Anna Von Reitz — Are you One of Those Appointed?

12/21/2018 02:25:00 PM Judge Anna, Spirituality
Friday, December 21, 2018

Are You One of Those Appointed?

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

There are in the Kingdom of Heaven those who are “Anointed” as Priests of the All-Mighty, Guardians of the Kingdom like Jesus and the Archangel, Michael.

And then, there are the “Appointed” by the Anointed, those who also serve, but in a lesser or more specialized capacity. These Servants of the Living God serve in a wide variety of roles and have many different powers.

They are appearing among us now, but they, too,suffer memory-erasure and may be disoriented and discomfited by their own abilities and gifts, which can be problematic..

Just recently several people have contacted me who have struggled all their lives with secret abilities that they themselves don’t fully understand. Their gifts range from being able to channel vast amounts of energy, to being able to heal physical illnesses and deformities, to being able to restore damaged ecosystems, to being able to communicate with animals like Doctor Doolittle and many more “gifts”.

None of these people have received any comfort, direction, or training and many of them are not yet in any direct connection with their spiritual roots. Some have suffered terrible experiences as a result of their abilities — rejection by mates, friends, and family. Attacks from superstitious religious zealots. And perhaps worst of all, deep questioning of their own nature and “weirdness”.

I know a man who, like Jesus, can heal any illness or disease, so long as the person suffering it is willing to be healed. This is literal fact, which I have experienced myself (He healed me of a back injury and chronic pain that I endured for 31 years simply by hugging me and saying a few words in my ear.)— yet he keeps his gift strictly secret and lives on a farm out in the hills like Tom Bombadil.

The alternative is to be inundated with constant pleas for help from the sick and the dying, which is bad enough, but also to run the risk of being attacked by Big Pharma and the government, and either killed outright or arrested and “studied” like a slime mold.

While he heals by word and touch, as Jesus did, there are others who have a similar gift of being able to restore health using the sounds of musical instruments that are properly turned to the full frequency of the natural harmonic octaves.

When you realize the importance of the Voice of God in creating the Earth and all that lives upon it, and realize that Satan was the Archangel in charge of music — you can easily see how music has been abused and changed from its natural health-giving frequencies to unhealthy, incorrect, out-of-tune frequencies.

David Rockefeller, one of the most evil and able perpetrators of the gross misalignment of our world, actually and deliberately had the musical notes redefined and re-calibrated to frequencies that cause disease and anxiety. We are just now facing up to the death toll and misery this one act has caused and begun the discussion of “musical ethics” and importance of properly attuned whole notes and whole tones.

Properly calibrated, music brings relief and restorative energy and serves to attune us in the same way a tuning fork can be used to tune a piano. Our biological framework resonates in sympathy to the “whole tones” of the natural musical scale and responds by correcting physical and chemical imbalances.

While this entire branch of science is in its infancy, you can still directly experience the results for yourself by going to the various websites like and reading books on the subject like The Power of Sound by Joshua Leeds, which includes a demonstration CD of classical music played in whole tones.

There are already Appointed Ones among us who are experts in this field and who naturally are attuned and able to directly impact and heal the health of the entire biosphere, but they, too, are often astonished by what happens as a result of their gift and don’t dare to come forward for fear that they will be attacked as “freaks” and arrested. .

There are many, many more gifts and different kinds of Appointed Ones at work on Earth. It was of them that Jesus spoke when he foretold that His Followers would do even greater miracles than He showed us, so there is no reason to be afraid or confused by the presence of these gentle Healers and others sent to us at this time.

How can you tell if you are one of the Appointed Ones? Most likely you have always had a sense of being different and been aware of your gifts, but perhaps not known how to cope with them or properly develop them.

One common trait is the ability to “draw down” electricity from streetlights and even main transformers; without consciously desiring to do so; you simply pass by and take out whole city blocks of streetlights or blow transformers.

Another common trait is melancholy and introverted habits. The Appointed tend to be saddened by the misery of the Earth and the people and animals on it, which gives rise to a certain element of melancholy many of them share. They also tend to be loners or to have only a small circle of friends, and to dislike being the center of attention.

They are often uncomfortable in crowds or even in places like grocery stores, because they are intensely aware of the jostling and often unhappy energies that people project.

Another commonality is that for whatever reasons, people and animals naturally trust the Appointed Ones.

It is a common experience for the Appointed Ones to hear the most intimate details of the lives of strangers — people will just walk up to the Appointed Ones and tell them things they wouldn’t tell their spouse or their best friend or their Mother.

It is also common for otherwise vicious guard dogs and wild animals to accept the presence of the Appointed Ones and to be friendly and to not be alarmed by the presence of these Servants of the Lord.

If you have a gift that you find troubling or troublesome or simply one that you don’t quite know what to do with, and you experience any of the things described above, take heart. You are not alone on the Earth. There are many others here working to restore health and balance and compassion and logic— and to do the work each one has been appointed to do.


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