Hosts come to bring you the lessons which will allow those WHO CHOOSE to move onward in their path toward ONENESS, to make that choice.
    Do you see? Your free-will is not infringed upon, (except by the Anti-Christ) and you are given to see a more LIGHTED path than the one you have dwelled within.
    How does the Anti-Christ infringe upon your free-will?
    By seducing you into the lies and deceptions of limitation; by encouraging you to defy THE LAWS of Balance for the sake of selfish pleasure and by tricking you to believe in it’s illusion of separation from your Creator God/Aton. Remember as you journey earnestly toward ONENESS, you will find that the only TRUE and WISE free-will you have is GOD’S WILL entirely.”


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